File Title
1 Social media has limited mobilisation power
2 Coral cores tell different warming stories
3 Scans reveal key difference in mental disorders
4 Obama proposes brain mapping project
5 LHC upgrade to open up 'new realm of particle physics'
6 NASA's James Hansen retires to pursue climate fight
7 Male bowel cancer on the increase, says Cancer Research UK
8 William Shakespeare: Study sheds light on Bard as food hoarder
9 Bloodhound diary: Coming together for 2014
10 Hagfish slime: The clothing of the future?
11 Mislabelled fish slip into Europe's menus
12 Seedy Pigalle's hipster transformation
13 North Korea 'crisis gone too far' says UN's Ban Ki-moon
14 Eurozone unemployment rate at record high
15 French reality TV doctor kills himself after contestant dies
16 Connecticut agrees to sweeping gun laws after Newtown
17 Viewpoint: Why do tech neologisms make people angry?
18 Samoa Air boss defends charging passengers by weight
19 N/A
20 UN passes global arms trade treaty in majority vote
21 Artist Graham Ovenden guilty of indecency charges
22 Judge rules digital music cannot be sold 'second hand'
23 Al Worden: 'The loneliest human being'
24 Keen businesses should be seen to be clean and green
25 European data watchdogs target Google over privacy
26 Apple's Tim Cook says 'I'm sorry' to Chinese customers
27 Technology that works behind closed doors
28 What happened to Japan's electronic giants?
29 Cystic fibrosis bug 'can spread between patients'
30 Electrode vest gives hope to heart rhythm patients
31 Does chocolate give you spots?
32 The trauma of female hair loss
33 How do you fill the holiday void with an autistic son?
34 Sustainable fishing practices produce local rewards
35 The splendid Skadar Lake (Montenegro and Albania), surprises with new species of snails
36 Making Do with More: Joint BioEnergy Institute Researchers Engineer Plant Cell Walls to Boost Sugar Yields for Biofuels
37 Multi-toxin biotech crops not silver bullets, scientists warn
38 New models predict drastically greener Arctic in coming decades
39 Extreme algal blooms: The new normal?
40 Record-breaking 2011 Lake Erie algae bloom may be sign of things to come
41 Eating fish associated with lower risk of dying among older adults
42 Streams stressed by pharmaceutical pollution
43 New Models Predict Drastically Greener Arctic In Coming Decades
44 Soils in newly forested areas store substantial carbon that could help offset climate change
45 Organic Labels Bias Consumers Perceptions through the "Health halo effect"
46 Feeding corn germ to pigs does not affect growth performance
47 Southern California sagebrush better suited to climate change, UCI study finds
48 Geckos keep firm grip in wet natural habitat
49 Diversification in ancient tadpole shrimps challenges the term 'living fossil'
50 Symbiotic bacteria program daily rhythms in squid using light and chemicals
51 Remaining unnoticed for 100 years, a Kyrgyz onion species strikes with its beauty
52 Putting larval cobia to the acid test
53 Switching to a power stroke enables a tiny but important marine crustacean to survive
54 Scientists find government justification of new environmental policy unfounded
55 Ozone masks plants volatiles, plant eating insects confused
56 Expression of emotion in books declined during 20th century, study finds
57 Before Dinosaurs' Era, Volcanic Eruptions Triggered Mass Extinction
58 What a bunch of dodos!
59 Artifacts Shed Light on Social Networks of the Past
60 University of Tennessee professor links massive prehistoric bird extinction to human colonization
61 Scientists provide a more accurate age for the El Sidron cave Neanderthals
62 New clues in the search to rediscover the mysterious Maya Blue formula
63 Sensitive Sites: UC Research Examines Preservation of Southwest Archaeology in Time of Tight Budgets
64 Cold cities less sustainable than warm cities, research suggests
65 Pesticide combination affects bees' ability to learn
66 Insect pests more plentiful in hotter parts of city than in cooler areas
67 The first caffeine-'addicted' bacteria
68 Ultrafine particles raise concerns about improved cookstoves
69 Summer melt season is getting longer on the Antarctic Peninsula, new research shows.
70 New system to restore wetlands could reduce massive floods, aid crops
71 Understanding Earth Processes and Human Impacts, Plus Another Look at Mars
72 Discovery opens door to efficiently storing and reusing renewable energy
73 Notre Dame researcher is studying role small dams play in pollution control
74 Stanford survey: Americans back preparation for extreme weather and sea-level rise
75 Study: 'Waste heat' may economize CO2 capture
76 Gene discovery may yield lettuce that will sprout in hot weather
77 Survey Shows Many Republicans Feel America Should Take Steps to Address Climate Change
78 Tiny Grazers Play Key Role in Marine Ecosystem Health
79 Cholesterol rafts deliver drugs inside cancer cells
80 Study reveals risk factors for blood clots in pregnant and postnatal women
81 Cartilage damaged from exercise may aid in early osteoarthritis detection
82 Cholesterol-lowering eye drops could treat macular degeneration
83 The way of science
84 Bioglass helping to mend bones
85 NYSCF scientists develop 3-D stem cell culture technique to better understand Alzheimer's disease
86 Monkey study reveals why middle managers suffer the most stress
87 LSUHSC research discoveries shed light on common STI
88 Sampling of embryonic DNA after IVF without biopsy
89 Reviewing the work of 1 of the greatest beetle collectors: Napoleon's General Dejean
90 Fewer laboratory animals for basic medical research
91 Vitamin P as a potential approach for the treatment of damaged motor neurons
92 3-D scaffolds a new tool to fight cancer
93 Fighting listeria and other food-borne illnesses with nanobiotechnology
94 Research reveals how antibodies neutralize mosquito-borne virus
95 UC Research Examines Ancient Puebloans and the Myth of Maize
96 Human emotion: We report our feelings in 3-D
97 Boston Public Schools' prekindergarten program boosts children's skills
98 Multiple moves found harmful to poor young children
99 Language used in immigration debates may be as important as the policies
100 A social network for young Londoners on the buses
101 Common gene variants explain 42% of antidepressant response
102 Surgical menopause may prime brain for stroke, Alzheimer's
103 Creating inclusive child-care spaces
104 Home hot water temperatures remain a burn hazard for young and elderly
105 Expanding Medicaid in Pennsylvania would increase federal revenue to the state, study finds
106 Female students just as successful as males in math and science, Asian-Americans outperform all
107 A new mathematical model for how society becomes polarized
108 Singapore clinician-scientists identify new type of deadly lymphoma
109 Understanding statin discontinuation
110 Researchers find link between blood clotting, immune response
111 Putting a human face on a product: when brand humanization goes wrong
112 Promoting muscle regeneration in a mouse model of muscular dystrophy
113 'RNA sponge' mechanism may cause ALS/FTD neurodegeneration
114 Drug for erectile disorder show promise in the treatment of obesity
115 Nothing fishy about it: Fish oil can boost the immune system
116 Watching fluid flow at nanometer scales
117 Mechanism of mutant histone protein in childhood brain cancer revealed
118 Newly approved blood thinner may increase susceptibility to some viral infections
119 Supernova remnant 1987A continues to reveal its secrets
120 Cholesterol buildup links atherosclerosis and macular degeneration
121 New Insights on How Spiral Galaxies Get Their Arms
122 Disease Over-Diagnosis Can Result in Needlessly Medicating Infants, Finds MU Research
123 Loss of E-Cadherin drives prostate cancer progression--landmark study shows how to restart production
124 Puzzle of how spiral galaxies set their arms comes into focus
125 White blood cell enzyme contributes to inflammation and obesity
126 Why sticking around is sometimes the better choice
127 Robot ants successfully mimic real colony behavior
128 Protective prion keeps yeast cells from going it alone
129 Scientists propose revolutionary laser system to produce the next LHC
130 Proximity to Coal-Tar-Sealed Pavement Raises Risk of Cancer, Study Finds
131 Mate choice in mice is heavily influenced by paternal cues
132 Head-on collisions between DNA-code reading machineries accelerate gene evolution
133 LITHOSPHERE Covers Canada, California, the Alps, and the Scandinavian Caledonides
134 Congestion in the Earth's mantle
135 UC Research on Maya Village Uncovers 'Invisible' Crops, Unexpected Agriculture
136 UMass Amherst Building Scientist, Federal Panel Advise U.S. Department of Defense on Green Buildings
137 Rising temperature difference between hemispheres could dramatically shift rainfall patterns in tropics
138 Reducing work hours for medical interns increases patient 'handoff' risks
139 A paradox for young docs: New work-hour restrictions may increase, not decrease, errors
140 Hybrid ribbons a gift for powerful batteries
141 Philadelphia shifts to a Northern accent
142 Study identifies genetic connections in 15q Duplication Syndrome
143 Scientists and public school teachers team up to transform science education
144 Sexual agreements among gay couples show promise for HIV prevention
145 Brief Mindfulness Training May Boost Test Scores, Working Memory
146 Telling tales can be a good thing
147 Teens' struggles with peers forecast long-term adult problems
148 Many emergency department providers don't ask suicidal patients about gun access
149 HIV self-testing: The key to controlling the global epidemic
150 Digital records could expose intimate details and personality traits of millions
151 New research discovers the emergence of Twitter 'tribes'
152 Hovering is a bother for bees: Fast flight is more stable
153 Researchers create nanoscale spinning magnetic droplets
154 Study: Widespread 'test-and-treat' HIV policies could increase dangerous drug resistance
155 Transportation study reveals potential for deep cuts to petroleum use and carbon emissions
156 Genomic data are growing, but what do we really know?
157 Do I know you? Memory patterns help us recall the social webs we weave, finds new Cornell study
158 Prescription for double-dose algebra proves effective
159 Mathematical butterflies provide insight into how insects fly
160 Predictions of climate impacts on fisheries can be a mirage
161 How does innovation take hold in a community? Math modeling can provide clues
162 Tobacco constituent extraction from snus during consumer use
163 Medication duloxetine helps reduce pain from chemotherapy
164 Mortality rates have increased at hospitals in rural communities for certain conditions
165 Decreased melatonin secretion associated with higher risk of developing type 2 diabetes
166 Investigational vaccine not effective in reducing post-operative staph infections
167 Study links diabetes risk to melatonin levels
168 CAMH study shows mental illness associated with heavy cannabis use
169 Stillbirth or Pre-Term Birth Outcomes Linked to Elevated Risk of Blood Clots After Pregnancy
170 Gynecomastia has psychological impact on adolescent boys, reports plastic and reconstructive surgery
171 How the worm turns
172 'Sharps' injuries have major health and cost impact for surgeons
173 College athletes twice as likely to have depression than retired collegiate athletes
174 Review: Few effective, evidence-based interventions to prevent posttraumatic stress disorder
175 Epileptic Seizures Can Propagate Using Functional Brain Networks
176 Businesses Increase Revenue with Social Media
177 How can we prepare better for emergencies?
178 DNA says lemur lookalikes are 2 new species
179 Study explores gang activity on the internet
180 Paranoia persists in mugging victims for months after attack, study finds
181 Pig wasting syndrome costing farmers millions
182 Restrictive Medicaid eligibility criteria associated with higher rates of delayed medical care
183 Forced methadone withdrawal in jails creates barrier to treatment in community
184 New test for skin sensitization without using animals
185 Brain scans might predict future criminal behavior
186 Hospitals Measure Up for Medicare Reimbursement
187 Can synthetic biology save wildlife?
188 Speaking a tonal language (such as Cantonese) primes the brain for musical training
189 Stop 'bad guys with guns' by implementing good policies
190 Negative Emotions in Response to Daily Stress Take a Toll on Long-Term Mental Health
191 Access to mental health care lacking for children, teens across the US
192 Targeting cholesterol buildup in eye may slow age-related vision loss
193 Pedestrians at serious risk when drivers are "permitted" to turn left
194 Daily stress takes a toll on long-term mental health, UCI-led study finds
195 Surprises in the South polar vortex in Venus' atmosphere
196 LRO's LAMP ultraviolet spectrograph observes mercury and hydrogen in GRAIL impact plumes
197 Astronomers discover new kind of supernova
198 Measuring Mars: The MAVEN Magnetometer
199 Young, hot and blue
200 Sun block for the "Big Dog"
201 CU study provides new evidence ancient asteroid caused global firestorm on Earth
202 Hubble observes the hidden depths of Messier 77
203 NASA's Swift Sizes Up Comet ISON
204 Survivor
205 What advances are driving clinical applications of tissue engineering and regenerative medicine?
206 A road map: High efficiency bulk-micromegas based neutron imaging detector
207 Sorting out the structure of a Parkinson's protein
208 Research deciphers HIV attack plan
209 UC San Diego team achieves petaflop-level earthquake simulations on GPU-powered supercomputers
210 Telerobotic system designed to treat bladder cancer