File Title
1 Squid genes crack secrets of the 'Kraken'
2 Fish larvae study stirs marine park debate
3 Measles takes flight on planes
4 Voyager craft exits the Solar System
5 Ice blades threaten Europa landing
6 Green campaigners dismayed by Budget
7 Giant squid genetics reveal family secrets
8 Curiosity breaks rock to reveal dazzling white interior
9 Three-person IVF moves closer in UK
10 Donation buys Royal Institution time to find new vision
11 Spring equinox today but winter lingers
12 Isle of Wight girl Daisy Morris has flying prehistoric beast named after her
13 Obama on first Israel trip as president vows 'eternal' alliance
14 Cyprus holds crisis talks after bailout rejection
15 Colorado prisons chief Tom Clements shot dead
16 IMF head Lagarde's flat searched in Bernard Tapie probe
17 Bolshoi ballet was 'giant brothel' claims former dancer
18 What should celebrities do with fan mail?
19 Maria Toorpakai: The Pakistani squash star who had to pretend to be a boy
20 Iran crisis: Would Israel launch an attack?
21 Senate Democrats to drop assault weapon ban from gun bill
22 South Korea network attack 'a computer virus'
23 'Under the skin' blood-testing device developed
24 NY garage $3-bowl sells for $2.2m at auction
25 South Carolina's Mark Sanford in political comeback
26 Tourist balcony jump: Hotel manager and guard in court
27 Coral reefs: Underwater pharmacies
28 Budget 2013: George Osborne halves growth forecast but insists plan is working
29 Music sales are not affected by web piracy, study finds
30 Botnet steals 'millions of dollars from advertisers'
31 Apple brand less 'inspiring,' survey says
32 Press regulation: Internet concerns expressed
33 Innorobo 2013--Here come the robots
34 Bletchley Park enigma code huts prepare for restoration
35 Budget 2013: George Osborne joins Twitter
36 The technology that could 'revolutionise' how we light the world
37 Neil Gaiman on Neverwhere's radio debut
38 Fukushima: Rat linked to outage at Japan nuclear plant
39 Lorry drivers who drink coffee 'cut their crash risk'
40 US panel backs trial for anthrax vaccine on children
41 Giant squid all one big, happy family
42 Experts suspect North behind South Korea computer crash
43 Georgia compounding pharmacy recalls Avastin after reports of eye infections
44 Group: Kids get hands on wrong medication 500,000 times a year
45 Oceans may be common on rocky alien planets
46 U.S.: Nuke plants with Fukushima-like vents must upgrade
47 MIT to release documents about activist Swartz
48 NASA's advice for near-term meteor strike: "Pray"
49 German researchers publish full Neanderthal genome
50 Can your car be tracked without a warrant?
51 Samsung developing smartwatch, VP says
52 Lawmakers to discuss dangerous asteroids, meteors in hearing today
53 Mars rover Curiosity stands down after new problem
54 Google Drive goes down for many users
55 Gears of War: Judgment review: Moves the needle forward a notch
56 Colo. police look for car in official's killing
57 Assault weapons ban dropped, gun control supporters move on
58 Jury convicts Tenn. mother in newborn twins' deaths
59 Where the iPhone beats Samsung's Galaxy S4
60 Pentagon bans 60mm mortar round after Marine deaths
61 T.J. Lane, Ohio high school shooter, sentenced to life in prison without parole
62 Lululemon pulls "too revealing" yoga pants
63 Syria rebels, regime blame each other for first alleged chemical weapons attack
64 Iraq war: Was it worth it?
65 Sugary drinks kill 180,000 people around the world, study suggests
66 Food industry accused of manipulating products to make people buy, eat more
67 1-in-50 U.S. school kids has autism: Gov't survey
68 Can a patient sue a generic drug manufacturer?
69 FDA's graphic cigarette labels rule goes up in smoke after U.S. abandons appeal
70 Torn meniscus treatments: Physical therapy just as good as surgery, says study
71 Anthrax vaccine tests in children not expected soon
72 One in three seniors die with dementia, Alzheimer's
73 Key to cancer prevention may be keeping your heart healthy
74 Bloomberg tobacco initiative slammed by N.Y. convenience stores
75 Mammograms for women ages 50 to 74 may not be needed every year
76 N.J. compounding pharmacy recalls drugs nationwide over contamination concerns
77 N.C. woman identifies rabies-infected kidney donor
78 Ex-CIA officer on the strike that could have averted Iraq War
79 Pilgrims flock to Vatican for Pope Francis' inauguration
80 Mountain lion snatches, eats pet dog in Colorado
81 China officials mum on rivers of dead pigs
82 L.A. school threat hotline gets 30-40 calls a day
83 Melting Sea Ice Keeps Hungry Polar Bears on Land
84 Giant Squid All One Big, Happy Family
85 Bushmeat Trade Is Transforming Rain Forest
86 How Ancient Humans Walked: Their Footprints May Mislead
87 A Quantum Leap For Basketball 'Bracketology'
88 War or Peace May Doom Korean DMZ Wildlife
89 Sugary Drinks Linked to 180,000 Deaths Worldwide
90 Greenland's Isolated Glaciers Melting Quickly
91 Reference: Neanderthals: Facts About Our Extinct Human Relatives
92 Male Mice Go From Violent Virgins to Doting Dads
93 Take That, Ladies! Male Lions Ambush Prey
94 Bizarre Egg-Burying Birds Hatch at Bronx Zoo
95 NASA's IceBridge Mission Braves the Arctic
96 Chimps Trade Tools To Help Out Pals
97 Reference: Fun Facts About the Mouse
98 7 Galaxy S4 Features You Can Get On Your iPhone Today
99 US Pushes for Antarctic Marine Protections
100 The Key to Reducing Infant Mortality
101 World's Largest Solar Plant Goes Online
102 Kiddo Wasp Named for 'Kill Bill' Assassin
103 Pope-Themed Emails Lead Readers to Malware
104 The Rodney Dangerfields of Tech: 7 Brands That Deserve More Respect
105 Mighty Hawaiian Volcano's Blowout Turns 5
106 Best-Preserved Human Ancestor Didn't Have Bone Disorder
107 Penis-Snatching Panics Resurface in Africa
108 March Madness: Sports Betting Based on Luck Not Knowledge
109 Tourists Turn Wild Stingrays Into Homebodies
110 Google Maps Unveils Views of Everest
111 Holy Land Farming Began 5,000 Years Earlier Than Thought
112 Was Chinese Scientist a Spy at NASA?
113 Beer Goggles: How Alcohol Disrupts the Brain
114 Oceans May Be Common on Rocky Alien Planets
115 Jupiter's Atmosphere Has Weird Hot Flashes
116 Chewing Gum Doesn't Lead to Weight Loss, Study Suggests
117 Mystery of Vanishing Dwarf Galaxies Explained?
118 Mars Science by Curiosity Rover Hits New Snag
119 Scientists to Unveil New Planetary Science Discoveries This Week
120 Obsessed with the Good and Bad of 'Vikings'
121 Could Brazilian Waxing Increase STD Risk?
122 Teen Birth Control: IUDs Are an Option, Docs Say
123 'Lost' Tectonic Plate Found Beneath California
124 Smartphone Sensors Record Timely, Accurate Air Quality
125 Stressed? It May Show in Your Breath
126 Keep Cigarettes 'Out of Sight' in Stores, NYC Mayor Says
127 Inbreeding Common in Early Humans, Deformed Skull Suggests
128 Despite Physician Advice, Parents Refuse HPV Vaccine
129 Most Parents Don't Always Follow Doctors' Orders
130 Can Marriage Fix the Middle Class?
131 'Casanova' Moths Use Mustache-Like Tufts for Courtship
132 Antarctic's First-Ever Whale Skeleton Found
133 How Future Drones Could Become Like Pets
134 Fossils of Earliest Old World Monkeys Unearthed
135 Katrina-Like Storm Surges Could Become Norm
136 9 Months, 9 Symptoms: What Pregnancy Really Feels Like
137 Reference: Astral Projection: Just a Mind Trip
138 How Junk Food Makes a Bad Mood Worse
139 Reference: Fun Facts About Coyotes
140 3,300-Year-Old Egyptian Cemetery Reveals Commoners' Plight
141 Life on Mars! Unless it's E.T., Who Cares?