File Title
1 Earthquake detected from space
2 Moore's law is not just for computers
3 Infant's vanquished HIV leaves doctors puzzled
4 Metal oxide chips show promise
5 Behind the scenes of a brain-mapping moon shot
6 Tsunami triggers invasion concerns
7 Women in biotechnology: Barred from the boardroom
8 Inequality quantified: Mind the gender gap
9 Salt linked to autoimmune diseases
10 Melting Arctic ice will make way for more ships and more species invasions
11 Red wine's link to health gains support
12 Global temperatures are close to 11,000-year peak
13 Indian medical officials charged in land deal case
14 Lab-made supermaterial that could boost computing exists in nature too
15 Leishmaniasis drug fails a fifth of patients
16 Early Warning System Provides Four-Month Forecast of Malaria Epidemics in Northwest India
17 Two New Genes Linked to Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) and Related Disorders
18 Man-Made Material Pushes the Bounds of Superconductivity
19 Getting Around the Uncertainty Principle
20 Getting Medical Ideas to Market: $7.5M Fund Helps Mich. Innovators
21 Losing Weight Sooner Rather Than Later Gives the Best Chance of Reversing Heart Damage From Obesity, According to Mouse Study
22 LHC Experiments to Present Latest Results at Moriond Conference
23 IFT Issues Food Product Tracing Report to FDA
24 Solar Energy to Get Boost From Cutting-Edge Forecasts
25 Laser Mastery Narrows Down Sources of Superconductivity
26 New Version of Texas Tech's Fibertect Proves Better at Decontaminating Nerve Gas Surrogate in Lab Testing
27 TMS/ASM Announce Launch of New Quarterly Energy Journal Focused on Energy Materials
28 Vortex Loops Could Untie Knotty Physics Problems
29 60 Percent of Africa's Forest Elephants are Gone
30 Turning Trash into Cash...and Saving Energy
31 Antigen-Encapsulated Chitosan Particles Improve Immune Response
32 Sometimes, the Rubber Meets the Road When You Don't Want It To: Arresting a Fleeing Vehicle with the Push of a Button
33 New Center for Open Science Designed to Increase Research Transparency
34 Gravitational Lens Creates Cartoon of Space Invader
35 Scientists Make Mouse Model of Human Cancer, Demonstrate Cure
36 Ancient DNA Solves 320-Year-Old Mystery
37 Conservation Development Has Some Developers Thinking, and Seeing Green
38 Computer Model May Help Athletes and Soldiers Avoid Brain Damage and Concussions
39 Viruses: More Survival Tricks Than Previously Thought
40 Arctic Ice Loss Amplified Superstorm Sandy Violence
41 Scientists Discover New Crocodilian, Hippo-Like Species From Panama
42 Age-Related Dementia May Begin with Neurons' Inability to Rid Themselves of Unwanted Proteins
43 Rapid Warming Followed by Equally Rapid Cooling
44 ESF Climate Research Delves into Land Use, Sea Waves, Invasives
45 Stressed-Out Tadpoles Grow Larger Tails to Escape Predators
46 Sandia National Laboratories' New Fiber Optic Network Saves Energy, Money
47 Portion of Hippocampus Found to Play Role in Modulating Anxiety
48 1 Region, 2 Functions: Multitasking Key to Overall Brain Function
49 Probing Extreme Matter Through Observations of Neutron Stars
50 New Study Detects Deadly Fungus in Southeast Asia's Amphibian Trade
51 Monell Scientists Help Identify a Missing Link in Taste Perception
52 Hidden Layer of Genome Unveils How Plants May Adapt to Environments Throughout the World
53 Student Innovator at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Seeks Brighter, Smarter, and More Efficient LEDs
54 Iowa State Engineers Developing Ideas, Technologies to Save the Earth From Asteroids
55 Running on Empty: MTSU Prof. Driving Coast-to-Coast Using No Gas
56 CITES: Crucial for Conserving Sharks and Rays
57 Biologists Produce Rainbow-Colored Algae
58 Hubble Finds Birth Certificate of Oldest Known Star
59 New Form of Animal Communication Discovered
60 Pushing the Boundaries
61 Key to TB Cure Could Lie Underwater
62 Stress Enzyme Focus of Heart Disease, Stroke Research
63 Sing a New Song: Computer Scientists Use Music to Lure Students to STEM Majors
64 Genetic Study of House Dust Mites Demonstrates Reversible Evolution
65 Researcher Discovers Plankton Adjusts to Changing Ocean Temperatures
66 Conservationists to CITES: Stop Trade in Wild Cheetahs
67 As Brazil Ramps Up Sugarcane Production, Researchers Foresee Regional Climate Effects
68 Climate Smart Strategies" Proposed for Spectacular U.S.-Canadian Landscape
69 Protected Areas Successfully Prevent Deforestation in Amazon Rainforest
70 NASA Supports Extreme Universe Space Observatory
71 Researchers Developing 3D Printer, 'Bio-Ink' to Create Human Organs
72 Rush Scientists Identify Buphenyl as a Possible Drug for Alzheimer's Disease
73 Curtains down for the black hole firewall paradox
74 Physicists discover key to ultra-stable bearings
75 Bochum physicist calculates field strengths in the early universe
76 Chinese scientists find evidence for speed of gravity
77 MIT researchers discover a new kind of magnetism
78 Iowa State developing ideas to save the Earth from asteroids
79 Water dimers detected in atmospheric conditions
80 Saharan and Asian Dust, Biological Particles End Global Journey in California
81 Formation of nanoparticles can now be studied molecule-by-molecule
82 Beijing residents bemoan smog and sandstorms
83 Japan readies space telescope to study atmosphere
84 New study shows that gases work with particles to promote cloud formation
85 Hailstones reveal life in a storm cloud
86 'Goody Bag' Filled With Sample Processing Supplies Arrives on Station
87 Iowa Meteorite Crater Confirmed
88 How to Thrive in Battery Acid and Among Toxic Metals
89 Evidence that comets could have seeded life on Earth
90 Discoveries Suggest Icy Cosmic Start for Amino Acids and DNA Ingredients
91 Toxic oceans may have delayed spread of complex life
92 Building blocks of life may be in space
93 Detecting Life on Planets that Orbit White Dwarf Stars
94 Future Evidence for Extraterrestrial Life Might Come from Dying Stars
95 Scientists turn eyes toward Europa in search for life
96 Telescopes Could Detect ET Life Signs Within 25 Years
97 Can we live farther away from the Sun
98 Wood on the seafloor--an oasis for deep-sea life
99 Synchrotron infrared unveils a mysterious microbial community
100 Bubbling up Organics in an Ocean Vent Simulator
101 Russian scientists get first ice samples from Antarctic Lake Vostok
102 Waves Generated by Russian Meteor Recorded Crossing the US
103 Scientists at Princess Elisabeth Antarctica Discover 18kg Antarctic Meteorite
104 Additional Details on the Large Fireball Event over Russia on Feb. 15, 2013
105 Russian meteor misidentified by most
106 Origin of Russian meteor identified
107 Russian Meteorite Clean-Up 'Two-Thirds Complete'
108 Russian Fireball Largest Ever Detected by CTBTO's Infrasound Sensors
109 A Naked-Eye Comet Invites Itself To The March Sky, 2013
110 Comet to Make Close Flyby of Red Planet in October 2014
111 e2v image sensors launched into space on board NEOSSat
112 Dawn forging through the main asteroid belt
113 Stott Space Aims to Mine Asteroids this Decade
114 Asteroid impact mission targets Didymos
115 India rocket launches asteroid-spotting satellite
116 Rare asteroid sporting 'tail' spotted
117 China targeting navigation system's global coverage by 2020
118 Russian GLONASS space satellite group again at full strength
119 Tracking trains with satellite precision
120 USAF Awards Lockheed Martin Contracts to Begin Work on Next Set of GPS III Satellites
121 Boeing Awarded USAF Contract to Continue GPS Modernization
122 A system that improves the precision of GPS in cities by 90%
123 Boeing to modernize U.S. Air Force GPS net
124 Smart satnav drives around the blue highway blues
125 Fleet Managers Able to Track Drivers' Hours with Vehicle Tracking Systems
126 China's fourth space launch center to be in use in two years
127 China plans manned space mission
128 Mars rover 'sleeping' through solar storm
129 Curiosity Rover's Recovery on Track
130 Russia finds 'new bacteria' in Antarctic lake
131 New technique could improve optical devices
132 Silver nanoparticles may adversely affect environment
133 Scientists delve deeper into carbon nanotubes
134 Forging a new periodic table using nanostructures
135 Team Creates MRI for the Nanoscale
136 Artificial atoms allow for magnetic resonance on individual cells
137 Boston College researchers' unique nanostructure produces novel 'plasmonic halos'
138 Using single quantum dots to probe nanowires
139 A new genre of 'intelligent' micro- and nanomotors
140 Flat boron by the numbers
141 Notre Dame studies benefits and threats of nanotechnology research
142 A nano-gear in a nano-motor inside
143 New Research Gives Insight into Graphene Grain Boundaries
144 Chemistry resolves toxic concerns about carbon nanotubes
145 Southampton scientist develops strongest, lightest glass nanofibres in the world
146 New nanotech fiber: Robust handling, shocking performance
147 Nanoparticles reach new peaks
148 Oh, Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree
149 Vortex loops could untie knotty physics problems
150 Playing quantum tricks with measurements
151 Search for 'unparticles' focuses on Earth's crust
152 First Three-Year LHC Running Period Reaches A Conclusion
153 Invisible tool enables new quantum experiments
154 Does probability come from quantum physics?
155 'True grit' erodes assumptions about evolution
156 Mineral diversity clue to early Earth chemistry
157 Feeding limbs and nervous system of one of Earth's earliest animals discovered
158 LSU researchers find new information about 'Snowball Earth' period
159 Caves point to thawing of Siberia
160 Extreme winters impact fish negatively
161 European sat data confirms UW numbers that Arctic is on thin ice
162 Volcano location could be greenhouse-icehouse key
163 Features Of Southeast European Human Ancestors Influenced By Lack Of Episodic Glaciations
164 Satellite SAR capabilities being enhanced
165 Twin CU-Boulder instruments reveal a third radiation belt can wrap around Earth
166 Third radiation belt discovered with UNH-led instrument suite