File Title
1 Timing of antimalarials affects resistance
2 Koalas reject rehab field of dreams
3 Higgs data indicates finite life of universe
4 Cosmos may be 'inherently unstable'
5 Carbon Trust launches scheme to tackle water waste
6 Whales benefit from action on ocean noise
7 Coronavirus: Sars-like virus death reported in UK
8 Meteorite fragments found in Russia's Urals region
9 Brecon Beacons National Park wins dark sky status
10 Carnivorous plant species glow blue to lure prey
11 Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer to release first results
12 How much bigger can container ships get?
13 US manned deep-submersible Alvin prepares to resume work
14 Sky high thinking: Could we all soon own a drone?
15 China military unit 'behind prolific hacking'
16 Oscar Pistorius 'shot Reeva Steenkamp in bathroom'
17 'Gigantic' Brussels Airport diamond heist
18 Russia investigates 'murder' of Max Shatto, US adoptee
19 Nestle removes beef pasta meals after finding horsemeat
20 Putting a price on the value of art
21 Denis Mukwege: The rape surgeon of DR Congo
22 Oscar Pistorius 'thought he was firing at intruder'
23 Australia London 2012 Olympic swim team 'toxic'
24 Cameron defends Kate over Mantel
25 Google 'in talks to cut funding to illegal piracy sites'
26 Astronaut answers Reddit site questions from space
27 EU 'may take action' against Google over privacy policy
28 Cameron promises India co-operation in corruption probe
29 'Bionic legs' for military amputees
30 Burger King Twitter account 'hacked' with McDonald's logo
31 Have 3D films had their day?
32 Obama 'wants more tax revenue' to offset spending cuts
33 Bigfoot genome sequenced? There are skeptics
34 Subordinate animals as guinea pigs
35 Ancient fossilized sea creatures yield oldest biomolecules isolated directly from a fossil
36 Picture-perfect: Quick, efficient chip cleans up common flaws in amateur photographs
37 Rising seas to hit tropics hardest
38 Supercomputers used to supercharge antioxidants
39 Researchers explore more efficient carbon dioxide to methanol model
40 Rapid changes in the Arctic ecosystem
41 Production process doubles speed and efficiency of flexible electronics
42 Professor brings access to previously untapped higher frequency bandwidth
43 Researchers say silencing of retinoblastoma gene regulates differentiation of myeloid cells
44 Curves in spacetime violate Heisenberg's uncertainty principle
45 Improved-yield dandelions prepped for tire production
46 New species appear to arise from sudden changes
47 Development of graphene transistor with new operating principle
48 Exploring supercapacitors to improve their structure
49 New material interface improves functioning of non-silicon-based electronic devices
50 Jellyfish blooms pulse cyclically through time
51 Researchers analyzing hyrax urine layers to study climate change
52 Microsoft's Outlook takes aim at Google's Gmail
53 Primatologist argues for changes to caloric values listed on food labeling
54 China's PLA controls hackers: US IT security firm
55 Lake-effect snow sometimes needs mountains
56 NASA scrambles for better asteroid detection
57 How the whale got its teeth
58 Reduced sea ice disturbs balance of greenhouse gases
59 Climate contradiction: Less snow, more blizzards
60 Cushion plants help other plants survive
61 Living organisms need antifreeze to survive in the cold
62 Memory appears susceptible to eradication of fear responses
63 A cure for the common hangover?
64 Light from silicon nanocrystal LEDs
65 Organic electronics--how to make contact between carbon compounds and metal
66 Unveiling new business breed at world science fair (w/ Video)
67 Nano-machines for 'bionic proteins'
68 Novel diagnostic method supports skin cancer therapy
69 Not your conventional nucleic acids
70 Densest array of carbon nanotubes paves way toward post-silicon technology
71 New carbon films improve prospects of solar energy devices
72 A quantum dot energy harvester: Turning waste heat into electricity on the nanoscale
73 The world's most sensitive plasmon resonance sensor inspired by ancient Roman cup
74 The cradle of the nanoparticle
75 US toroidal field conductor fabrication advances
76 The nuclear reactor in your basement
77 Scientists sense breakthroughs in dark-matter mystery
78 The heat is on
79 Dopants dramatically alter electronic structure of superconductor
80 Physicist discusses high-order harmonic generation at AAAS
81 Previewing the next steps on the path to a magnetic fusion power plant
82 Playing quantum tricks with measurements
83 Researchers demonstrate Heisenberg uncertainty principle at macro level
84 Forget about leprechauns, engineers are catching rainbows
85 Force is the key to granular state-shifting
86 Physicists test highly flexible organic semiconductors
87 Black gold: Enabling bright, high rep-rate electron beams
88 Hunt for distant planets intensifie (w/ Video)
89 Data paper describes Antarctic biodiversity data gathered by 90 expeditions since 1956
90 Plants help lower temperatures
91 Russia asteroid impact: ESA update and assessment
92 Report finds Floridians value water resources, want to conserve
93 Pacific Islands ignored under Australia's 'short attention span'
94 Study finds climate change impact on stream flow differs according to location
95 Trying to revive Manila's toxic river heart
96 Aussies told, cut water use to save bush
97 'Simplified' brain lets the iCub robot learn language (w/ Video)
98 Samsung launches new premium 'smart' TVs
99 LG to release full HD smartphone in SKorea
100 Polytron predicts glass smartphones by end of year (w/ Video)
101 Dry ice vacuum cleaner robot bound for Fukushima
102 My classmate, the robot: US pupil attends remotely
103 Troy Wolverton: Microsoft Surface Pro tablet a pricey disappointment
104 Researchers build robot rat to induce stress in lab animals (w/ Video)
105 Researchers use combustible gases to power leaping robots
106 Apple cuts MacBook Pro price, updates processors
107 Japan to field test rehabilitation robots
108 Swimming-pool ships make waves in modular robotics (w/ Video)
109 Home Depot calls up iPhone, drops BlackBerry
110 Apple eyeing smart watch, reports say
111 Humans and robots work better together following cross-training
112 Coming to a smartphone near you: Personalized experiences
113 It's off to work we go
114 Mobile phones may make us healthier, research suggests
115 New technology to join steel and aluminum with world's first application to the door panel of mass production vehicles
116 Success in operation of transistor with channel length of 3 nm
117 Dutch roof fire warning for 650,000 solar panels
118 Burger King's Twitter feed hit by Big Mac hack attack
119 Microsoft job postings hint at changes coming for Windows Blue
120 Danger on ice: Android info thaws in cold boot attack
121 Beefing up public-key encryption
122 Fast and efficient biologically inspired catalyst could someday make fuel cells cheaper
123 Mussel-inspired 'glue' for surgical repair and cancer drug delivery
124 The observation of truly metallic behavior in an organic material heralds a new generation of electronic devices
125 New technique developed to separate complex molecular mixtures
126 Tough, light and strong: Lessons from nature could lead to the creation of new materials
127 What green algae are up to in the dark: Researchers decipher little-known metabolic pathway for hydrogen production
128 Catalyst becomes more selective after oxygen atoms' departures
129 Sustainable new catalysts fueled by a single proton
130 Research team develops a cocaine biosensor inspired from nature
131 Rethinking the process used to machine industrially important ceramics could reduce damaging cracks and chips
132 Antibacterial, antifouling polymer coatings could soon relegate catheter-associated infections in the blood to history
133 Model that predicts real-world behaviors of insulator interfaces makes designing 'nano-electronic' materials simpler
134 A new technology for producing hydrogen
135 When it comes to genetic code, researchers prove optimum isn't always best
136 Males' superior spatial ability likely is not an evolutionary adaptation
137 Organic rice research moves to front burner in Texas
138 Raw meat diet may not be enough for cats or tigers
139 Horses don't have stage fright--but their riders do
140 Understanding termite digestion could help biofuels, insect control
141 'Growing' medicines in plants requires new regulations
142 Phosphorus starvation linked to symptoms of citrus disease Huanglongbing in new study
143 New scorpion discovery near metropolitan Tucson, Arizona
144 Nesting site protection 'key to save turtles from climate change'
145 Thor's hammer is not that heavy--but it is scientifically interesting
146 Loyalty is trump: New study on price reduction
147 Social dynamics of scientific collaborations
148 A clarion call for science
149 Conflict of interest rules must extend to government contractors, says ethics expert
150 US science policy should focus on outcomes not efficiencies
151 Ancient teeth bacteria record disease evolution
152 Studying networks to help women succeed in science
153 Academics grapple with balancing their research with the need to communicate it to the public
154 Mentoring models to move minorities to majorities in STEM
155 Genetic components of political preference
156 Deja vu all over again? Human genome project has lessons to learn, suggests anthropologist
157 Dropouts weren't prepared in first place, study finds
158 Simple efforts bridge achievement gap between Latino, white students, researcher finds
159 Discovery of previously unknown immunodeficiency
160 Is there a link between childhood obesity and ADHD, learning disabilities?
161 Thigh fat may be to blame for older adults who slow down
162 Researchers gain insight into abnormally shaped cell nuclei of people with cancer
163 Research suggests the consequences of overuse of antibiotics is now reaching the Amazon
164 Genetic signs of alcoholism in women studied for the first time
165 Abnormal growth regulation may occur in children with heart defects
166 Gene identified in some melanoma linked to increased resistance to treatment
167 Using mouthrinse reduces plaque and gingivitis more than toothbrushing alone
168 Young malaria parasites refuse to take their medicine, which may explain emerging drug resistance, new study finds
169 Blood is thicker than water--and blood plasma is, too (w/ Video)
170 p38beta MAPK not critical to brain inflammation, study finds
171 Group therapy for Generalised Anxiety Disorder: A viable alternative
172 Sitting time associated with increased risk of chronic diseases
173 National screening benchmarks for finding polyps during a colonoscopy might be too low
174 Novel coronavirus well-adapted to humans, susceptible to immunotherapy
175 N. Zealand to introduce plain packets for tobacco
176 Fibromyalgia prevalence at 2.1% of general German population
177 Study suggests reduced lung function in infancy associated with wheeze later
178 Caffeine linked to low birth weight babies
179 Baby wash does not damage baby's skin barrier function, study finds
180 New discoveries linking gut bacteria with cholesterol metabolism give hope for the future
181 Shedding new light on infant brain development
182 New study on Hepatitis C drug treatment in vivo and in vitro
183 Experts tell flatulent flyers: let rip
184 Data on novel IL-1 inhibitor protein for topical treatment of dry eye disease published
185 Nursing professor claims teens are "sleep texting"