File Title
1 Fossil leaves uncover mass plant extinction
2 Regulate 'unhealthy industries' say experts
3 EU ban on UK mince made suppliers vulnerable to horse meat
4 Reg Turnill: Veteran BBC aerospace correspondent dies
5 Ancient languages reconstructed by computer program
6 EU budget deal for farmers raises wildlife concerns
7 Lift-off for latest Landsat mission
8 North Korea carries out biggest nuclear test
9 UK mulls 'radical' shake-up of air traffic control
10 The psychology of why cyclists enrage car drivers
11 UN gathers for urgent talks on North Korea nuclear test
12 Pope Benedict has a pacemaker, the Vatican confirms
13 Coca-Cola drinking 'linked to New Zealander's death'
14 Obama 'to announce' 34,000 troops out of Afghanistan
15 Wrestling dropped from 2020 Olympic Games
16 Bradley Cooper on Oscars and Silver Linings Playbook
17 The Comment Group: The hackers hunting for clues about you
18 Tesla says New York Times electric car review 'fake'
19 Pope Benedict 'will not interfere in successor's affairs'
20 Dogs understand human perspective, say researchers
21 Syria crisis: Rebels 'seize northern air base'
22 Pope resignation: Who speaks Latin these days?
23 Finmeccanica's Giuseppe Orsi held on corruption charges
24 Vertu chooses Android over Windows for luxury handset
25 Tesco trials new on-demand film and TV service
26 American Express launches purchase-via-Twitter service
27 Bitcoin virtual currency can now be used to pay for pizza
28 Horsemeat scandal: Beef products 'pose no health risk'
29 Nigeria Wazobia FM journalists held over polio deaths
30 Electronic cigarettes--miracle or menace?
31 Earth in no danger from asteroid flyby this week
32 U.N. to move against batteries like the ones on Boeing 787 Dreamliners: AP
33 How rare is your name? Not as rare as you think
34 NASA launches $855 million Landsat mission
35 iPhone 5 rated 5th in U.S. user satisfaction
36 Weathering the blizzard with social media
37 Dell: Going private is the "best" move for company
38 Help scientists name Pluto's moons
39 U.S. target of sustained cyber-espionage campaign
40 Robotic Russian supply ship takes off for ISS
41 North Korea: Nuke test just a "first response" aimed at U.S.
42 Cruise ship adrift in Gulf of Mexico for 3 days
43 North Korea conducts third nuclear test
44 Prabal Gurung: From Nepal to global fashion stardom
45 Gunfight in Delaware courthouse kills 3
46 Pentagon announces extension of benefits to same-sex partners
47 Report: Obama to bypass Congress on gay rights, environment
48 Poll: 45% approve of Obama's handling of the economy
49 As Obama readies economy-focused State of the Union speech, defense cuts loom
50 Mayor Bloomberg: 21 food companies cut salt from popular products
51 How much should a hip replacement cost? Study raises more questions than answers
52 Reference: Lymphatic System: Facts, Functions & Diseases
53 Born To Be Wild: Releasing Captive-Bred Pandas
54 More 60-Somethings Being Hurt in Motorcycle Crashes
55 Reference: Acropolis: 'High City' of Athens
56 Giant Pandas May Be Threatened by Forest Reform
57 Megadunes and Hoar Frost: 6 Facts About Snow
58 Remote Philippine Island A Biodiversity Hotspot
59 Women with No Fear Feel Panic in Experiments
60 Exercising Your Brain May Improve Your Life
61 How Birds Got Their UV Vision
62 Pope Benedict to Step Down, 1st Since Middle Ages
63 Does Exercise Reduce Prostate Cancer Risk?
64 7 Ways to Get Promoted in 2013
65 Flu Activity Decreasing in US
66 The Surprising Work Perk People Want Most
67 NASA Asteroid-Sampling Mission to Help Gauge Impact Threat
68 Supernova Alert! Astronomers Spot Warning Outburst
69 Are You There, E.T.? SETI Finds No Alien Signals from Exoplanets
70 NASA Launching Powerful Landsat Earth-Observation Satellite Today
71 Papal Primer: History's 10 Most Intriguing Popes
72 Sun Unleashes Solar Eruption at Earth During Long Flare
73 Drone License List Grows
74 Entrepreneurs Are Happiest Workers
75 Who's Keeping Your Boss in Check?
76 'Alien' Argentine Ants May Have Met Their Match
77 Java to Go: Couple Addicted to Coffee Enemas
78 Reference: Urinary System: Facts, Functions & Diseases
79 Premature Births Linked to Scarcity of Men
80 Sunlit Permafrost Unleashes Carbon at Faster Pace
81 Giant Ocean Vortex Linked to Monsoon
82 Richard III 'Discovery' Reported in 1935
83 7 Worst Battery Life-Guzzling Gadgets
84 What Does Horse Meat Taste Like?
85 Your Help Wanted to Name Two of Pluto's Moons
86 Vitamin D Supplement Labels May be Misleading
87 How Pregnancy's High Blood Pressure Could Reveal Heart Disease Risk
88 Epic Glacier Collapse Caught on Camera
89 Environmental Lessons Found in 19th-Century Cemeteries
90 Curved-glass 'iWatch' Possible with Current Tech
91 Software Revives Dead Tongues
92 Astronaut Sends Chinese New Year Greetings from Space
93 Russia Launches Robotic Supply Ship to Space Station
94 See Elusive Mercury as 'Pink' Planet in Sunset Sky
95 NASA Launches Advanced Landsat Earth-Watching Satellite Into Orbit
96 Robotic Russian Supply Ship Docks With Space Station
97 'Charioteer' Constellation Rides Through February's Skies
98 NASA's 'Mohawk Guy' Will Sit with First Lady at State of the Union
99 150-Foot Asteroid Has Close Encounter with Earth This Week
100 What If Friday's Flyby Asteroid Hit Earth?
101 Toy Gun Makers Aim for Delicate Balance After Shootings
102 Patent Filings at Record High
103 Ancient Magical Illusion Even More Effective Than Magicians May Realize
104 Slashing the Salt Would Save Lives
105 Gelada Baboons Keep Sexual Infidelity Hush-Hush
106 King Cakes & Floats? 5 Mardi Gras Facts