File Title
1 Two comets streak across southern skies
2 Eucalypt reveals smelly secret
3 HIV prevention drugs unsuccessful in Africa
4 Herschel space telescope to go blind
5 Triumph of the blues--iconic iguana saved by trade ban
6 When are we going to learn to trust robots?
7 Dow Jones share index hits new record high
8 Oscar Pistorius family row over South Africa crime
9 Venezuela's Hugo Chavez suffers new severe infection
10 Justin Bieber apologises for O2 gig delay
11 Syria crisis: Warplanes 'bomb Raqqa after rebel gains'
12 Is it even possible to live a celibate life?
13 Sweden: Wedding ring 'found on carrot' after 16 years
14 The Power of Art: Can a melody treat ADHD?
15 Soviet war veteran found in Afghanistan after 33 years
16 Kenya elections: Uhuru Kenyatta leads Raila Odinga
17 Forbes list understates my wealth, Saudi prince says
18 China and US 'agree North Korea nuclear test measures'
19 Does skipping breakfast make you put on weight?
20 How tiny cameras have become big business
21 Italian police 'seize mafia assets worth 450m euros'
22 Microsoft unveils self-sketching whiteboard prototype
23 EU Commission launches 'grand coalition' to tackle IT shortage
24 Immunity clue to premature labour
25 Bayer to challenge India cancer drug ruling
26 Gaza marathon: UN cancels race over Hamas ban on women
27 Physical chemistry could answer many questions on fracking
28 320-year-old mystery solved thanks to ancient DNA
29 Amputee phantom pain linked to brain retaining picture of missing limb
30 Extinct giant camel found far from the desert in Arctic discovery
31 Iowa meteorite crater confirmed
32 US power grid costs rise, but service slips
33 Scientists develop antidote to new anticoagulants
34 New spectroscopy method could lead to better optical devices
35 Study shows female chimps have distinct gesture strategies
36 Selfish gene may undermine genome police
37 Gravitational telescope creates space invader mirage
38 Study finds evidence of bacteria spread throughout the global ocean
39 Mental picture of others can be seen using fMRI, new study finds
40 Toyota's i-Road to debut at the Geneva Motor Show
41 The floppy protein: When being out of shape finally pays off
42 Pirate Bay sails to North Korea?
43 Curiosity rover out of safe mode, recovering
44 Hand over your email inbox to boost productivity, researchers say
45 'Mean girls' be warned: Ostracism cuts both ways
46 Arctic ice loss amplified Superstorm Sandy violence
47 Global warming will open unexpected new shipping routes in Arctic, researchers find
48 Scholar looks to genes to make sense of the dollars you invest
49 Physicists make discovery in the quantum realm by manipulating light
50 Scientists develop solar-to-fuel roadmap for crystalline silicon
51 One law to rule them all: Sizes within a species appear to follow a universal distribution
52 3D printer wows world's top high-tech fair
53 The 'habitable edge' of exomoons
54 Astronomers open window into Europa's ocean
55 White House says phone 'unlocking' should be legal
56 Dead seals serve conservation boost
57 Development of switchable mirror sheet using gasochromic method: New technology for energy-saving window glass
58 Renewable energy: Nanotubes to channel osmotic power
59 Neutron investigation into self-assembling solar-harvesting films reveals new low-cost tool for 3-D circuit printing
60 Stanford researchers demonstrate carbon nanotube based computer chip
61 Pour, shake and stir: How gold particles, DNA and water have potential to shape future of medicine
62 Is nanosilver toxic?
63 Trackable drug-filled nanoparticles: A potential weapon against cancer
64 Controlling nanoclusters with surface defects could lead to construction of nanodevices (w/ Video)
65 Silver nanoparticles may adversely affect environment
66 New patented fabrication technique key to new solar power technology
67 Nanotube photodetector built
68 Nano 'beads on a string' could advance battery technology
69 A new anti-frost and anti-fog coating for glass
70 Connecting (quantum) dots: Spin technique moves researchers closer to creating first viable high-speed quantum computer
71 Hiding in plain sight
72 LHC team observes first instance of D-mesons oscillating between matter and antimatter
73 Physics duo create first knotted vortex in a fluid (w/ video)
74 Large Hadron Collider experiments to present latest results at Moriond conference
75 Artificially-engineered material pushes the bounds of superconductivity
76 Getting around the 'uncertainty principle': Physicists make first direct measurements of polarization states of light
77 Production of rare isotope beams with aligned nuclear spins opens up new possibilities for high-energy physics research
78 Sound, light sources and the thrill of glimpsing the future
79 Observing impact of subtle changes in electron distribution of crystal on its atomic structure on ultrashort time scales
80 Could the Higgs mass determine the end of the universe?
81 Space race under way to create quantum satellite
82 Atoms with quantum memory
83 Physicists demonstrate acceleration of electrons by laser in vacuum
84 Neutron scattering technique provides new data on adsorption of ions in microporous materials
85 Herschel space observatory to finish observing soon
86 NASA launches interactive website to design interplanetary missions
87 New method for greenhouse gas predictions
88 Herbal defluoridation of drinking water
89 Doubling estimates of light elements in the Earth's core
90 Effect of CO2 on the integrity of well cement examined
91 Two-thirds of Americans now believe global warming is real
92 Incoming! Then outgoing! Waves generated by Russian meteor recorded crossing the US
93 Climate change will test newly understood resilience in plants
94 Canon develops 35 mm full-frame CMOS sensor for video capture
95 Intelligent wearable vital signs sensor module developed
96 Now Boston Dynamics' BigDog can lift and toss (w/ video)
97 iPhone 5 with scratch resistant sapphire screen demoed at Mobile World Congress 2013 (w/ video)
98 Smart 'stickers' let you find things by phone
99 In smartphone's wake comes the intelligent watch
100 Smartphones to rescue for lost cats, grandmas
101 Review: Acer's Iconia W700 Windows 8 tablet
102 Brin sees Google glasses hitting market this year
103 Tech firms aim to wear the future
104 Japan robot suit gets global safety certificate
105 Smartphones and tablets meet in 'phablet' mania
106 Why men and women handle stress differently
107 Mobile makers set sights on grandparents
108 Teaching robots lateral thinking: New algorithms could help household robots work around their physical shortcomings
109 Analytical theory may bring improvements to lithium-ion batteries
110 Extracting rare earth materials from consumer products
111 Volvo Cars makes driving at night safer and more comfortable with innovative, permanent high beam
112 How do you build a holodeck?
113 Sweden extends TV license fee to computers and phones
114 Innovative amplifiers for biomedical and environment monitoring systems
115 IBM to make its cloud services and software open sourced-based
116 UK court rejects Tesla lawsuit against BBC (Update)
117 'Couch potato' rowing chair energises tech fair
118 Tech fair shows 11th century books, 21st century technology
119 McLaren unveils sleek hybrid supercar at Geneva
120 Daniel Ribera: Turning food-soiled packaging into safe compost
121 Improving ultrasound imaging
122 Chemists' discovery could be breakthrough in developing new tools for cleaner air and energy production
123 Antigen-encapsulated chitosan particles improve immune response, study finds
124 First electricity-making catalyst to use iron to split hydrogen gas
125 Tape recording patents inspire chemists to invent new Fischer-Tropsch catalytist
126 Polymer coating could be breakthrough in diagnostic technology
127 Detecting caesium with naked eyes
128 Development of high-sensitivity detection method for diluted ionic mercury in water
129 Feathers hold key to proof of bird health
130 The movement of proteins
131 Study uncovers enzyme's double life, critical role in cancer blood supply
132 Spontaneous science: Researchers report spontaneous case of vesicle formation
133 New chemical probe provides tool to investigate role of malignant brain tumor domains
134 How cells optimize the functioning of their power plants
135 Homes in neighborhoods with protected open space bringing higher sale prices
136 First modern dog discovered
137 Do we owe our sense of smell to epigenetics?
138 Google urged to remove ads for ivory, whale products
139 Scientist uses Fukushima radiation to reveal swimming secrets of Pacific bluefin tuna
140 Management, not eradication, could be the key to co-existing with fire ants
141 A tale of two fungi
142 Huge, aggressive mosquito may be abundant in Florida this summer, expert warns
143 Molecular coordination in evolution: A review in 'Nature Reviews Genetics'
144 Product promotion: When do emotional appeals trump celebrity spokespeople?
145 News websites should target 'reward seekers,' researcher finds
146 Comparison investing: Why are consumers more willing to take risks when they can compare products?
147 Before and after: Ad placement should reflect cultural conceptions of time
148 Is the iPad Creative? It depends on who's buying it
149 Targeting diet products: Why are more independent consumers better at delaying gratification?
150 Researchers discover new way the housing market affects the economy
151 Math anxiety detected before fourth grade says researcher: Early nervousness over number impacts future performance
152 Children of divorced parents more likely to switch, pull away from religions, study finds
153 3Qs: Obama administration fights gay marriage ban
154 Report finds it pays to hire disabled workers
155 Sociologists find treatment works, but only for urban parolees
156 Disabled employees more likely to be attacked and bullied at work, research finds
157 Novel storage mechanism allows command, control of memory
158 Human Connectome Project releases major data set on brain connectivity
159 Researchers discover gene that causes obesity in mice
160 Discovery of human genetic mutation could lead to new treatments for type 1 diabetes
161 Scientists make mouse model of human cancer, demonstrate cure
162 Researchers utilize genetically corrected stem cells to spark muscle regeneration
163 New type of pluripotent cell discovered in adult breast tissue: Human body carries personalized 'patch kit'
164 Health benefits of marriage may not extend to all, study says
165 Genes that control nervous system development play a role in gum disease
166 Hope in stopping melanoma from spreading: Study shows that inhibiting key protein prevents metastasis to lungs in mice
167 Brain tumours and peripheral neuropathy
168 Researchers solve mystery behind baby's first breath
169 Single gene might explain dramatic differences among people with schizophrenia
170 How the brain loses and regains consciousness (w/ video)
171 Protein synthesis blocker may hold key to reducing effects of traumatic events
172 Mammalian placenta reflects exposure to stress, impacts offsprings' brains, research finds
173 Parkinson's brain rhythms suggest better way to treat disease with deep brain stimulation
174 Brain adds cells in puberty to navigate adult world
175 Why your brain tires when exercising
176 Stress hormone foreshadows postpartum depression in new mothers
177 A vaccine that works in newborns? Promising compound may help protect babies during vulnerable window
178 HIV infection appears associated with increased heart attack risk
179 Pharmaceutical advertising down but not out, study says
180 Functional electrical stimulation cycling promotes physical, neurological recovery in spinal cord injury