File Title
1 Briton finds 500-year-old arrest warrant for Machiavelli
2 Building with the Past: Archaeology's Ideological Role in Israel
3 Canada's oldest shipwreck to be resurrected in replica of 16th-century Basque galleon
4 World's smallest temple discovered in Damagou
5 Mexican archaeologists discover two burials estimated to be over 500 years old
6 Rock art discovered off the coast of Papua
7 Crisis or continuity?--Roman coin hoards may hold the answer
8 Bulgarian Archaeologists Uncover Major Roman Thermae
9 Ancient Teeth Bacteria Record Disease Evolution
10 'Amazing' bronze age burial site treasures on Dartmoor
11 N/A
12 Will the study of archaeology soon become a thing of the past?
13 Norwegian guerrilla warfare in the Iron Age
14 Little-Known Archaeological Site Could Answer Questions About The Enigmatic Indus Valley Civilization
15 Syrian violence threatens ancient treasures
16 Archaeologists to survey and record prehistoric Himalayas
17 Ancient Liquid Extraction Installation Uncovered in Tel Aviv-Yafo
18 Treasure-Filled Warrior's Grave Found in Russia
19 Ancient copper plates, gold coins found in Karnataka temple
20 Pyramid belonging to pharaoh's vizier found
21 Early human burials varied widely but most were simple
22 Dozens of 800-Year-Old Skeletons Discovered in Mexico
23 Who Wrote the Federalist Papers and the Letter to the Hebrews? New Findings On Debated Authorship
24 Byzantine wine presses a reminder of Jaffa's rich agricultural past
25 Polish archaeologists in Sudan claim 'unique' human settlement discovery
26 Rotterdam archaeologists find old shoe stuffed with medieval money
27 Lost Collections of the Ancient World
28 Aztec sacrifices at Tenochtitlan
29 Shards of south Louisiana's ancient history found
30 Archaeologist: Bones found in Turkey are probably those of Cleopatra's half-sister
31 Maize was a Key to the Rise of Early Civilization in Peru, Say Researchers
32 Ancient Lost Continent Discovered in Indian Ocean
33 Evolution and the Ice Age
34 Palace maids cemetery unearthed in NW China
35 Mexican archaeologists reveal studies made on sacrificial stone found at Templo Mayor
36 Sasanian palatial house discovered in Lorestan
37 11 Pre-Inca Tombs from Lima and Yschma Cultures Unveiled in Peru
38 The Egyptian Fortress in Jaffa
39 Seeking Meaning in the Earliest Female Nudes
40 Roman Remains Found Beneath London Bridge Station
41 Archaeological remake of 4,000-year-old boat faces "moment of truth" in Cornwall
42 Geneticists Estimate Publication Date Of The 'Iliad'
43 Dig on Tinian pushes back settlement 3400 years
44 Barnacles point to whale meat consumption in Prehistory
45 11 pre-Hispanic bodies found at Peru sports center
46 Lost and Found: Ancient Shoes Turn Up in Egypt Temple
47 Richard the Lionheart 'had mummified heart'
48 Researchers uncover earliest tobacco use in the Pacific Northwest
49 Most Ancient Romans Ate Like Animals
50 Out of the Debris, a Stone Goddess
51 Did a Comet Really Chill and Kill Clovis Culture?
52 Florida crime ring selling Palaeoindian artifacts shut down
53 Archaeologist makes historic discovery at Dana Adobe
54 Chimpanzees enjoy brainteasers, say scientists
55 Unsuspecting target chosen for asteroid-smashing mission
56 Ranulph Fiennes pulls out of 'Coldest Journey' expedition
57 Looks like Pluto will have a moon named 'Vulcan'
58 How did those dinosaurs get such long necks anyway?
59 Did scientists find a lost continent beneath the Indian Ocean?
60 Scientists link extreme weather to giant atmospheric waves
61 Mars might still harbor life, say scientists
62 Little telescope to hunt big game: hard-to-see near-Earth asteroids
63 Ultra-stretchy battery to power bionic life
64 Francis Crick's Nobel Prize medal to be auctioned
65 'Vulcan' and 'Cerberus' are favorite names for Pluto's moons
66 Scientists reconstruct Russia meteor trajectory (+video)
67 Were those the bones of Cleopatra's murdered sister?
68 'Gigantic jet' lightning over China reaches 55 miles high
69 US scientists seek to prevent another meteor explosion
70 Dennis Tito to announce private mission to Mars
71 Astronomers clock supermassive black hole's spin for first time
72 New Jersey 'sea monster' is likely a lamprey (+video)
73 Where did that Russian meteor come from? Astronomers determine origins.
74 Extinct sea predator sliced prey with toothy spiral jaw
75 Oreo Separator Machine: Modern-day Robert Oppenheimer splits the Oreo (+video)
76 Millionaire plans to send couple to Mars in 2018. Is that realistic? (+video)
77 Dennis Tito plans to send couple to Mars and back
78 2018 Mars mission: Who should go?
79 Scientists graft working eyes onto tadpole tails
80 Mind meld rats? Scientists link rat brains via the Internet.
81 How did supermassive black holes get so big? New data give a clue.
82 Telescope spots formation of alien planet
83 Scientists link rat brains via Internet
84 Scientists discover new belt of radiation around Earth
85 Prehistoric warming linked to CO2
86 Plight of the bumblebee: Disappearance?
87 Satellite detects third radiation belt around Earth
88 Alien planet photo: Telescope spots gas giant formation
89 SpaceX addresses hitch that could have put mission to space station in doubt (+video)
90 How sequester cuts could set back scientific research
91 Curiosity Mars rover suffers computer malfunction
92 Humans kill nearly 100 million sharks each year, say conservationists
93 Volcanic eruptions might lessen greenhouse effects
94 New Study Shows Viruses Can Have Immune Systems
95 Songbirds' Brains Coordinate Singing with Intricate Timing
96 Authors: Develop Digital Games to Improve Brain Function and Well-Being
97 A Game Plan for Climate Change
98 Neutron Scattering Provides Data on Ion Adsorption
99 Ectopic Eyes Function Without Connection to Brain
100 Study Proves the Existence of Three Overstretched DNA Structures
101 Research Supports Promise of Cell Therapy for Bowel Disease
102 Discoveries Suggest Icy Cosmic Start for Amino Acids and DNA Ingredients
103 Physicist Develops New Silicone Rubber
104 A New View of Transcription Initiation
105 New Method for Researching Understudied Malaria-Spreading Mosquitoes
106 Wolf in Sheep's Clothing: Uncovering How Deadly Bacteria Trick the Immune System
107 DRC's Best Run Reserve is Hemorrhaging Elephants
108 New Marine Species Discovered in Pacific Ocean
109 Study Finds Terrestrial Spiders to be Good Predictors of Aquatic Mercury Pollution
110 Scientists Discover a New Understanding of Why Female Primates Outlive Males
111 Shark Fisheries Globally Unsustainable: New Study--Researchers Estimate 100 Million Sharks Die Every Year
112 Social Responsibility: Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Publishes Practice Paper on Ecological Sustainability in Food System
113 CSI: Milky Way