File Title
1 New measure brings galactic neighbour closer
2 High-salt diet linked to MS
3 Dollars and fence key to saving lions
4 Polar bear trade ban vote defeated at meeting
5 UK in court on air pollution levels
6 Deer: 50% cull 'necessary to protect countryside'
7 Some DNA ancestry services akin to 'genetic astrology'
8 Australia's native frogs beat invasive toads
9 Kenya election: Raila Odinga camp says vote 'doctored'
10 North Korea ramps up nuclear rhetoric as UN vote looms
11 Processed meat 'early death' link
12 Silvio Berlusconi convicted over Italy wiretap
13 Bolshoi dancer Dmitrichenko 'did not mean acid attack'
14 Hugo Chavez and the era of anti-American bogeymen
15 What if you could mine the Moon?
16 Getting away from 'the world' Hutterite-style
17 Salt linked to immune rebellion in study
18 'Viking sunstone' found in shipwreck
19 The audacious life and revolutionary work of John Audubon
20 French mother Bouchra Bagour on trial for 9/11 T-shirt
21 Alvin Lee, rock guitarist in the band Ten Years After, dies at 68
22 Frozen Android phones give up data secrets
23 Birmingham stabbing: Man held over Christina Edkins Hagley Road attack
24 Graphene: Bend and flex for mobile phones
25 David Cameron: We will hold firm on economy
26 Campaigners win Leeds heart surgery legal challenge
27 Falklanders prepare for referendum vote
28 The man who demolished Shakespeare's house
29 Volvo unveils cyclist alert-and-brake car system
30 Classic video game Planescape gets Kickstarter reboot
31 Court says Kim Dotcom can sue New Zealand spy agency
32 Record complaints about mobile phone insurance
33 Google Street View--a closer look
34 Cold, getting warmer, hot: New app helps blind people find each other
35 Deep brain stimulation 'helps in severe anorexia nervosa'
36 Why do the Italians live longer than us?
37 Lion kills woman at private California big cat park
38 Facebook getting ready to change News Feed
39 Higgs boson "God particle": Scientists close to "eureka" moment
40 NYC to unveil $250k headphones campaign to get New Yorkers to lower volume
41 50-state study: More gun laws, fewer deaths
42 Google building Amazon Prime competitor, report says
43 Ancient artic camel fossils link to modern desert breed
44 Ancient seaways carried alligators to South America
45 Big asteroid to zoom by earth this weekend
46 Facebook will reportedly launch content-specific news feeds
47 Lion fatally mauls woman at Calif. sanctuary
48 At GOP outreach dinner, Obama picks up the tab
49 GOP's Corker on dinner with Obama: "Sincere and open"
50 Rand Paul filibusters vote on CIA director nominee John Brennan over drones
51 Rand Paul ends filibuster against CIA director nominee after almost 13 hours
52 Obama invites Paul Ryan to lunch today
53 Hugo Chavez died of massive heart attack: top general
54 Jodi Arias Trial: Woman charged in ex-boyfriend's murder answers juror questions
55 North Korea vows nuclear strike against U.S.
56 Pro wrestling personality Paul Bearer has died
57 Rand Paul filibusters vote on CIA director nominee John Brennan over drones
58 Much of $60B from U.S. to rebuild Iraq wasted, special auditor's final report to Congress shows
59 Assault weapons ban being readied for Senate action
60 New survey tracks U.S. obesity rates: Where does your state stack up?
61 Chicago gym lets people work out with their pets
62 Video games may help seniors stay healthier emotionally, physically
63 Sugared Sprite in U.K. to be replaced with stevia-sweetened version
64 Valerie Harper's terminal brain cancer: What is leptomeningeal carcinomatosis?
65 Goggles hold key to detecting strokes in earliest stages, expert says
66 Mortality index suggests key to living to 2023 includes being slightly overweight
67 FDA panel says long-prescribed osteoporosis spray could raise cancer risk
68 Sex may be a natural way to treat migraines, cluster headaches
69 Patients as prisoners, jails new mental health institutions
70 Astronomers measure distance to nearest galaxy
71 New Measurements Of Large Magellanic Cloud Made
72 Helium-burning binary stars give us a new tape measure for the Universe
73 Bid to halt polar bear trade fails
74 Mars rover Curiosity to sleep through solar storm
75 Engineers troubleshoot Curiosity computer glitch
76 Dogs may have been Man's Best Friend for long time
77 Birth of a new particle
78 Higgs boson closer than ever
79 This Just in: Higgs Boson Still Boring
80 Scientists: Vikings' 'mythical' sunstone found
81 A Locust Plague, Shy of Biblical Proportions, in Israel
82 Invasion of the locusts
83 Ancient giant camels lived in the Arctic
84 Giant ancient camel remains discovered in Canadian Arctic
85 Ships to sail directly over the north pole by 2050, scientists say
86 Global warming to open 'crazy' shipping routes across Arctic
87 Salty water oozes up from Jupiter moon's hidden ocean
88 Europa's Underground Ocean Surfaces
89 Alas, 'Space Invader' Galaxy is Merely a Mirage
90 Hubble Spies a Space Invader
91 Incoming comet will probably miss Mars, says NASA
92 Elenin: The Ex-Comet
93 Carbon dioxide levels show biggest spike in 15 years
94 Two-thirds of forest elephants killed by ivory poachers in past decade
95 Traffic: Why It's Time to Get Serious About the Bloody Illegal Wildlife Trade
96 NASA Unpacks 'Trunk' of SpaceX Cargo Capsule
97 Commercial Spaceflight Industry Drifts Back to Earth
98 Update on Russia's Mega-Meteor
99 Washington: Can Global Warmists Get Their Story Straight?
100 High Salt Consumption Linked to Growing Autoimmune Disease Rates in Western Societies
101 Bumble Bee tuna recall
102 Bumble Bee Tuna Recall: Company Pulls Some 5-Ounce Cans Over Risk The Fish Could Spoil
103 CDC says 'nightmare bacteria' a growing threat
104 Heart Healthy Diet
105 Over 50? Join the 'Colonoscopy Club'
106 Colonoscopy tied to lower risk of advanced cancer
107 Medical marijuana a possibility for Florida, but how?
108 Medical marijuana businesses look to Massachusetts for growth opportunities
109 New Report Says Diabetes Cost the United States $245 Billion in 2012
110 Eye-Tracking Device can Detect Stroke
111 ECG for Eyes Sorts Strokes from Vertigo
112 GlaxoSmithKline files for European approval of diabetes drug albiglutide
113 Northwestern study finds new moms at far more risk for OCD
114 Obsessive Compulsive Symptoms Common In New Moms: Study
115 Women experience OCD, anxiety after childbirth
116 Mother Teresa Humanitarian Image A 'Myth,' New Study Says
117 Valerie Harper Terminal Brain Cancer: 'Mary Tyler Moore Show' Star Reveals Tragic Illness
118 Jon Stewart Taking Hiatus From 'Daily Show' To Direct Film, 'Rosewater,' This Summer
119 Missing Soviet Soldier, Bakhretdin Khakimov, Found Living In Afghanistan 33 Years After Invasion
120 George Zimmerman Waives Right To 'Stand Your Ground' Hearing In Stunning Twist To Trayvon Martin Case
121 Wasp Larva Secretes Antimicrobial Liquid to Prevent Food from Spoiling
122 Fossilized Foot Bone of Extinct Dire Wolf Unearthed in Nevada
123 Scientists Discover Lobster Cannibalism in Wild
124 Full Analysis of Martian Soil Detects Simple Organics
125 'Star Wars' Episode 7: Carrie Fisher To Return As Princess Leia
126 Edible Spray Paint Gives Food A Futuristic Feel (PICTURES)
127 Christina Edkins Stabbing: Birmingham Schoolgirl Tweeted About 'Strange Man On Bus'
128 Processed meat blamed for one in 30 early deaths
129 Bacon butties will not kill you
130 Study: blood test could detect brain damage in active athletes
131 New Research Points to Brain Injuries in College Football
132 Even Mild Hits to Head Disrupt Blood-Brain Barrier
133 Study: Experimental anorexia treatment with deep brain stimulation may provide lasting results
134 Baby with HIV Cured--Now What?
135 Baby HIV cure raises more questions than answers
136 Bakersfield CPR drama could have been prevented by common document
137 Planned Parenthood Says City's Teen Pregnancy Ads Based On A "False Premise"
138 Posters on Teenage Pregnancy Draw Fire
139 Mom to Kraft: Take Yellow Dye Out of Mac and Cheese
140 Kraft under pressure over 'cancer-causing' yellow food coloring in Macaroni & Cheese after 41,000 sign petition to ban additive
141 Emory doc rates diets
142 Mediterranean Diet, without the hype
143 A Response To Mother Teresa's Critics