File Title
1 'Smoke rings' tie up physics challenge
2 Green vegies may boost good gut gene
3 Daily iron may reduce risk of severe PMS
4 UK must adapt for weather extremes, says Environment Agency
5 US HIV baby 'cured' by early drug treatment
6 Chimps' 'girl talk' uses more negative gestures
7 Ash dieback: First three Wales cases of 2013 in woods
8 Sir Ranulph Fiennes: Diabetes link to Antarctica injury
9 Orkney walrus visitor heads back to the sea
10 Lab bids to combat species smuggling
11 Robot warriors: Lethal machines coming of age
12 Florida sinkhole: Jeffrey Bush home partially demolished
13 Baby dies day after his parents killed in NY car crash
14 Queen spending second day in hospital with stomach bug
15 Mars Curiosity rover put into 'safe mode' after glitch
16 'Batman' brings in suspect to Bradford police
17 Harlem Shake miners fired over safety fears
18 Londonderry mortars: Bombs 'within minutes' of launch
19 DARPA looks to use small ships as drone bases
20 Sending postcards for aliens
21 Insight selling: How retailers sell to us by stealth
22 Pakistan bomb: Karachi standstill after Shias attacked
23 Queen leaves hospital after stomach bug
24 Al-Sweady inquiry shown Iraq 'torture' photographs
25 Germany mulls Schengen veto on Bulgaria and Romania
26 Skin patches 'tackle prostate cancer'
27 Fat gene 'linked with skin cancer'
28 Analysis: A cure for HIV?
29 Report: 'Water and Agriculture in Canada: Towards Sustainable Management of Water Resources'
30 'Fat worms' inch scientists toward better biofuel production
31 Nemo helps anemone partner breath by fanning with his fins
32 Contaminated diet contributes to phthalate and bisphenol A exposure
33 How much protection is enough?
34 Invention opens the way to packaging that monitors food freshness
35 Scent of a coral: Symbiosis between 2 new barnacle species and a gorgonian host
36 Estimates reduce amount of additional land available for biofuel production
37 Silver nanoparticles may adversely affect environment
38 NASA's Aquarius Sees Salty Shifts
39 Fighting GM crop vandalism with a government-protected research site
40 Problems with identifying meat? The answer is to check the barcode
41 Loss of wild insects hurts crops around the world
42 Walking in the footsteps of 19th and 20th century naturalists
43 Reducing numbers of 1 carnivore species indirectly leads to extinction of others
44 Replacing soybean meal in pig diets
45 Study reveals new avenues
46 Sequester Will Have a Devastating Impact on America's Research Enterprise
47 Old records, new bees result in 'Science' paper for MSU ecologist
48 New marine species discovered in Pacific Ocean
49 Sea Lamprey Genome Mapped With Help From Scientists at OU
50 Study provides insights into plant evolution
51 Wild pollinators increase crop fruit set regardless of honey bees
52 Don't be fooled: Flowers mislead traditional taxonomy
53 Researchers ID Queens, Mysterious Disease Syndrome as Key Factors in Bee Colony Deaths
54 Ancient 'Egyptian blue' pigment points to new telecommunications, security ink technology
55 Early human burials varied widely but most were simple
56 Study finds maize in diets of people in coastal Peru dates to 5,000 years ago
57 Resurrection of 3-billion-year-old antibiotic-resistance proteins
58 Toxic oceans may have delayed spread of complex life
59 Research at Mines Unearths New Dinosaur Species
60 New maps show how rising sea temperatures are likely to affect all coral reefs in the form of annual coral bleaching events under different emission scenarios
61 Rethinking wind power
62 International Surveys Show Environmental Issues Rank Low Among Most People's Concerns
63 Kauai, the Petrified Forest, Costa Rica, and More: New GSA Bulletin Articles Now Online
64 Research suggests scientists have overestimated capacity of wind farms to generate power
65 Higher indoor humidity inactivates flu virus particles
66 A new anti-frost and anti-fog coating for glass
67 Wayne State study shows airborne dust in urban areas impacts lead levels in children
68 Global tipping point not backed by science: Study
69 LSU researchers find new information about 'Snowball Earth' period
70 NOAA and NASA's Next Generation Weather Satellite May Provide Earlier Warnings
71 Saharan and Asian Dust, Biological Particles End Global Journey in California
72 Living through a tornado does not shake optimism
73 Volcanic aerosols, not pollutants, tamped down recent Earth warming, says CU-Boulder study
74 Towards more sustainable construction
75 Mysterious electron stash found hidden among Van Allen belts
76 A coordinated response to cardiac stress
77 A nanogel-based treatment for lupus
78 Fish migrate to safer environments
79 New Study Reveals How Sensitive U.S. East Coast Regions May Be to Ocean Acidification
80 Parkin protects from neuronal cell death
81 Changes in foot size caused by pregnancy may increase arthritis risk
82 Mechanisms Regulating Inflammation Associated with Type 2 Diabetes, Cancer Identified
83 Scientists identify 'clean-up' snafu that kills brain cells in Parkinson's disease
84 7 genetic risk factors found to be associated with common eye disorder
85 Adding to the list of disease-causing proteins in brain disorders
86 Cancer vaccines self-sabotage, channel immune attack to injection site
87 2 new genes linked to amyotrophic lateral sclerosis and related disorders
88 Study maps human metabolism in health and disease
89 Researchers describe first 'functional HIV cure' in an infant
90 International consortium builds 'Google Map' of human metabolism
91 International consortium discovers seven new genomic regions associated with AMD
92 Genetic risk factors for common eye disorder come into focus
93 Gene discovery reveals importance of eating your greens
94 Recon 2 modeling may help tailor treatments for patients with metabolic diseases, cancer
95 Vanderbilt study finds maternal diet important predictor of severity for infant RSV
96 Speech Emerges In Children On The Autism Spectrum With Severe Language Delay At Greater Rate Than Previously Thought
97 Study: Same-sex cohabitors less healthy than those in heterosexual marriages
98 Wii-playing surgeons may improve performance on laparoscopic procedures
99 Brandeis University study finds public policy, institutional barriers are pushing racial wealth gap
100 Pessimism about the future may lead to longer, healthier life, research finds
101 New insight into how people choose insurance plans
102 Study connects early childhood with pain, depression in adulthood
103 Sequestration will be a devastating blow to the nation's research institutions and scientists
104 Retailers Should Re-Size Maternity Wear for Women Throughout Their Pregnancies, MU Study Finds
105 Deworming important for children's health, has limited impact on infection in wider communities
106 Kessler researchers link left-sided brain injury with greater risk for hospital-acquired infections
107 Scientists call for legal trade in rhino horn
108 Aggressive advertising may make for aggressive men
109 Closer Personal Relationships Could Help Teens Overcome Learning Disabilities
110 Lost in translation: HMO enrollees with poor health have hardest time communicating with doctors
111 Facebook 'Likes' a good indicator of quality hospital care
112 Pharmaceutical companies: An $84 million marketing effort in the District of Columbia
113 US may face inevitable nuclear power exit
114 Colon cancer screening doubles with new e-health record use
115 National Commission, Led by Frist and Schroeder, Calls for Phasing Out of Fee-for-service Pay Within Five Years
116 Mineral diversity clue to early Earth chemistry
117 Third radiation belt discovered with UNH-led instrument suite
118 Pour, shake and stir
119 NASA's Van Allen Probes Discover a Surprise Circling Earth
120 Ancient micro-continent under the Indian Ocean identified
121 New chemical probe provides tool to investigate role of malignant brain tumor domains
122 How do bacteria clog medical devices? Very quickly. (PNAS)
123 Turning Trash into Cash...and Saving Energy
124 Improved synchronicity: Preventive care for the power grid
125 Getting around the Uncertainty Principle
126 Man-made material pushes the bounds of superconductivity
127 Accurate water vapour measurements for improved weather and climate models
128 How did early primordial cells evolve?
129 The safer sex? For a little-known primate, a new understanding of why females outlive males
130 UGA researchers identify brain pathway triggering impulsive eating
131 Doing good is good for you: Volunteer adolescents enjoy healthier hearts
132 Catfight? Workplace conflicts between women get bad rap
133 Girls perform as well as boys in math competitions, study shows
134 A picture of health in schools
135 National Survey Shows Medical Students and Residents Have Frequent Interactions with Pharmaceutical Companies
136 Afterschool programs evaluated for community support, resources
137 Sequestration is not a smart strategy for reducing the deficit, say small business leaders
138 New study shows continued decline in the last remaining stronghold for leatherback sea turtles
139 Married opposite-sex couples have better overall health than same-sex couples who live together
140 The NHL drafts the wrong players due to birthday bias
141 An atlas of the human heart is drawn using statistics
142 Mental health-substance use services in hospitals up after parity law, finds new report
143 First grade math skills set foundation for later math ability
144 Wars on editing Wikipedia articles, uncovered
145 Short algorithm, long-range consequences
146 Fermat's Last Theorem and more can be proved more simply
147 Contraband tobacco use hinders smoking cessation
148 Contraception in women over 40
149 Improve prison health care in Canada
150 Losing weight sooner has best chance to reverse heart damage, mouse study shows
151 Life saving treatment for fire ant allergy under used
152 'Shelf life' of blood? Shorter than we think
153 Grandmother's cigarette habit could be the cause of grandchild's asthma
154 First evidence that obesity gene is risk factor for melanoma
155 New report analyzes potential impact of sequestration on CHCs and underserved communities
156 Studies advance knowledge of HIV impact on hepatitis C infection and genes that may thwart HCV
157 Unhealthy drinking widespread around the world, CAMH study shows
158 National Sleep Foundation Poll Finds Exercise Key to Good Sleep
159 'Very low' risk of infections in advanced brain procedures
160 What Predicts Distress After Episodes of Sleep Paralysis?
161 Scores that evaluate newborn intensive care units are inconsistent
162 Study of tenofovir vaginal gel shows daily dosing ineffective due to lack of adherence
163 7 genetic risk factors found to be associated with common eye disorder
164 A billion deaths from tobacco are a key obstacle to global development
165 US budget cuts could jeopardize development of life-saving tools against major killers
166 IV fluids used by NHS responsible for unnecessary deaths
167 Workstation design improvements for drone operators may reduce costs & mishaps, researchers suggest
168 Research: Brain can't cope with making a left-hand turn and talking on hands-free cell phone
169 Mother Teresa: Anything but a saint...
170 The Patient Satisfaction Chasm
171 Research: Bankruptcy judges influenced by apologies
172 International Aid and Advocacy Groups are Influenced by Their Home Countries' Cultures, Says MU Researcher
173 Cancer Doesn't Change Young Girls' Desire to Have Children, Moffitt Cancer Center Study Shows
174 CeBIT: IT for Operation, Care, and Translation
175 Malign environmental combination favors schizophrenia
176 Postmenopausal women who smoked are more likely to lose teeth due to periodontal disease
177 ADHD takes a toll well into adulthood
178 Daily HIV prevention approaches didn't work for African women in the VOICE study
179 Was King Richard III a control freak?
180 NRL Scientists Produce Densest Artificial Ionospheric Plasma Clouds Using HAARP
181 Future Evidence for Extraterrestrial Life Might Come from Dying Stars
182 Supermassive black hole spins super-fast
183 White dwarf supernovae are discovered in Virgo Cluster galaxy and in sky area "anonymous"
184 NuSTAR helps solve riddle of black hole spin
185 Fermi's Motion Produces a Study in Spirograph
186 Twin CU-Boulder instruments reveal a third radiation belt can wrap around Earth
187 The Birth of a Giant Planet?
188 Discoveries Suggest Icy Cosmic Start for Amino Acids and DNA Ingredients
189 Brain-to-brain interface allows transmission of tactile and motor information between rats
190 Creating your own animated 3D characters and scenes for the web
191 Brown unveils novel wireless brain sensor
192 Trackable drug-filled nanoparticles--a potential weapon against cancer
193 P&G Beauty & Grooming to present advancements in skin aging & stress sweat at AAD Meeting
194 Big data: Searching in large amounts of data quickly and efficiently
195 In Greenland and Antarctic Tests, Yeti Helps Conquer Some "Abominable" Polar Hazards