File Title
1 Mega eruptions caused mass extinction
2 Universe is older than we thought
3 Lizard-bot scurries across shifting sand
4 Dinosaur-killing space rock 'was a comet'
5 Cold-tolerant wasp spiders spread to northern Europe
6 Why is sugar so addictive?
7 Power in MPs' 'hot air' weighed up
8 Voyager explores 'brand new region of space'
9 Will we ever...detect gravitational waves directly?
10 Coming hours 'to decide Cyprus' fate--government
11 Nigerian author Chinua Achebe dies
12 Obama tours symbolic sites in Israel and West Bank
13 Frenchman 'posing as pilot' found in US jet cockpit
14 DR Congo's Bosco Ntaganda in ICC custody
15 America's forgotten black cowboys
16 Game of Thrones: Why does it inspire such devotion among fans?
17 Knife taken from Billy McNeely's back after three years
18 Pink Floyd album to be preserved by US Library
19 US Marine 'shoots two and himself' at Quantico base
20 'Sexist joke' web developer whistle-blower fired
21 Tourist kidnapped in Egypt's Sinai
22 Hunting the humble hot dog in New York City
23 Japan: The worst developed country for mothers?
24 Israel PM apologies for Gaza flotilla deaths
25 Microsoft details global police data requests
26 China to create home-grown operating system
27 Why your inbox fills with bacn instead of spam
28 New York's phone boxes get new lease of life
29 South Korea says China hack link a 'mistake'
30 Whole internet probed for insecure devices
31 Google's Eric Schmidt urges Burma to embrace free speech
32 Library of Congress to preserve 1st message from space
33 Older fathers may increase autism risk for grandkids
34 Sheriffs: Nitrous oxide, or whip-its, becoming popular in Los Angeles
35 Twitter hit with $50M suit over anti-Semitic tweet data
36 World Water Day: Why it matters
37 Will TV news helicopters be replaced by drones?
38 HP develops glasses-free 3D for mobile devices
39 Drop an iPhone? There's a patent for that
40 BBC warns of phishing after Twitter hack
41 U.S. forecasters: Prepare for warm spring
42 Schmidt: Google Now for iOS waiting for Apple's approval
43 Happy 7th birthday Twitter: Oh, how you've changed our lives
44 Scientists say Big Bang occurred 80M years earlier
45 How whales' ancestors left land behind
46 Google launches Keep to help you store your notes
47 Man impersonating pilot arrested on US Airways flight
48 Marine base shooting an apparent double murder-suicide
49 White supremacist linked to Texas car chase, Colo. slaying
50 Elizabeth Leigh Garner, former Tenn. Titans cheerleader, charged in child sex case
51 Jennifer Capriati charged with stalking, battery, for Valentine's Day confrontation with ex-boyfriend
52 Newtown victim's parents talk about meeting killer Adam Lanza's father
53 Biden on assault weapons ban: "Think about Newtown"
54 Obama pushes for Mideast peace talks to resume
55 Obama tells Israel: "Peace is the only path to true security"
56 Congress--finally!--averts fiscal crisis with time to spare
57 Three weeks in, sequester impacts growing
58 Octomom Nadya Suleman accused of welfare fraud in Los Angeles, report says
59 Tom Clements Update: Possible link probed between Texas car chase and Colo. prison chief's murder
60 David Ranta, rabbi's convicted killer, cleared, set free, after two decades in prison
61 Dr. Kermit Gosnell Murder Trial: Abortion provider medicated women based on their ability to pay, prosecutors allege
62 T.J. Lane, Ohio high school shooter, sentenced to life in prison without parole
63 David Viens, LA chef who killed wife and then cooked body, scheduled to be sentenced today
64 S.C. sheriff gave inmates iPads, alcohol, women and more, indictment says
65 Marine Base Shooting: 3 dead, including suspected gunman, on base in Quantico, Va.
66 Two Oklahoma teens fatally shot during botched home invasion, Texas authorities say
67 Energy drinks may lead to high blood pressure, heart arrhythmias
68 New non-invasive test can measure heart health
69 Pre-packaged foods for toddlers too high in sodium, says study
70 Common household items that can lead to a costly trip to the veterinarian
71 Axe Body Spray not welcome at Pa. high school after "life-threatening" allergic reaction
72 Students' petition calls on FDA to change ban on gay blood donors
73 Best hospitals for safety: Consumer Reports issues safety score for hospitals
74 Leading pediatricians' group backs same-sex marriage
75 U.K. public approves creating babies from 3 people
76 Waxing, shaving pubic hair may increase risk of sexually transmitted infection
77 Meteorites reveal the secrets of last month's Russian fireball
78 Facebook: Now with weather!
79 Big bang's 'afterglow' reveals universe to be a bit older, with more matter
80 Bow-legged robot can scamper across rugged terrain
81 Is Earth's mysterious layer molten magma?
82 Ancient volcanoes drove half of all species to extinction, study suggests
83 Long-lost Apollo engines found at bottom of Atlantic Ocean
84 Has Voyager 1 left the solar system? Probably not, but it's close.
85 Universe some 80 million years older than thought, say scientists
86 Giant squid all one species, study finds
87 Rewriting Biblical history? Agriculture might be 5,000 years older than believed.
88 Curiosity rover snaps images of huge Martian mountain
89 What would 501-day mission to Mars feel like? 'Survivor' in space.
90 Zombie worms colonized Antarctica's first-ever whale skeleton
91 Curiosity Mars rover suffers another glitch, remains in safe mode
92 Rooster's crows driven by internal clock, say scientists
93 Are birds evolving to dodge cars?
94 Spiders eat bats all the time, scientists reveal
95 Deepest spot on Earth a hotspot for bacteria, say scientists
96 Earthquake gold: Earthquake movements turn water into gold
97 Jacquelin Perry dies, leaving legacy as pioneering orthopedic surgeon
98 How a humongous alien planet could explain how our solar system was born
99 Beyond the Higgs boson: Five more elusive particles
100 Montana moves to make roadkill legal to eat: Is 'freeganism' a good idea?
101 New Pepsi bottle: Will the blocky shape bolster sales?
102 New Map of Big Bang Light Hints at Exotic Physics
103 Bat Virus Kills Boy: Will the Public Panic?
104 Iceland Volcano Eruption Fueled Ocean Blooms
105 Toddler Meals Have Too Much Salt: CDC
106 Reference: Fun Facts About the Ibex
107 Removal of Tsunami Dock Begins in Washington
108 Reference: Cambrian Period: Facts & Information
109 Mega Volcanoes May Have Killed Half of Earth's Species
110 Genetic Origami: DNA Bent Into Strange Shapes
111 Listening with Seismology Could Predict Landslides
112 Feeling Down? Facebook Improves Self-Esteem
113 How the Brain Remembers Your Sister's Cousin's Boyfriend
114 Shrunken Heads of Sea Snakes Explained
115 PETA in a Dogfight over its Euthanasia Practices
116 Single Drug May Combat Several Deadly Viruses
117 'Out of Africa' Story Being Rewritten Again
118 90% of People with Prediabetes Don't Know It
119 Warmer than Average Spring Predicted for Most of US
120 Himalayan Adventure Foretells Climate's Effects
121 Ancient Stone Ships Reveal Life and Death in the Bronze Age
122 2 New Lizard Species Discovered in Peru
123 Robes and Shovels: Medieval Monks Cultivated Wetlands
124 Apollo Moon Rocket Engines Raised from Seafloor by Amazon CEO
125 Why Voyager 1's Solar System Exit Is So Hard to Predict
126 5 Scientific Reasons Gay Parents Are Awesome
127 Too Much Tea Causes Unusual Bone Disease
128 How Whales' Ancestors Left Land Behind
129 No Fair! 3-Year-Olds Know to Share, But Don't
130 7 Worst Foods Available with Food Stamps
131 Reference: Fun Facts About Parrots
132 New Crystal Holds Promise for Future Electronics
133 Weather Channel Explores Rogue Planet Doomsday Scenario
134 Roman Ruins Yield Clues to Ancient Earthquakes
135 Historic California Quake Released Surprising Energy
136 Why We're Giving Bald Eagles Onboard GPS
137 New Look at Earth's Mysterious Layer
138 Next Dinosaur Rock Star Chosen in Canada
139 Trout Guts Balloon for Yearly Gorge
140 Energy Drinks Switch from 'Supplement' to 'Beverage': Are They Safer?
141 Meteor or Missile Attack: How Will Military Leaders Know?
142 Ouch! Zippers Cause Most Penis Injuries, Study Finds
143 Ancient Egyptian Sundial Discovered at Valley of the Kings
144 Simple Visual Illusion Dupes Computer
145 Sandy-Damaged Statue of Liberty to Reopen in July
146 Why Richard III Still Ignites Passion
147 Ancient Giant Trees Found Petrified in Thailand
148 Math Careers Just Don't Add Up For Women
149 The Best Small Cities for Startups
150 Cyclones May Swirl on Icy Saturn Moon Titan
151 Graves of Twin Moon Probes Spotted by NASA Spacecraft
152 Meth-Addicted Moms Have Babies With Odd Stress Response