File Title
1 Earthquakes turn water into gold
2 Face cues show clever monkeys evolved early
3 Wallabies do 'Australian crawl' in the womb
4 Mariana Trench: Deepest ocean 'teems with microbes'
5 Car drivers 'will save cash thanks to CO2 rules'
6 Big fish catches mean smaller fish--Bangor scientists
7 Should we be owning our washing machines?
8 Where does television broadcasting go from here?
9 A better way to learn Chinese?
10 Cyprus parliament vote on bailout postponed
11 Canada prisoners in daring helicopter escape
12 Steubenville: Grand jury to consider fresh charges
13 Press regulation deal struck by parties
14 India-Italy marines row: 'No legal immunity' for envoy Daniele Mancini
15 The dark side of silence
16 Iraq: The spies who fooled the world
17 Reforming China's gulags
18 Culture shock for Amazon chief's son who left rainforest for New York
19 Six held over India rape of Swiss woman
20 Are You Being Served? actor Frank Thornton dies aged 92
21 Explosives found at Orlando university campus
22 The sweet sound of success
23 Abbey painting 'is Rembrandt self portrait'
24 Internet pioneers win engineering prize
25 Single-player version of SimCity 'rejected'
26 Games industry employment increases in UK
27 ESA seeks help to control robot spacecraft
28 Musicians accused of 'buying virtual fans' on YouTube
29 Richard O'Brien: 'I'm 70% man'
30 Holiday cruise left woman feeling permanently seasick
31 Prenatal exposure to pesticide DDT linked to adult high blood pressure
32 Fertilizers could help tackle nutritional deficiency in African country, researchers say
33 When hungry, Gulf of Mexico algae go toxic
34 Fluorescent light revealed as gauge of coral health
35 Catalysts that produce 'green' fuel
36 Low-cost nano-biosensor to detect foodborne pathogen that causes listeriosis
37 Cryptic clams: U-M biologists find species hiding in plain view
38 Heat-stressed cows spend more time standing
39 Whale's streaming baleen tangles to trap food
40 Goats' milk with antimicrobial lysozyme speeds recovery from diarrhea
41 Bottlenose dolphin leaders more likely to lead relatives than unrelated individuals
42 Strange phallus-shaped creature provides crucial missing link
43 Sex at zero gravity
44 Oh mother, where art thou?
45 Study questions the role of kinship in mass strandings of pilot whales
46 CITES makes historic decision to protect sharks and rays
47 Discards ban could impact seabirds population
48 What do American bullfrogs eat when they're away from home? Practically everything!
49 U of T scientists map genome that causes Dutch Elm Disease
50 Immune finding aids quest for vaccines to beat tropical infections
51 Researchers building stronger, greener concrete with biofuel byproducts
52 Mainz scientists create new flexible mineral inspired by deep-sea sponges
53 Study Offers New Insights on Invasive Fly Threatening U.S. Fruit Crops
54 UEA research reveals catastrophic loss of Cambodia's tropical flooded grasslands
55 Antarctica's first whale skeleton found with 9 new deep-sea species
56 Mummy CT scans show preindustrial hunter gatherers had clogged arteries
57 Ancient Chinese coin found on Kenyan island by Field Museum expedition
58 Monsoon failure key to long droughts in Southwest
59 The household carbon emission per capita in Northwestern China is only 2.05 tons CO2 per year
60 Amplified Greenhouse Effect Shifts North's Growing Seasons
61 Ground-level ozone falling faster than model predicted
62 Environmental change impacts on migratory shorebirds differ for males and females
63 Pittsburgh's leaky faucet: How aging sewers are impacting urban watersheds
64 NASA Pinpoints Causes of 2011 Arctic Ozone Hole
65 Stanford researchers map out an alternative energy future for New York
66 Antarctic and Arctic Insects Use Different Genetic Mechanisms to Cope With Lack of Water
67 Extreme water
68 Hard rain
69 Exoplanet's spectrum hints at its origin
70 A New Method Has Been Patented to Measure the Flow of Traffic a Street Has To Bear by Measuring Atmospheric Noise
71 Guiding responsible research in geoengineering
72 Dinosaur-era climate change study suggests reasons for turtle disappearance
73 'Hot Spots' Ride a Merry-Go-Round on Jupiter
74 Ocean plankton sponge up nearly twice the carbon currently assumed
75 When it rains these days, does it pour?
76 Significant contribution of Greenland's peripheral glaciers to sea-level rise
77 Solar Storm Near Earth Caused by Fast CME
78 Cytoskeletal dysregulation underlies Buruli ulcer formation
79 Sorting out fertility after childhood cancer
80 Lost frog DNA revived: Lazarus Project
81 Swarm intelligence
82 Unhealthy eating can make a bad mood worse
83 Highly effective communities of bacteria in the world's deepest oceanic trench
84 White blood cells found to play key role in controlling red blood cell levels
85 Transistor in the Fly Antenna
86 Male lions use ambush hunting strategy
87 Astrocyte signaling sheds light on stroke research
88 University of Maryland School of Medicine finds depression stems from miscommunication between brain cells
89 New database to speed genetic discoveries
90 Blind flies without recycling
91 Research find links between lifestyle and developing rheumatoid arthritis
92 Tiny minotaurs and mini-Casanovas: Ancient pigmy moths reveal secrets of their diversity
93 Suggestions for a middle ground between unlogged forest and intensively managed lands
94 9 new wasp species of the genus Paramblynotus described from Africa and Madagascar
95 Preventing HIV infection with anti-HIV drugs in people at risk is cost-effective
96 Implementing e-health in Malawi
97 Friend or foe: Babies choose sides early
98 Tickling the brain with magnetic stimulation improves memory in schizophrenia
99 Pesticide application as potential source of noroviruses in fresh food supply chains
100 Stereotyping prime obstacle to women in commercial science
101 Overheard phone calls more memorable, rated more distracting than other background talking
102 Study: Catheter-based varicose vein treatments more cost-effective
103 Tobacco industry appears to have evaded FDA ban on 'light' cigarette descriptors
104 Neuron loss in schizophrenia and depression could be prevented with an antioxidant
105 Polo takes the bait
106 Symbols, such as traffic lights, on menus effective in educating diners
107 International Gender Difference in Math and Reading Scores Persists Regardless of Nations' Gender Equality Levels, says MU Psychologist
108 EASL calls on UK to tackle alcohol consumption problem through implementation of minimum pricing
109 How can we stlil raed words wehn teh lettres are jmbuled up?
110 The mysterious GRIN3A and the cause of schizophrenia
111 Testing can improve learning among young and old people
112 Hovering is a bother for bees: Fast flight is more stable
113 HPV vaccine trends point to failures in patient education, vaccine programs
114 UCLA, Harvard experts propose new structure to guide governance of geoengineering research
115 Dating in middle school leads to higher dropout, drug-use rates
116 Nature: Smallest Vibration Sensor in the Quantum World
117 New NIST microscope measures nanomagnet property vital to 'spintronics'
118 NSF-funded Telescopes in Antarctica and Chile Discover Bursts of Star Formation in the Early Universe
119 Mobile LIDAR technology expanding rapidly
120 NASA's Swift, Chandra Explore a Youthful 'Star Wreck'
121 NASA's Webb Telescope Gets Its Wings
122 ChemCam data abundant at Planetary Conference
123 Self-assembled nanostructures enable a low-power phase-change memory for mobile electronic devices
124 Six Nations Rugby Union: Were the gloves off?
125 Researchers Trap Light, Improve Laser Potential of MEH-PPV Polymer
126 Leaping Lunar Dust
127 Oregon researchers synthesize negative-charge carrying molecular structures
128 Cell on a Chip Reveals Protein Behavior
129 Energy from the interior of the Earth supports life in a global ecosystem
130 Breakthrough research shows chemical reaction in real time
131 Cellular bells--Key step in the manufacture of red blood cells decoded
132 UF researcher describes new 5-million-year-old saber-toothed cat from Florida
133 One gene, many mutations
134 'Dirty blizzard' in Gulf may account for missing Deepwater Horizon oil
135 New research paper says we are still at risk of the plague
136 Where, oh where, has the road kill gone?
137 Signaling molecule may help stem cells focus on making bone despite age, disease
138 Some biologists shun new media
139 Stroke risk in elderly treated with antipsychotics is newly linked to specific drug actions
140 It's all in the way we move
141 Polycystic ovary syndrome puts glucose control in double jeopardy
142 Study Reveals 10 Factors in Wrongful Conviction Cases
143 UT study identifies ways children can meet recommended activity goals
144 Mindfulness at school reduces likelihood of depression-related symptoms in adolescents
145 Evolution in the antibody factory
146 WPI Research Shows How Earthquake Damage Can Impact Building Fire Safety Performance
147 Current HIV screening guidelines are too conservative
148 A high-resolution endoscope as thin as a human hair
149 New research discovers the emergence of Twitter 'tribes'
150 Researchers create nanoscale spinning magnetic droplets
151 Putting the clock in 'cock-a-doodle-doo'
152 How some prostate tumors resist treatment--and how it might be fixed
153 Oral estrogen hormone therapy linked to increased risk of gallbladder surgery in menopausal women
154 Blood protein able to detect higher risk of cardiovascular events in people with chest pain originating from heart disease
155 Study shows community approach effective in fight against diabetes
156 Training program developed by U of A medical researchers leads to police using less force
157 More parents say they won't vaccinate daughters against HPV, researchers find
158 Scientists investigate potential markers for a response to sunitinib in patients with metastatic RCC
159 Can online chat rooms and 'cyberhugs' help chronic pain sufferers cope?
160 Only one-third of parents follow doctors' orders for kids all of the time
161 Blood levels of fat cell hormone may predict severity of migraines
162 Study shows rising rate of propofol abuse by health care professionals
163 Similar neuro outcomes in preterm infants with low-grade brain bleeding as infants with no bleeding
164 New Evaluation of the Heart Truth Professional Education Materials Released
165 Third-party blood stem cell transplantation as a factor to impact on poor graft function
166 Food memories can help weight loss
167 Programmed Destruction
168 Digital rectal exam remains important part of prostate screening
169 Researchers propose a novel prognostic model for disease-specific survival in BCa patients
170 Ethical oversight needed for social network health research
171 Young pigs prefer traditional soybean diet
172 Large study finds that physician gender does not affect patient-care costs or mortality
173 AAN: Doctors caution against prescribing attention-boosting drugs for healthy kids
174 Canadians support interventions to reduce dietary salt
175 One in four colonoscopies in Medicare patients found to be potentially inappropriate
176 Polar bears' family secrets revealed with DNA sequencing
177 Report: Communications Technology Among Tools Needed to Aid Miner Safety
178 New study: Incidence and mortality of PCa after termination of PSA-based screening
179 Study: Widespread 'test-and-treat' HIV policies could increase dangerous drug resistance
180 Japanese P2 study shows potential of combined vaccine and steroid drug in castration-resistant PCa
181 Stem cells transplantation technique has high potential as a novel therapeutic strategy for ED
182 Study uncovers new cells in the urethra which may detect hazardous substances
183 New study points to the aggressive potential of small kidney tumors, advocates treatment
184 Pneumonia patients nearly twice as likely to suffer from depression, impairments
185 It's in the cards: Human evolution influences gamblers' decisions, study shows
186 Soldiers and Families Can Suffer Negative Effects from Modern Communication Technologies, Says MU Researcher
187 Difficulty in recognizing faces in autism linked to performance in a group of neurons
188 Distant planetary system is a super-sized solar system
189 Particles and Fields Package Integrated on Upcoming Mars-Bound Spacecraft
190 Witnessing starbursts in young galaxies
191 Water signature in distant planet shows clues to its formation, Lawrence Livermore research finds
192 NASA's First Laser Communication System Integrated, Ready for Launch