File Title
1 Stranding not a family affair for whales
2 Life discovered deep under ocean crust
3 Strong indication 'Higgs' is a Higgs
4 'Black Death pit' unearthed by Crossrail project
5 Bee deaths: EU delays action on pesticides ban
6 Early HIV drugs 'functionally cure about one in 10'
7 'Gang of eight' on ivory probation
8 UK Seabed Resources joins deep-ocean mineral-mining rush
9 Anger as shark dies in US Kmart advert
10 Bangkok breakthroughs gives CITES a bigger stick
11 Seal pup rescued on Felixstowe beach by teenager
12 Preserving history in Buenos Aires
13 Vatican denies Dirty War allegations against Pope
14 North Korea says US 'behind hack attack'
15 Samsung Galaxy S4 eye-tracking smartphone unveiled
16 Syria conflict: EU discusses arms ban as anniversary marked
17 Woodrow Wilson's odd early press conferences
18 Wounded soldiers train in Iceland for South Pole race
19 JP Morgan accused of hiding losses by Senate report
20 Phil Spector film picketed by Lana Clarkson's publicist
21 Internet's 'bad neighbourhoods' spread scams and spam
22 India airports on alert over Italy ambassador Mancini
23 Qwerty keyboards: Time for a rethink?
24 US Republican Senator Rob Portman favours gay unions
25 How much better has the internet made us?
26 Gamer hacks SimCity to run offline
27 Al-Qaeda lacks expertise for cyberwar, expert tells MPs
28 Samsung Galaxy S4: First impressions
29 Israel PM Netanyahu signs coalition deal
30 Viewpoint: Violent backdrop for crucial Pakistan elections
31 Jurassic Park 4 to be directed by Colin Trevorrow
32 'Violence risk' after military tours
33 'Night shift link' to ovarian cancer
34 Microsoft Surface Pro sales hit 400K
35 Bad weather postpones return of 3 astronauts
36 New report on N.C. Marine base water contamination
37 NuVal food labeling system hard to swallow for some
38 Samsung announces Galaxy S IV: slimmer, 5-inch display, smart scroll
39 Reuters social media editor charged with conspiring with hackers
40 Pi Day tip on how to remember mathematical constant to 15 digits
41 On heels of Google Reader demise, Digg announces RSS reader
42 Google Reader shut down: Try these RSS feed alternatives
43 The new papacy and new media
44 Sen. Rob Portman backs same-sex marriage
45 Mechanical woes hit two more Carnival cruise ships
46 Obama to unveil alternative energy proposal
47 Samsung announces Galaxy S IV: slimmer, 5-inch display, smart scroll
48 The Amazing Spider-Man 2 to shoot in Rochester, N.Y.
49 Mom of NYC teen shot by police: Why was he killed?
50 GOP's past and future collide at conservative conference
51 FDA reviewing new diabetes drugs due to pancreatic disease risk
52 CDC: Maryland rabies death caused by organ transplant, not animal bite
53 Radiation for breast cancer may raise heart disease risk for women
54 N.J. bakery shut down by FDA for mislabeling sugar, fat content
55 World Kidney Day: Kidney disease a "silent epidemic" in U.S.
56 Men who like big breasts are more sexist, says study
57 Distant Planetary System Is a Super-Sized Solar System
58 'Hot Spots' Ride a Merry-Go-Round On Jupiter
59 One Gene, Many Mutations: Key That Controls Coat Color in Mice Evolved Nine Times
60 DNA Study Clarifies How Polar Bears and Brown Bears Are Related
61 Life Deep Within Oceanic Crust Sustained by Energy from Interior of Earth
62 Five-Million-Year-Old Saber-Toothed Cat in Newly Discovered Genus Discovered in Florida
63 Fluorescent Neural Cells from Monkey Skin Mature Into Several Types of Brain Cells in Monkeys
64 Mass Strandings of Pilot Whales May Not Be Driven by Kinship, DNA Profiles Show
65 Social Bees Mark Dangerous Flowers With Chemical Signals
66 New Results Indicate That Particle Discovered at CERN Is a Higgs Boson
67 Inspired by Deep Sea Sponges: Creating Flexible Minerals
68 Suicidal Bacteria: Unicellular Organisms Occasionally Poison Themselves With a Toxin
69 Nanoscale Spinning Magnetic Droplets Created
70 'Metasurfaces' to Usher in New Optical Technologies
71 Suppressing Brain's 'Filter' Can Improve Performance in Creative Tasks
72 Dinosaur-Era Climate Change Study Suggests Reasons for Turtle Disappearance
73 Key Step in Manufacture of Red Blood Cells Decoded: Subtle Regulatory Chords Direct the Birth of Blood Cells
74 Mitigating Climate Change? Guiding Responsible Research in Geoengineering
75 'Dirty Blizzard' in Gulf of Mexico May Account for Missing Deepwater Horizon Oil
76 Scientists Map Genome of Fungus That Causes Dutch Elm Disease
77 Bootstrapping Biotechnology: Engineers Cooperate to Realize Precision Grammar for Programming Cells
78 What Do American Bullfrogs Eat When They're Away from Home? Practically Everything
79 How Can We Stlil Raed Words Wehn Teh Lettres Are Jmbuled Up?
80 Researchers Divide Enzyme to Conquer Genetic Puzzle
81 New Sign of Aging: Lessening Contrast in Facial Features
82 Probiotics Reduce Stress-Induced Intestinal Flare-Ups, Study Finds
83 Postpartum Depression: Surprising Rate of Women Depressed After Baby
84 Swarm Intelligence: New Collective Properties of Swarm Dynamics Uncovered
85 Smallest Vibration Sensor in the Quantum World
86 Breakthrough Research Shows Chemical Reaction in Real Time
87 Playing Action Videogames Improves Visual Search
88 Chemical Chameleon Tamed: Researchers Give Floppy Molecule a Structure Through Solvent Effects
89 New Beautifully Colored Long-Horned Beetle from Yunnan, China
90 Discards Ban Could Impact Seabird Populations
91 One of World's Oldest Sun Dial Dug Up in Kings' Valley, Upper Egypt
92 Whale's Streaming Baleen Tangles to Trap Food
93 Bottlenose Dolphin Leaders More Likely to Lead Relatives Than Unrelated Individuals
94 New Cancer Diagnostic Technique Debuts
95 Knowing How Brown Fat Cells Develop May Help Fight Obesity
96 New Early Warning System for the Brain Development of Babies
97 Rapid Hearing Loss May Be a Symptom of Rare Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease
98 The Mysterious GRIN3A and the Cause of Schizophrenia
99 New Monoclonal Antibody Developed That Can Target Proteins Inside Cancer Cells
100 Evidence Supports Blocking Immune Response to Enhance Viral Therapy Against Solid Tumors
101 Polo Takes the Bait: A Better 'Mousetrap' Discovered in Fruit Flies Might Stop a Human Cancer-Driving Kinase in Its Tracks
102 New Hope in Fight Against Leading Infectious Cause of Congenital Birth Defects
103 Local Chemotherapy Has a Stronger Effect On Reducing Tumor Growth, Research Suggests
104 How Chronic Stress Accelerates Alzheimer's Disease
105 Scientists Find Age-Related Changes in How Autism Affects the Brain
106 Punishment Can Enhance Performance, Academics Find
107 Using Hansfree Kit or Sending Texts Behind the Wheel Is as Dangerous as Being Twice Over Legal Alcohol Limit, Study Suggests
108 Low Cognitive Score and Risk of Brain Injury Linked
109 Children of Divorced Parents More Likely to Start Smoking, Study Finds
110 Overheard Phone Calls More Memorable, Rated More Distracting Than Other Background Talking
111 Video Game 'Exercise' for an Hour a Day May Enhance Certain Cognitive Skills
112 Americans and Religion Increasingly Parting Ways
113 Events in the Future Seem Closer Than Those in the Past
114 Mechanism That Regulates Production of Energy-Burning Brown Fat Discovered
115 Immune Cells Cluster and Communicate 'Like Bees,' Researcher Says
116 Normal Prion Protein Regulates Iron Metabolism
117 Whole Genome Sequencing of Wild Rice Reveals the Mechanisms Underlying Oryza Genome Evolution
118 Paving the Way for Greater Use of Ancient Medical Knowledge
119 CITES Makes Historic Decision to Protect Sharks and Rays
120 New Approaches for Controlling Pesticide Exposure in Children
121 Making Fuel from Bacteria
122 Gorillas Caught in the Crossfire in the Democratic Republic of Congo
123 Biochemical Engineering: Waste Not, Want Not
124 Strange Spaghetti-Shaped Creature Is Missing Link: Discovery Pushes Fossil Record Back 200 Million Years
125 Ancient Chinese Coin Found On Kenyan Island
126 Four Dinosaur Egg Species Identified in Lleida, Spain
127 Earliest Tobacco Use in Pacific Northwest Discovered
128 Strategies for Possible Survival On Mars: Scientists Found Differences in Core Proteins from a Microorganism That Lives in a Salty Lake in Antarctica
129 'Monster' Starburst Galaxies Discovered in Early Universe
130 Earth-Sized Planets in Habitable Zones Are More Common Than Previously Thought
131 NASA Rover Finds Conditions Once Suited for Ancient Life On Mars
132 Astronomers Discover Extremely Rare Triple Quasar
133 Astronomers Conduct First Remote Reconnaissance of Another Planetary System
134 New Sensor Developed for Methylated DNA
135 Bat Disease: More Accurate, Sensitive DNA Test Allows Early Identification of Fungus Causing White Nose Syndrome
136 Surprising Control Over Photoelectrons from a Topological Insulator
137 Paraffin Encapsulated in Beach Sand Material as a New Way to Store Heat from the Sun
138 Uncertainty Regarding Energy Prices Is Hampering Investment in Energy Efficiency
139 What Can Sports Teams Learn from the Manufacturing Industry? Plenty
140 High-Resolution Endoscope as Thin as a Human Hair
141 Predictive Analysis: New Generation of Computational Intelligence Systems
142 Quantum Magnets Moving Along: Scientists Observes Coherent Propagation of a Single Spin Impurity in a Chain of Ultracold Atoms
143 The Dynamic of Spain's Population Follows the Maximum Entropy Principle