File Title
1 Chemical impact on hormones needs research, says UN
2 Energetic spiderman gets the girl
3 Audit tallies Australia's carbon budget
4 Farm virus 'can infect wild animals'
5 Penis size matters to female golden moles
6 NASA back in contact with the International Space Station
7 Study finds dolphins mimic calls of social group
8 Just quackers: Hunting decline lands ducks in the soup
9 Kicksat: Your personal satellite awaits
10 Pistorius witness 'heard shots, screams, more shots'
11 Oscar Pistorius murder case: Conflicting accounts
12 Syria footballer 'killed in Damascus stadium attack'
13 FBI joins Heinz share trades investigation
14 Worker missing after diner blast in Kansas City, Missouri
15 David Cameron marks British 1919 Amritsar massacre
16 Tony Mendez, the real CIA spy in Argo
17 Should sperm donors have parental duties?
18 Why have the white British left London?
19 China condemns hacking report by US firm Mandiant
20 Google Glass features unveiled in preview video
21 Italy election: Berlusconi tax letter causes outrage
22 Pope Benedict studying edict to change conclave rules
23 Ofcom raises 2.34bn pounds in 4G auction, less than forecast
24 Apple moves to close Java hack flaw after intrusion
25 Crowdfunding service SliceBiz wins Apps4Africa cash prize
26 Apple computers 'hacked' in breach
27 HTC unveils revamped HTC One flagship Android smartphone
28 Dell sales fall ahead of buyout but beat forecasts
29 Sony cuts PS Vita price in Japan ahead of PlayStation event
30 PlayStation 4: Expert views on Sony's games console reveal
31 Can HTC's new phone challenge Apple and Samsung once again?
32 4G: The results are in
33 School wi-fi 'not fit for 21st Century learning'
34 Montreal city hall raided by anti-corruption police
35 Are there really five stages of grief?
36 How Jupiter moon Europa's underground ocean was discovered
37 Accused China cyberspies: English savvy, Twitter hackers
38 Cancer survivor catches fire at hospital: Is hand sanitizer to blame?
39 Drug overdose deaths up for 11th consecutive year
40 In Indian carcass fields, pollution's impact takes unusual form
41 China military unit behind many hacking attacks on U.S., cybersecurity firm says
42 NASA regains space station contact after outage
43 Jeep's Twitter account hacked
44 Ancient whale fossils unearthed by road construction
45 Apple hacked by Facebook cyberattackers
46 Apple hacked by Facebook cyberattackers
47 Higgs boson may spell doom for the universe
48 PlayStation 4 launch rumors: Price, photos, games
49 Apollo moon rocks challenge lunar water theory
50 Microsoft moves out of preview
51 China tops U.S. as world's largest smart device market
52 Climate change could mean less snow but more "knockout punches"
53 Burger King Twitter hacked, posting under "McDonalds"
54 Oscar Pistorius case: Lawyers dispute substance found in room, witness accounts of screaming
55 Will sequestration really be that bad?
56 $50M diamond heist: Behind the crime, potential payoff on black market
57 Official: 14 hurt in Kansas City gas blast, fire
58 McCain gets an earful on immigration in Arizona
59 After 148 years, Mississippi finally ratifies 13th Amendment, which banned slavery
60 Obama to GOP: Put away the "meat cleaver"
61 Oscar Pistorius: "She died in my arms"
62 Newtown shooter motivated by Norway massacre, sources say
63 What's next in the looming budget crisis?
64 Oscar Pistorius' account of fatal shooting, in his own words
65 Collector unearths iconic WW II sculpture
66 Brutal gang-rape sparks culture crisis in India
67 Newtown shooter motivated by Norway massacre, sources say
68 Texas rancher won't budge for Keystone pipeline
69 Kellogg's Special K Red Berries recalled for glass fragments
70 Detroit nurse claims hospital barred African American staff from caring for white child
71 Texas mom gives birth to two sets of identical twins
72 New Zealand proposes plain cigarette packaging
73 Acupuncture may help relieve seasonal allergies
74 Mysterious SARS-like coronarvirus claims another life
75 Alzheimer's disease: What you eat influences your risk factor
76 Hip replacements more likely to fail in women, says study
77 Violent video games and mass violence: A complex link
78 FDA cracking down on fraudulent flu drugs
79 Swapping violent shows for educational TV may boost children's behavior
80 Human-Robot Relations: Why We Should Worry
81 Russian Meteor Fallout: Military Satellite Data Should Be Shared
82 Has Dark Matter Finally Been Found? Big News Coming Soon
83 Designing Life: Should Babies Be Genetically Engineered?
84 Engineering Stretchable Gel Tougher Than Human Cartilage
85 Space Rock or Last Pope? What's Next for Doomsday
86 Apollo Moon Rocks Challenge Lunar Water Theory
87 Brain Scans Can Predict Your Political Ideology
88 The 20 Best Companies for Internships
89 Moderate Earthquake Shakes Tokyo
90 Billboards May Be Bad News for Drivers
91 Higgs Boson Particle May Spell Doom For the Universe
92 Tsunami Debris Litters Alaska Coast; Clean Up Funds Insufficient
93 Antarctica's Bizarre Creatures Come to Life Online
94 Men and Women Both from Earth After All
95 At Most 19 Clicks Connect Any Two Webpages
96 Ancient Whale Fossils Unearthed by Road Construction
97 We Know We're Lazy Thinkers
98 Career Porn? Where Bored Workers Go Online
99 Video: Endangered Chicks Emerge from Nest
100 McLent? Fish Hits Fast Food Menus for Holidays
101 Are Smartphones Making Us Smarter About Money?
102 10 Ways to Know If You've Got a Great Business Idea
103 Gravity Makes Volcanoes Sag, Influencing Eruptions
104 'Singing' Fish Hums to Attract Mates
105 Girl Catches Fire in Hospital
106 Trolls' Online Comments Skew Perception of Science
107 High Ozone Levels Linked to Cardiac Arrest
108 Minds of Mice Read With Glowing Proteins
109 In Rats, Males Are the Communicative Sex
110 Man Arrested for Harassing Baby Manatee in Florida
111 Burger King Seizes Spotlight After Twitter Hack
112 Reference: Chromosomes: Definition & Structure
113 What Women Work
114 Visionary Tech: Eye Implant Restores Some Sight in Blind
115 Public Displays of Affection May Have Evolutionary Benefits
116 Looking Beyond A Gem's Beauty