File Title
1 Ugly friends lift male's mating chances
2 'Blinkered' approach on cholera questioned
3 Sea slug drops penis after sex
4 Sea slug's 'disposable penis' surprises
5 Cryosat spots Arctic sea-ice loss in autumn
6 Early life care shapes African elephants' future
7 Artificial light speeds sexual maturity in blackbirds
8 Peru archaeologists find ancient temple in El Paraiso
9 Richard III tomb design proposed by society
10 Mobile's dawning signal crisis
11 State of the Union: Obama pledges to reignite economy
12 Charred body found after US manhunt for Christopher Dorner
13 Coronavirus: Signs the new Sars-like virus can spread between people
14 EU and US free-trade talks launched
15 Pope Benedict thanks public for 'love and prayers'
16 Christopher Dorner: Police officers who kill
17 China's delicate balancing act with North Korea
18 Lasting scars of Syria's assault on Baba Amr
19 Viewpoint: Down with romantic love
20 Anoushka Shankar says she was sexually abused
21 World's 'ugliest woman' Julia Pastrana buried 153 years on
22 How safe do women feel on a night out?
23 Kate bikini photos published by Chi magazine in Italy
24 State of the Union: Obama pledges to reignite economy
25 Horsemeat scandal: EU ministers to hold crisis talks
26 Sundarbans: Nature's bioshield
27 Kate photos: Chi says photos 'not scandalous'
28 Apple loses Brazilian iPhone trademark ruling
29 Obama issues cybersecurity order as Congress revives Cispa
30 Spanish scientists develop more accurate sat-nav system
31 Mobile phone sales fell in 2012, suggests study
32 Tesco trials new on-demand film and TV service
33 Many Worlds: The movie that watches its audience
34 How many Roman Catholics are there in the world?
35 Lung cancer 'overtaking breast cancer in European women'
36 The children facing a lifetime of surgery
37 Zinc 'keeps immune system in check'
38 Pirate-like flies connect symbiosis to diversity
39 X-rays reveal uptake of nanoparticles by soya bean crops
40 Profiting from climate change
41 Shimmering water reveals cold volcanic vent in Antarctic waters
42 Nothing fishy about swimming with same-sized mates
43 Magnetic map guides salmon home
44 Salmon may use magnetic field as a navigational aid
45 Animal Magnetism: First Evidence That Magnetism Helps Salmon Find Home
46 Indonesian fishing communities find balance between biodiversity and development
47 Yeast we can! New report answers questions on microbiology and beer
48 New insight on relationship between parents, preschoolers and obesity
49 Scientists using holiday snaps to identify whale sharks
50 Unchecked antibiotic use in animals may affect global human health
51 Isotopic data show farming arrived in Europe with migrants
52 Can simple measures of labile soil organic matter predict corn performance?
53 Studying Bed Bug Actions for New Management Tactics
54 University of Florida reports 2012 U.S. shark attacks highest since 2000
55 Bisphenol A Affects Sex-Specific Reproductive Behaviors in a Monogamous Animal Species, Says MU Researcher
56 Large, ancient landslides delivered preferred upstream habitats for coho salmon
57 Tree die-off triggered by hotter temperatures
58 Size of lunch dictates force of crunch
59 Low-arsenic rice discovered in Bangladesh could have major health benefits
60 Southwest regional warming likely cause of pinyon pine cone decline, says CU study
61 Video study shows which fish clean up coral reefs, showing importance of biodiversity
62 Advance promises to expand biological control of crop pests
63 The last Neanderthals of southern Iberia did not coexist with modern humans
64 University of Leicester announces discovery of King Richard III
65 Features of southeast European human ancestors influenced by lack of episodic glaciations
66 New steps recommended to preserve China's famous Terracotta Warriors and other relics
67 Ancient insects shed light on biodiversity
68 New evidence suggests comet or asteroid impact was last straw for dinosaurs
69 Waste Dump at the End of the World
70 Is there gigantic jet event in middle latitude region in mainland China?
71 Sunlight stimulates release of climate-warming gas from melting Arctic permafrost
72 Chemistry trick kills climate controversy
73 A new Harvard report probes security risks of extreme weather and climate change
74 From Grains of Volcanic Glass to Continental Rifting: New Geosphere Articles Now Online
75 Carbon sponge could soak up coal emissions
76 Kids teach parents to respect the environment
77 Mainz scientists confirm original tetrahedral model of the molecular structure of water
78 Middle East river basin has lost Dead Sea-sized quantity of water
79 The Geological Society of America Journal Geology: Dynamic Geoscience
80 Cities can reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 70%, says U of T researcher
81 Flood research shows human habits die hard
82 European satellite confirms UW numbers: Arctic Ocean is on thin ice
83 Wetland trees a significant overlooked source of methane, study finds
84 Consumers have few negative reactions to the results of genetic testing for cancer mutations
85 Identification of abnormal protein may help diagnose, treat ALS and frontotemporal dementia
86 Some autism behaviors linked to altered gene
87 Stanford scientist uncovers the reproductive workings of a harvester ant dynasty
88 Major clinical trial finds no link between genetic risk factors and 2 top wet AMD treatments
89 Explosive breakthrough in research on molecular recognition published in Nature
90 Detecting cocaine 'naturally'
91 UCSB study of cocaine addiction reveals targets for treatment
92 Flu Outbreaks Modeled By New Study of Classroom Schedules
93 Blackbirds in the spotlight
94 Novel test streamlines testing for Huntington Disease
95 Damania lab discovers gene that suppresses herpesviruses
96 3 'Bigfoot' genomes sequenced in 5-year DNA study
97 Vitamin C is beneficial against the common cold
98 Study in mice yields Angelman advance
99 Busy beavers give Canada geese a lift, study shows
100 'Masked' mold toxins in food should be included in safety regulations
101 A cooler way to protect silicon surfaces
102 Penn Vet Team Uncovers a Pathway That Stimulates Bone Growth
103 Opera's poisons and potions connect students with chemistry
104 Long noncoding RNAs control development of fat cells
105 Premiums for public health insurance affect coverage
106 Having a Tony Stark at the office is fine as long as you hire a Pepper Potts
107 Nurse-led teams help type 2 diabetes care
108 'Robot' cells answer call to arms
109 Carnegie Mellon analysis shows online songwriters seek collaborators with complementary skills
110 Lack of energy an enemy to antibiotic-resistant microbes
111 Courts mostly ignore immigration status in lawsuits, study says
112 Refocusing important on and off the court, says new study.
113 Parents' praise predicts attitudes toward challenge 5 years later
114 Negative stereotypes about boys hinder their academic achievement
115 Differential parenting found to affect whole family
116 Teaching teens that people can change reduces aggression in school
117 LSUHSC research finds protein that prevents light-induced retinal degeneration
118 Scopolamine: An old drug with new psychiatric applications
119 The Big Picture: Helping Companies Make Products We Actually Want
120 KAIST develops wireless power transfer technology for high capacity transit
121 Name-brand or generic? Your political ideology might influence your choice
122 Marketing technique: Activating gender stereotypes just to knock 'em down
123 Scientists should advance management of behavioral norms
124 Tube versus IV feeding in malnourished pediatric cancer patients
125 More evidence needed for scale up of mobile device technology in health
126 New Material Promises Better Solar Cells
127 Spotting the invisible cracks in wind turbines
128 New world record efficiency for thin film silicon solar cells
129 Early music lessons boost brain development
130 Building a biochemistry lab on a chip
131 'A drop of ink on the luminous sky'
132 Sustainable new catalysts fueled by a single proton
133 W49B: Rare Explosion May Have Created Our Galaxy's Youngest Black Hole
134 Scientists discover how animals taste, and avoid, high salt concentrations
135 Origami Meets Chemistry in Scholarly Video-Article
136 Vortex pinning could lead to superconducting breakthroughs
137 Magnetic shielding of ion beam thruster walls
138 Engineers show feasibility of superfast materials
139 Cheap, strong lithium-ion battery developed at USC
140 Ice age extinction shaped Australian plant diversity
141 A war without end--with Earth's carbon cycle held in the balance
142 Finding 'Mr. Right,' how insects sniff out the perfect mate
143 Penn Geologists Quantify, Characterize Sediment Carried by 2011 Mississippi Flood to Louisiana's Wetlands
144 Academic Institutions Added More Science and Engineering Research Space in Last Several Years
145 Early breast cancer diagnosis, survival rates low in rural India
146 Blowing hot and cold: US belief in climate change shifts with weather
147 Chest pain prior to a heart attack can protect the heart
148 Social Scientists Propose Integrated Information Systems For Smarter Health And Social Care
149 Flexible Classroom Design Saves Money, Improves Flexibility, Accessibility of Instruction
150 Kaiser Permanente's anti-obesity interventions in schools show signs of success
151 Are deaf and hard of hearing physicians getting the support they need?
152 Despite reported dislike, older readers put in less effort when using e-readers
153 Asians are far more likely than Anglos to be college-educated
154 Hastings Center resources chart progress in debate over medical research with animals
155 Noisy classroom simulation aids comprehension in hearing-impaired children
156 Gap geometry grasped
157 Cooperators can coexist with cheaters, as long as there is room to grow
158 New modeling approach transforms imaging technologies
159 Lungs of the planet reveal their true sensitivity to global warming
160 UMass Amherst biostatisticians identify genes linked to heart disease
161 Placental mammal diversity exploded after age of dinosaurs
162 3D Printing on the Micrometer Scale
163 Computerized 'Rosetta Stone' reconstructs ancient languages
164 US Supreme Court under the microscope
165 Scientists create automated 'time machine' to reconstruct ancient languages
166 Cardiovascular risk may remain for treated Cushing's disease patients
167 Copper depletion therapy keeps high-risk triple-negative breast cancer at bay
168 Study suggests infant deaths can be prevented
169 We're emotionally distant and that's just fine by me
170 Kinect teleport for remote medicine
171 A neural basis for benefits of meditation
172 For some, deep brain stimulation brings lasting improvement in neuropathic pain
173 Researchers discover biological diversity in triple-negative breast cancer
174 Key Molecule Suppresses Growth of Cancerous Liver Tumors, Mayo Study Finds
175 Protein central to cancer stem cell formation provides new potential target
176 Epigenetics Shapes Fate of Brain vs. Brawn Castes in Carpenter Ants
177 Happily Married Couples Consider Themselves Healthier, Says MU Expert
178 Childhood emotional abuse dramatically strong among male alcohol-dependent individuals
179 A genetic device performs DNA diagnosis
180 When talk is free: The effects of pricing plans on consumer demand
181 Predicting a low carbon future for Toronto: A tale of two outcomes in the plan to reduce GHGs
182 Researchers create 'building block' of quanutm networks
183 Poll: Americans back climate change regulation, not taxes
184 Mouse models fail to reproduce inflammatory genomic response to serious injuries
185 Can computers save health care? IU research shows lower costs, better outcomes
186 Underage youth drinking concentrated among small number of brands
187 Gun violence prevention experts call for more physician involvement
188 New study examines victims and cyberstalking
189 Youths with Autism Spectrum Disorder Need Help Transitioning to Adult Health Care, Says MU Expert
190 Gaps in mental health infrastructure for youth identified in many US communities
191 Study examines hospital readmission and mortality rates for Medicare patients
192 Folic acid supplements early in pregnancy may reduce child's risk of autism by 40%
193 Diclofenac used and recommended globally, despite cardiovascular risks
194 Depression Risk among Women in the Military Deployed after Childbirth
195 Helping or hovering? A parent's dilemma
196 Field experiment finds significant electoral fraud in Moscow
197 Get off my lawn: Song sparrows escalate territorial threats--with video
198 Study shows that problem-solving training helps mothers cope with child's cancer diagnosis
199 Carnegie Mellon brain imaging research shows how unconscious processing improves decision-making
200 By guessing, clinicians may miss 3/4 of alcohol problems
201 Facial Structure May Predict Endorsement of Racial Prejudice
202 Resignation of Pope Benedict XVI demands a close look at rules of modern papal election
203 Earth-like planets are right next door
204 A massive stellar burst, before the supernova
205 The European Space Sciences Committee reacts after the European Space Agency Council meeting at Ministerial level.
206 Forecasting a supernova explosion
207 Smartphones, tablets help UW researchers improve storm forecasts
208 Observed: The outburst before the blast
209 How the world's saltiest pond gets its salt
210 The Sun Produces Two CMEs
211 NASA Scientists Build First-Ever Wide-Field X-ray Imager
212 Hubble captures strobe flashes from a young star
213 NASA Telescopes Discover Strobe-Like Flashes in a Suspected Binary Protostar
214 Earth-Directed CME Released by Long Duration Solar Flare
215 European satellite confirms UW numbers: Arctic Ocean is on thin ice
216 NASA Scientists Part of Arctic Sea Ice Study
217 A new "Virtual Moderator" helps reach consensus in troubled negotiations
218 A system that improves the precision of GPS in cities by 90% cuadrito
219 Nature Methods Study: Using Light to Control Cell Clustering
220 Discovering cell surface proteins' behaviour