File Title
1 Roosters 'cock-a-doodle-doo' by the clock
2 Mum's vit D 'doesn't affect child's bones'
3 Curiosity breaks rock to reveal dazzling white interior
4 Water vole ladder link to help isolated colony
5 Power at Fukushima nuclear fuel ponds 'partially restored'
6 New nuclear power plant at Hinkley Point C is approved
7 The first fractions of a second after the Big Bang
8 Ice Team to continue without Fiennes
9 Hinkley Point C: Building challenges
10 Building a new society in space
11 Baghdad hit by deadly blasts on invasion anniversary
12 Cyprus considers zero tax on smaller bank deposits
13 Seven killed in blast at Hawthorne Army Depot in Nevada
14 Pope Francis in plea for poor as inauguration Mass held
15 Syrian rebels 'use chemical weapon'
16 Great escapes: The most daring prison breakouts
17 Who, What, Why: Can you accidentally do a Nazi salute?
18 The African chief converted to Christianity by Dr. Livingstone
19 Ty Morin: Face to face with Facebook friends
20 Aging well: Can dance and art keep the mind and body young?
21 UK tourist jumps from Agra balcony 'after massage offer'
22 US flies B-52s over South Korea amid North rhetoric
23 Tiger Woods ex-wife Elin Nordegren 'went through hell'
24 ICC welcomes Bosco 'Terminator' Ntaganda's surrender
25 Richard Hinds guilty of Nicola Furlong murder in Tokyo
26 Building a new society in space
27 Press regulation: Internet concerns expressed
28 Net 'bat signal' activated for privacy protests
29 US 'hacktivist' jailed over AT&T network attack
30 Cambridge-based smartphone chip designer boss to retire
31 Crowd-funding sites follow in Kickstarter's footsteps
32 India's politicians going social to woo voters
33 Jedi could perform marriages, says Free Church of Scotland
34 Radical Conran camera brings back element of surprise
35 Drug-resistant pandemic swine flu 'community risk'
36 Bikini line waxing and shaving poses infection risk
37 Dr. Livingstone: missionary, explorer and medical pioneer
38 Using 3-D printing to turn computer models into reality (w/ video)
39 Sleep study reveals how the adolescent brain makes the transition to mature thinking
40 Can control theory make software better?
41 Scientists discover reasons behind snakes' 'shrinking heads'
42 Alloy has potential for electronics in wells
43 Goldstone radar snags images of asteroid 2013 ET
44 Study indicates reverse impulses clear useless information, prime brain for learning
45 Are you looking at me? A multi-system display that 'knows' when you're not looking
46 Salamandra robotica II, the only robot able to swim, crawl and walk (w/ video)
47 Electrons are not enough: Cuprate superconductors defy convention
48 Study casts light on deadly immune response
49 Fossil find adds three million years to oldest known old-world monkey
50 Peptides helping researchers in search for Parkinson's disease treatment
51 Electrical signals dictate optical properties
52 Origins of human teamwork found in chimpanzees
53 DNA catalysts do the work of protein enzymes
54 Model allows engineers to test fuel system efficiency on computers
55 Face of the future rears its head: 'Zoe' uses a basic set of six simulated emotions (w/ video)
56 A metal switch to control motor proteins
57 Under California: An ancient tectonic plate
58 Please Don't Eat the Daisies: The macroevolution of alternate plant defense strategies
59 Tenfold increase in hurricane frequency this century, research predicts
60 Computer models show how deep carbon could return to Earth's surface
61 Petroleum use, greenhouse gas emissions of automobiles could drop 80% by 2050
62 Researchers synthesize negative-charge carrying molecular structures that can be a boost to future electronics devices
63 Earth's interior cycles contributor to long-term sea-level and climate change, scientists conclude
64 Mars rover Curiosity stands down after new problem (Update)
65 On the horizon: Implants with built-in sensors that can shake off infection?
66 Skulls of early humans carry telltale signs of inbreeding, study says
67 President Obama to be presented with nano-sized Declarations of Independence
68 Kryptonite for cancer cells
69 Magnets are chaotic--and fast--at the very smallest scale
70 Scientists develop a biodegradable nanoparticle that effectively resolves inflammation
71 Cell on a chip reveals protein behavior
72 Self-assembled nanostructures enable a low-power phase-change memory for mobile electronic devices
73 Smallest vibration sensor in the quantum world
74 Researchers develop new sensor for methylated DNA
75 Visualization of gold nanoparticle self-assembly via TEM
76 Flexible, semitransparent power source made with novel comb-teeth structure
77 Reversible assembly leads to tiny encrypted messages
78 Super nanowire composite solves 'valley of death' riddle
79 X-ray laser explores new uses for DNA building blocks
80 Taking transistors into a new dimension
81 Researchers build fully mechanical phonon laser
82 Researchers suggest one can affect an atom's spin by adjusting the way it is measured
83 The Higgs boson looks just like Marc Sher said it would. Now what?
84 Student finds incubators have wildly varying magnetic fields
85 Researchers restore light sensitivity to retina using polymer-based optoelectronic interface
86 Researchers trap light, improve laser potential of MEH-PPV polymer
87 'Lasing' operation in an ultrasonic vibration using a MEMS oscillator
88 Physics duo discover 13 new solutions to Newtonian three-body orbit problem
89 Quantum teleportation performed with light from a quantum dot embedded in an LED
90 Scientists generate thousands of simulations to analyze flood of data from the Planck mission
91 Quantum information processing: A step closer
92 New microscope measures nanomagnet property vital to 'spintronics' (w/ video)
93 Swarm intelligence: Study uncovers new features of collective behavior when overcrowding sets in
94 Now confident: CERN physicists say new particle is Higgs boson (Update 3)
95 Shanghai river's dead pig total approaches 15,000
96 Researchers devise hidden dune filters to treat coastal stormwater runoff
97 New river-routing model improves simulations of water movement within the Earth's system
98 Corn stover collection can have environmental impacts, study finds
99 Light echoes from V838 Mon
100 Europe triples recycling but still lags target
101 Geology app helps students hunt for fossils, study waterfalls
102 Natural disasters: Is your municipality vulnerable?
103 Oxygen-poor 'boring' ocean challenged evolution of early life, research finds
104 Curiosity Mars rover sees trend in water presence
105 BlackBerry boss has swipe at Apple as Z10 hits stores
106 Fujitsu smartphone can take your pulse
107 New full HD CMOS image sensor delivers high-resolution imagery to surveillance and automotive markets
108 Eagle-eyeing researchers design swooping quadrotors with claws (w/ video)
109 Samsung pulls out all stops with Galaxy S4 smartphone
110 Brainless bristlebots found to exhibit swarming behavior
111 Review: Tech in Galaxy S4 doesn't come together
112 Samsung announces Exynos 5 Octa for new generation of mobile devices
113 BlackBerry Z10 launched in Indonesia
114 Samsung set to launch new iPhone challenger
115 Galaxy S4: Samsung refreshes iPhone-challenging Galaxy line (Update)
116 Samsung unveils new product in Apple offensive
117 Review: 'Smart' LED bulbs controlled by iPhones
118 Amazon trims price of large-screen Kindle Fire
119 Czech villagers embrace disputed nuclear plant
120 MIT plans to release Swartz-related documents
121 Thailand to spend $68bn on transport projects
122 Researchers seek to reduce ear-splitting jet engine noise
123 Reducing fuel consumption of truck engines
124 Breakthrough in electricity storage: New large and powerful redox flow battery
125 Crippled Japan nuclear plant hit by power cut
126 Precise distributed multiplexing of 200-Gb/s Nyquist-WDM using fiber frequency conversion
127 Toshiba debuts 600V Super Junction MOSFET DTMOS IV high-speed diode series at APEC 2013
128 Monitoring your kids on Facebook? That's so 2009
129 Next generation of bio-based binders to be developed
130 As fuel cells evolve, a role emerges for palladium
131 Watching a protein as it functions
132 Scientists create new flexible mineral inspired by deep-sea sponges
133 Shedding light on chemistry with a biological twist
134 Researchers turn winemaking waste into fiber supplement, food preservative and flowerpots
135 Chemical chameleon tamed: Researchers give floppy molecule a structure through solvent effects
136 Eco-friendly wet-strong printing paper made 100% with recycled polyester derived from used PET bottles
137 Novel drug delivery system releases drugs in response to compression by the patient's hand
138 Researchers discover novel chemical that controls cell behavior
139 Researchers find DNA can work as a flame retardant (w/ video)
140 Paving the way for greater use of ancient medical knowledge
141 Researchers identify virus that causes horse hepatitis
142 Kill Bill character inspires the name of a new parasitoid wasp species
143 Salamanders are evidence of older land connection between Central and South America
144 Op should reduce Texas tiger's arthritic pain
145 Can a tropical water flea invade European lakes?
146 How proteins read meta DNA code
147 New poll shows strong support for increased minimum wage and assault weapons ban
148 Plant defenses: Maize knows how to identify its target
149 New fish test for virus is nonlethal
150 Study finds stem cells in deer antler
151 Risk management in fish: How cichlids prevent their young from being eaten
152 Why sea-faring mammals need to be larger than land lubbers
153 Nordic prisons less crowded, less punitive, better staffed
154 Newsroom cuts a boon for PR but a turnoff for readers, report finds
155 3Qs: The lasting impact of historic Gideon ruling
156 Clarity needed over food co-op motivations
157 New poll shows strong support for increased minimum wage and assault weapons ban
158 Australia: Why tax reform can help reduce problem gambling
159 Paleontologists discover fossilized ovarian follicles in three birds from Early Cretaceous
160 Global poverty is shrinking, study finds
161 Fossils give glimpse into future
162 New website details Linus Pauling's breakthroughs in protein structure
163 Researcher finds intuition prevails in innovative decision making
164 Study shows large farms making record investments
165 Colleges say federal cuts could cause brain drain
166 Conscientious people are more likely to have higher GPAs
167 A third of US seniors die with dementia, study finds
168 Wireless, implanted sensor broadens range of brain research
169 Lithium shows no benefit to MND patients
170 Uplifting music can boost mental capacity, research finds
171 Scientists discover mechanism of resistance to vital leukaemia treatment, opening door to new therapies
172 How the immune system positions its gatekeepers
173 Researchers create map of 'shortcuts' between all human genes
174 Immortality gene mutation identifies brain tumors, other cancers
175 Uncontrolled hypertension could bring increased risk for Alzheimer's disease
176 Human microbe study provides insight into health, disease
177 Gone but not forgotten: Yearning for lost loved ones linked to altered thinking about the future
178 Researchers develop world's first real-time, electronic tool to enhance diagnosis of pneumonia
179 Difficulty in recognizing faces in autism linked to performance in a group of neurons
180 Researchers find better management needed for use of IVC filters
181 Digital rectal exam remains important part of prostate screening
182 Depression stems from miscommunication between brain cells, study shows
183 Researchers show that suppressing the brain's 'filter' can improve performance in creative tasks
184 Drug-resistant MRSA bacteria: Here to stay in both hospital, community
185 Why makeup matters? Psychology reveals new sign of aging in perception research
186 Green tea, coffee may help lower stroke risk
187 How some prostate tumors resist treatment--and how it might be fixed
188 It's in the cards: Human evolution influences gamblers' decisions, study shows
189 White blood cells found to play key role in controlling red blood cell levels
190 Brain tumour cells killed by anti-nausea drug
191 Blood levels of fat cell hormone may predict severity of migraines