File Title
1 Chinese archaeologists excavate earliest bronze armor pieces
2 Coral Clocks
3 Teasing Out New Teeth
4 Mississippi Infant Cured of HIV?
5 Breath Test for Stomach Cancer
6 Snubbed for a Nobel?
7 Replacement Parts
8 Love Song for an Ailing Planet
9 Life Below the Seabed
10 Novel Virus Entry Portal Found
11 The Science of Head Trauma
12 Sequencing the Underdogs
13 Algae Get Help to Go to Extremes
14 Mice Learn Faster with Human Glia
15 History unfolds--the states of Sui and Zeng
16 Ancient settlement discovered in Azerbaijan
17 The way we weren't: U of Minnesota biologist debunks myth that humans peaked in Paleolithic era
18 Bronze-Age Donkey Sacrifice Found in Israel
19 Police return smuggled Neolithic artifacts to Kosovo
20 7,000 BC: The dawn of cinema brought to life
21 The inability to shift prey may have been deadly, study says.
22 New paleolithic site found in Tianjin, China
23 Ancient Egyptian Cemetery Holds Proof of Hard Labor
24 Ancient Reindeer Hunters Fished Ice Age Lakes
25 More Sekhmet statues unearthed at Amenhotep III's temple in Luxor
26 Mummy CT scans show preindustrial hunter gatherers had clogged arteries
27 1,200-year-old Egyptian text describes a shape-shifting Jesus
28 Mattarahkka: Mother Earth in Sami rock art
29 Salt at Fault?
30 Ancient stone tools show the pace of remarkable technological enhancements over time
31 Medieval knight found in Scotland parking lot
32 Disputed finds put humans in South America 22,000 years ago
33 2500-year-old city discovered in Chhattisgarh
34 Cirencester Roman cockerel 'best find' in 40 years
35 Ancient Chinese coin found on Kenyan island by Field Museum expedition
36 Evidence of Stone Age Cultic Phallic Symbols Found in Israel
37 Archaeologists Excavate Ancient Roman Harbor Area
38 London rail workers find likely plague burial pit
39 One of world's oldest sun dials discovered in Egypt
40 Medieval Teutonic knights' remains found in Poland
41 Roman artifact discovered in Sudeley Castle cupboard
42 Bee venom component might offer HIV protection
43 Plastic implant replaces three-quarters of man's skull
44 Heavy drinkers get extra brain fuel from alcohol
45 Mice get brain boost from transplanted human tissue
46 Of Mice and Man
47 Baby may be cured of HIV
48 Therapy for milk allergy offers hope, and caution
49 A surprise makes memories wobbly
50 A pox upon cancer
51 Exploring the food capital of Ireland
52 Cyprus bailout: Parliament postpones debate
53 Somalia frees rape row journalist
54 Pope Francis: St. Peter's crowds hear Angelus prayer
55 Greek footballer Giorgos Katidis banned for Nazi salute
56 Pakistan's Ashraf government makes history
57 Iraq, camera, action: Films struggle with war's legacy
58 Are there more US black men in prison or college?
59 Who, Why, What: Can foods have negative calories?
60 New Pope seeks to heal divisions in Latin America
61 The Lyndon Johnson tapes: Richard Nixon's 'treason'
62 Chinese President Xi Jinping calls for renaissance
63 Five 'admit Swiss woman gang-rape' in India
64 Briton denies Buddha tattoo was 'disrespectful'
65 Father and son from Britain found dead in Alps
66 Titanic band leader's violin is authentic, say experts
67 Obese heart patients 'do better'
68 Shock in Cyprus as savers face bailout levy
69 Top French lawyer Olivier Metzner found dead
70 Steubenville Ohio school footballers guilty of rape
71 JustGiving fund-raising site crashes
72 Phages may be key in bacteria battle
73 Prostate cancer 'damages sex life'
74 Jacquelin Perry dies, leaving legacy as pioneering orthopedic surgeon
75 Beyond the Higgs boson: Five more elusive particles
76 Life after Higgs boson: What's next for the world's largest atom smasher?
77 Four-winged birds? Feathery-legged fossils date back to dinosaur days.
78 'God Particle': Six big consequences of the Higgs boson discovery
79 Scientists confirm Higgs boson discovery
80 SpaceX's Reusable 'Grasshopper' Rocket Makes Highest Flight Yet
81 How Cute Animal Videos Could Help Science
82 Oregon's Next Huge Earthquake: Not If, but When
83 It's Hard to Undo Cancer Screening Recommendations, Study Shows
84 Reference: Knossos: Palace of the Minoans
85 Fluorescence Could Indicate Health of Corals
86 Celebrated Keck Telescopes Seek Funding on 20th Anniversary
87 Autonomous Cars Patrol Israeli Border
88 Bat-Eating Spiders Are Everywhere, Study Finds
89 Reference: Fun Facts About Monkeys
90 Researchers to Harness the Power of Molecular Self-Assembly
91 Technique Keeps Dust Off Solar Cells
92 14th-Century Black Death Graveyard Found in London
93 Reviving the Woolly Mammoth: Will De-Extinction Become Reality?
94 Mom and Dad Roles No Longer Clear Cut
95 The Man Most People Want to Work For Is...
96 Russia and Europe Team Up for Mars Missions
97 Poached Fish: Missouri Emerges as Caviar Smuggling Center
98 Mars Rover Curiosity's Next Big Drive Is Months Away
99 China's Top 6 Environmental Concerns
100 5-Million-Year-Old Saber-Toothed Cat Fossil Discovered
101 Rabies Death Due to Organ Transplant, CDC Confirms
102 New World Pope, Old World Social
103 Women Worry More than Men
104 High-Fat Dairy May Lower Breast Cancer Survival
105 Doctors Clear Up Confusion Over Hormone Therapy
106 Animal Sex: How Chimps Do It
107 Spooky! Quantum Action Is 10,000 Times Faster Than Light
108 Beyond Higgs: 5 Elusive Particles That May Lurk in the Universe
109 Hundreds of Dinosaur Egg Fossils Found
110 Arctic Storm Shatters Thin Sea Ice
111 Argentine Wildlife Gain 2 New Marine Parks
112 'Sex Week' Lures College Students to Educate Themselves
113 Polar Bears' Mysterious Origins Befuddle Scientists
114 February 2013 Was World's 9th Warmest on Record
115 Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine Yields Its Secrets
116 Sumatran Tiger Cub Born at Sacramento Zoo
117 Medieval Knight's Tomb Found Beneath Parking Lot
118 Deflecting Killer Asteroid Could Be Geopolitical Nightmare
119 Reference: Fun Wolf Facts: Gray and Red Wolves
120 Who Needs Food When You Have Soylent?
121 Energy Efficient Brain Simulator Outperforms Supercomputers
122 Life After Higgs: What's Next for World's Largest Atom Smasher?
123 Urgent Need to Protect United States' Historic Environment
124 Hidden Tracks: Whale Songs Found in Seismic Recordings
125 Physicists Look to Future After New Higgs Announcement
126 Reference: Andes: World's Longest Mountain Range
127 What Organs Can You Live Without?
128 Early Birds Sported 4 Wings
129 Intraterrestrials: Life Thrives in Ocean Floor
130 Classic Physics 'Thought' Experiment Finally Recreated
131 6 Implications of Finding a Higgs Boson Particle
132 Vatican Library Goes Digital Under New Pope
133 600-Year-Old Chinese Coin Found in Kenya
134 Men & Women Alike Struggle With Work-Life Balance