File Title
1 ALMA opens window to universe
2 Phallus-like animal is a missing link
3 Childhood smarts partly in the genes
4 UK Seabed Resources joins deep-ocean mineral-mining rush
5 LHC cements Higgs boson identification
6 'Gang of eight' on ivory probation
7 Phallus-shaped fossils identified as new species
8 Landmark shark ban upheld at conservation meeting
9 Five shark species win protection against finning trade
10 Endangered sharks to be protected under international law
11 Whales filter feed with a tangled hair-like net
12 Ring-tailed lemur twins at Whipsnade Zoo turn 25
13 Worms detected by converted iPhone microscope
14 Five ways to be more creative
15 Snake charmers: Gucci talks python at species meeting
16 'Carmakers manipulate emissions tests'
17 Alma telescope: Ribbon cut on astronomical giant
18 A-list room service in Hollywood
19 Francis begins his challenging papacy with humility
20 Karzai speech 'put NATO forces at risk,' commander warns
21 South Africa: 'Over 25% of schoolgirls HIV positive'
22 Israel PM Netanyahu 'reaches coalition deal'
23 Brunello di Montalcino: How a Tuscan wine kept growing
24 What Japanese history lessons leave out
25 Defining absinthe gives EU headache as MEPs put health first
26 Is India in breach of Vienna convention over Italian envoy?
27 India orders Italy ambassador Mancini not to leave
28 Police kill New York state gun-rampage suspect
29 Frustration and failure fuel Dyson's success
30 Germany bans three 'anti-democratic' Islamist groups
31 Samsung set for crucial Galaxy S4 smartphone launch
32 Google to retire RSS news-feed service
33 Average UK broadband speeds hit double figures
34 Microsoft: Overheating caused Outlook and Hotmail shutdown
35 Call of Duty dominates 2012 entertainment sales beating music and film
36 How Apple and Google's fortunes are linked
37 'Weakness mining' for tapeworm drugs
38 Bed bugs 'dodge insecticides' with molecular tricks
39 Medical Detection Dogs train animals to "sniff out" breast cancer
40 How it became almost mandatory for dads to attend the birth
41 'Back from the abyss' in a teen mental health care unit
42 Wildlife meeting gives 100s of species protection
43 New Samsung phone to face stronger competition
44 Medical first? Woman who had five-organ transplant gives birth
45 1 in 7 new moms may suffer from postpartum depression
46 Google Reader shut down: Try these RSS feed alternatives
47 The new papacy and new media
48 Scientists say they've found a "God particle"
49 Monarch butterflies drop ominously in Mexico
50 Pursuit of hackers who took credit reports expands
51 Vatican sends first tweet under Pope Francis
52 Facebook launches Timeline redesign
53 FTC places new rules on celebrity tweeters
54 Cutting edge: 3D tech boosts surgical precision
55 Creating mini black holes on Earth easier than previously thought, researchers say
56 More teens using smartphones to surf the web
57 Mars rover Curiosity confirms habitable environment in distant past
58 Pope Francis begins 1st full day as pontiff with private prayer to Virgin Mary
59 Man who secretly videotaped Mitt Romney's "47%" remarks comes forward
60 Jorge Bergoglio: Who is the new pope?
61 N.Y. mom holding baby falls 8 stories, dies; baby OK
62 Disguised Jeff Gordon test drives car with a salesman
63 Which state university grads earn the most?
64 George H.W. Bush surprised by flash mob at Texas A&M
65 The budget battle: What the heck is going on in D.C.?
66 Ryan takes budget to committee; Senate proceeds with short-term spending bill
67 Steubenville Rape Case: How drunk is too drunk to consent to sex?
68 Pope Francis' partial lung shouldn't present problems unless he gets sick, experts say
69 Neurologists warn against prescribing ADHD drugs to kids as "study drugs"
70 H1N1 flu vaccine tied to higher risk of Guillain-Barre syndrome
71 McDonalds introduces the "Egg White Delight" yolk-free Egg McMuffin
72 Grieving husband wants experimental treatment bill pushed through Parliament
73 Researchers use emails to track obesity at workplace
74 Breast-feeding may not stave off childhood obesity like previously thought
75 Married gay men are living longer, according to Danish study
76 Rare rabies death reported in Maryland
77 Mysterious coronavirus from Middle East claims another victim
78 Truth serum eyed in James Holmes trial: What is it?
79 An inside look at recovery from a brain injury: Becoming Meg again
80 Jodi Arias Trial: Woman charged in ex-boyfriend's murder concludes testimony after 18 days on the stand
81 Doctor arrested, helped colleagues outsmart hospital's punch-in clock, report says
82 Alleged heroin dealer charged in death of Colo. man who OD'd
83 NASA rover finds conditions once suited to life on Mars
84 Breakthrough in Australian hunt for devil vaccine
85 'God Particle': Six big consequences of the Higgs boson discovery
86 Scientists confirm Higgs boson discovery
87 ALMA telescope, the world's largest, will go deeper and farther than ever before
88 Pope Francis I elected, would you name your child Francis?
89 'Killer dolphins' escape? Not so fast.
90 600-year-old coin found in Kenya
91 Did life on Earth originate on Mars?
92 Neanderthals were more visual, less social, say scientists
93 Washington sinkhole: What's with all the sinkholes anyway?
94 Curiosity hits 'pay dirt': Mars was habitable, evidence suggests (+video)
95 'New' bacteria in Antarctic lake actually just contamination, say scientists
96 More species of sharks, rays to get protection
97 Ancient Mars could have been habitable, says NASA
98 Giant African snail killed to protect Australian crops
99 Donkey Kong hack: Dad tweaks game for daughter
100 Nathan Safferstein: Supermarket manager, atomic spy
101 Huge flood on Mars? Orbiter data shows evidence of ancient megaflood.
102 Temple researchers discover key to heart failure, new therapies on horizon
103 Processed meat linked to premature death
104 Why Overheard Phone Calls Are Distracting
105 Celebrating Einstein Through 100 Years Of General Relativity
106 Doc Shouldn't Give ADHD Drugs to Healthy Kids
107 Whales Trap Dinner with Mouthful of Swirling Bristles
108 Hundreds of Dinosaur Egg Pieces Found
109 Sex in Space: Is it Unethical to Conceive a Child Out There?
110 Ancient Mutation Explains Missing Wisdom Teeth
111 Eel Mystery Deepens with Shark Chow-Down
112 Future Power Grids Inspired by the Human Brain
113 Rescuers Free Whale Entangled in Fishing Gear
114 Sex in Space: Plant Canoodling Is Weird Without Gravity
115 Francis: Best Baby Name for a Future Pope?
116 Building Unbreakable Codes Beyond The Bounds Of Earth
117 Deep Sea Tech Unveils Giant Squid
118 Reference: Mount Vesuvius & Pompeii: Facts & History
119 Phallus-Shaped Creature Is Wormy Missing Link
120 Reference: Fun Facts About Seals
121 What Does the Pope Do, Anyway?
122 Shorelines Could Help Forecast Tsunami Floods
123 Web Smash! Marvel Servers Crushed by Free Comics
124 How 'Zombie Worms' Have Sex in Whale Bones
125 Mars Announcement Raises Question: What Is Life?
126 China's Top 6 Environmental Concerns
127 Does Job Burnout Increase Heart Attack Risk?
128 China's Drone Swarms Rise to Challenge US Power
129 Physicists Hunt Weird Antimatter Beneath Earth
130 Mitt Romney, Al Gore Hit by Celebrity Document Diggers
131 Subway Astronomy: Chilean Exhibition Celebrates New Telescope
132 Could Life Have Evolved on Mars Before Earth?