File Title
1 Shining light of astronomy awarded
2 Humble battery 'deserves more research'
3 Cities affect weather over long distances
4 Mediterranean diet may not protect brain
5 Drill reaches Antarctica's under-ice Lake Whillans
6 'Quantum smell' idea gains ground
7 Europe gives 2bn euros to science
8 Savings needed to meet future demand for resources
9 Cumbria nuclear waste dump: What are councils considering?
10 Spain's Dr. Eufemiano Fuentes in court for cyclists' doping
11 Stem cell 'first aid' for rat stroke
12 'Blood-biting' predator identified
13 Tech patents reach record high
14 Iran denies reports of explosion at Fordo nuclear site
15 'Energy efficiency' Green Deal launched by government
16 Iran 'successfully sends monkey into space'
17 Dolphins try to save dying companion
18 Quantum biology: Do weird physics effects abound in nature?
19 Victims of Nazi anatomists named
20 Business trip: Tokyo
21 The future of urban transport
22 Brazil nightclub fire: Three arrested in Santa Maria
23 Mali crisis: French-led troops 'surround Timbuktu'
24 Immigration reform: US senators craft bipartisan deal
25 Toyota reclaims world's top vehicle maker title
26 Janeites: The curious American cult of Jane Austen
27 India's booming land values spark family feuds
28 Brazil mourns Santa Maria nightclub fire victims
29 Dreamliner: No fault found with Boeing 787 battery
30 Davos 2013: Kissinger says Iran nuclear crisis close
31 Anger over Twitter porn gaffe on Vine video service
32 Royal hoax radio show cancelled
33 Apple users launch privacy campaign against Google
34 Dramatic drop in copper cable theft across the UK
35 Flipping heck: Is pinball about to stage a recovery?
36 Boosting sleep 'may slow memory rot'
37 Better night's sleep may help improve memory
38 Aging in Brain Found to Hurt Sleep Needed for Memory
39 Why Poor Sleep and Forgetfulness Plague the Aging Brain
40 Poor sleep in old age prevents the brain from storing memories
41 Poor Sleep in Old Age Causes Memory Loss
42 Lack of deep sleep in old age 'can contribute significantly to memory loss'
43 Iran Claims to Have Launched This Monkey Into Space
44 Iran sends monkey into space, showing missile progress
45 Iran sends living creature into space
46 World's megacities may influence global weather
47 Pay dirt! Antarctic drilling reaches surface of lake buried beneath ice
48 Monkeys Unconsciously Synchronize Their Behavior, Just Like Humans
49 2 Science Projects to Receive Award of 1 Billion Euros
50 Ariel Sharon Shows Significant Brain Activity; Comatose Patients Can Respond
51 Early Stage Breast Cancer Survival May be Better with Lumpectomy Than Mastectomy
52 FDA Panel Votes to Restrict Vicodin and Other Painkillers
53 Gatorade Removes Controversial BVO After Consumer Outcry
54 Folic Acid Supplements Cause Cancer? New Study Says Otherwise
55 Progress on Medical Brain-Machine Interfaces for Neuro-Prosthetics
56 Avastin Earns FDA Approval for Metastatic Colorectal Cancer Treatment
57 New Norovirus Bug Lands in US from Australia, CDC Announce
58 Potential AIDS Cure Discovered (Video)
59 Prostate Cancer Risk Trebles; 1 in 7 Diagnosed
60 Apple rumored to release 128 gigabyte iPad
61 Tiny feathered dinosaur discovered
62 Trial over metal hip replacements begins in LA
63 First-ever health guidelines issued for Type 2 diabetic kids
64 Pornography videos appear on Twitter-owned Vine app
65 Watch: What happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object?
66 Climate change: No more denying it
67 787 Dreamliner investigation continues
68 Hackers take over gov't website to avenge Swartz
69 Dramatic changes to technology on the way
70 Do you have cyberchondria?
71 Apple audit finds underage workers, fires supplier
72 Square executive resigns following allegations of sexual harassment
73 Facebook clarifies "complicated" relationship status with developers
74 Facebook profiles may expose mental illness
75 Adopt a pet fox, for science's sake
76 Key senators agree on sweeping immigration reform
77 Israel warns of possible pre-emptive chemical weapons strike in Syria
78 Obama and Clinton: The 60 Minutes interview
79 SAG--Awards 2013: List of winners
80 Professor: Take our country back, from the Constitution
81 Obama: Gun control supporters must listen more
82 Republicans seek to change how electoral votes are allocated
83 Chicago's deadly day: Shootings kill 7, wound 6
84 Israel warns of possible pre-emptive chemical weapons strike in Syria
85 Hay theft turns high-tech for loyal Okla. sheriff
86 Jennifer Lopez opens up on younger men, career fears, and new film
87 Pond hockey enthusiast turns mid-life crisis into sport revival
88 Behind "The Phantom of the Opera," its 25 years of success
89 Superbugs: A ticking time bomb
90 Q&A: Playwright Edward Albee
91 Less is more? New study indicates less invasive treatment may yield better results for breast cancer patients
92 Clinton's glasses worn for concussion-related issues
93 Winter skin woes: Tips to stay protected
94 People who quit smoking by 40 may live as long as people who never smoked
95 Hospitalized young Batman fan receives call from Christian Bale
96 Deadly flu epidemic continues to hit seniors hardest
97 Climate Change Could Affect Onset and Severity of Flu Seasons
98 Study Finds Energy Use in Cities Has Global Climate Effects
99 Nanophotonics Enables New Kind of Optical Spectrometer
100 Misconceptions About a Popular Pet Treat
101 Cities Affect Temperatures for Thousands of Miles
102 New Tool for Mining Bacterial Genome for Novel Drugs
103 Virginia Tech's Jeff Reed Garners International Award for Work in Wireless Communications
104 PNNL Awarded $2.8M to Keep Troops Cool While Using Less Fuel
105 Chameleon Star Baffles Astronomers
106 Using Twitter to Track the Flu: Researchers Find a Better Way to Screen the Tweets
107 Liquid Metal Makes Silicon Crystals at Record Low Temperatures
108 Chance Finding Reveals New Control on Blood Vessels in Developing Brain
109 Immune Cell Suicide Alarm Helps Destroy Escaping Bacteria
110 Prenatal Inflammation Linked to Autism Risk
111 Gene Sequencing Project Mines Data Once Considered 'Junk' for Clues About Cancer
112 Technologist Richard Simpson: Helping Solve Sandia's Unique Problems
113 Researchers Solve Complex Problem in Membrane Biochemistry Through Study of Amino Acids
114 Gift Helps Kansas State University's Smart Grid Lab Amp Up Research in Software-Defined Networking
115 Team Makes NASA's Hi-C Flight a Success
116 Pavlov's Rats? Rodents Trained to Link Rewards to Visual Cues
117 New Book Encourages Readers to "Know Soil Know Life"
118 Nullarbor Region Once Full of Fast-Flowing Rivers
119 Blocking Digestive Enzymes May Reverse Shock, Stop Multiorgan Failure
120 ASU Grad Student to Build Infrared Camera for Nanosatellite Space Mission
121 Research Paves Way for Larger, Safer Lithium Ion Batteries
122 Warmer Soils Release Additional CO2 Into Atmosphere
123 Scientists Research New Way to Battle Bacteria