File Title
1 Tweaked Apple TV features smaller custom A5 chip
2 Newly revealed early Apple iPhone prototype had massive 5x7-inch display
3 A year after Apple announced its dividend, 'timing could be right' for another cash deployment
4 Apple suppliers Foxconn, TSMC to each add 5,000 jobs
5 New rumor points to fingerprint sensor, NFC e-wallet in Apple's next iPhone
6 Pressure mounts for Apple repatriate $40B in overseas cash
7 Fujifilm to help PC makers take on Apple with new touchscreen tech
8 Apple predicted to announce plans for growing cash pile by April, will add $42B over 2013
9 Tumblr iOS app updated with new camera, in-app support for photosets
10 App hides pre-installed iOS titles, disables iAds without jailbreak
11 LinkedIn to reportedly acquire Pulse newsreader for over $50M in content creation push
12 Apple's iPhone accounts for two thirds of smartphones watching Web videos, report says
13 Apple patents reliable social networking system that tracks 'stalkers' and 'spammers'
14 Rumor: Intel could land 10% of Apple's 'A7' chip orders
15 Qantas airline to provide passengers Apple iPads for in-flight entertainment
16 Citing supply chain checks, Jefferies cuts Apple price target to $420
17 Bipartisan US Senate bill would allow customers to legally unlock their smartphones
18 Apple rival Samsung's Galaxy S IV shows up in online video ahead of launch
19 IDC projects Android tablets will pass Apple's iPad this year, sees little good news for Microsoft
20 Apple encouraged to borrow against its $94B in overseas cash for greater flexibility
21 Automatic Link uses iPhone to make regular cars smarter
22 Dropbox brings easier file sharing and notification to updated desktop client
23 Apple may offer stock buyback or increased dividends this Spring, report says
24 Apple Store app now supports physical store availability, new shipping options
25 Google Now for iOS allegedly demoed in 'leaked' promotional video
26 Apple to diversify manufacturers for low-cost and legacy iPhones
27 Apple adds iOS Maps Flyover support, 3D buildings, turn-by-turn navigation in multiple cities
28 Samsung spent $68M more than Apple on 2012 phone ads, increased budget fivefold
29 French Apple Stores prohibited from making employees work after hours, fined 10K euros
30 Teardown finds Pebble smart watch unrepairable but built to last
31 Breathometer combines breathalyzer with Apple's iPhone
32 Apple uses mom-and-pop shops to jump into second place in India's smartphone race
33 Apple's iPad is heart of Idaho elementary 'iSchool' pilot program
34 Samsung's Galaxy S IV switches to same GPU tech as Apple's A-series chips
35 iOS vulnerability uses 'mobileconfig' files to steal data
36 Andy Rubin leaves Google's Android team for 'new chapter' at same company
37 Judge rules Tim Cook must participate in 4-hour testimony for e-book suit
38 Training docs reveal Macs, iPhones, iPads heading to Staples in late March
39 In-app purchase in spotlight again as boy racks up 1,000 pounds iPad bill
40 Small carriers supporting cell phone unlocking to gain access to Apple's iPhone
41 Apple's Schiller speaks out against Android on eve of Galaxy S4 debut
42 ITC delays decision on Samsung patent claims against Apple until May
43 Google to kill off Google Reader, Snapseed for Mac in continued service culling
44 First Look: 'auris' brings Bluetooth audio to legacy 30-pin docks
45 Apple's next-gen A7 processor reportedly being readied for production by TSMC
46 Apple proposes 'on-the-go' wireless charging via iPad Smart Cover with built-in battery
47 Apple now offering iMacs with built-in VESA mount adapters for $40 premium
48 Apple, Samsung marketing hype viewed as 'moving in opposite directions'
49 Apple's Schiller: Samsung Galaxy S IV may 'ship with an OS that is nearly a year old'
50 BlackBerry to launch new enterprise security solution for iOS & Android
51 Making way for Apple's iPhone, China Mobile to spend $6.7B building out 4G network
52 Google restructuring splits up Maps and commerce teams
53 New Twitter app to bring music streaming for iOS users
54 CBS brings full-episode streaming to Apple's iPad, iPhone with new app
55 Apple squashes fan control, framerate & Power Nap bugs in 15" Retina MacBook Pro update
56 Apple releases OS X 10.8.3 with Safari 6.0.3, new iTunes integration and bug fixes
57 iCloud authentication down for some after OS X 10.8.3 rollout
58 Samsung challenges Apple's iPhone with new Galaxy S4
59 Samsung's Galaxy S4 distracts attention away from Android
60 Apple, Google, Samsung plan to go green with new campuses
61 Apple's 'budget' iPhone expected to have same 4-inch display as iPhone 5
62 Rumored iPhone order cuts prompt Sterne Agee to drop Apple price target to $630
63 Samsung Galaxy S4 'less refined' than Apple's iPhone 5, not seen as a game changer
64 Samsung's new CEO reveals 'lackluster demand' for Windows products
65 Microsoft Surface RT & Pro estimated to have sold 1.5M units total
66 Apple's short-lived retail chief says he 'just didn't fit with the business'
67 Dropbox acquires simplified iOS e-mail client Mailbox
68 Apple's Mexican 'iPhone' naming rights threatened as Supreme Court upholds 'iFone" ruling
69 Google cites quote from Steve Jobs biography in attempt to win iPhone import ban
70 Google calls Apple 'unwilling licensee' in bid for injunction over FRAND patent violations
71 Briefly: 'Jobs' biopic release date delayed
72 Apple's Retina iPad mini to follow debut of high-res Google's Nexus 7, report says
73 Apple sued by THX for allegedly misusing patented speaker tech in iPhone, iPad and iMac
74 Argus analyst cuts Apple target price to $600 from $775
75 Bloomberg talks to Apple SVP Phil Schiller (with video)
76 Phil Schiller: Samsung, other Android phones are inferior to Apple's iOS-powered iPhone
77 TSMC to fabricate Apple's forthcoming A7 processor, sources say
78 Twitter preps mobile music app that lets its users play and share songs on Apple iOS devices
79 BlackBerry says mystery buyer ordered a million Z10 phones
80 Bear no more: BTIG upgrades Apple to 'buy,' with $540 price target
81 Apple starts shipping iMacs with VESA mount adapters as $40 upgrade
82 Tim Cook will sleep easy tonight following Samsung's Galaxy S4 launch
83 Apple's extraordinary attack on Samsung and Android
84 Segall: Apple marketing has lost its sense of humor; copying Apple doesn't make Samsung an innovator
85 China Mobile to spend $6.7 billion building out 4G network ahead of expected Apple iPhone deal
86 Will Android tablets really pass Apple's iPad in 2013?
87 Apple and Facebook flash forward to computer memory of tomorrow
88 BTIG analyst: Why I upgraded Apple today
89 Apple CEO Cook ordered to testify in U.S. DOJ's e-books case
90 The Apple vs. Google trade is being unwound
91 Google breaks up mapping and commerce unit, sources say
92 Android's growth is flattening
93 Why should Apple build a cheaper iPhone? Because not doing so would be stupid
94 BlackBerry plans security feature for Apple's iOS, Google's Android
95 Apple patent application reveals iPad Smart Cover with built-in inductive charging
96 Jim Cramer: Buying Netflix could be just the game-changer Apple needs
97 Apple releases OS X 10.8.3
98 Apple releases Safari 6.0.3
99 New CBS app streams full-episodes to Apple's iPad, iPad mini, iPhone, and iPod touch
100 How Apple has changed the world in just 7 years
101 An encouraging sign for Apple's stock
102 Maine school laptop contract to be open to other U.S. states
103 Massive China Mobile looks to next-gen iPhone, 4G rollout to unlock pent-up Apple demand
104 Nearly 35% of Android apps in China secretly steal user data; 'Android is fragmenting beyond Google's control,' says analyst
105 Apple releases MacBook Pro Retina SMC Update 1.1
106 Apple iPad controls driverless car
107 Analyst: Apple's low-cost iPhone to iPhone 5's 4-inch Retina display, come in choice of colors
108 Apple adds new iMac lineup to its Employees Purchase Program as supply constraints ease
109 Microsoft's Surface tablets said to fall far short of predictions
110 Apple CEO Tim Cook falls from 1st to 18th in Glassdoor's tech CEO rankings
111 Apple TV 2013: Analysis of a new Apple A5
112 Daring Fireball's Gruber on 'ceding the crown'
113 Analysts: Samsung latest plastic phone is no Apple iPhone killer
114 Apple faces class action lawsuit over MacBook Pro's Retina display
115 John Browett: Apple rejected me for fit rather than competency
116 Apple's iPad to be challenged in the enterprise?
117 Apple releases Boot Camp 5 for booting Macs into Windows 8
118 Microsoft's Silverlight: The next plugin Apple will be blocking
119 Legg Mason's Miller: Apple about to make 'dramatic' cash move
120 Google quotes Steve Jobs biography in attempt to win iPhone import ban
121 iPhone name in peril in Mexico following Mexican Supreme Court ruling
122 HTC president calls Samsung's Galaxy S4 event embarrassing
123 THX sues Apple claiming patent infringement in iPhone, iPad and iMac speaker tech
124 Giant Alien Planet in Supersized Solar System May Solve Mystery
125 Astronomers produce most detailed analysis of alien planet's atmosphere
126 It's the Higgs We Have...But Is It the Higgs We Need?
127 'Hot Spots' Ride a Merry-Go-Round on Jupiter
128 Comet Pan-STARRS Wows Over Holland
129 Watch Comet Pan-STARRS live on webcast
130 Schmidt still scanning the skies 50 years after defining the quasar
131 Quasar--galactic beauty, deadly beast--discovered 50 years ago
132 A Point of View: Crowd-sourcing comets
133 Some Primitive Birds Flew With 4 Wings, Study Says
134 Four-winged birds? Feathery-legged fossils date back to dinosaur days.
135 Four-winged birds? First fossils identified
136 Reviving the Woolly Mammoth: Will De-Extinction Become Reality?
137 Should we revive extinct species? Watch experts debate de-extinction
138 Student-designed robots battle it out Saturday
139 Men accused of trafficking "caviar"
140 Authorities allege poachers snagged Missouri paddlefish for the caviar
141 CME is Headed Towards Earth--It Will Be Here By Monday At The Latest
142 Tree Rings Reveal Ancient Solar Eruption, Study Suggests
143 Energy from Earth's interior supports life in global ecosystem
144 Intraterrestrials: Life Thrives in Ocean Floor
145 Keck Telescopes to seek funding on 20th anniversary
146 Celebrated Keck Telescopes Seek Funding on 20th Anniversary
147 Somalia Famine Partially Blamed On Climate Change In New Study
148 Melon-Headed Whale Dies Despite Rescue Efforts on Trinidad Beach [VIDEO]
149 Galaxies began birthing stars soon after Big Bang
150 Distant star baby boom captured by huge new telescope
151 Twitter's tribes 'have their own languages'
152 Which Twitter tribe are you? Researchers discover new wave of online communities which even have their own languages
153 For the first time, scientists have grown the embryos of an extinct species
154 Resurrecting the Extinct Frog with a Stomach for a Womb
155 Protection for sharks and rays
156 Hypocritical to lecture Thais on ivory
157 Biodiversity depends on sustainability
158 Match Day: More medical graduates entering primary care
159 300 Baltimore medical students learn their professional fate on 'Match Day'
160 More HIV 'cured': first a baby, now 14 adults
161 French Study Indicates Some Patients Can Control H.I.V. After Stopping Treatment
162 FDA probes new pancreas risks with diabetes drugs
163 Diabetes Drugs Evaluated by FDA on Pancreatic Cancer Risk
164 Diabetes Meds Face FDA Scrutiny for Pancreas Risks
165 Maryland Transplant Patient Dies of Rabies
166 CDC: Man died of rabies from kidney transplant
167 Dad's letter to gay son becomes online sensation
168 'I've known you were gay since you were six, I've loved you since you were born': Dad's touching letter accepting gay son goes viral
169 Dad's Note To Gay Son About Coming Out Might Make You Cry (PHOTO)
170 What a Swedish mannequin hoax reveals about body image
171 'Full Figured' Mannequins In Lingerie In Sweden Go Viral (PHOTO)
172 Boys, ages 9 and 10, save infant's life by showing panicked Georgia mom how to perform CPR
173 Two Boys Teach Woman CPR 'From Posters In School Cafeteria' And Save Baby's Life (VIDEO)
174 Green tea, coffee may reduce stroke risk by 20%
175 A Daily Habit Of Green Tea Or Coffee Cuts Stroke Risk
176 Green Tea Benefits Now Include Lowered Risk Of Stroke, According To Study
177 Delayed marriage fallout: More unwed births, report says
178 Delaying Marriage Has Serious Consequences For Some, New Research Reveals
179 Cancer Society: An examination by a physician may save your life
180 Robot Surgery Isn't First Choice for Uterus Removals
181 OB/GYNs told robot hysterectomy not best option
182 Intuitive Surgical's Robot Surgeons Encounter Human Lawyers
183 Merck anesthesia-reversal agent faces new delay
184 Dying Father Continues to Run Marathons With 6-Year-Old Daughter
185 'On my death bed I am not going to say I wish I spent more time with my daughter': Father with terminal brain cancer runs marathon with Kiana, 6, in a stroller...and WINS
186 Many poor heterosexuals in U.S. cities at risk for HIV
187 HIV Infection Rates Soar Among Poor Heterosexuals In U.S. Cities: Report
188 Survey: 1 in 6 Washington teens seriously consider suicide