File Title
1 Samsung loses 3G wireless patent case against Apple's iPhone in Japan
2 Apple's versatile magnetic stand concept could securely hold an iPad upside down
3 Apple's iTunes U educational content downloads top one billion
4 UK judge who said Apple lacked integrity hired by Samsung
5 Former Apple retail chief presides over JC Penney's lowest sales in 20 years
6 Thunderbolt Display stock-outs continue as Apple's iMac inventory improves
7 Ex-Apple marketing guru Kawasaki signs on as Motorola consultant
8 Corning's flexible 'Willow Glass' won't appear in consumer products for at least 3 years
9 Apple ranked No. 1 'Most Admired' company for the sixth year in a row
10 iOS YouTube app updated, gains AirPlay-like 'beaming' for televisions
11 Rumor: Apple planning $330 polycarbonate iPhone, deferring 4.5" model to 2014
12 Study finds mobile gaming on the rise among developers, interest in consoles waning
13 Apple expected to sell 55M iPad minis, 33M iPads in 2013
14 Apple execs now required to hold triple their salary in stock
15 Apple's iPad integrated with self-driving car, handles navigation and UI duties
16 iCloud spam filter to blame for auto-deletion of emails containing pornographic phrase
17 Apple's Board of Directors receives restricted stock currently worth over $230K
18 Evernote for iOS updated with 'The Trunk,' Snippets, enhanced PDF viewer
19 Rumor: Apple to ship 'iPhone 5S' and more affordable iPhone in August 2013
20 Apple exclusively streaming new David Bowie album on iTunes through March 12
21 After 'astonishingly' poor quarter, Mac sales predicted to rebound
22 Apple says iPhone tracking lawsuit doesn't demonstrate harm
23 Shazam on 20% of US iPhones, generates $300M in annual digital sales
24 Greenlight Capital drops lawsuit against Apple over $137B cash reserves
25 Arkansas State's 'iPad Initiative' will require all incoming students to have Apple's tablet
26 Judge vacates 40% of jury's $1.05B verdict in Apple v. Samsung
27 Apple blocks older versions of Adobe Flash Player in web plug-in update
28 Foursquare's updated iPhone app takes on Yelp, adds hidden turbo check-in feature
29 ARM chip found in Apple's Lightning Digital AV Adapter could be AirPlay decoder
30 Apple's settlement over in-app purchasing inches closer to approval, may include 23M refunds
31 Apple's shipping times for both 21.5" & 27" iMac improve to 1-3 days
32 First look: Apple's new Campus 2 construction site
33 Evernote hacked, recommends users change passwords now
34 BlackBerry could be building comeback off iPhone, Android converts
35 N/A
36 HTML 5 bug allows huge data dumps on most Mac and PC Web browsers
37 2013 'iWatch' debut could rake in more profit than an Apple television set
38 Warren Buffett says Apple should buy back stock & build value, ignore Einhorn
39 iMac shipping times improve in Europe, but still take longer than Apple's US store
40 Rumor: Prototypes of Apple's iOS-powered 'iWatch' face battery life issues
41 Smartphones projected to overtake feature phones for the first time in 2013
42 Steve Jobs' first iPhone call still spawns Starbucks pranks 6 years later
43 Obama administration endorses legalizing the unlocking of cell phones & tablets
44 Global app revenues to hit $25 billion in 2013
45 Apple's iPad by far the most desired tablet among consumers
46 Samsung's unannounced Galaxy S IV rumored to feature eye-tracking technology
47 Apple AV Adapter's embedded ARM chip reportedly used for future proofing, not AirPlay decoding
48 Samsung adds security layer to Android to gain enterprise credibility
49 Apple studied Nike sport watches in mid-2000s for materials and processes research
50 Apple and Oracle issue patches for yet another Java zero-day exploit
51 Rumor: Apple manufacturing 2TB SSDs bound for upcoming Mac Pro
52 Twitter kills off TweetDeck for mobile, keeps support for Mac and PC versions
53 Apple to announce 'iPhone 5S' in June alongside low-cost fiberglass and plastic handset, analyst says
54 Verizon CFO lauds iPhone, says no plans to incentivize selling rival low-subsidy handsets
55 Rumor: iPhone 5S slated for August release following next-gen iPad launch in April
56 Apple's pressure-sensitive 'squeezable' device housing could control future iPhones and accessories
57 Chinese government may regulate Google's Android for having too much control
58 Walt Disney World pilot test replaces turnstiles with Apple's iPod touch
59 Bear spray-armed thieves rob Vancouver Apple Store
60 Google updates Chrome & Maps for iOS, brings improved search and sharing
61 New iMac orders now ship within 24 hours from Apple's North American stores
62 Apple unused to being attacked, must adjust to new role on defense, analyst says
63 Ferrari in talks with Apple about in-car entertainment partnership
64 Goldman Sachs says Apple is the most undervalued stock it covers
65 iOS apps leak more personal data than do Android apps--report
66 Android fragmentation predicted to squeeze out independent developers
67 Samsung exec: Galaxy S IV's plastic body balances manufacturability and 'premium feel'
68 Apple updates education only 21.5" iMac model, bumps price to $1,099
69 Rumor: Production of Apple's 'iPhone 5S' now underway at Foxconn
70 Notes from Steve Jobs' biographer will not be used in DoJ e-book case against Apple
71 Apple's Cook reportedly meets with Beats CEO to discuss music streaming service
72 Samsung to become Sharp's largest foreign shareholder with 3% stake worth $112M
73 Apple seeks dismissal of iPhone App Store monopoly lawsuit
74 EU fines Microsoft 561M euros for not giving customers a choice of browser
75 Ad strength, Apple uncertainty drive Google's stock share surge
76 Swatch CEO doesn't believe Apple's rumored 'iWatch' is next tech revolution
77 Apple looks to bolster its iOS vehicle integration team as its automotive push grows
78 Apple's 3.5% smartphone share gain was Android's loss in Q4
79 News Corp. to challenge Apple's iPad in education with Amplify Tablet
80 Apple remains 'very optimistic' about upcoming products as analysts cut targets
81 Apple gets support from Nokia in court fight over Samsung sales ban
82 Social networking app Path introduces The Shop, text and voice messaging in update
83 Apple reports 99% of its suppliers comply with 60-hour workweek limit
84 Apple's digital content resale and loan system could allow DRM transfers between end users
85 Rumor: Apple and Intel again mulling partnership to build A-series chips
86 Apple wins 3G patent battle with Samsung in UK court ruling
87 Marvel Unlimited launches on iOS with subscription-based access to 13K comics
88 US interests, struggles with Apple spark Samsung lobbying push
89 Researchers bypass Android encryption by exposing phones to freezing temperatures
90 Lowball royalty offer from Apple holding up music streaming service--report
91 Apple marketing chief uses rare Twitter post to take shot at Android security issues
92 Facebook unveils redesigned, cleaner News Feed coming to iPhone, iPad & Web
93 With Apple's iPad besting Windows 8, Microsoft slashes prices & alters tactics
94 Amazon, Samsung tablets inch up, but Apple's iPad still ahead by a mile
95 Apple's Braeburn Capital leaves Reno office, doesn't update address
96 Apple Maps directions beat Google Maps, Waze in pundit's head-to-head test
97 New study shows iOS gobbling up enterprise market share from Android
98 Report: DoD cuts BB10 test budget as trials of iOS and Android near completion
99 Google admits its VP8/WebM codec infringes MPEG H.264 patents
100 Google passes Apple as top U.S. mutual, hedge fund holding
101 Apple's iOS lineup accounts for 84% of in-flight Wi-Fi traffic from mobile devices
102 Rumor: Apple to purportedly use Qualcomm's Snapdragon SoC in low-cost iPhone
103 Rumor: Both Apple & Samsung may introduce wireless charging in 2013 smartphones
104 Apple says second Samsung patent suit 'must proceed now'
105 US Navy will tap Apple's iPad to battle PTSD with new app
106 Users report fan speed issues with Apple's latest Retina MacBook Pros
107 Proposed bill would allow iPad use from takeoff to landing
108 Judge orders Apple to hand over documents, prove compliance in privacy lawsuits
109 Apple adds encryption to App Store connections, addresses six month old hole
110 PayPal launches new iOS SDK to allow in-app payment for third-party apps
111 Apple's Cook may testify in ongoing DoJ e-book lawsuit
112 Review: Definitive Technology's Sound Cylinder delivers premium audio in compact package
113 Apple's 'secret' eBay store undercuts company's own refurb store by $100
114 Judge to allow Apple's 'Siri' suit against Samsung to continue, orders case to be streamlined
115 First Look: Apple's iCloud data center site in Reno, Nevada
116 Patent infringement war with Apple spurs Samsung's U.S. lobbying push
117 Google-Apple valuation gap widest since 2005
118 Samsung likely to pull the plug on its failing Windows RT tablet in Europe
119 Anybody want a Mac Pro mini?
120 Next Intel CEO to guide new business, maybe deal to stamp out Apple processors
121 Apple: 99% of supply chain workers now working under 60 hours per week
122 F-Secure: Android accounted for 96% of all mobile malware in Q4 2012
123 Dvorak road tests navigation apps: Apple Maps beats the competition
124 UK judge declines Samsung's job offer, invalidates three Samsung 3G standard-essential patents in Apple case
125 Apple Retail Store boosts sales tax revenues in Berkeley shopping district--dramatically
126 Google overtakes Apple as top U.S. hedge fund, mutual fund holding
127 Can Microsoft executives really be that stupid?
128 Apple resurrects Multi-Touch patent claim against Google's Motorola
129 Apple iTunes streaming radio service delayed after talks with music labels stall, sources say
130 The late, not-so-great Microsoft Windows 8
131 As Surface and other Windows tablets flop, Microsoft slashes Windows 8 and Office prices for OEMs
132 Time for Apple to buy BlackBerry?
133 Apple iPad continues domination with over 80% usage share in U.S. and Canada
134 Apple rules the skies with 84% in-flight share vs. Android's 16%
135 New look for Facebook News Feeds begins rollout; coming soon to iPhone and iPad
136 Doug Kass: I made a mistake on Apple
137 Apple updates Pages, Numbers, and Keynote for iOS devices
138 Apple expected to add wireless charging capability to iPhone, say sources
139 Google cuts 1,200 more Motorola Mobility jobs
140 Apple patent application details marketplace where users sell pre-owned digital content
141 Apple quietly turning every car on the road into an 'iCar'
142 Hon Hai's Terry Gou in Tokyo for talks on Sharp deal
143 With 78% share, Apple's iOS tightening its grip on the enterprise and taking share from Android
144 J.C. Penney CEO Ron Johnson cuts 2,200 more jobs as sales plunge
145 Google admits its WebM (VP8) codec infringes MPEG H.264 patents; agrees to license technology
146 Google Maps faces ban in Germany over patent infringement
147 U.S. Navy, DARPA create iPad app for fending off PTSD, managing stress
148 If JC Penney fires CEO Ron Johnson, analyst predicts bankruptcy
149 How Tim Cook can fix Steve Jobs's biggest failure or something
150 Valuing Apple with oranges
151 Ron Johnson starting to look a lot more maniacal than brilliant
152 Apple stock: Five fat fingers before noon Friday. What's the deal?
153 Senate Democrat proposes bill to allow iPad, iPod use from takeoff to landing
154 Trio of analysts expect Apple to debut next-gen iPhone earlier this year
155 Judge scolds Apple, says company can't be trusted in turning over evidence in privacy lawsuit
156 Credit Suisse bullish on Apple, sees several longer term growth drivers
157 Apple objects to Judge Lucy Koh's proposed delay of second Samsung patent infringement lawsuit
158 AT&T Mobility: Yes, we'll unlock your iPhone at end of contract
159 Judge Lucy Koh allows second U.S. Apple v. Samsung case to proceed, but parties must narrow their claims
160 Rumor: Apple to use Snapdragon SoC processors in upcoming low-cost iPhone
161 Google Research Scientist leads Apple to turn on HTTPS for App Store, fixes many vulnerabilities
162 Did Tim Cook just get played? Samsung's stake in Sharp a threat to Apple
163 Tim Cook may be compelled to testify in U.S. DOJ's antitrust case against Apple over e-books
164 Ken Segall: Steve Jobs first considered calling iPhone the 'Telepod,' 'Mobi,' 'iPad,' or 'Tripod'