File Title
1 Eating disorders 'nearly as bad for men'
2 Warmer Earth will be drier model predicts
3 Old stars may still make new worlds
4 EU says pesticides linked to bee decline should be restricted
5 'No sell-off' for public forests
6 Supermassive black hole weighed using new scale
7 Ivory haul from Africa seized in Singapore
8 Rescue for birds covered in 'wax' in the south west
9 Homing pigeon 'Bermuda Triangle' explained
10 Rare whale vomit found on Morecambe beach
11 Legacy of Britain's great flood
12 Why don't we still drive steam cars?
13 Young bonobos offer comforting hugs and sex
14 How do you give a polar bear a 'medical'?
15 China's coal conundrum as smog worsens
16 Manx: Bringing a language back from the dead
17 Formula E: Electric cars enter the fast lane
18 Syria complains to UN over Israel 'attack'
19 New York Times 'hit by hackers from China'
20 EA boss denies video games encourage violent attacks
21 Chuck Hagel grilled in Senate confirmation hearing
22 Spain ruling Popular Party denies slush fund allegations
23 After Tiller: America's four late-term abortion doctors
24 20 of your songs that changed the world
25 UN: Israeli settlements 'violate Palestinian rights'
26 Icelandic girl Blaer wins right to use given name
27 'Sextortion' man charged over 'blackmailing women online'
28 Mali militants 'in disarray' after French air strikes
29 The science of a long life
30 Russia's freedoms crackdown 'worst since USSR fall'
31 Soldiers and Farc rebels killed in clashes ahead of talks
32 Teen shot in head outside Atlanta middle-school
33 'Airmageddon': China smog raises modernisation doubts
34 Budweiser-Corona beer merger opposed by US
35 US warns Iran over 'nuclear upgrade' escalation
36 Mali conflict: Timbuktu celebrates end of Islamist rule
37 Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg insists site is not making a phone
38 How the New York Times cleaned house after its hack attack
39 Behind the scenes of Latin America's internet 'brain'
40 Mosaic QR codes boost tourism in Rio de Janeiro
41 Exercise device helps 'envisage' recovery from strokes
42 How to follow Super Bowl XLVII on Twitter, Facebook, mobile apps
43 Watch: The life of an astronaut
44 Doing household chores may mean less sex for married men
45 Hedgehogs behind growing number of salmonella infections, CDC warns
46 Ex-HMV employee lets loose on company Twitter feed
47 Athletes' minds excel at motion tracking
48 Twitter down on web and mobile
49 Foursquare releases "best of" guide based on 3 billion check-ins
50 $68,000 whale vomit: British man strikes ocean gold
51 Powerful NASA comsat launched into space
52 New York Times: Chinese hackers attacked our computers for months
53 NAS--A launches communication satellite
54 IBM sends supercomputer Watson to college to boost its skills
55 Scammed 49ers fan gets Super Bowl tickets from Ticketmaster CEO
56 Aeroscraft: The hi-tech half blimp, half hovercraft
57 Alicia Keys, new BlackBerrys fail to impress
58 The 11 most beautiful mathematical equations
59 Alabama child hostage situation in third day with shooting suspect, boy holed up in bunker
60 Deer-antler spray: What is IGF-1?
61 Atlanta school shooting: 14-year-old shot in head
62 3 dead in mile-long Detroit freeway pile-up
63 Newtown families hope massacre transforms nation
64 Obama: "No doubt" Congress will pass immigration, gun bills in coming months
65 Prostate cancer treatments carry long-term side effects, study confirms
66 FDA: Tattoo removal no simple process
67 Obesity prevented by breast-feeding, sex burns calories are myths, say researchers
68 Titanium cranioplasty "happy part" of Malala's recovery, expert says
69 Longevity Gene: Discovery Opens the Door to a Potential 'Molecular Fountain of Youth'
70 This Is What a Fish Thought Looks Like
71 Ozone Thinning Has Changed Ocean Circulation
72 NASA's Cassini Watches Saturn Storm Choke On Its Own Tail
73 Gene Finding May Lead to Treatments Effective Against All MRSA Strains
74 Vegetation Changes in Cradle of Humanity: Study Raises Questions About Impact On Human Evolution
75 Virtual Superpowers Encourage Real-World Empathy
76 Aztec Conquest Altered Genetics Among Early Mexico Inhabitants, New DNA Study Shows
77 'Hungry Twin' Stars Gobble Their First Meals
78 Study Rebuts Hypothesis That Comet Attacks Ended 9,000-Year-Old Clovis Culture
79 Owl Mystery Unravelled: Scientists Explain How Bird Can Rotate Its Head Without Cutting Off Blood Supply to Brain
80 Physicists Shine a Light On Particle Assembly
81 Genome Shows Mutant Gene Gives Pigeons Fancy Hairdos
82 Cyclone Did Not Cause 2012 Record Low for Arctic Sea Ice
83 Protein Origami: Quick Folders Are the Best
84 Zebrafish May Hold the Answer to Repairing Damaged Retinas and Returning Eyesight to People
85 Mystery Surrounding the Harnessing of Fusion Energy Unlocked
86 Disease Not a Factor in Tasmanian Tiger Extinction; Humans to Blame for Demise of Extinct Australian Predator
87 New Order Found in Quantum Electronic Material: May Lead to New Materials, Magnets and Superconductors
88 Tapeworm Eggs Discovered in 270-Million-Year-Old Fossil Shark Feces
89 Chimp See, Chimp Learn: First Evidence for Chimps Improving Tool Use Techniques by Watching Others
90 Leading by the Nose: Star-Nosed Mole Reveals How Mammals Perceive Touch, Pain
91 'Neurosteroid' Found to Prevent Brain Injury Caused by HIV/AIDS
92 Exposure to Antiepileptic Drug in Womb Linked to Autism Risk
93 Patients Can Emit Small, Influenza-Containing Particles Into the Air During Routine Care
94 A Positive Family Climate in Adolescence Is Linked to Marriage Quality in Adulthood
95 Prostate Cancer Study Tracks Long-Term Urinary, Sexual and Bowel Function Side Effects
96 Giant Carbon Molecules for Sustainable Technologies
97 Electric Vehicle: Light Yet Safe Contender for City Streets
98 NASA Launches Next-Generation Communications Satellite
99 Chemical Lets Researchers Extract Significant Oil Deposits; Leaves Positive Environmental Footprint
100 Biofuels Blend Right In: Researchers Show Ionic Liquids Effective for Pre-Treating Mixed Blends of Biofuel Feedstocks
101 Alive? You Are a Bed Bug Magnet
102 Emission Trading Schemes Limit Green Consumerism
103 Aging Cells Lose Their Grip On DNA Rogues
104 New Research Shows Complexity of Global Warming
105 Metabolite Damage-Control: How Our Cells Cope With Toxic Small Molecules
106 New Target to Stop Cancer's Spread
107 How Does Fibrosis Occur in Crohn's Disease?
108 Could Traditional Chinese Medicine Hold an Answer to the Obesity Problem?
109 Alternate Walking and Running to Save Energy, Maintain Endurance
110 Mindfulness Meditation Heightens a Listener's Musical Engagement
111 Hyperemesis Gravidarum During the Second Trimester Is More Likely to Cause Placental Complications
112 Long-Term Consequences of Vaginal Delivery On the Pelvic Floor
113 Telephone Physiotherapy Reduces Waiting Times and Provides Equally Good Patient Results
114 New Drug Target Identified for Multiple Sclerosis and Alzheimer's Disease
115 Toward a Better Cyanide Antidote for Terrorist Attacks and Other Mass Casualty Events
116 British 'Stiff Upper Lip' May Prevent Early Presentation for Cancer Symptoms
117 Homicide-Suicides Unrelated to Social Class, Swiss Study Shows
118 Academic Gains, Improved Teacher Relationships Found Among High Risk Kids in Head Start
119 Scientists Learn More About How Inhibitory Brain Cells Get Excited
120 Previously Unknown Mechanism of Memory Formation Discovered
121 Working Alone Won't Get You Good Grades
122 New Model to Determine Lifetime Spending
123 Broker Fees from Mutual Funds Affect Advice; Predict Worse Performance, New Study Says
124 Adding New Members to Group Increases Distrust Among Older Members, Impacts Coordination
125 After Super Bowl, Many Fans Will Suffer Football Withdrawal Symptoms
126 Vegetarianism Can Reduce Risk of Heart Disease by Up to a Third
127 Pathway for Membrane Building Blocks
128 Potential New Target in Fight Against 'Superbug'
129 Snails Signal a Humid Mediterranean
130 The Need to Feed Programs Campylobacter's 'Sat Nav'
131 In Beef Production, Cow-Calf Phase Contributes Most Greenhouse Gases
132 Understanding the Historical Probability of Drought
133 Satellite Image Shows Eastern U.S. Severe Weather System
134 Deforestation Triggers Carbon Collapse of Tropical Peatlands
135 Biologists Use Diag Trees to Help Solve Gypsy Moth Mystery
136 Survival of the Prettiest: Sexual Selection Can Be Inferred from the Fossil Record
137 Indian Buddhism: Birch-Bark Treasures
138 War a Money-Spinner for Rank-And-File Soldiers in Late Middle Ages
139 Ovarian Tumor, With Teeth and a Bone Fragment Inside, Found in a Roman-Age Skeleton
140 More Than One Brain Behind Einstein's Famous Equation: E=mc2
141 NASA to Launch Ocean Wind Monitor to Space Station
142 Fossilized Conduits Suggest Water Flowed Beneath Martian Surface
143 Mars Rover Curiosity Maneuver Prepares for Drilling
144 Cool, New Views of Andromeda Galaxy
145 World's Most Powerful Engine Blazes Path for Space Launch System Advanced Propulsion
146 Nanomaterials Key to Developing Stronger Artificial Hearts
147 Value of Flow-Diverting Device Confirmed for Most Challenging Aneurysms
148 Researchers in Japan Produce New Photoactive Micelles
149 Researchers in U.S. May Have Received Millions in Duplicate Funding, Analysis Suggests
150 New Genre of 'Intelligent' Micro And Nanomotors
151 Checking out Open Access
152 The Ecological Badminton Robot: Optimizing Energy Efficiency in Machine Design
153 Engineers Solve a Biological Mystery and Boost Artificial Intelligence
154 Satellite Visualization Tool for High-Resolution Observation Review (Thor) Accessible from Any Location With Internet Access
155 Streaming Video Over Temporary Networks