File Title
1 Early puberty hits kids doubly hard
2 Hungry black hole feasts on planet
3 Pyramids for all in ancient Sudan
4 Alzheimer's culprit may be 'innocent'
5 Elusive dark matter on the horizon
6 Men face bald truth about heart attack
7 Exhaled breath is unique fingerprint
8 Artifacts offer Pacific shark species absence clues
9 Male baldness 'indicates heart risk'
10 Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer zeroes in on dark matter
11 Body's anti-HIV 'training manual' offers vaccine hopes
12 China: Four more infected with H7N9 bird flu
13 Has Canada's government been muzzling its scientists?
14 Monkey study helps explain stress of 'middle managers'
15 Female octopuses stretch further
16 School farms and eating animals you have cared for
17 The Great British class calculator
18 Blending of cultures in Mauritius
19 Smart saucepan keeps pressured cooks from boiling over
20 North Korea 'moves mid-range missile'
21 Connecticut signs gun controls after Newtown massacre
22 Saudi paralysis sentencing 'grotesque'--UK
23 India axe attacker 'kills nine' in Chhattisgarh
24 Aryan Brotherhood of Texas: How did neo-Nazi prison gangs become so powerful?
25 The magicians who rip off other conjurers' tricks
26 Rijksmuseum set for grand reopening in Amsterdam
27 North Korea war 'possible'
28 Craigslist killer Richard Beasley sentenced to death
29 Anonymous 'hacks' North Korea social network accounts
30 Hack attacks hit Bitcoin exchange rates
31 France's President Hollande fights tax scandal
32 Berlusconi trial: 'Ruby' Karima Mahroug at Milan court
33 Will Mozambique end up like Nigeria or Norway?
34 Hate crime: 'I was attacked for being a goth'
35 How are goths and emos defined?
36 Facebook releases 'home' software for Android phones
37 Disney to shut down Star Wars games founder LucasArts
38 Ticket machine card fraud rise in EU
39 Mobile phone celebrates 40th anniversary
40 'China's Google' Baidu is making smart glasses
41 Prime minister's technology adviser Rohan Silva quits
42 Fish-eye digital camera built by Greg Dash from old parts
43 Twitter helped Belfast woman 'find missing mum'
44 Top Scots websites among UK domains catalogued by libraries
45 Was Apple apology in China a good move?
46 Electronic warfare: The ethereal future of battle
47 Should parents drug babies on long flights?
48 Europe readies for solar storm risks
49 First clues in search for dark matter
50 Black hole awakens for planet-sized snack
51 Easter highlights palm oil controversy
52 Rare find backs shape-shifting neutrino
53 Did orbiting antimatter detecter spot signs of dark matter?
54 First glimpse of deadly sinkhole in Florida (+video)
55 Sea lion boogies down, overturns theory (+video)
56 Why was March so cold? Blame Greenland.
57 NASA climate scientist James Hansen retires to join global warming fight full time
58 'Gate to Hell' unearthed among Turkey's ancient ruins (+video)
59 Ready for a one-way trip to Mars?
60 Global warming mystery: Are North and South really polar opposites?
61 Mars sand dunes may hint at water beneath
62 Veterinarians try artificial insemination on Giant Panda at National Zoo
63 Shroud of Turin authenticity up for debate again after new report (+video)
64 Gorilla raised by humans: Baby gorilla thriving in Ohio
65 'Fairy circles' mysery solved? Tiny creators discovered.
66 Giant egg for sale: Massive egg was laid by now-extinct giant bird
67 Where did Saturn's rings come from? Mystery gets a new clue.
68 Lion kills heron: A stork reminder of big cats' wild nature
69 Hubble breaks record in search for farthest supernova
70 A model predicts that the world's populations will stop growing in 2050
71 New camera system creates high-resolution 3-D images from up to a kilometer away
72 Shark tooth weapons reveal missing shark species in Central Pacific islands
73 Hallucinations of musical notation: New paper for neurology journal Brain by Oliver Sacks
74 Power behind primordial soup discovered
75 Bronze warship ram reveals secrets
76 Building quantum states with individual silicon atoms
77 Dartmouth researchers say a comet killed the dinosaurs
78 Revealing the weapons by which bacteria fight each other
79 Dementia costs top those for heart disease or cancer, study finds
80 Dwarf whale survived well into Ice Age
81 Breakthrough in hydrogen fuel production could revolutionize alternative energy market
82 Climate change winners: Adelie penguin population expands as ice fields recede
83 Thin clouds drove Greenland's record-breaking 2012 ice melt
84 For the first time, researchers isolate adult stem cells from human intestinal tissue
85 Painted turtle gets DNA decoded
86 Ancient climate questions could improve today's climate predictions
87 2013 wintertime Arctic sea ice maximum fifth lowest on record
88 Largest class survey reveals polarised UK society and the rise of new groups
89 Damaging effects of unemployment and unexpected wealth losses on mobility and economic security
90 Study: Environmental policies matter for growing megacities
91 Travels of Pregnant Great White Sharks Revealed
92 Punch Leaves Man With Star-Shaped Cataract
93 Potential Dark Matter Discovery a Win for Space Station Science
94 NASA Chief Weighs In On Possible Dark Matter Discovery
95 Dragonflies Are Becoming A Wildlife Attraction
96 Vicious Shark-Tooth Weapons Reveal 2 Lost Species
97 Fashion Fights the Rise of the Drones
98 Childless Men May Be More Depressed Than Women Without Kids
99 Zap a Cocaine Addiction With...Lasers?
100 New Bird Flu Virus: 6 Things You Should Know
101 Arctic Going Green from Warming, Study Finds
102 Where Are All The Tornadoes?
103 What If the 1974 Tornado Super Outbreak Happened Today?
104 At Auto Show, Car Makers Put Recession in Rear-View Mirrors
105 The Happiest Jobs in America
106 Crash Avoidance Tips From NASA
107 What Is Dark Matter?
108 Geologic History of North America Gets Overturned
109 Clouds Contributed to Record Greenland Ice Melt
110 As Weather Changes, Forecasts Lag
111 Physicists Nudge Electrons, Move Toward Crazy-Fast Computers
112 Pluto's 'Gate to Hell' Uncovered in Turkey
113 Who Knew? Napoleon's General Was a Prolific Beetle Collector
114 Duck Genitalia Researcher Defends Her Work
115 Life-Saving Advances in Tornado Detection Since 1974 Outbreak
116 China Catches 12 Times More Fish Than Reported
117 How Will Scientists Confirm Dark Matter Discovery?
118 Dark Matter Possibly Found by $2 Billion Space Station Experiment
119 Spike in Sick Sea Lions Along Calif. Coast Puzzles Scientists
120 NASA to Announce Major Astrophysics Discovery Today
121 When the Going Gets Tough, Americans Go Shopping
122 NASA Unveiling 1st Results from Antimatter-Hunting Experiment Wednesday
123 What's Crazy? Sexual Fetishes Spur Psychiatric Manual Controversy
124 The History of Sex in the DSM
125 Maya Blue Paint Recipe Deciphered
126 Earn Gift Cards for Taking Your Meds with Mango Health App
127 Virtual Human Body Changes How Medical Students Learn
128 Consumers Overestimate Benefits of Organic Foods
129 Murder of South African Women by Partners 5 Times Global Rate
130 It's Been a Blast! Alaska Volcano Observatory Marks 25th
131 Destination Moon: Russia to Launch New Wave of Lunar Robots
132 20% of Pregnant Teens Already Have a Child
133 ADHD Medications: 5 Vital Questions and Answers
134 Weight-Loss Drug May Improve Autism-Style Symptoms
135 Hey Coders! NASA Wants You to Help Robot Astronaut See
136 Will Allergies Be Worse in 2013?
137 Low Melatonin May Boost Diabetes Risk
138 N/A
139 'Party Pathway' Leads Some College Students Astray
140 Inside a Gross Anatomy Lab: The Human Body as Textbook
141 Airline Charges Passengers by the Pound
142 Unmanned Planes Fly Through Poisonous Volcanic Fumes
143 Think You're Anonymous? Cellphone Data Gives You Away
144 Oldest Living American Dies at 113
145 NASA Climate Scientist James Hansen Quits to Fight Global Warming
146 Obama Announces Huge Brain-Mapping Project
147 Who Will Pay for Obama's Ambitious Brain Project?
148 Groovy! Dancing Sea Lion Keeps a Beat
149 Faint 'Red Arcs' Spotted Over Europe
150 Ancient Tadpole Shrimp Not a Living Fossil, Study Says
151 Why Too Many iMessages Will Crash Your iPhone
152 Bears' Comeback in Nevada Poses a Problem
153 'Just a Theory': 7 Misused Science Words
154 Deep-Sea Vent Life Not Living Fossils
155 Even Doubters Want to Prepare for Global Warming
156 Pattycake, Bronx Zoo's Celebrity Gorilla, Dies at 40
157 How Social Media Mobilizes Society
158 Why Lake Erie is Under Attack from Algae Blooms
159 New England Cottontails Could Hop into Endangerment
160 Teen Sex Fears Overblown
161 Beach Erosion Threatens Star-Studded Malibu
162 Cougars Narrowly Escape Coyotes' Wrath
163 Are Windows 8 Touch Laptops Bad For Your Health?
164 Fish Uses Chemical Cloaking to Hide from Prey
165 Tree-Killing Insects Adapting to Warmer Cities
166 Male Bats Caught Performing Oral Sex on Females
167 How 'Disease' Label in Kids Affects Treatment
168 Has NASA's Curiosity Rover Found Clues to Life's Building Blocks on Mars?
169 Coldest Easter on Record in United Kingdom
170 Trove of Neanderthal Bones Found in Greek Cave