File Title
1 Devil cancer's evasive trick revealed
2 You are what you Facebook 'like'
3 Tea tree oil 'no threat to antibiotics'
4 Chester Zoo team on the hunt for new species in Nigeria
5 X-ray scans look at changes inside a chrysalis
6 Japan extracts gas from methane hydrate in world first
7 Wildlife conservation--Gangnam style!
8 Close encounters with polar bears
9 Ten extraordinary Pentagon mind experiments
10 Rome conclave: Cardinals set to elect new Pope
11 Israel's Iron Dome: Doubts over success rate
12 Beyonce, Jay-Z and Britney Spears have finances hacked
13 HK woman jailed for laundering $860m
14 Marwa's story: 10 years since the bomb fell
15 Fighting grey: Why do China's leaders dye their hair?
16 Cyrus Cylinder: How a Persian monarch inspired Jefferson
17 Vatican department shares Rome palazzo with gay sauna
18 Facebook 'likes' predict personality
19 Falklands: Cameron says Argentina should respect vote
20 Snow halts Frankfurt flights and Eurostar trains
21 South Korea warns North on armistice threat
22 Where art meets science: Who will produce the next da Vinci?
23 New York City large-soda ban blocked by judge
24 Microsoft shares code for Kinect game gadget
25 Dundee-led project to create an ultrasound pill awarded 5m pounds
26 Prince's Trust: Poor IT skills hurt youth job chances
27 Are the benefits of telehealth a myth?
28 Heads in the cloud: Strava adapts to tackle reckless racing
29 Van Dyck painting 'found online'
30 Birding in Zambia's wild
31 NY policeman Gilberto Valle guilty of cannibal plot
32 Nottinghamshire woman saves parrot by knitting it woolly jumpers
33 Interpol deal to combat fake drugs
34 Doctor 'used silicon fingers' to sign in for colleagues
35 Consciousness during general anaesthesia 'is rare'
36 Samsung Galaxy S IV photos, video reportedly leaked online
37 NASA to reveal contents of drilled Martian rock
38 Wrigley's new Alert gum packs the caffeine of half a cup of coffee
39 NYC sugary drink ban: Bloomberg sounds off in wake of last-minute hold-up
40 China willing to talk with U.S. over cyberattacks
41 More pain to come for Apple and investors?
42 Vatican smoke signals: The science behind the smoke
43 As SXSW Interactive winds down, Grumpy cat is clear winner
44 U.S. to China: Put an end to cybertheft
45 Colin Powell's Facebook page hacked
46 Gallinippers! Monster mosquitoes poised to strike Florida
47 Conservation body bolsters shark fin trade regs
48 Russian scientists recant on new DNA in Lake Vostok
49 How 2 teens survived deadly Ohio SUV crash; owner says car stolen
50 Another Duggar baby on the way
51 Catholic Cardinals hear plea for "unity" as they prepare to elect a new pope
52 Navy: Military plane crash kills 3 in Washington State
53 Resveratrol does provide anti-aging benefits, study shows
54 Bloomberg "confident" soda ban will be upheld
55 Will Ryan budget derail RNC rebranding effort?
56 Six months later, where are the Benghazi survivors?
57 NYC sugary drink ban: Bloomberg sounds off in wake of last-minute hold-up
58 Compounding pharmacy trouble extends beyond NECC
59 FDA chief says writing new menu labeling law has been "extremely thorny"
60 New fish species described from the streams of Manyas Lake basin, Turkey
61 Significant reduction in temperature and vegetation seasonality over northern latitudes
62 Are tropical forests resilient to global warming?
63 Protected areas successfully prevent deforestation in Amazon rainforest
64 Monsoon failure key to long droughts in Southwest
65 Amplified Greenhouse Effect Shifts North's Growing Seasons
66 Environmental change impacts on migratory shorebirds differ for males and females
67 Glaciers Contribute Significant Iron to North Atlantic Ocean
68 DNA barcoding alone sufficient to detect fraudulent deer products
69 New checklist brings information about Cucurbitaceae up to date
70 Discovery may explain how prion diseases spread between different types of animals
71 International conference to tackle climate-change threats to agriculture
72 Remote clouds responsible for climate models' glitch in tropical rainfall
73 Study Predicts Lag in Summer Rains Over Parts of U.S. and Mexico
74 Exercise during gestation might affect future fertility
75 Logging debris gives newly planted Douglas-fir forests a leg-up
76 Prenatal exposure to pesticide DDT linked to adult high blood pressure
77 Fertilizers could help tackle nutritional deficiency in African country, researchers say
78 Fluorescent light revealed as gauge of coral health
79 Catalysts that produce 'green' fuel
80 Low-cost nano-biosensor to detect foodborne pathogen that causes listeriosis
81 Cryptic clams: U-M biologists find species hiding in plain view
82 Heat-stressed cows spend more time standing
83 Young pigs prefer traditional soybean diet
84 Sleator lab identifies single point mutation in Listeria monocytogenes
85 Human Y chromosome much older than previously thought
86 Siberian fossil revealed to be one of the oldest known domestic dogs
87 Ancient Egypt suffered from malnutrition and infectious diseases, dying before they were 30 years old
88 Scientists discover distant relatives of gardeners' friend
89 Mummy CT scans show preindustrial hunter gatherers had clogged arteries
90 As Brazil ramps up sugarcane production researchers foresee regional climate effects
91 Glaciers will melt faster than ever and loss could be irreversible warn scientists
92 Earth Is Warmer Today Than During 70 to 80 Percent of the Past 11,300 Years
93 Outdoor heat increases risk of emergency respiratory hospitalization in elderly
94 Stanford scientists calculate the carbon footprint of grid-scale battery technologies
95 Amplified greenhouse effect shaping North into South
96 The household carbon emission per capita in Northwestern China is only 2.05 tons CO2 per year
97 Ground-level ozone falling faster than model predicted
98 Pittsburgh's leaky faucet: How aging sewers are impacting urban watersheds
99 Stanford researchers map out an alternative energy future for New York
100 Antarctic and Arctic Insects Use Different Genetic Mechanisms to Cope With Lack of Water
101 What impact does a day of roller derby have on our skin microbiome?
102 Biological wires carry electricity thanks to special amino acids
103 Hereditary neurodegeneration linked to ADP-ribose modification
104 Kid's consumption of sugared beverages linked to higher caloric intake of food
105 Friend or foe: Babies choose sides early
106 Prediction of seasonal flu strains improves chances of universal vaccine
107 Havoc in biology's most-used human cell line
108 Tickling the brain with magnetic stimulation improves memory in schizophrenia
109 Scientists identify why some fathers are left holding the baby
110 Pesticide application as potential source of noroviruses in fresh food supply chains
111 UF study shows spiders, not birds, may drive evolution of some butterflies
112 The nose's unheralded neighbor
113 Computer Model May Help Athletes and Soldiers Avoid Brain Damage and Concussions
114 BUSM study reveals therapeutic targets to alter inflammation, type 2 diabetes
115 Sri Lankan Snake Study Reveals New Species, Rich Biodiversity in Island Country
116 Mystery of "zombie worm" development unveiled
117 4 dinosaur egg species identified in Lleida
118 Bitter melon juice prevents pancreatic cancer in mouse models
119 Found in Amish a genetic mutation causing mental retardation very similar to Angelman syndrome
120 ADHD symptoms persist for most young children despite treatment
121 Worming our way to new treatments for Alzheimer's disease
122 New software could help cut hospital admissions
123 Sing a new song: Computer scientists use music to lure students to STEM majors
124 Scientists discuss relationship between abortion and violence against women
125 Farmers who commit totally to sell locally can make a profit
126 Emotion-Health Connection Not Limited to Industrialized Nations
127 Some biologists shun new media
128 Researchers develop new tool to eliminate 30-day hospital readmissions in heart failure patients
129 Cleveland Clinic research shows anemia drug does not improve health of anemic heart failure patients
130 Folic acid lowers risk of autism
131 Stroke risk in elderly treated with antipsychotics is newly linked to specific drug actions
132 Does winning an Emmy or an election mean you will live longer than those you beat?
133 The dynamic of Spain's population follows the maximum entropy principle
134 WPI Research Shows How Earthquake Damage Can Impact Building Fire Safety Performance
135 Nonprofits a Major Source of Employment Growth Globally
136 Stereotyping prime obstacle to women in commercial science
137 Job Burnout Can Severely Compromise Heart Health
138 Designing interlocking building blocks to create complex tissues
139 Protein abundant in cancerous cells causes DNA 'supercoiling'
140 Astronomers Conduct First Remote Reconnaissance of Another Solar System
141 University of Maryland School of Medicine discovers adaptations to explain strategies for survival on Mars
142 NASA Pinpoints Causes of 2011 Arctic Ozone Hole
143 NASA's SDO Observes Earth, Lunar Transits in Same Day
144 Breaking the final barrier: room-temperature electrically powered nanolasers
145 Asterix's Roman foes--Researchers have a better idea of how cancer cells move and grow
146 New distance record for 400 Gb/s data transmission
147 Ultra-high-speed optical communications link sets new power efficiency record
148 New automated process simplifies alignment and splicing of multicore optical fibers
149 Watery research theme to flow through new Tokmakoff lab
150 Device may lead to quicker, more efficient diagnostics
151 Untangling life's origins
152 Biodiesel algae: Starvation diets damage health
153 Lunar impacts created seas of molten rock
154 Study Shows How One Insect Got Its Wings
155 School-based kitchen gardens are getting an A+
156 Stronger support needed for healthy beverage practices in child care
157 Child marriages: 39,000 every day
158 New gender benchmarking study: Brazil succeeding in providing a positive STI environment for women
159 New gender benchmarking study: India is making slow progress in advancing women in S & T
160 New gender benchmarking study: South Africa ranks low on women participating in STI
161 Test-taking May Improve Learning in People of All Ages
162 New gender benchmarking study finds women greatly under-represented in South Korean STI
163 Report Highlights Latest Data on Women, Minorities and Persons with Disabilities in Science and Engineering
164 Rutgers Study: Protective Effect of Education on Marriage Differs Between White and African-American Women
165 Prairie dogs disperse when all close kin have disappeared
166 Trauma simulation technique makes better journalists
167 Signaling molecule may help stem cells focus on making bone despite age, disease
168 One law to rule them all--sizes within a species appear to follow a universal distribution
169 Fermat's Last Theorem and more can be proved more simply
170 Spot the difference--oranges and lemons
171 Pancakes with a side of math
172 Digital records could expose intimate details and personality traits of millions
173 Evolution in the antibody factory
174 Anemia drugs does not improve health of anemic heart failure patients
175 RI Hospital: Radiation can be reduced while maintaining high quality in CT colonography
176 After years of growth, fewer transplants done through 'kidney chains'
177 Penn Study: Financial Incentives Affect Prostate Cancer Treatment Patterns
178 Neural 'synchrony' may be key to understanding how the human brain perceives
179 Repairing the nose after skin cancer in just one step
180 Autistic children may be at greater risk of suicide ideation and attempts
181 Promising new drug treats and protects against radiotherapy-associated oral mucositis
182 Political strife undermines HIV treatment
183 Potential early indicator of kidney injury identified
184 New reports: African governments giving land away quickly, recognizing land rights slowly
185 Penn Medicine physician: Emphasis on 'value' in health care reform sends mixed messages
186 Study focuses on dating violence in Texas public schools
187 Genomic screening for improved public health
188 Report offers an in-depth examination of health centers' role in family planning
189 Land-use zoning may be able to reduce crime in urban areas, study finds
190 Do-gooder or Ne'er-do-well? Behavioral Science Explains Patterns of Moral Behavior
191 Engineers develop techniques to boost efficiency of cloud computing infrastructure
192 Gun retailers take a hard line on illegal firearm sales, UC Davis survey finds
193 Magnet ingestion by young children serious and growing problem
194 New add-on drug may improve memory in people with moderate Alzheimer's disease
195 Why people put themselves under the knife
196 Denied the chance to cheat or steal, people turn to violent video games
197 Sleep Discovery Could Lead to Therapies That Improve Memory
198 Children Who Avoid Scary Situations Likelier to Have Anxiety, Mayo Clinic Research Finds
199 Babies Prefer Individuals Who Harm Those That Aren't Like Them
200 Infants prefer individuals who punish those not like themselves, Yale researchers find
201 Does expressing anger on online rant-sites make you feel better or worse?
202 Antibiotic-resistant strain of E. coli increasing among older adults and residents of nursing homes
203 'I don't want to pick!' Preschoolers know when they aren't sure
204 Gravitational telescope creates space invader mirage
205 CSI: Milky Way
206 Measuring the universe more accurately than ever before
207 Distance to nearest galaxy measured
208 Curtains down for the black hole firewall paradox
209 Iowa State engineers developing ideas, technologies to save the Earth from asteroids
210 New 3-D reconstructions show buried flood channels on Mars
211 Hubble finds birth certificate of oldest known star
212 Pan-STARRS Finds a "Lost" Supernova
213 The Closest Star System Found in a Century
214 Extremely rare triple quasar found
215 Earth-sized planets in habitable zones are more common than previously thought
216 New NIST time code to boost reception for radio-controlled clocks
217 An Internet for robots
218 Researchers Solve Riddle of What Has Been Holding Two Unlikely Materials Together
219 Creating indestructible self-healing circuits
220 Steganography is no laughing matter