File Title
1 Stars caught in red light hook up
2 Naming Earth's species possible: study
3 Sugar-rich willow can boost biofuels' green credentials
4 HIV 'may have an ancient origin'
5 Mistle thrushes 'missing' from UK gardens
6 Star Trek style 'tractor beam' created by scientists
7 Mali crisis: US admits mistakes in training local troops
8 Egypt opposition in clashes on revolution anniversary
9 Swine flu infected 'fifth of people'
10 Russian MPs back 'gay propaganda' ban amid scuffles
11 North Korea warn South over UN sanctions
12 Why did men stop wearing high heels?
13 In Amenas siege: Is Algeria's economy under threat?
14 Swansea ball boy Charlie Morgan tweets 'crazy 24 hours'
15 Microsoft's Skype pressured to offer privacy reports
16 Russian army put on alert for tell-tale tattoos
17 Will we ever...understand quantum theory?
18 China detains woman at disused mortuary for three years
19 Viewpoint: The start-up fuelled path to recovery
20 Antigua applies for permission to run 'pirate' website
21 Under-age workers found in Apple supply audit
22 Glasgow wins 'smart city' government cash
23 Samsung leads mobile phone shipments
24 Davos 2013: UK signs up to online safety
25 Anonymous hacker group: Two jailed for cyber attacks
26 Somalia's al-Shabab Twitter account suspended
27 Microsoft profit dips despite Windows 8 sales boost
28 Pride and Prejudice: Jane Austen fans celebrate novel's 200th anniversary
29 The complicated legacy of Egypt's Hosni Mubarak
30 Kidney disease 'biggest threat' for diabetics
31 Folic acid 'cancer risk' fears played down by study
32 Female smoking death risk 'has soared'
33 The flu virus that nearly killed me
34 Healthy people create economic health
35 The Ghanaian woman who made millions fighting skin-bleaching
36 Frenemies Facebook and Twitter's latest clash leaves Vine app in cold
37 DARP--A is serious about laser weapons
38 Unauthorized unlocking of smartphones becomes illegal Saturday
39 Can old brains get full?
40 The technology behind those amazing giant squid images
41 Texas women sue website, host over "revenge porn"
42 CDC says new norovirus strain caused 140 outbreaks since September
43 Older smokers priced out of Obamacare?
44 Chandra Levy conviction may be thrown out
45 Listen: Voicemails left Manti Te'o by fake girlfriend
46 Las Vegas woman sues after scorned date tries to kill her
47 Can the GOP move past tea party "number crunching"?
48 Deadly flu epidemic continues to hit seniors hardest
49 Baby born with heart outside body leaves hospital
50 Bird flu infects three in Cambodia, killing two
51 Salt Lake City being smothered by smog: What it could mean for city
52 A question of access? Mental health and gun violence
53 'DoorBot' for Homeowners Hits $250,000 Goal
54 'Living Wire' Can Heal Itself When Cut
55 Distribution: A Weak Link in Gun Control?
56 College Degrees That Earn the Most Money
57 Generic Cigarette Packs Could Cut Smoking, Study Suggests
58 Facebook Profile May Expose Mental Illness
59 Rat Brains Learn to Predict Rewards
60 The Rise of Superbugs Called 'Apocalyptic Scenario'
61 Bats Have Surprisingly Complex Family Life
62 Sleep Deprivation Makes for Ungrateful Partners
63 Weird Spinning Star Defies Explanation
64 NASA's Opportunity Rover Begins Year 10 on Mars
65 Should Cigarettes Be Illegal?
66 Reference: Immune System: Diseases, Disorders & Function
67 More Velociraptor-Like Dinos Than Thought
68 Egyptian Mummy's Elaborate Hairstyle Revealed in 3D
69 Tiger Tracker: Tales from a Conservation Biologist
70 Yogurt Lovers Have Better Diets
71 Zoo Welcomes Chewbacca the Red Panda
72 Grit-Filled Foods Wore Down Early Humans' Teeth
73 New 'Vomiting Virus' Strain Behind Recent U.S. Outbreaks
74 Robot Avatar for Physicians Gets FDA Approval
75 Does Lightning Cause Migraines?
76 NYPD's Terahertz Scanner Sees Concealed Weapons
77 The Singularity: Should We Worry?
78 The Shrinking Proton: Particle Is Smaller Than Thought
79 Adopt a Pet Fox, for Science's Sake
80 Cosmic Ray Hunting Balloon Sets Record for Longest Flight
81 Power Plant Causes 'Unique' Snow Near Pittsburgh
82 Science on Thin Ice: Polar Missions Sample Extreme Life
83 Wow! Dung Beetles Navigate by the Stars
84 How NASA Revealed Sun's Hottest Secret in 5-Minute Spaceflight
85 Baby Panda Gets Cozy in New Home
86 Could Bulletproof White Boards Prevent Shooting Deaths?
87 FDA: Better Food Labeling Could Stem Obesity
88 The Sun's Different Light: How Scientists Study Our Closest Star
89 Women with PCOS Support Name Change
90 Women's Lung Cancer Death Risk Rises
91 Smaller Bites May Prevent Overeating
92 People Underestimate Weight, Research Suggests
93 Silt Offers Clues to Speed of Melting Glaciers
94 Most Research Chimps Should Be Retired: U.S. Panel
95 African Mountain Range Could be World's Strongest
96 Unlocking Cellphones Becomes Illegal Saturday
97 Biggest Dinosaurs Had Brains the Size of Tennis Balls
98 Reference: Crop Circles Explained
99 Cheese Fire Destroys Tunnel
100 Monogamous Owl Monkeys Have More Babies
101 Heavy Multitaskers Are the Worst At Multitasking
102 Storm Clouds Crawling With Bacteria
103 How Emotions Can Sabotage Exercise
104 Uncovering The Function Of Fish Shapes
105 How Thick Is the Crust Beneath Antarctica?
106 Touch-Sensitive Floor Hosts Video Games
107 Controversial Bird Flu Research to Resume
108 Massive Rockfall Rattles New Zealand Park
109 Meteorite Holds Proof of Extraterrestrial Life--Or Not
110 Why Bad Grammar Makes Good Passwords
111 U.S. Military to Lift Ban on Women in Combat: Report
112 Could a Cat Ban in New Zealand Save Birds?
113 Bison Could be Reintroduced to Alaska
114 NASA to Premiere New Mars Exploration Film Today
115 Artificial Gel Mimics Living Cells
116 Middleton's Hypnosis Therapy: Does It Work?
117 Sky High Fire Danger Lurks in Denver Foothills
118 New Genetic Twist: 4-Stranded DNA Lurks in Human Cells
119 Prince Harry vs. Taliban: Is War a Game?
120 Shakespeare Stored in DNA Files
121 Modern Greenland Melt Echoed in 126,000-Year-Old Ice
122 Starchy Diets May Have Given Ancient Dogs a Paw Up
123 NOAA Grants Arizona, New Mexico $3.5M to Prepare for Climate Change
124 Better Than Batteries: A Hybrid Car That Runs on Air
125 Super Bowl Fans Cry 'Fowl' Over Chicken Wing Shortage
126 5 Old-School Brands You Didn't Know Still Existed
127 Weird: Immune Perfume To Lure Sexual Partners?
128 Alien Auroras May Light Up Exoplanet Night Skies
129 Is Space Big Enough for Two Asteroid-Mining Companies?
130 Scientists See Big Rewards (and Risk) in Private Spaceflight