File Title
1 Arctic to green as Antarctic sea ice grows
2 Melt may explain Antarctica's sea ice expansion
3 Cash shortage stretches to sea bed
4 See the new pope this Easter in Rome
5 South Korea pledges strong response against North
6 Texas district attorney third law official killed in weeks
7 'Petaflop' supercomputer is decommissioned
8 Iraq: Tikrit police HQ hit by deadly tanker bomb attack
9 Novartis: India rejects patent plea for cancer drug Glivec
10 How much gold is there in the world?
11 Cyprus bailout: Feeling unloved in Germany
12 April Fools Day: 10 stories that look like pranks but aren't
13 Cyprus crisis: Moscow will not bail out Russian savers
14 German flea circus hit by freeze
15 A Point of View: Is there a secret to a happy marriage?
16 Deadly pile-up in southern Virginia
17 Hamas in mixed-sex school 'ban'
18 The angels helping Indian start-ups spread their wings
19 Cat Video Festival returns to US
20 Counting data cost on mobile phones
21 Saving data donkeys in quicksand with tags
22 Apple denied iPad Mini US trademark
23 Aurora suspect James Holmes should be executed, say prosecutors
24 North Korea expands nuclear weapons programme
25 Novartis India case: Campaigners hail patent rejection
26 Do drugs really have to be so expensive?
27 Court refuses 'pregnant man' Thomas Beatie's divorce
28 Tiny glass 'bottles' protect DNA from damage
29 Mars vs. comet in 2014: Scientists prepare for red planet sky show
30 Dallas Wiens, nation's first full face transplant recipient, weds in Texas
31 11% of school-aged kids diagnosed with ADHD
32 Apple, Facebook, Google, Yahoo, many other tech firms try luring workers to the office
33 Apple application to trademark iPad Mini denied
34 Gorillafication: How to be a surrogate primate mom
35 Facebook releases map of marriage equality support
36 Women in tech fight for tipping point in sexism debate
37 North Korea's Photoshop skills, IRS spoofs Star Trek: This week in off-beat tech stories
38 Astronaut Chris Hadfield posts zero-gravity workout video
39 95-car wreck leaves 3 dead at Va.-N.C. line
40 Authorities investigating shooting deaths of Kaufman County District Attorney Mike McLelland and his wife, Cynthia
41 Police: Man shoots father to death outside Ohio church after Easter services
42 The Lost Boys of Sudan: 12 years later
43 Homes evacuated after ExxonMobil oil pipeline spill in Arkansas
44 Pastor slams religious right at Obamas' Easter service
45 U.S. sends F-22 fighter jets to South Korea in drill
46 GOP sen.: Pro-same-sex marriage Republican candidate "inevitable"
47 Driver crashes into Calif. Wal-Mart, attacks customers
48 Calif. officers stop Easter Bunny driving motorcycle
49 Bassem Youssef, "Egypt's Jon Stewart," says after interrogation, he's "going to take it through the roof"
50 China questions how 2 died from bird flu strain
51 China downplays new bird flu fears
52 Tulsa dentist's patients line up for HIV, hepatitis tests
53 What seizures mean for Lil Wayne and other epileptics
54 Eating more fiber may lower stroke risk
55 For sizzle: Company offers bacon-flavored condoms
56 No link found between autism and number of vaccines
57 Fla. teen nearly goes blind after parasite grows on contact lens, eats through eye
58 Strange Sleep Disorder Makes People See 'Demons'
59 8 Tech Products That Won't Make it to 2014
60 Robots Mimic Ant Colony Behavior
61 Worst Allergy Season Ever?
62 Hormone Therapy May Raise Risk of Aggressive Breast Cancers
63 Leopards and Humans Peacefully Coexist in India
64 How to Count Komodo Dragons
65 Radar Watches Hawaii Volcano 'Breathing'
66 Earth's Moon and Huge Asteroid Vesta Share Violent History
67 Anniversary of Niagara Falls Running Dry
68 NASA Spacecraft Snaps New Photo of Potential 'Comet of the Century'
69 Rare Chinese Porpoises Dive Toward Extinction
70 Health Consumers Don't Give Back Online
71 Did You Hear Something? Mice Can Cough, Study Finds
72 How Hydrogels and Japan Changed a Life
73 Finally, the Bacon Condom Has Arrived
74 Reference: Fun Facts About Crocodiles
75 Easter Science: 6 Facts About Jesus
76 'Most Threatened' Tribe Sees No Relief from Illegal Loggers
77 Killer Waves: How Tsunamis Changed History
78 How Ancient Life May Have Come About
79 How a Storm Became Big Enough to Span the Atlantic
80 Laser Helps Measure Brain Activity
81 Rare Parasite Nearly Blinds Teenager
82 True Color of Dinosaur Feathers Debated
83 Researcher Designs Sensors to Gather Earth Details
84 Green Meteorite May Be from Mercury, a First
85 Dangerous Moves: More Kids Hurt Dancing
86 Saturn's Rings and Moons are Solar System Antiques
87 Man-Size Jellyfish Robot Could Ply the Seas
88 Does Religion Matter for Couples?
89 How Mom & Dad's Fights Can Stunt Kids' Brains
90 Dodo Bone, Huge Elephant-Bird Egg Up for Auction
91 Digital Evolution: DNA May Bring Computers to Life
92 Shroud of Turin Real? Debate Resurrected
93 Future Looks Bright for Private US Space Ventures
94 Opportunity Moves Into Place for Quiet Period of Operations
95 Opportunity Heads to Matijevic Hill
96 SwRI study finds liquid water flowing above and below frozen Alaskan sand dunes, hints of a wetter Mars
97 Los Alamos science sleuth on the trail of a Martian mystery
98 Curiosity Mars Rover Sees Trend in Water Presence
99 New 3-D reconstructions show buried flood channels on Mars
100 How The World's Saltiest Pond Gets Its Salt; Implications For Water On Mars
101 Ridges on Mars suggest ancient flowing water
102 Thawing Dry Ice Drives Groovy Action On Mars
103 Possible Clues to Ancient Subsurface Biosphere on Mars
104 Martian Crater May Once Have Held Groundwater-Fed Lake
105 US scientists find evidence of ancient Martian lake
106 Mars image suggests ancient water flow
107 Europe's next ATV resupply spacecraft enters final preparations for its Ariane 5 launch
108 Shenzhou 10 sent to launch site
109 China's Next Women Astronauts
110 ATK Successfully Ground Tests New CASTOR 30XL Upper Stage Solid Rocket Motor
111 Digital Networks Enhances Service Offering to North America's Energy Sector with Intelsat's Hybrid Solution
112 Watching over you
113 How hard is it to 'de-anonymize' cellphone data?
114 A Closer Look at LDCM's First Scene
115 First Light for ISERV Pathfinder, Space Station's Newest 'Eye' on Earth
116 Hubble Sees J 900 Masquerading as a Double Star
117 Astronomers discover new kind of supernova
118 LOFAR discovers new giant galaxy in all-sky survey
119 Famous Supernova Reveals Clues About Crucial Cosmic Distance Markers
120 Hubble observes the hidden depths of Messier 77
121 NASA's Swift Sizes Up Comet ISON
122 Dawn remains in silent pursuit of dwarf planet Ceres
123 NASA Scientists Find Moon, Asteroids Share History
124 Goldstone Radar Snags Images of Asteroid 2013 ET
125 NASA Turns Up the Heat on Construction of the Space Launch System
126 XCOR Driving Rocket Science Forward With Lynx Suborbital Vehicle
127 Moog Conducts More Than 7,900 Hot Fire Tests on 400 Engines in 2012
128 Here We Go Again, Another Air-Launch Idea
129 New crew takes express ride to space station
130 Soyuz Docks At Space Station Four Orbits After Launch
131 CU study provides new evidence ancient asteroid caused global firestorm on Earth
132 Fires After The Asteroid Impact Probably Caused The K-Pg Extinction
133 Stanford Professor Wants to Find Asteroids That Threaten Earth
134 Russia mulls beacons and the bomb to thwart asteroids
135 University of Tennessee professor discovers how microbes survive at bare minimum
136 Where Life Could Thrive: Interview With John Grotzinger
137 Highly effective communities of bacteria in the world's deepest oceanic trench
138 Antarctic and Arctic Insects Use Different Genetic Mechanisms to Cope With Lack of Water
139 'Bizarre Bacteria' in Lake Vostok Study Likely a Contaminant
140 Home toxic home
141 Lunar cycle determines hunting behaviour of nocturnal gulls
142 Ultraviolet spectrograph observes mercury and hydrogen in GRAIL impact plumes
143 Young, hot and blue
144 Hunting high-mass stars with Herschel