File Title
1 'Smoking gun' solves cosmic ray mystery
2 Uncertainty principle certainly big enough to see
3 Major asteroid site found in Aussie outback
4 Asteroid 2012 DA14 set for record-breaking Earth pass
5 Antibiotics search to focus on sea bed
6 Meteor strike injures hundreds in central Russia
7 World's reptiles at risk of extinction
8 Horsemeat scandal: EU launches immediate wider tests
9 Drug residues 'alter fish behaviour'
10 Cosmic rays: Fermi telescope settles mystery of origin
11 Horse passports: up to 7,000 unauthorised documents issued
12 Asteroid, Russian meteor: Can we know about every space rock?
13 Italy's 10-metre Alpine mega-tunnel
14 The bug-hunters discovering new species in their spare time
15 Nebraska's awe-inspiring crane migration
16 Oscar Pistorius denies Reeva Steenkamp South Africa murder
17 Venezuela's Hugo Chavez in first post-surgery images
18 Talking-bird clue led to 'kidnapper' of US girl, five
19 Horsemeat scandal: Supermarkets 'share anger and outrage'
20 Skype interviews: Is it more tricky to be grilled by video?
21 Mali prisoner: 'Militants cut off my hand with a knife'
22 Vet makes tiny wheelchair for disabled piglet
23 Coronation Street's Michael Le Vell charged with child rape
24 Child murderer Subhan Anwar killed in Long Lartin Prison
25 Chubby Checker sues HP over penis app
26 Louvre museum returns Nazi-looted artwork
27 Jonathan Ive gets gold Blue Peter badge
28 Facebook social graph search results limited for teens
29 Valve opens Linux video game store
30 Self-driving car given UK test run at Oxford University
31 Blue and green-screen effects pioneer Petro Vlahos dies
32 Apple Shop muddle prompts new name for Wroxham Barns store
33 Taiwan Easycard: Risks and rewards of your life on one card
34 Killing off cash: Could new tech mean the end of money?
35 Side By Side: Keanu Reeves examines the future of film
36 Family sugar remedy tested for healing people's wounds
37 Students' rooms: 1890s v. 2010s
38 Reconstructing Star Wars
39 Malware-serving LA Times page went unnoticed for weeks
40 Earth safe after asteroid flyby
41 Survey: Singles are a tech-savvy bunch
42 Watch: Massive shock wave from Russian meteor
43 Xbox 360 again the most popular console among U.S. gamers
44 Anti-anxiety drugs leaked into rivers make fish antisocial
45 Russian meteorites not caused by asteroid flyby, NASA says
46 Bizarre sea slug discovered with a disposable penis
47 N.Y. student attends class remotely via robot
48 Ancient temple discovered in Peru
49 William Shatner has some ideas for Pluto's unnamed moons
50 Apple fights back against iPhone ruling in Brazil
51 Alcohol causes 20,000 cancer deaths in the U.S. annually
52 Meteorites slam into Russia as meteor seen streaking through morning sky
53 Oscar Pistorius accused of premeditated murder of girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp by South Africa prosecutors
54 Carnival rescue bus breaks down while bringing passengers home
55 NRA CEO: "It's not paranoia to buy a gun. It's survival"
56 NRA CEO: Obama gun control effort a "charade"
57 Senate GOP filibusters Hagel confirmation
58 Obama to talk gun control in violence-plagued Chicago
59 Hepatitis E outbreak infects more than 6,000 in South Sudan refugee camps
60 FDA approves first artificial retina for people with rare eye disease
61 Happy childhood homes may lead to healthier heart as adult
62 Artificial retina: New tech could allow the blind to see
63 VA doctor: I was punished for speaking out
64 Michigan woman reportedly gives birth the day she finds out she's pregnant
65 Monster to label caffeine content on energy drinks
66 CDC: 110 million STDs among U.S. men and women
67 Drug-resistant gonorrhea on the rise, CDC claims
68 Couple describes Dorner ordeal, and his unexpected compliment
69 Susan Rice: Benghazi critics "dead wrong"
70 CDC: Flu still an epidemic, but fewer states showing activity
71 With sequester looming, Congress takes a break
72 Why Good Hair Matters: First Animal Model of Recent Human Evolution Reveals That Mutation for Thick Hair Does Much More
73 Nitric Oxide: A Little Molecule's Remarkable Feat--Prolonging Life, Worm Study Shows
74 Unlocking the Mystery Behind Saturn's Moonlets
75 Calcium Is Initial Trigger in Our Immune Response to Healing
76 Dog Spots the Dog: Dogs Recognize the Dog Species Among Several Other Species On a Computer Screen
77 A Quantum Dot Energy Harvester
78 Red Brain, Blue Brain: Republicans and Democrats Process Risk Differently, Research Finds
79 Amphibian Study Shows How Biodiversity Can Protect Against Disease
80 Robots With Lift: Researchers Use Combustible Gases to Power Leaping Machines
81 A War Without End, With Earth's Carbon Cycle Held in the Balance
82 Vision Restored With Total Darkness in Kittens With Amblyopia
83 World's Most Sensitive Plasmon Resonance Sensor Inspired by Ancient Roman Cup
84 Bilingual Babies Know Their Grammar by 7 Months
85 Roots of Language in Human and Bird Biology: Genes Activated for Human Speech Similar to Ones Used by Singing Songbirds
86 Love of Musical Harmony Is Not Nature but Nurture
87 Light-Emitting Bioprobe Fits in a Single Cell
88 Team Creates MRI for the Nanoscale: Level Comparable to an Atomic Force Microscope
89 Cracking the Semantic Code: Half a Word's Meaning Is 3-D Summary of Associated Rewards
90 Genetic Study Pursues Elusive Goal: How Many Humpbacks Existed Before Whaling?
91 Marsh Plants Actively Engineer Their Landscape
92 Simulation Helps Scientists Better Understand the Origin of Our Solar System
93 Epigenetics Shapes Fate of Brain Vs. Brawn Castes in Carpenter Ants
94 Behavioral Therapy for Children With Autism Can Impact Brain Function
95 Personality Plus: Researchers Find Link to Energy Rates
96 Rheumatism: Scientists Improve Arthritis Treatments
97 Low-Protein Diet Slows Alzheimer's in Mice
98 Effective Treatment for Common Gynecological Problem, Suggested by New Study
99 Predicting Key Property in Andromeda's Satellites
100 What Green Algae Are Up to in the Dark
101 Eco-Safe Antibacterial Fiber Discovered
102 Largest Known Prime Number Discovered; Has 17,425,170 Digits
103 Self-Assembling, Origami-Inspired Particles
104 Common Chemicals Linked to Osteoarthritis
105 Sewage Lagoons Remove Most--But Not All--Pharmaceuticals
106 Understanding Why Cells Stick
107 A Glimpse Inside the Control Centers of Cell Communication
108 New Owl Species Discovered in Indonesia Is Unique to One Island
109 Indian Plant Could Play Key Role in Death of Cancer Cells
110 Our Primitive Reflexes May Be More Sophisticated Than They Appear, Study Shows
111 Life Experiences Put Their Stamp On the Next Generation: New Insights from Epigenetics
112 Gut Microbes Could Determine the Severity of Melamine-Induced Kidney Disease
113 Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy: Pioneering Technique to Effectively Treat Mucositis
114 Study Aims to Use Stem Cells to Help Save Sight of Diabetes Sufferers
115 New Way to Look Finds More at Risk of Heart Disease
116 Researchers Discover Biological Diversity in Triple-Negative Breast Cancer
117 Childhood Cancer Survivors Who Received Chest Irradiation at Risk for Pulmonary Hypertension in Middle Age
118 Alcohol Consumption May Be in Response to Smoking Cessation
119 Study Suggests Link Between Untreated Depression and Response to Shingles Vaccine
120 A Dozen Red Roses May Not Be as Welcome as Washing the Dishes On Valentine's Day
121 California's Tobacco Control Program Generates Huge Health Care Savings, Study Shows
122 Opera's Poisons and Potions Connect Students With Chemistry
123 Cocaine Addiction Study Reveals Targets for Treatment
124 Are Billboards Driving Us to Distraction?
125 Does 'I Love You' Mean Your Relationship Is in Trouble?
126 Taste Preferences Impact Health, New Study Finds
127 Facial Structure May Predict Endorsement of Racial Prejudice
128 Lovers' Hearts Beat in Sync
129 Chick Magnet? Nest Diet Has Big Impact On Attractiveness of Hihi Birds
130 Innovative Technique Pinpoints Protein Locations, Helping Scientists Figure out Their Functions
131 Whole Genome Sequencing Better at Tracing TB Outbreaks Than Standard Test
132 Newer, Shorter-Course Antibiotic Shows Similar Effectiveness for Treating Skin Infection
133 Eradicating Bacteria Linked to Gastric Cancer
134 Wetland Trees a Significant Overlooked Source of Methane
135 New Technology for Producing Hydrogen
136 Kids Teach Parents to Respect the Environment
137 Low-Arsenic Rice Discovered in Bangladesh Could Have Major Health Benefits
138 Environmental Hazards or Energy Solutions? Geophysicists Size Up Energy Resources, Carbon Capture and Fracking
139 Christianity Influences Meat Taboos in Amazon
140 Animal Bite Force: Size of Lunch Dictates Force of Crunch
141 Scientists Create Automated 'Time Machine' to Reconstruct Ancient Languages
142 Ancient Insects Shed Light On Biodiversity
143 Isotope Patterns in Ancient Volcanic Sulfur Tell Which Global Cooling Episodes Were Caused by Volcanic Eruptions
144 'A Drop of Ink On the Luminous Sky:' Wide Field Imager Snaps Cosmic Gecko
145 NASA's Orion Lands Safely On Two of Three Parachutes in Test
146 NASA Set for New Round of J-2X Testing at Stennis Space Center
147 Year Three: NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory Mission Highlights
148 NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory to Lead U.S. Science Team for Dark Energy Mission
149 Endurance Test of an Offshore Wind Turbine in the Laboratory
150 Safe Glass Facades for Buildings
151 Quake Test: Can NYC's Row Houses Handle an Earthquake?
152 Manufacturing: Chip-Free Ceramics
153 Semiconductor Interfaces: Big Opportunities for Tiny Insulators
154 Kinect Teleport for Remote Medicine
155 More Evidence Needed for Scale Up of Mobile Device Technology in Health
156 A New 'Virtual Moderator' Helps Reach Consensus in Troubled Negotiations
157 Romantic Delusions Allow Online Dating Scams to Flourish
158 Model Aims to Help Companies Make Products We Actually Want