File Title
1 Newly found pyramids reveal aspects of social equality in ancient Sudan
2 First Love Child of Human, Neanderthal Found
3 Never mind the hunt for Richard III, what about Boudicca?
4 Truth about 'controversial' Bennachie colonists sought by archaeologists
5 Investigating Bronze Age stone ships on Gotland
6 Trove of Neanderthal Bones Found in Greek Cave
7 Cologne Archeological Dig Revives Ancient Jewish Heritage
8 Byzantine winepress, unique lantern unearthed in dig
9 Bronze warship ram reveals secrets
10 Huge find throws new light on ancient Iraq
11 Maya Blue Paint Recipe Deciphered
12 Ancient monument 'damaged by cattle'
13 Shark tooth weapons reveal missing shark species in Central Pacific islands
14 UC Research on Maya Village Uncovers 'Invisible' Crops, Unexpected Agriculture
15 UC Research Examines Ancient Puebloans and the Myth of Maize
16 Sensitive Sites: UC Research Examines Preservation of Southwest Archaeology in Time of Tight Budgets
17 Shark tooth weapons reveal lost species
18 Bringing Babylon back from the dead
19 Crowdfunding the past: is this the future of archaeology?
20 Colourful murals discovered in 600-year-old tomb in China
21 Djehuty Project discovers significant evidence of the 17th Dynasty of Ancient Egypt
22 Key claim in Apple's 'rubber-banding' patent still found invalid in final Patent Office action
23 Apple's intelligent security system can tell intruders apart from mistyped passwords
24 Apple's call waiting system displays customizable contextual information when on hold
25 Apple's apology turns caustic Chinese press into cheerleaders
26 Rumor: Apple's expiring chip contract with Samsung will lead to TSMC-built 'A7' chips
27 High-tech water systems help drive Apple's Reno iCloud project
28 Trailer offers first glimpse at Steve Jobs biopic from 'Funny or Die'
29 Apple slashes iPhone 4 & 4S prices up to 25% in Brazil
30 Apple's apology in China part of a 'rite of passage' for foreign companies
31 Unlocked GSM iPhones on T-Mobile could get LTE with carrier update
32 WSJ: Apple to begin 'iPhone 5S' production this quarter, less expensive iPhone coming later this year
33 Apple's hiring of ex-Segway robotics expert fuels speculation of 'fantastic' future products
34 Google search reportedly 'de-ranking' direct iTunes app store links
35 Photo of purported 'Facebook phone' leaked ahead of event
36 Apple reports 80,000 new U.S. jobs created by iOS App Economy within 2012
37 Google makes Quickoffice available for iPhone in latest update
38 Apple sued over 'EarPods' trademark by hearing aid company
39 Rumor: iOS 7 to see significant overhaul, development running behind schedule
40 Google blames supposedly buried iTunes links on technical difficulties, fix on the way
41 Rumor: Apple television with 'iRing' motion controller to launch this year
42 Fingerprint scanning tech predicted to be major component of Apple's 'iPhone 5S' & 'iWatch'
43 Apple's Reno iCloud data center taps AT&T's latest DWDM tech
44 Dominant mobile traffic share of Apple's iOS continues to grow against Android
45 Computing pioneer Alan Kay calls Apple's iPad user interface 'poor'
46 SkyDrive for iOS update suggests Microsoft & Apple resolved their dispute
47 Lodsys lawsuit targets Disney over 'Where's My Water?' iPhone app
48 Google preps revamped Nexus 7 to take on iPad mini
49 On its third birthday, Apple's iPad looks back at years of comical criticism
50 Best Buy, MacMall drop prices on iPad and iPad mini, 3rd-gen model starts at $315
51 Rdio's new Vdio service adds social networking layer to video-on-demand
52 Google forks WebKit with new 'Blink' rendering engine for Chrome
53 Apple's iPad pricing, distribution stronger than iPhone
54 Apple adds age rating tags to iOS App Store descriptions
55 Patent filing suggests Apple is working on 'Street View' mapping technology
56 Apple's improvements to pedometer accuracy hint at possible health accessory
57 Apple's 'spaceship' campus budget balloons from $3 billion to $5 billion
58 US DEA upset it can't break Apple's iMessage encryption
59 Apple pulls book-selling iOS app in China due to government-banned titles
60 France Telecom CEO says iPhone sales threatened by lack of cheaper option
61 Best Buy, Samsung confirm 1,400 mini-stores coming by summer
62 Facebook unveils Facebook Home for Android, new Facebook-devoted HTC First
63 Zuckerberg unclear on iOS Facebook Home, says Android's openness allows unique experiences
64 Rumor: Microsoft to introduce Google Glass competitor in 2014
65 Fragmentation means nearly half of Android users won't get Facebook Home
66 Apple extends lead over Samsung, gains on Google in U.S. smartphone market
67 Apple's 'slide to unlock' patent invalidated by German court
68 Tim Cook's apology to Chinese customers fully translated, published online
69 Apple reportedly closing in on deal with record labels for 'iRadio' service, could sign within a week
70 Pre-orders for T-Mobile iPhone 5 go live ahead of April 12 launch
71 Apple tweaks its online store with new touch-friendly scrollable menu bar
72 iTunes accounts with credit cards a 'tremendous asset' for potential Apple e-wallet
73 Judge denies class action certification in poaching lawsuit involving Apple, Google
74 N/A
75 ITC judge finds Samsung to be infringing Apple text-selection patent
76 Samsung pre-announces earnings, profits surge 53% to $7.7 billion
77 N/A
78 Apple's patent suit loss to VirnetX forces VPN behavior changes
79 N/A
80 N/A
81 T-Mobile carrier update brings LTE, Visual Voicemail for unlocked iPhone 5
82 Samsung sought ITC ban would be limited to older iPhones and iPads, company admits
83 Editorial: Apple's market disruption savvy is bad news for Android
84 Former Apple consultant: Apple's iPhone naming conventions send 'weak message'
85 Alan Kay: 'Much of the iPad UI is very poor in a myriad of ways'
86 U.S. stocks extend slide after disappointing jobs data, Apple bucks trend
87 Apple thinks different about China
88 U.S. patent application reveals Apple is working on 'Street View' mapping technology
89 Google forks WebKit with new open source rendering engine 'Blink'
90 Steve Jobs' 'Mothership' Apple campus costs have ballooned from under $3 billion to nearly $5 billion
91 Why Apple's new iPhone can't lose; as with all iPhones, next-gen likely to become best-selling smartphone of all time
92 Apple's iMessage encryption trips up U.S. feds' surveillance
93 MacPad? Apple patent application reveals hybrid MacBook+iPad details
94 Best Buy to install 'Samsung Experience Shops' in 1,400 U.S. retail stores
95 iPhone 5S casing photos reportedly leak
96 New evidence Apple soon to debut next-gen iPad
97 Gartner: Microsoft faces slide into irrelevance in the next four years
98 Understanding Apple's WiFiSLAM acquistion and what's next
99 Apple: reasons to doubt Goldman Sachs' Conviction Buy List
100 Windows RT tablet prices drop, pointing to failure of Windows RT
101 The real reason Microsoft's Windows Phone is failing
102 Jony Ive envisions mail window, media controls and more for iPad's Smart Cover
103 Mac Flashback trojan hacker may have been identified, researcher says FBI will likely investigate
104 Game developers still not sold on Android; ports to Google's OS remain an afterthought
105 Apple patent application details 3D position tracking for street view, indoor navigation panoramic imagery
106 Apple increases lead over Samsung, gains on Google's Android in U.S. smartphone market share
107 Facebook's new 'Home' promises to 'make any Android phone a Facebook phone'
108 Belt-tightening in economically-battered Europe bolsters case for low cost iPhone
109 Facebook's Zuckerberg: 'We love Apple'
110 Pandora killer: Apple close to deal with two major music labels; looks to debut 'iRadio' streaming music service in June
111 T-Mobile USA begins taking iPhone 5 preorders
112 U.S. ITC ruling finds Android text selection to infringe two more claims of an Apple patent
113 Purported photos of Apple iPhone 6 prototype with edge-to-edge display, no Home button posted online (with photos)
114 Apple's massive 'iWallet' advantage: Over half-billion active iTunes accounts linked to credit cards
115 Lazard: Apple is to Samsung as Starbucks is to Folgers
116 Samsung pre-announces stronger than expected quarterly results
117 Apple's iPhone user gains again out-pace Android in the U.S.
118 Audi unleashes unlimited in-car 3G WiFi for $15/month
119 ITC judge says Samsung infringes key part of Apple patent; U.S. ban on infringing Samsung products possible
120 Apple to make changes to VPN behavior in iOS 6.1 as result of VirnetX judgement
121 Apple, six others win ruling blocking class action antitrust lawsuit
122 Cowen & Co. reiterates 'outperform' on Apple stock, sees iPad upside
123 Horace Dediu: 'Facebook Home can only reside on Android because only Google was daft enough to allow it'
124 Remembering Apple's first iWatch: The 6th gen. iPod nano
125 Why Facebook Home will blow Android into smithereens
126 Ken Segall: Apple should name their next iPhone, 'iPhone 6,' not '5S'
127 U.S. stocks end down after dismal jobs report
128 Apple's market disruption acuity is bad news for Android
129 U.S. import ban Samsung seeks would affect only older iPhones and iPads
130 US Army threatened by rogue iPhones, other smartphones
131 Securing Macs in the enterprise
132 Apple was right, widgets just ain't cool
133 Why Facebook Home is good for Apple
134 Apple's iMessage is U.S. DEA's worst nightmare