File Title
1 Foundation Invests $1 Million in Geisinger Research Project
2 Nature's Phenomena Might Teach Virginia Tech Engineers New Tricks
3 Water on the Moon: It's Been There All Along
4 Hunt for Distant Planets Intensifies
5 47 Years of Air Samples Examined in Climate Change Study
6 Pollution Doesn't Change the Rate of Droplet Formation
7 Shedding New Light on Infant Brain Development
8 Ancient Fossilized Sea Creatures Yield Oldest Biomolecules Isolated Directly From a Fossil
9 Lake-Effect Snow Sometimes Needs Mountains
10 Lost & Found: Artifacts to Be Housed in New Facility to Preserve Past, Prevent Loss of History
11 Cancer-Fighting Nanostructures Concept Earns CAREER Award for Johns Hopkins Engineer
12 New Study Shows How Seals Sleep with Only Half Their Brain at a Time
13 Art and Science Do Mix--and Can Unlock New Discoveries
14 Mutant Champions Save Imperiled Species From Almost-Certain Extinction
15 Molecules Assemble in Water, Hint at Origins of Life
16 Kepler Spacecraft Helps Astronomers Find Tiny Planet Beyond Our Solar System
17 Vogelstein, Cancer Genetics Pioneer, Awarded Breakthrough Prize in Life Sciences
18 Turning Pine Sap Into "Ever-Green" Plastics
19 Research Reveals Migratory Behavior of Oceanic Whitetip Sharks
20 Using 3-D Printing and Injectable Molds, Bioengineered Ears Look and Act Like the Real Thing
21 Study of Remora Fish Could Lead to New Bio-Adhesive
22 New Findings on Debated Authorship
23 Circadian Clock Linked to Obesity, Diabetes and Heart Attacks
24 Great Backyard Bird Count Goes Global, Shatters Records
25 Reporters Access More Than 400 Institutions' News with Newswise Newsrooms
26 New Device Better Traps Viruses, Airborne Pathogens
27 Lessons From Cockroaches Could Inform Robotics
28 Stash of Stem Cells Found in a Human Parasite
29 World's Smallest Space Telescope to Launch on Monday
30 Particle Physics Research Sheds New Light on Possible "Fifth Force of Nature"
31 A Diet of Resistant Starch Helps the Body Resist Colorectal Cancer
32 19 Baby Siamese Crocs Released in Laos
33 Faraday Cup Critical Part of Audacious Mission to the Sun
34 How To Kill An Asteroid? Get Out A Paint Spray Gun, Says Texas A&M Space Expert
35 Stellar Motions in Outer Halo Shed New Light on Milky Way Evolution
36 Study Reveals New Clues to Epstein-Barr Virus
37 Using Amount of Fish Caught as Measure of Fisheries Health Is Misleading
38 PNNL Rolls Out Its Clean Energy Tech at ARPA-E
39 NCI Embraces Social Coding: Software Development by the People, For the People
40 Watching Molecules Grow Into Microtubes
41 World's Smallest Space Telescope to Launch on Monday
42 Lessons From Cockroaches Could Inform Robotics
43 Plant evolves to attract bats with echolocation
44 Whiskey sipping goes high-tech
45 US asks scientists to withdraw recipe for lab-bred bird flu
46 Columbus did bring back the clap, say scientists
47 Is Facebook more addictive than cigarettes or alcohol?
48 Anti-climate science group threatens mass lawsuits
49 Flatworms could reveal secret of immortality
50 Conservatives trust science less than ever
51 Claim: Beer makes men smarter
52 500 trillion watt laser shot decimates previous record
53 Future spacecraft could be powered by nuclear waste
54 Most scientific retractions involve fraud, not error
55 Volvo plans first self-driving cars for 2014
56 Scientists design imprintable, flexible lithium-ion battery
57 Male scientists commit more fraud than women
58 Deep Space Industries wants FireFly ships to mine asteroids
59 NASA: Meteor explosion in Russia had nothing to do with asteroid flyby
60 Advanced "smart materials" found in 2014 Corevette
61 Arduino Uno spotted at NASA's Swamp Works research facility
62 Antarctic research base can ski across ice
63 Microscopic creature stabilizes vulnerable islands
64 Extended range electric vehicles may be our green future
65 Clean coal system captures 99% of CO2
66 Cosmic strobe may be pair of baby stars
67 Say hello to your oldest mammal ancestor
68 Team creates building block for quantum networks
69 New dates support impact theory of dinosaur extinction
70 These rotating solar islands track the sun
71 Chevrolet's 2014 diesel-powered Cruze promises 42 mpg
72 Kia Cross GT is one tricked-out hybrid
73 Hubble snaps a spiral streak side-on
74 Buffalino three-wheel camper is perfect for lonely workaholics
75 Xbox Kinect helps preserve Paraguayan rock art
76 Curiosity drills into Martian rock
77 Volcanoes trigger greenhouse effect
78 Antarctica filling up with trash
79 Governments should prepare for solar superstorm
80 Neptune's tidal power concept is a failure
81 Google wants autonomous vehicles on streets in 3-5 years
82 Using space tech to root out counterfeit food
83 Next-generation Earth satellite lifts off
84 Does your dog know what you're thinking?
85 Computer program reconstructs ancient languages
86 What a high-speed American railway would look like
87 Middle Eastern fresh water disappearing fast
88 'Carbon sponge' soaks up coal emissions
89 Sunlight ramps up CO2 production from permafrost
90 This Dutch house is self-sufficient
91 Video: This biodiesel plant sits in your kitchen
92 Rare explosion may have created Milky Way's youngest black hole
93 Microsoft's Kinect tapped for remote medicine
94 XI is a tricked-out road warrior EV design
95 Video: Sixth sense rats touch the infrared light
96 Methane explosions power these soft jumping robots
97 Ion thruster improvements show promise for deep space missions
98 Dogs recognize other dogs on a computer screen
99 Single mutation brought many East Asian traits
100 Clue to origin of cosmic rays
101 This floating teahouse is made out of bamboo
102 Nissan Leaf may be outpacing the Prius
103 How artificial platelets could help treat soldiers on the battlefield
104 At the entrance to the Red Valley on Mars
105 These residential vertical forests help clean the air
106 Scientists beat treasure-hunters to meteorite fragments
107 Bilingual babies learn grammar by seven months
108 Arctic 'vicious circle' observed affecting greenhouse gases
109 One fifth of world's reptiles endangered, says report
110 Mitsubishi preps new hybrid and EV
111 Sun's energy could be used to zap dangerous asteroids
112 Excessive TV in childhood blamed for long-term antisocial behaviour
113 New find of water challenges lunar formation theory
114 Higgs data indicates our universe is unstable
115 Intact biomolecules found in 350-million-year-old fossils
116 Meerkat bosses use subordinates as guinea pigs
117 This treehouse is for both Ewoks and Hobbit
118 Scientists read a mouse's mind
119 Evolution 'surprisingly predictable,' says team
120 This bionic prosthetic hand can feel
121 How mutants save a species
122 Not all EVs are created equal
123 Curiosity collects first Martian rock sample
124 Moon-sized planet found orbiting sun-like star
125 3D printer used to build functioning ear
126 Mozzies learn to ignore DEET
127 These military uniforms help prevent friendly fire
128 Video: A journey to the limits of space time
129 Melting Siberian permafrost threatens major methane release
130 Flowers use electrical signals to summon bees
131 Mercury once had vast lava ocean
132 Planetary particle detector could help find 'fifth force'
133 Claim: Biofuel crops consuming grasslands in the US
134 This ice station moves along the Arctic shelf
135 This stellar glowing jet is from a young star