File Title
1 Archaeological finds reveal ancient Balkan civilizations
2 Mesolithic people adapted their environment in Severn Estuary
3 Storms expose iron age skeleton
4 Indians 'broke Australian isolation 4,000 years ago'
5 War was central to Europe's first civilisation--contrary to popular belief
6 4,000-year-old shaman's stones discovered near Boquete, Panama
7 Archaeological investigation of Caddo Indians nears end
8 Famed Warrior Medici Died From Gangrene
9 Threats to Mali's heritage
10 Roman man's face finally revealed at Caerleon museum
11 Spitfire search in Burma draws a blank
12 Stunning figurine represents high ranking Zapotec
13 Mayan Tombs Dating Back 1,200 Years Found in Southeast Mexico
14 Rare Artifact Stolen from Tel Shiloh Archaeological Site
15 Archaeologists Excavate Ancient Greek Trade Center in Bulgaria
16 Archaeological feast: Heap of ancient cattle bones discovered
17 Sifting the Dust for Treasures While Trouble Swirls
18 Archeologists revise image of ancient Celts
19 A battlefield from the War of 1812 is 'frozen in time'
20 Colosseum Cleaning Yields Ancient Art Discoveries Including Old Frescos, Graffiti
21 The Unsuccessful Plot to Kill Abraham Lincoln
22 Who Was Mary Magdalene?
23 Turkey wages 'cultural war' in pursuit of its archaeological treasures
24 A Relative from the Tianyuan Cave: Humans Living 40,000 Years Ago Likely Related to Many Present-Day Asians and Native Americans
25 Albanian frescoes sustain irreversible damage
26 Fossil human traces line to modern Asians
27 Toothy Tumor Found in 1,600-Year-Old Roman Corpse
28 Loom weights reveal existence of weaving since 2,500 years ago
29 Family footwear find shows new side to Roman military
30 Ancient petroglyphs found in Mexico
31 A French-Peruvian-Spanish Team Discovers a (Burial?) Chamber in Machu Picchu
32 Archaeologists Excavate Early Bronze Age City of Greater Megiddo
33 Entombing the Tomb of the Gladiator: Who Will Save the Roman Ruins?
34 Trent University Archaeologists Find Ancient Jade Spoon in Belize
35 Japan's oldest bronze comma-shaped bead unearthed in Tottori
36 Palenque's Red Queen
37 Native American connection to 40,000 year old human in northwest China
38 Clues to Prehistoric Human Exploration Found in Sweet Potato Genome
39 Earliest Evidence of Chocolate in North America
40 Ovarian tumor, with teeth and a bone fragment inside, found in a Roman-age skeleton
41 Subway work in Greece unearths ancient gold wreath
42 Mass Human Sacrifice? Pile of Ancient Skulls Found
43 Turkey wages 'cultural war' in pursuit of its archaeological treasures
44 A fragile Buddhist treasure
45 Roman Marker Used to Measure Earth Found
46 Mexican archaeologists find complex panel of 1,000 year-old petroglyphs in Nayarit
47 Skeletal Remains Found At Lake Eufaula Are Ancient
48 Egyptian Mummy's Elaborate Hairstyle Revealed in 3D
49 Tasmania's greatest mountain quest
50 Yorkshire bat colonies 'cohabit all year'
51 Brazil night club fire kills 230 in Santa Maria
52 Mali conflict: French and Malian troops move on Timbuktu
53 Egypt unrest: Deadly clashes erupt as Port Said mourns
54 Is New York's supersize soda ban a civil rights issue?
55 The Middle East conflict at 35,000 feet
56 Warsaw Ghetto: The story of its secret archive
57 North Korea warning follows nuclear threat
58 Bookmaker gunman: Alan Levers' family say 'no revenge'
59 Eyewitness: Kiss night club fire in Santa Maria, Brazil
60 Australian state of Queensland braces for flooding
61 Older fathers: what's behind the trend?
62 Pay Dirt! Antarctic Drilling Reaches Lake Surface
63 Bullying Makes Middle Schoolers Cool
64 New Feathered Dinosaur Found
65 Astronomers Witness Possible Birth Of A Quasar
66 New Online Gaming Grows Students Math Skills
67 3D Printing Makes Chocolate Heads of Lovers
68 Mass Human Sacrifice? Pile of Ancient Skulls Found
69 Secret Painting in Rembrandt Masterpiece Coming into View
70 2 Babies in 9 Months? The Facts on Pregnancy Spacing
71 NASA Joins European Dark Energy Mission
72 Yoga May Help Depression, Sleep Problems
73 Strange Exoplanet's 'Backwards' Orbit Explained by Extra Star, Planet
74 Taiwanese Get Facelifts for New Year
75 Survival Odds Grim for Native Plants Fighting Invaders
76 Views on Climate Change Swayed By Weather
77 Atten-TION: Male Soldiers Are Growing Breasts
78 Mystery of Strange Star Outbursts May Be Solved
79 Puzzling Plumage: Fractals Reveal Birds' Health
80 New mutations may show how cancers grow
81 Japan researchers grow kidney tissue from stem cells
82 Pesticides killing amphibians: study
83 Scientists lift freeze on bird flu research
84 New fox species unearthed in Africa
85 DNA shows ancestry of present-day Asians and Native Americans
86 Epilepsy drug has long-term effect on child IQ
87 Evolution inspires more efficient solar cell design
88 Cows fed flaxseed produce more nutritious dairy products
89 New tool for mining bacterial genome for novel drugs
90 Dung beetles use stars for orientation
91 How to predict the future of technology?
92 BUSM study shows potential of differentiated iPS cells in cell therapy without immune rejection
93 Climate change beliefs of independent voters shift with the weather, UNH study finds
94 Emotional stress reduces effectiveness of prostate cancer therapies in animal model
95 'Cool' kids in middle school bully more, UCLA psychologists report
96 DNA and quantum dots: All that glitters is not gold
97 NIST's 'nanotubes on a chip' may simplify optical power measurements
98 Depression-era drainage ditches emerge as sleeping threat to Cape Cod salt marshes
99 Research ties lightning to onset of headache, migraines
100 Dartmouth research offers new control strategies for bipolar bark beetles
101 New dinosaur fossil challenges bird evolution theory
102 Chameleon pulsar baffles astronomers
103 Pavlov's rats? Rodents trained to link rewards to visual cues
104 NASA Super-TIGER balloon shatters flight record
105 Put me in, coach! How trained literacy coaches can improve student reading comprehension
106 Bats split on family living
107 Liquid metal makes silicon crystals at record low temperatures
108 False beliefs persist, even after instant online corrections
109 Kim: 'Substantial' measures against U.S.
110 Apple finds child labor at some suppliers
111 Brazil to survey the Amazon rainforest
112 Scientists create tractor beam
113 Google sparks hope in Kansas City
114 Apple value slips to second place
115 Cosmic light puzzle solved
116 Russia, Kazakhstan talk on space center
117 Martian spring brings surface changes
118 'Evolution' improves solar cell efficiency
119 French court rules on hate tweets
120 Verizon, AT&T in wireless spectrum deal
121 NASA science balloon sets flight record
122 Girl Scout cookie sales go high-tech
123 Extent of swine flu investigated
124 U.S. research may yield safer batteries
125 Dutch firm envisions iPhone cup holder
126 Origin of HIV put at millions of years ago
127 Tweets shut down after al-Shabaab threats
128 Patients accepting of digital check in
129 High-tech system keeps electric car on road
130 False beliefs resist online correction
131 Study: Good grammar makes bad passwords
132 Mars rover snaps first nighttime photo
133 Parasites threaten Madagascar lemurs
134 Google reveals data request numbers
135 NASA to join in 'dark universe' hunt
136 Ancient Chinese arrowhead found in Japan
137 Warning raised for New Zealand volcano
138 Insect found to use Milky Way as guide