File Title
1 Cannabis, IQ link more than socioeconomics
2 Facebook envy can make you miserable
3 Sun's hot mystery solved
4 Greenland ice a benchmark for warming
5 Code of life becomes databank
6 Dung beetles guided by Milky Way
7 World's unknown species 'can be named' before they go extinct
8 Ireland to build 'giant' wind turbines to power UK homes
9 Contaminated horsemeat sold for food, FSA admits
10 UN launches inquiry into drone killings
11 Antibiotic 'apocalypse' warning
12 'Self-eating' enzymes key to organ failure, research suggests
13 Rats 'eat' part of Suffolk woman's car
14 British native dog breeds stage comeback
15 Can UK science navigate around the Valley of Death?
16 The light fantastic: Harnessing Nature's glow
17 Russia explores old nuclear waste dumps in Arctic
18 Australia's wombats struggling to survive
19 Undiscovered Basel
20 North Korea 'plans third nuclear test'
21 Syria conflict: UN says refugee crisis in Jordan 'critical'
22 Pentagon ends ban on women in frontline combat
23 Apple shares fall 12% on growth fears
24 The offal truth about American haggis
25 Burma learns how to protest--against Chinese investors
26 Dolphin rescue caught on underwater camera
27 Joseph Stiglitz attacks US 'inequality'
28 South African crocodiles 'in mass escape' during floods
29 Anonymous hacker group: Two jailed for cyber attacks
30 US Navy ship aground on Philippine reef 'taking in water'
31 John Kerry sails through Senate confirmation hearing
32 Becoming biohackers: The long arm of the law
33 US Mumbai attacks plotter given 35 years in prison
34 Ex-Sony Wipeout veterans create new video games studio
35 MIT consults staff and students over Aaron Swartz probe
36 Twitter launches Vine micro-video sharing service
37 Cuba first high-speed internet connection activated
38 Sony fined over 'preventable' PlayStation data hack
39 Nokia returns to profit but drops dividend payment
40 Sky Broadband struggles with demand after adding subscribers
41 'Give a personalised-saving coin to every child'
42 Female smoking death risk 'has soared'
43 A rural health solution to Philippine brain drain
44 Chicago fire in ice-encrusted warehouse resumes
45 Texas women sue website, host over "revenge porn"
46 Activists to Microsoft: Who is requesting our Skype data?
47 Dung beetles navigate by the stars
48 Opportunity rover chief: "Trying to squeeze everything out of it we can"
49 Biggest dinosaurs had brains the size of tennis balls
50 Sony fined in U.K. over PlayStation cyberattack
51 DNA could store all the world's digital data, says study
52 Watch: Starlit tour of the planetarium projector museum
53 Toyota, BMW working on new battery technology
54 Nintendo announces new Mario, Zelda games for Wii U
55 The Elder Scrolls Online beta opens, trailer electrifies
56 U.S.: 3 charged over "Gozi" global computer virus
57 Governments fishing for more user data from Google
58 Dolours Price, Irishwoman at center of IRA tapes story, found dead at home
59 Lawmakers unveil bill to ban assault weapons
60 USS--Guardian, Navy minesweeper grounded on Philippine reef, taking on water
61 North Korea planning "high-level" nuclear test
62 Linda Pugach, blinded in infamous NYC crime, dies
63 Hillary Clinton on Benghazi: "I do feel responsible"
64 Gun control bill faces long odds in Congress
65 Panetta to lift ban on women in combat
66 Beyonce lip-sync controversy: Stars weigh in
67 Many abused women may be sexual "coercion" victims
68 CDC says new norovirus strain caused 140 outbreaks since September
69 A question of access? Mental health and gun violence
70 Second N.Y. hospital warns of HIV infection risk from insulin pens
71 Migraine "triggers" may not cause migraines after all
72 Condoms don't diminish sexual pleasure, survey says
73 Doctors taught to recognize partner, spouse abuse
74 Women's lung cancer death rate almost the same as men's
75 Shootings and fear surge in Oakland
76 J.P. Morgan exec: Squabbling in D.C. is holding back U.S. economy
77 Lowly Dung Beetles Are Insect Astronomers
78 Dung beetles guided by Milky Way
79 NASA's stunning images of the sun may ultimately protect Earth from solar storms
80 NASA scope reveals 'magnetic braids' in sun's atmosphere
81 Carb-Loving Dogs, DNA Storage and a Pool Full of Jelly
82 Sperm Whales Adopt Deformed Dolphin: Report
83 New dinosaur fossil challenges widely accepted theories on the origin of flight
84 DNA may soon be used for storage
85 Agency Moves to Retire Most Research Chimps
86 Research Chimps May Be Headed From Lab To Leisure
87 Rules would restrict medical research on chimpanzees
88 Learning to love grains, potatoes was key to the evolution of dogs
89 Carbs were key in wolves' evolution into dogs
90 Don't clone a Neanderthal baby
91 Orinda Student Is A Science Research Star
92 List: Intel Science Talent Search finalists, 2013
93 Which Ice Sheet will Play a Bigger Role to Sea Level Rise?
94 Eyes Turn to Antarctica as Study Shows Greenland's Ice Has Endured Warmer Climates
95 Lost Cat Finds Her Way Home: Do Cats Have Built-In GPS?
96 We thought she was a goner
97 Averting Climate Change May Cost $700 Billion a Year
98 The Climate Change Endgame
99 The U.N.'s Global Warming War On Capitalism: An Important History Lesson
100 Python Hunters Wear Snake Piss-Like Cologne, Apparently
101 Opinion: Florida's Great Snake Hunt Is a Cheap Stunt
102 DARPA to breathe new life into dead satellites
103 Cleaning up the universe: How Pentagon plans to scavenge space junk from defunct satellites for recycling
104 Betelgeuse to Rip Through Interstellar 'Wall'
105 Space Station Program Takes On Astronaut Vision Problems
106 The Shrinking Proton: Particle Is Smaller Than Thought
107 Hydrogen made with muons reveals proton size conundrum
108 Study: South American Glaciers In Historic Retreat
109 Andean glaciers melting at 'unprecedented' rates
110 New Strain of Stomach Bug Spreading Across US
111 Quitting smoking prolongs life at any age
112 Penelope Cruz Acupuncture Beads Look like an Ear Piercing
113 Bevacizumab's Indication Extended in Colorectal Cancer
114 FDA approves new use for Roche's Avastin in colon cancer treatment
115 Controversial bird flu research to resume
116 Many abused women may be sexual "coercion" victims
117 Many Women Victims of 'Contraceptive Sabotage,' Experts Say
118 In N.A.A.C.P., Industry Gets Ally Against Soda Ban
119 Supersized court challenge to NYC's ban on big, sugary sodas
120 Soda Ban NYC: NAACP, Minority Groups Speak Out Against Ban On Large Soft Drinks, Pursue Legal Action
121 UT-Austin, Stanford researchers strive to develop way to combat HIV
122 Stanford lab creates HIV-resistant cells
123 PQ battles Red Cross, CSL and The Alfred hospital in medically-acquired HIV case in 1980s trials
124 Monthly MS Drug Wins in Trial
125 Biogen's Longer-Lasting MS Drug Meets Goals in Late Trial
126 Egypt plans new vaccinations after polio virus found in Cairo sewer
127 Condoms Don't Ruin Sex, Study Says
128 It's official: Condoms DON'T make sex less enjoyable
129 Gallup Poll: 36 Percent Of American Adults Overweight
130 Fat drivers are 80% more likely to die in a crash: Extra weight stops seat belts tightening properly
131 IBM vastly improves delivery of nanomeds that kill bacteria where antibiotics fail
132 Migraine Triggers May Not Be So Potent After All
133 Migraine Triggers Fail to Match Patient Reports
134 American Cancer Society: Floridians want state to expand Medicaid
135 WellPoint expects states to expand Medicaid
136 Are Those Who Multitask Most the Worst at It?
137 Exercise tied to better colon cancer survival odds