File Title
1 Manuka the bees' knees at fighting infection
2 Missing crust feeds new theory on Earth's lumps
3 Hadron collider on holiday
4 LHC switches off for two-year break
5 Lab rats 'acquire sixth sense'
6 A new owl species from Indonesia is formally described
7 North Korea nuclear test: No radiation detected
8 Three charged in rhino horn smuggling ring
9 Plymouth University professor in 'plastic hazard' call
10 Horsemeat scandal: EU urges DNA tests of processed beef
11 Shale oil 'to boost world economy by up to $2.7tn'
12 Cryosat spots Arctic sea-ice loss in autumn
13 Shetlanders wanted for DNA health 'Viking' study
14 Food testing: how is it done?
15 Mini guide to natural Florida
16 Oscar Pistorius 'shoots girlfriend'--local media
17 Oscar Pistorius: Olympian and Paralympian faces murder charge
18 Reeva Steenkamp: Oscar Pistorius's girlfriend
19 Eurozone recession deepened at end of 2012
20 Heinz bought by Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway for $28bn
21 Pope Benedict hints he will retire into seclusion
22 American Airlines and US Airways confirm $11bn merger
23 Delhi's No.1 ladies' taxi company
24 Hollywood heads to the south-east US
25 Fake girlfriend: I paid for make-believe love on Facebook
26 Brain and beauty: What makes us fall in love with art?
27 Fast fibre: A community shows the way
28 Die Hard sequel leaves critics cold
29 Nicole Kidman refused to say 'n-word,' co-star reveals
30 Police hold 11 over ransomware scam 'affecting thousands'
31 Christopher Dorner: LA police end hunt after body found
32 The internet's weakest links
33 Google sues BT over patents
34 Cisco profit jumps 44% as technology sales improve
35 Google challenges Russia YouTube video ban
36 Abertay University probes mystery of Nurse Maule's suitcase
37 Concert Vault and Daytrotter capture spirit of live shows in the digital age
38 Love & lust: Seven lessons from the Animal Kingdom
39 Use of "morning after pill" on the rise: CDC
40 Scientists turn off cold sensation in mice: What it means for pain medications
41 Brown-and-white whistling owl ID'd as new species
42 Apple loses iPhone trademark in Brazil
43 Invisible war rages in world's oceans
44 Apple fans and vegetarians: A dating site for everyone
45 Monster black holes grow surprisingly fast
46 No radiation threat after roof collapse at Chernobyl nuclear plant: Ukrainian officials
47 Teens have started sleep-texting
48 Vacation photos help scientists track whale sharks
49 Nano Cupid: This year's tiniest Valentine
50 Intel confirms Internet TV service and box
51 Curiosity rover finds strange shiny object on Mars
52 iTunes now Apple's fourth-largest business, says analyst
53 Ozone hole shrinks to record low
54 Blade Runner Oscar Pistorius charged with murder of girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp
55 Couple: "Calm" Christopher Dorner tied us up in our condo
56 Fate of $1M reward in Christopher Dorner case unclear
57 Sheriff: Fire in cabin not set intentionally
58 Skier fleeing avalanche pulls off epic backflip
59 Rubio: More government breeds more problems
60 The five key moments in Obama's State of the Union
61 Obama: "Thriving middle class" key to finishing economic recovery
62 Jury awards $63M to Samantha Reckis, girl who lost skin after taking Motrin
63 Diabetes risk greater in first-borns, says study: What explains link?
64 Consumer advocate pleads with FDA to set sugar limits in beverages
65 Institute of Medicine calls for better tracking system to fight counterfeit drug trade
66 Mouthwash, mints may not be enough for bad breath on Valentine's Day
67 Bloomberg "got it right" with soda limits: Dr. Robert Lustig
68 Cancer breakthrough whiz kid snags seat with Michelle Obama at the State of the Union
69 U.K. officials raid slaughterhouse, meat processing company in horsemeat probe
70 Mysterious SARS-like coronavirus may have spread human-to-human
71 New Zealand coroner suggests soft-drink health warnings after linking woman's death to Coca-Cola intake
72 Folic acid supplements may lower chance child has autism
73 Mouse studies may lead scientists astray for sepsis, injury studies
74 Heart Attack Grill "spokesperson" dies from heart attack, owner says
75 Massachusetts doctors use medical GPS to treat deadly heart condition
76 Why 3-Year-Olds Make Good Helpers
77 Gelada Baboons Keep Sexual Infidelity Hush-Hush
78 Mexican Wolf Population in US Grows for 3rd Year
79 Ozone Hole Shrinks to Record Low
80 Doctors Report Tuberculosis Now 'Virtually Untreatable'
81 2 Drowned Civil War Sailors to Be Buried
82 Thirsty Middle East Is Exhausting Its Water Supply
83 Monogamy May Up Chances a Vagina Infection Will Recur
84 A $3,000 Purse? Why We Splurge
85 Doctors Attack Pervasive Obesity Myths
86 Yahoo 5 Years Behind on Java Security
87 6 Very Strange Valentine's Day Gifts
88 Marine Reserve Helps Fish--and Fishermen
89 Act of God? Lightning Strikes St. Peter's After Pope Announces Resignation
90 College Kids Get T. Rex Anatomy All Wrong
91 Cute Cupid Is Year's Tiniest Valentine
92 Mysterious Virus IDed in Bizarre Bird Deaths
93 Life Confirmed in Buried Antarctic Lake
94 Battered Skulls Reveal Violence Among Stone Age Women
95 Northeast Snowstorm Officially Was 'Major'
96 Vacationers' Photos Help Scientists Track Whale Sharks
97 Air Chemistry May Reveal Details about North Korea Nuke
98 Should Toddlers Use iPads?
99 What Would Happen if Asteroid 2012 DA14 Hit Earth?
100 Space Exploration Still US Priority, NASA Says
101 Ultrafast Stars Discovered Racing Through Milky Way
102 Wanna Get Lucky? Hang Around Ugly (Fish) Pals
103 Hermaphrodite Sea Slug Mates With Throwaway Penis
104 NASA's Curiosity Rover Finds Weird 'Hood Ornament' on Mars
105 Heart Attacks Worse for Women's Emotional Health
106 The Most & Least Religious US States
107 Can Folic Acid Prevent Autism?
108 The Most Religious US State Is...
109 Who Sent the First Valentine's Day Cards?
110 Roses, Wine or Chocolate: Weather Controls it All
111 Ex-Cop Dorner 'Sightings' Highlight Problems with Eyewitnesses
112 Air Guns Give Glimpse Inside a Subduction Zone
113 2012 Shark Attacks Tie Record High in US
114 There's No Law Against Self-Driving Cars
115 5 Jobs Where Office Romances Blossom
116 Robots Share Stage With Actors in New Show
117 Invisible War Rages in World's Oceans
118 That's Too Salty! How the Tongue Knows
119 Valentine's Day Scammers Go for the Heart
120 Implant Gives Rats Super Senses
121 Why Singles & Couples Annoy Each Other
122 King Tut's Parents Were Cousins, Not Siblings: Researcher
123 Man Shortage May Change When Women Have Babies
124 Kids Prefer Veggies Not Too Raw, Not Too Cooked
125 Mystery Of New York's Falling Crime Rate Remains Unsolved
126 Using Planes to Fix Air-Pollution Satellites
127 Unique Calls Reveal New Owl Species
128 Do Good Grades Spread Like Measles?
129 5 Reasons to Care About Friday's Asteroid Flyby
130 Reference: Skin: Facts, Diseases & Conditions
131 Plankton Pumping Iron May Impact Climate
132 NASA Climate Scientist Arrested in Pipeline Protest
133 Love & Lust: 7 Lessons from the Animal Kingdom
134 Love on Facebook: Women More Prone to Jealousy
135 Slacking Off at Work? Why It's a Good Thing
136 Democrat or Republican...Who Buys Generic?
137 Can Hormone Therapy Stave Off Alzheimer's?
138 5 Myths About Polyamory
139 Violent Asteroid Crashes Shaped Protoplanet Vesta's Odd Interior
140 Earthquake Strikes Siberia
141 5 Valentine's Day Secrets of Seduction
142 New Sexual Revolution: Polyamory May Be Good for You
143 Bizarre Valentine: Why Mating Snails Stab With 'Love Darts'