File Title
1 Tim Cook: Apple's product pipeline is 'chock full' of 'incredible stuff'
2 Attempting to decipher supply chain data is a fool's errand, Tim Cook says
3 China drives iPhone sales to 48M in Q1,10M more year-over-year
4 Cook coy on Apple TV: 'There's a lot that we can contribute in the space'
5 Apple sees 2 billion iMessages sent daily from half a billion iOS devices
6 Apple announces global iPhone 5 4G LTE expansion with 36 new carriers
7 Apple stock drops over 10% in after-hours trading during Q1 earnings call
8 Twitter-owned video sharing startup Vine may launch standalone app tomorrow
9 U.S. court denies Samsung request for documents to be used against Apple in Japan suit
10 Briefly: 'jOBS' biopic slated to open in theaters on April 19
11 Nearly one third of Apple's market value is backed by pure cash
12 Apple's "smart shoes" notify users when they need replacing
13 Apple price targets reduced as company's growth slows to 'normal' levels
14 Apple point-of-sale subscription filing likely stems from 'patent troll' settlement
15 Apple celebrates nearly three decades of Macintosh
16 First footage of Ashton Kutcher as Apple's Steve Jobs emerges
17 Twitter's 'Vine' video sharing app debuts; Pebble smartwatch app hits App Store
18 Apple's iPhone accounted for 84% of AT&T's smartphone activations in Q4
19 Apple to spend $10 billion on innovation, expansion in 2013
20 Apple's record profits contrasted with Amazon's hopes to turn a profit
21 ITC to review decision that held Samsung in violation of four Apple patents
22 Samsung says it will not reduce chip investments despite losing Apple's business
23 Unlocking cellphones without carrier permission will be illegal come Saturday
24 Apple reportedly moving Japan headquarters to Roppongi Hills
25 Apple seeds eighth OS X 10.8.3 beta build with no known issues
26 Apple and Samsung help drive global smartphone shipments to record 700M units in 2012
27 Apple terminates contract with supplier after audit finds underage labor violations
28 Apple's iPhone grew to 25.1% global market share in 2012
29 Microsoft quarterly results reflect troubled PC market, middling Windows 8 launch
30 Best Buy takes Mac price cuts further: $200 off all MacBook Airs for 2 days
31 'iPad 5' rumored to debut in Oct. with mini-like design, 'iPhone 5S' & plastic iPhone also coming [ux2]
32 Apple's market cap dips below Exxon as stock selloff continues
33 Rumor: Apple suppliers solve iMac production problems, strong sales projected
34 Doctors see Apple's iPhone as life saver in 'the future of medicine'
35 Google's 'confidential' test could be super-dense LTE network on Clearwire spectrum
36 Apple adds new "App Store Notes" section to select iOS title descriptions
37 iPad mini shipment times improve to 3-5 days from Online Apple Store
38 Samsung tries to get peek at iOS source code in Korean patent suit
39 Apple shifting its guidance to stop being blamed for "missing" analyst expectations
40 Ship times for 21.5" iMac slips to 2-3 weeks on U.S. Apple Online Store
41 What it was really like to work with Steve Jobs
42 Apple reports record results: $54.5 billion revenue, $13.1 billion profit, $13.81 EPS
43 MacDailyNews presents live notes from Apple's Q113 Conference Call
44 After posting new all-time record revenue, Apple shares collapse in after-hours trading
45 Jim Cramer: 'Without Steve Jobs, Apple is just another stock, it's not magical anymore'
46 Apple's all-time record quarterly earnings disappoint
47 Gundlach: Apple 'a broken company'
48 First footage of Steve Jobs biopic 'jOBS' starring Ashton Kutcher (with video)
49 Apple's all-time record earnings drag down NASDAQ futures
50 Apple CEO Tim Cook: 'No technology company has ever reported these kinds of results'
51 Apple stock drops 12%, trips short-sale circuit breaker
52 Apple's results aren't the total disaster implied by the market meltdown
53 Adam Lashinsky: What Apple's earnings really mean, and what's that $9 billion in 'equipment' for?
54 The Street beats Apple
55 Happy 29th Birthday, Apple Macintosh!
56 Topeka Capital cuts Apple price target to $888 from $1,111
57 What to do now if you own Apple stock
58 Tim Cook congratulates employees on another record quarter during Town Hall Q&A
59 Apple in danger of losing 'Most Valuable Company In The World' crown
60 Apple patent application reveals continued work on intelligent cameras
61 Beijing-based Lenovo considering buying BlackBerry-maker RIM, says CFO
62 Is Apple the best buy in tech?
63 With Apple's huge cash pile at 30% of its market cap, it's time to boost dividend, buybacks
64 Microsoft blames PC makers for Windows 8 flop
65 AT&T reports record iPhone sales
66 What's really going on with Apple and its stock price in 2013?
67 Microsoft doesn't reveal Surface sales, and probably never will
68 Apple fires supplier over child labor violations
69 IDC: Apple took 25.1% of worldwide smartphone market in 2012
70 Jim Cramer: Arrogance of Apple's management is what hurts AAPL shareholders the most
71 Apple iPhone thrashing Microsoft's beleaguered Nokia 10-to-1, casting pall over U.S. effort
72 Goldman Sachs chops $100 off Apple price target
73 Is Apple TV waiting on H.265 HEVC ratification?
74 So, what tech company is healthier than Apple?
75 Woz blasts scene in Kutcher's 'jOBS' biopic: 'Not close; totally wrong'
76 Scientists store digital data in DNA, retrieve with 99.99% accuracy
77 How Apple ate Wall Street
78 Apple loses 'World's Most Valuable Company' crown to Exxon Mobil
79 Apple reportedly to debut radically redesigned 5th-gen iPad in October; iPhone 5S, plastic iPhone coming; 4.7-inch 'iPhone +' in prototyping stages
80 Asymco: The job Apple's iPhone is hired to do
81 Apple's new pet: The Black Swan
82 Is Apple the new Microsoft?
83 Save your short game for golf, not for investing
84 Why I'm seriously thinking of buying Apple stock
85 Analyst: Apple dominating U.S. smartphone market, but international iPhone growth is slowing dramatically
86 Apple shares hit new 52-week low
87 Apple investors should stop whining
88 Brutal 2013 for smartphones faces Samsung and Apple
89 Are Apple's glory days over? (Answer: no)
90 Ashton Kutcher: Playing Steve Jobs was 'terrifying' (with video)
91 Yorkshire bat colonies 'cohabit all year'
92 Kielder Water & Forest Park to reintroduce water voles
93 In Dubai, spring is a time for polo
94 Egypt unrest: Death sentences over football riots spark violence
95 Mali: French-led soldiers 'in control of Gao'
96 Czech election: Milos Zeman wins presidential poll
97 Anonymous hackers target US agency site
98 Tweets of the week: Inauguration, Hillary Clinton and crocodiles
99 Sporting events shine spotlight on Qatar's human rights
100 Britain's 1m pounds and 100m pounds banknotes
101 Are Republicans the 'stupid party'?
102 Holocaust survivor Henia Bryer: Prisoner number A26188
103 Ukraine and Shell sign '$10bn' shale gas deal
104 Star Wars VII: J.J. Abrams to direct
105 Egypt football: Death sentences over Port Said stadium violence
106 Afghanistan: Suicide attack strikes market
107 US phone unlocking deadline set to expire
108 Samsung leads mobile phone shipments
109 Is there life on Mars?
110 Bacteria In Rio Tinto Could Be Like Those On Mars
111 Russia warns Kazakhstan in Baikonur cosmodrome dispute
112 We have ignition in Baikonur Conflict
113 Thawing Dry Ice Drives Groovy Action On Mars
114 Reull Vallis: a river ran through it
115 Possible Clues to Ancient Subsurface Biosphere on Mars
116 Martian Crater May Once Have Held Groundwater-Fed Lake
117 US scientists find evidence of ancient Martian lake
118 Mars image suggests ancient water flow
119 Shedding Light on the Power of M 82's Superwinds
120 A hidden treasure in the Large Magellanic Cloud
121 Azerspace And Africasat-1a "fit" for Ariane 5 launch
122 Amazonas 3 in Kourou for Ariane 5 year-opening launch campaign
123 Cargo loading underway with the next ATV resupply spacecraft to be launched by Ariane 5
124 Arianespace says 2012 sales leapt by 30%
125 Mars Rover Curiosity Uses Arm Camera at Night
126 Opportunity At Work At Whitewater Lake
127 Opportunity Investigating Light-toned Veins in Rock Outcrop
128 Opportunity Heading Toward Light-Toned Veins
129 Phoenix Rising: New Video Shows Advances in Satellite Repurposing Program
130 Solar eruption heading toward Earth
131 Iran Manufacturing Hi-Tech Spacesuits
132 An Astronaut's Guide
133 Orion Teamwork Pays Off
134 Iran renews plan to send monkey into space: reports
135 Simulated Mars mission shows good sleep is critical
136 2013 to be bumper year for space science: ESA
137 Japan launching spy satellite to monitor North Korea
138 Raytheon wins DARPA contract to design new military imaging satellites
139 USAF and Lockheed Martin Deliver Next Infrared Surveillance Satellite
140 U.S. 'seeks to sell Algeria spy satellite'
141 North Korea says plans nuclear test aimed at US
142 Indian Kashmir advises people to prepare for nuclear war
143 US, Myanmar hold non-proliferation talks
144 N. Korea tells China planning nuclear test: report
145 UN to sanction N. Korea space agency: diplomat
146 S. Korea satellite rocket launch set for Jan 30-Feb 8
147 Russia designs new types of intercontinental missiles
148 Northrop Grumman Supports USAF Minuteman Missile Test Launch
149 Russia to build new heavy ICBM by 2018--Karakayev
150 S. Korea retrieves N. Korea rocket debris
151 North Korea successfully launches long-range rocket
152 Israel upgrades missile-killer Iron Dome
153 Protest in Ankara against Patriot missile deployment
154 German, Dutch Patriot missiles arrive in Turkey: NATO
155 U.S. Complacency in Space?
156 China Voice: Cold War mentality fuels US satellite export prejudice
157 White House uses humor to kill 'Death Star' petition
158 NASA Airborne Mission Climbs to Stratospheric Height for Better Climate Science
159 Insights from the SIA DoD Commercial SATCOM Users' Workshop
160 Boeing to Upgrade Combat Survivor Evader Locator Radios, Base Stations
161 NATO member orders Falcon III radios
162 Russia Set to Launch Three Military Satellites
163 Researchers analyse 'rock dissolving' method of geoengineering
164 Obama to build on first term climate change efforts
165 US climate fears mount, but political action wanes
166 Where there's smoke or smog, there's climate change