File Title
1 Monster bubbles evidence of dark matter?
2 'Garbage collectors' key to treating Alzheimer's
3 Falkland Islands wolf mystery solved
4 Polar bear trade ban 'too close to call'
5 Fencing off wild lions from humans 'could save them'
6 Biofuels: MPs to consider subsidies for power stations
7 Google must drop ivory adverts say campaigners
8 Stomach cancer 'spotted by breath test'
9 Woolly rhino site reveals ancient British temperature
10 Giant camel fossil found in Arctic
11 World's most detailed scans will reveal how brain works
12 Iconic Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez dies
13 Venezuelans mourn President Hugo Chavez
14 UK to send armoured vehicles to Syrian opposition
15 Microsoft fined by European Commission over web browser
16 Bolshoi dancer Dmitrichenko 'confesses' to acid attack
17 Chinese anger at murder of carjacked baby
18 The children going hungry in America
19 Sinai torture for Eritreans kidnapped by traffickers
20 Sephardic Jews invited back to Spain after 500 years
21 TSA to allow some small knives in carry-on luggage
22 Actors reveal challenges of stage nudity
23 South Korea warns on North Korea threat
24 Snowstorm strikes US Midwest on way to east coast
25 When Ian Fleming picked my grandfather to steal Nazi secrets
26 Antarctica: Engine of ocean life
27 Living in: Barcelona
28 Murdoch group unveils Amplify tablet for US schools
29 Valve readies prototype Steam Box video game console
30 Dishonored wins Best Game Bafta at 2013 video game awards
31 Samsung to buy 3% stake in Japanese rival Sharp
32 NYC drone sighting: FBI investigates pilot's report
33 Doppelganger: Desperately seeking my lookalike
34 Lars Rasmussen: the brains behind Facebook's future
35 Cars and watches but no wires--The future of mobiles
36 Microsoft's Achilles' heels: Fear and arrogance
37 EU fines Microsoft $733M for breaking word on IE
38 Patients as prisoners, jails new mental health institutions
39 HIV patients may be at higher risk for heart attack
40 Hugo Chavez, Venezuelan leader and U.S. foil, dies
41 Hugo Chavez's handpicked successor at helm in Venezuela, for time being
42 Oceanographer explains: "How we found the giant squid"
43 Another home evacuated as Florida "sinkhole season" hits
44 Apple may launch iPhone 5S in August, new iPad in April
45 Monkeys recognize and shun selfish others
46 YouTube to launch its own music streaming service, says report
47 Grotesque mummy head reveals advanced medieval science
48 King Richard III might have been a control freak, but not a psychopath
49 Samsung Galaxy S IV may feature "eye scrolling"
50 New comet's potential Mars collision in 2014 explained
51 Samsung apologizes for acid leak at plant that killed worker
52 Alien life could be detectable on planets around dying stars
53 Mars rover Curiosity on road to recovery from glitch in "brain transplant"
54 White House says unlocking cell phones should be legal
55 Chavez death echoes with leftists worldwide
56 Prosecutor: Grandmother shot teen as he called 911
57 Obama administration struggles to illustrate pain from sequester
58 Kid President: A boy easily broken teaching how to be strong
59 U.S. Catholics want a younger, more liberal pope
60 Dow surpasses record high
61 Obama administration struggles to illustrate pain from sequester
62 Knives to be allowed on flights, change dubbed 'shortsighted'
63 New pope needs to be "Jesus Christ with an MBA"
64 Pilot en route to JFK airport reports mysterious object
65 Family: CA woman denied CPR wanted no intervention
66 Teacher leaves gun threat to class on blackboard
67 White House "deeply concerned" about GOP effort to avoid government shutdown
68 New mothers may be more prone to obessive-compulsive disorder
69 CDC: Deadly drug-resistant bacteria on rise in U.S. hospitals
70 Too many electronic health record alerts may be leading doctors to skip them
71 Stored blood for transfusions may have shorter shelf life than once thought
72 British among Western Europe's unhealthiest despite free health care, study finds
73 New York City's new teen pregnancy PSAs use crying babies to send message
74 Life expectancy falling for some U.S. women
75 Pregancy can cause a woman's feet to grow permanently, study finds
76 Baby's HIV "cure" differs from previously reported case
77 Monster hits back at lawsuit over 14-year-old's death
78 Majority of kids with ADHD face mental health woes as adults, study shows
79 Working out before bedtime may mean better sleep
80 911 call reveals nurse refused to give dying woman CPR
81 Reference: What Are the Seven Seas?
82 Southpaws: Some Female Marsupials Are Lefties
83 Stressed-Out Tadpoles Pump Up Their Tails
84 'Fasting Diet' Fad Could Be Unhealthy, Nutritionists Say
85 Why Sinkholes Are Eating Florida
86 In Sickness, Marriage May Not Boost Health
87 Physicists Undo Century-Old Gordian Knot
88 Robot Called 'Yeti' Finds Cracks in Antarctic Ice
89 Colonoscopy Isn't Just for High-Risk People
90 Can a Pregnant Woman's Breasts Reveal Her Baby's Sex?
91 Life Spans May Be Shrinking for Some American Women
92 Emerging Superbug Requires Urgent Action, CDC Says
93 Will Smoking Keep You From Getting Hired?
94 Garden State Plans to Cash In on Jersey Jokes
95 What Were They Thinking? 6 Most Senseless Gadgets
96 Reference: Fun Facts About Bears
97 Ancient Fungus Discovered Deep Under Ocean Floor
98 New Theory Explains Why Amputees Feel Phantom Pain
99 It Won't Happen to Me: Even Tornado Victims Have Skewed Sense of Risk
100 Sex May Relieve Migraines
101 Monkeys Shun Selfish Others
102 Prehistoric Wolf Ice-Skated to Remote Island
103 Giant Camels Roamed the Arctic 3.5 Million Years Ago
104 NASA's Mars Rover Curiosity Recovering from Computer Glitch
105 New Method Makes 3D Printed Objects Smooth
106 Bullies Hurt By Their Own Cruelty
107 Europe Takes Aim at Space Junk Menace
108 Grotesque Mummy Head Reveals Advanced Medieval Science
109 New Moms' OCD Is Common, Study Suggests
110 Baby Cured of HIV: What Are the Implications?
111 Dead King Richard III a Control Freak, Psychologists Say
112 What Does the Pope Do, Anyway?
113 Reference: Kilauea Volcano: Facts About the 30-Year Eruption
114 What Makes Sleep Paralysis Scary
115 Wilderness 'Paparazzi' Flock to Yosemite's 'Firefall'
116 Superconductivity's Hot New Trend
117 Why It Pays to Be a Bit of a Psychopath
118 Obama's EPA, Energy Nominations Stir Controversy
119 As Sea Ice Melts, Storm Surges Batter Arctic Coasts
120 Predator-Prey Relationship More Intricate Than Thought
121 Ancient Seaways Carried Alligators to South America
122 Reference: Fun Facts About Sloths
123 Never Scrape Again: Windshield Coating Repels Frost
124 Where's the Water of the Future? Right Here
125 The New Definition of Career Success
126 Gift Registries Dampen Wedding Experience for Guests
127 Nearby Star Has Strange Cool Layer Like the Sun
128 Baby with HIV Is Cured, Doctors Say
129 SpaceX Dragon Cargo Capsule Arrives at Space Station
130 People Who Exercise Get Better Sleep, Poll Finds
131 Animal Sex: How Bees Do It
132 10 Sinkhole Facts That Could Save Your Life
133 Why Some People Get Zits And Others Don't
134 Head Games: Pro Soccer Players Have Sharper Mental Skills
135 Blood's Stretchy Properties
136 Satellite Spies Unusual Antarctic Sea Ice
137 Ocean Acidification Affects Northeastern US Coasts More
138 New Pacific Species Include Shrimp in a Sponge
139 'Sling-Sat' Could Remove Space Junk on the Cheap
140 Australia's Summer Is Hottest on Record
141 Update on Possible Higgs Boson Discovery Coming Next Week
142 1960s Rocket Plane Tests May Boost Suborbital Spaceflight Safety
143 E Ink Android Phone Lasts a Week, Weighs Next to Nothing
144 DARPA Wants Novel Vertical-Takeoff Jet
145 After Pregnancy, Women Have Bigger Feet
146 Dual-Eye Augmented Reality Goggles Recognize Faces, Gestures
147 Even Modest Volcanic Eruptions May Mask Global Warming Effects
148 100 Million Sharks Killed Each Year, Study Finds
149 Associated Press Pronounces Gay Couples Husband & Wife
150 Reference: Fun Facts About Platypus
151 Rare Sharks Unexpectedly Found in Australian Waters
152 Elephants Vanish in Congo Reserve
153 Black Hole's Mystery 'Wave' Surprises Scientists
154 Should You Switch to a Mediterranean Diet?
155 Man Infected With Smallpox-like Virus Through Sex
156 Eek! 3 New Giant Cockroach Species Found
157 Viruses Pass Major Test to Enter Ranks of Living
158 What Is Testis Compositum?
159 Higher Humidity Lowers Flu Transmission