File Title
1 A bowl of cereal a day may keep doctor away
2 Seals help solve deep water mystery
3 Switching job roles helps humans and robots
4 Fragments of ancient continent buried under Indian Ocean
5 Brain's 'stroke shielding' cracked
6 Vampire bats attack penguin chicks
7 Chemicals linked to problems with otters' penis bones
8 Seafarer science: Sailors asked to help measure plankton
9 Flu drug 'shows promise' in overcoming resistance
10 Can new technology save fish?
11 Digital Medicine: Machines for living
12 Chelyabinsk gripped by 'meteor fever'
13 Rats: Scratch and sniff landmine detection
14 Oscars 2013: Daniel Day-Lewis makes Hollywood history
15 Horsemeat found in Ikea meatballs in Czech Republic
16 Cardinal Keith O'Brien resigns as Archbishop
17 Pope Benedict XVI amends Roman Catholic conclave law
18 Italy votes in election seen as key for economic recovery
19 Frank McClean: Forgotten pioneer of the sky
20 Afghan police accused of corruption and child abuse
21 The Australian boatman at Kumbh Mela
22 'Oldest marathon man' Fauja Singh runs last 10km race
23 Oscars critics focus on host Seth MacFarlane
24 Putin signs law banning smoking in public in Russia
25 'Sexsomnia' claim actor Simon Morris jailed for raping teenager
26 Ranulph Fiennes pulls out of Antarctic challenge
27 Brazilian family firms reveal tips for success
28 Oscars 2013: Full list of winners
29 Italy election: Bersani's centre-left 'ahead in polls'
30 Samsung and Huawei kick off Mobile World Congress
31 Oscars 2013: Inocente is first Kickstarter-backed film to win prize
32 Mobile World Congress: Barcelona's phone fest
33 Mobile data to overtake voice by 2018 predicts GSMA
34 Mozilla reveals Firefox smartphone launch partners
35 Hackers attack Microsoft computers
36 Samsung struggles to block iPhone function for the blind
37 Apple smart watch efforts confirmed by US patent
38 Huawei, Blackberry--and the battle for third place
39 Barcelona welcomes 'smartphones for the masses'
40 Slow-growing babies 'catch-up' by teens
41 Border Agency 'endangering pregnant women's health'
42 NHS foreign doctors must speak English, say ministers
43 The wilder side of sex
44 Chinese government's cyberattack denials appear weak
45 Barnes & Noble reportedly to "move away" from making Nook hardware
46 Brain protein may explain why girls talk more than boys
47 Sharing drug-use stories with kids to empathize may backfire
48 Streaming movies: It's the pictures that got small
49 Microsoft lapse cause outages in Azure service
50 Confirmed: Google Glass arrives in 2013, and under $1,500
51 Are Facebook, Twitter, Apple, New York Times, NBC hacks a sign of things to come?
52 Anonymous gets hacked, meteorite copyright: This week in off-beat tech stories
53 Bees get a buzz from flowers' electrical fields
54 Bizarre star-shaped gravity waves created in lab
55 50-milllion-year-old Canada rivaled tropics in diversity
56 Earthquake deaths to reach 3.5 million by 2100
57 Zendesk hack affects Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest
58 3D printers help scientists grow prosthetic ears
59 FDA approves new "Gummy Bear" silicone breast implant
60 FDA approves new late-stage breast cancer drug Kadcyla
61 Being bullied may lead to higher chance of adult psychological problems
62 Tuberculosis outbreak in LA's Skid Row spurs CDC to step in
63 How they survived the plague: The battle for AIDS research
64 CDC: Flu vaccine only provided 9% protection for seniors against worst strain
65 Baby boomers and "Boomeritis": How to avoid exercising injuries
66 Oscars 2013: "Argo" wins best picture
67 Seth MacFarlane brings laughs, jabs and music to 2013 Oscars
68 Oscars 2013: Stars dazzle on the red carpet
69 Act of sportsmanship gives Texas high schooler shot at glory
70 Sequester blame game continues days before deadline
71 Who's responsible for the sequester?
72 Sweeping the Dust from a Cosmic Lobster
73 3-D Observations Of The Outflow From An Active Galactic Nucleus
74 Searching for the Solar System's Chemical Recipe
75 A cool discovery about the Sun's next-door twin
76 A drop of ink on the luminous sky
77 Bern Simulation Helps Understand Origin Of Solar System
78 Educator Teams Fly On NASA Sofia Airborne Observatory
79 NASA Spinoff 2012 Features New Space Tech Bettering Your Life Today
80 Hubble Sees Cosmic "Flying V" of Merging Galaxies
81 Hubble captures strobe flashes from a young star
82 NASA's Fermi Proves Supernova Remnants Produce Cosmic Rays
83 Accelerated protons confirm origin of cosmic rays
84 Cosmic rays come from exploding stars
85 Cosmic ray mystery lifted in new findings
86 Webb Instruments
87 Webb Telescope to Have a Texas-Sized Presence at Festival
88 NASA Designs New Space Telescope Optics to Find a New Earth
89 Dichroic Beamsplitter Directs Telescope Stargazing
90 2012: The Webb Telescope's Big Year of Progress
91 WISE Feels the Heat from Orion's Sword
92 Northrop Grumman Completes All Flight Optics for Webb Telescope
93 NASA Readies Chamber A For James Webb Space Telescope Fitout
94 Cassini Still Going Strong Investigating Saturn's Moons
95 Cassini Sheds Light On Cosmic Particle Accelerators
96 Cassini Sees Titan Cooking up Smog
97 Radio Telescope, GPS Use Ionosphere to Detect Nuclear Tests
98 North Korea: A nuclear 7-Eleven?
99 Iran sought nuclear parts in China: report
100 What does North Korea's nuclear test reveal?
101 US fines Chinese firm for re-sales to Pakistan nuclear plant
102 JLENS demonstrates tactical ballistic missile defense capability
103 SM-3 takes out medium-range ballistic missile target
104 Space-Based Sensors A Ballistic Missile's Worst Nightmare
105 South Korea flexes missile power after North test
106 S. Korea to step up missile defense after North test
107 Israel showcases Iron Dome for Indians
108 NGC Fire Control Play Key Role in Missile Defense Test
109 Missile defense EEKV shows value
110 First Patriot missiles 'operational' on Turkey-Syria border
111 Russia plans to increase its space market
112 Kazakhstan, Russia Compromise on New Space Port
113 Rare asteroid sporting 'tail' spotted
114 Space likely for rare earths search, scientists say
115 How Do We Know the Russian Meteor and 2012 DA14 Aren't Related?
116 Canada to launch nano-satellites
117 India plans mission to Mars in 2013
118 NASA's MAVEN Mission Completes Assembly
119 Countdown begins for Indo-French satellite launch
120 Time for Europe to beef up asteroid vigilance: ESA
121 Asteroid impact site found in Australia
122 Earth in the bullseye?
123 Toll from meteor strike is biggest ever
124 'The end of the world?': Terror over Russian meteor
125 New evidence suggests comet or asteroid impact was last straw for dinosaurs
126 Study rebuts hypothesis that comet attacks ended 9,000-year-old Clovis culture
127 Russia to use ballistic missiles to fight off asteroid threat
128 Asteroid deflection mission seeks smashing ideas
129 NASA Rules Out Earth Impact in 2036 for Asteroid Apophis
130 Supersonic skydiver's records confirmed
131 Orion Lands Safely on Two of Three Parachutes in Test
132 A war without end with Earth's carbon cycle held in the balance
133 Carbon sponge could soak up coal emissions
134 A sensitive, affordable sensor to detect tiny amounts of CO2
135 Routes towards defect-free graphene
136 Molecules Assemble in Water, Hint at Origins of Life
137 Stanford scientists explore new technologies that remove atmospheric CO2
138 Previewing the next steps on the path to a magnetic fusion power plant
139 Deuterium Uptake in Magnetic Fusion Devices with Lithium Conditioned Carbon Walls
140 Fusion helped by collision science
141 Graphite experiment shines new light laser-driven fusion
142 Mug handles could help hot plasma give lower-cost, controllable fusion energy
143 ISS plays host to innovative infectious disease research
144 Russia to launch bioscience satellite
145 Flies to hitch ride into space for heart study