File Title
1 Early Humans in Southeast Europe Were of a Different Sort, Say Researchers
2 Curses, musical scores and a fisherman swallowed by a whale: Archaeologists' fascinating quest to decipher medieval graffiti scrawled on cathedral walls
3 Archaeologists find more than 150 skulls that were sacrificed to the rain gods.
4 New Radiometric Ages for the BH-1 Hominin from Balanica (Serbia): Implications for Understanding the Role of the Balkans in Middle Pleistocene Human Evolution
5 Face to face with Richard III
6 Excavation Set to Shed New Light On London's Victorian Past
7 Stone Age Stew? Soup Making May Be Older Than We'd Thought
8 Edinburgh First World War trench survey begins
9 Qom's Parthian fire temple left at her own devices to be destroyed
10 Slippers of Napoleon Bonaparte's sister uncovered in museum
11 Palaeopathology: Two recent case studies
12 New archaeological site found in Ras Al Khaimah
13 Swiss dolmen reveals rituals of the Neolithic
14 Nigella bites back: Our hottest cook spills the beans on cracking America, THAT dress and horsemeat--in her most revealing interview yet
15 'I shot Reeva': Blade Runner's 'confession' to his best friend as it emerges police found 'cricket bat covered in blood at his house'
16 Hatshepsut's limestone chapel at Karnak to open soon for public
17 Dead Sea Cave Yields New Finds
18 Fort Bragg archaeologists win environmental award
19 Pentillie Castle: Body found in knight's grave hunt
20 Did overhunting lead to domestication?
21 A different take on Tut
22 Scientists Create Automated 'Time Machine' to Reconstruct Ancient Languages
23 Ancient languages reconstructed by computer program
24 Serbian cave produces oldest human ancestor in this part of Europe
25 Isotopic data show farming arrived in Europe with migrants
26 Tracing a Royal Y Chromosome
27 Didcot dig: A glimpse of 9,000 years of village life
28 1,500-year-old landfill discovered in USVI
29 Selkirk water works unearth medieval village remains
30 Medieval secrets revealed in Norwich Cathedral
31 Mexico finds fire-god figure at top of Pyramid of the Sun
32 Researchers Uncover New Clues to Human Evolutionary Adaptation
33 Scientists Report Negative Side Effects of Human Evolution
34 Skin Decoration Goes Way Back, Suggests Researcher
35 Fragments of stone cross lead to archaeological exploration in Scottish Highlands
36 Newfoundland birds were the heart of extinct Beothuk nation's religion, study says
37 Russia meteor unrelated to asteroid flyby, NASA says
38 Mood-changing drugs enter waterways, affect fish, study finds
39 For signs of life, some strange planetary systems may be most promising
40 Chimps found to play fairness game like people
41 Face structure may predict expressions of prejudice
42 Mom's obesity may affect unborn child's brain
43 It's true: cooking may have given us our big brains, study says
44 Cupid's arrow: research aims to illuminate laws of attraction
45 Friendliness to minorities often a performance--a fragile one, research suggests
46 Are super-Earths really mini-Neptunes?
47 Gospel of Matthew linked to bizarre trail of self-mutilations
48 Small insect-eater gave rise to today's mammal diversity, study finds
49 Racial purity DNA testing slammed as perversion, but halting practice might not be easy
50 Bones of King Richard III "confirmed" found
51 Moral "taint" still seeps along blood lines
52 Mr. Mom is not so much Mr. Bedroom, study suggests
53 Plants help their own, too, study finds
54 Domestic cats seen as major killers of wildlife
55 New figures suggest global warming not so hopeless
56 Birdsong changes much like language, study finds
57 A human bias against creativity is hindering science, research claims
58 In kids' world, bullying makes you cool, troubling findings suggest
59 Green-eyed monster may stalk Facebook--and users' lives
60 Men may commit more research fraud
61 Power linked to tendency to punish harshly
62 Dogs used to test diabetes 'cure'
63 'Bilingual babies' can tell languages apart
64 Teens' friends affect school performance
65 Carpet chemicals an arthritis risk
66 Depression may affect shingles vaccine
67 Dogs pick out faces of other dogs
68 Online trolls affecting public perception of science
69 Fish in drug-tainted water suffer reaction
70 X-ray laser sees photosynthesis in action
71 Learning music boosts motor skills
72 Most women prefer men to propose
73 Male circumcision tied to less sexual pleasure
74 FDA approves retinal implant for rare eye disease
75 Carpet chemicals an arthritis risk
76 'Hovering' moms may take fun out of play
77 Depression may affect shingles vaccine
78 Fish in drug-tainted water suffer reaction
79 Slithering towards extinction
80 Is it OK to fart on a plane?
81 Why some people are bad at learning
82 New scheme targets farting cows
83 Close relationships not always good
84 Single men spend most on Valentine's Day
85 Bosses who bully poison the workplace
86 Genetic disease rare: Pathologist
87 Hazardous waste has health risks
88 Experts call for stronger enforcement on fake meds
89 Happily married people are healthier
90 Dagga linked to kidney damage
91 Hyper-parents linked to depressed kids
92 Timing of job interview may determine outcome
93 X-ray laser sees photosynthesis in action
94 Soft-drink labelling call rejected
95 When trees die off human health suffers
96 Praising kids for effort may help them succeed
97 Puppy born from frozen embryo may offer hope to endangered wildlife
98 Experts not convinced of mobile health technology
99 Antibiotic overuse in livestock threatens health
100 Poor nutrition can affect your sleep
101 When to exercise during flu season
102 Cyberstalking more costly than traditional stalking
103 Interacting with avatars may reduce depressive symptoms
104 Are all vitamin D supplements the same?
105 Economy has lasting effect on young people
106 Cut salt, save 500,000 lives over a decade
107 Nearsighted kids may get worse in winter
108 Want to get rid of that old tattoo?
109 Early dental care can help keep kids smiling
110 Using Twitter to see how lifestyle influences health
111 New brain-test app
112 What makes us choose a partner?
113 Tips against office stress
114 Everyday activities as good as going to gym
115 The rise of the E-cig
116 Genetically engineered virus kills cancer
117 Obesity problems can begin in the womb
118 Doctors seek cancer help from supercomputer
119 Scientists explore how zinc fights off infection
120 Fruit and veg reduce metabolic acidosis