File Title
1 Curiosity Mars rover takes historic drill sample
2 Snowstorm Nemo: North-eastern US and Canada dig out
3 Heavy gunfire in northern Mali town of Gao
4 India's Kumbh Mela festival holds most auspicious day
5 Five dead on Canary Islands cruise ship
6 Zhuang Zedong, Chinese 'ping-pong diplomacy' player, dies
7 A Point of View: Grand Central, the world's loveliest station
8 The cost of Obama's secret drone war
9 Twins' DNA hinders France sexual assault investigation
10 Foreign doctors killed in north-eastern Nigeria
11 Christopher Dorner: LAPD may reopen sacking probe
12 Horsemeat scandal: Focus switches to Romania
13 Look on the bright side at London's light show
14 Chinese New Year: Quirky gadgets ease getaway pain
15 Doctors 'miss' underweight children, UCL study suggests
16 Living with Addison's disease
17 How drones are changing the military
18 Drones: Eyes in the sky
19 Robot band, Facebook quitting contract: This week in off-beat tech stories
20 Grom Social's 12-year-old founder Zach Marks takes on social networking
21 Bright comet may be visible to naked eye in March
22 Twitter to enable searches for old tweets
23 Meet your mama: Ancestor of all placental mammals revealed
24 Dino-killing comet paved the way for the rise of mammals
25 LAPD to reopen probe into fugitive ex-cop's firing
26 Manhunt for ex-LAPD officer Christopher Dorner drags on in the California mountains
27 Penelope Soto, Fla. teen who flipped off judge, apologizes and avoids 30-day sentence
28 Mass. boy dies of carbon monoxide in running car
29 Penn State postman delivers lesson in happiness
30 Tense moments as California agents confiscate illegal guns
31 Christopher Dorner manhunt: Two innocent women shot by LAPD officers had "no warning"
32 Economy to be focus of Obama's State of the Union speech, aides say
33 Steven Seagal, sheriff train Arizonans to guard schools
34 Gabrielle Giffords, husband Mark Kelly to attend State of the Union
35 Ohio congressman's meditation crusade
36 Newly diagnosed brain disease may be misdiagnosed as psychological disorder
37 Record-breaking snowstorm batters New England
38 Clamping down on prescription painkiller abuse
39 Worst of flu season may be over as death rates continue to fall
40 Thousands of women sue over alleged surgical mesh infections
41 IBM supercomputer Watson now being offered to doctors to diagnose patients
42 Online outrage after Croatian child reportedly charged $837,000 by U.S. hospital for cancer treatment
43 Curiosity Rover Gently Penetrates Martian Surface for the First Time
44 Scientists create hypothetical ancestor of placental mammals
45 Rat-Size Ancestor Said to Link Man and Beast
46 Asteroid Impact Was The Coup De Grace For Dinosaurs
47 Asteroid Impact That Killed the Dinosaurs: New Evidence
48 Dinosaur extinction battle flares
49 Doomsday Prophets Excited About Asteroid 2012 DA14, First Apocalypse Of 2013
50 Coming soon: 2012 DA14, the asteroid that could destroy Glasgow
51 Earth-Observing Satellite to Launch From Calif.
52 Fate of Historic Landsat Mission Hinges on Upcoming Launch
53 Google+ Hangout To Go Out Of This World With ISS Crew Chat
54 NASA Hosting First Google+ Hangout With ISS Crew
55 Climate Change And The Blizzard: Nor'easters More Fierce With Global Warming, Scientists Say
56 EPA Readies Climate Adaptation Plan as Earth Warms
57 EIU to sponsor 2013 Darwin Day events in honor of 204th birthday
58 Solar Superstorm Could Jeopardize Aircraft, Satellites & Human Health, Report Says
59 Polar Bears Will Just Adapt to Land, Right?
60 Are Polar Bears Really Disappearing?
61 Monitoring air quality in China is becoming big business
62 China needs smog-free air in a can
63 Smog haze pollutes Beijing's prospects
64 Monmouth man, inventor of touch-tone keypad, dies at 94
65 John E. Karlin, Who Led the Way to All-Digit Dialing, Dies at 94
66 Penguin Poop Leads Ice Researchers To Unknown Colony
67 9,000-strong penguin colony discovered in Antarctica after scientists spotted their poo trails in satellite images
68 Lockheed Martin Expanding Human Spaceflight Role
69 Found DNA Creates 3-D Portraits of Strangers
70 Meet The Florida Couple Addicted To Butt-Chugging Coffee
71 Couple Addicted to Coffee Enemas, Up to Four Times a Day
72 Childhood vaccines safe, says Institute of Medicine
73 Some Whooping Cough Strains Now Outsmarting Vaccine
74 Two infected with bird flu in southwest China
75 Flu Symptoms: How You'll Feel if You Catch the Influenza Virus
76 IBM supercomputer takes on new role in health arena
77 IBM's Watson Gets Its First Piece Of Business In Healthcare
78 Millennials are America's most stressed-out generation, study finds
79 The Most Stressed Out Generation? Young Adults
80 Add kids to healthy heart efforts
81 Traditional Southern diet, stroke may be linked, researcher says
82 Southern Diet Might Explain the 'Stroke Belt'
83 Southern Diet Has Tight Grip on 'Stroke Belt'
84 Estimate health costs from current expenses
85 Forget the governors: Are doctors ready for the Medicaid expansion?
86 Report: The number of Americans with Alzheimer's disease will almost triple by 2050
87 Alzheimer's cases, and costs, projected to swell
88 Alzheimer's 'epidemic' could hit the USA by 2050
89 Baby Boomers' health worse than past generation's
90 Big News Around You: Michigan Supreme Court Rules Against Medical Marijuana Dispensaries
91 Medical-pot dispensaries not allowed, Mich. court rules
92 Michigan Medical Marijuana Dispensaries Illegal, State Supreme Court Rules 4-1
93 Antibiotics And Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria In Meat: Not Getting Better
94 Could this 'Star Trek' headband help banish migraines?
95 Nerve-Stimulating Device Might Ease Migraines
96 Celgene Wins Approval of Drug to Treat Deadly Blood Cancer
97 FDA Approves Pomalidomide for Multiple Myeloma
98 Cells forged from human skin show promise in treating multiple sclerosis, myelin disorders
99 Baby boomers have worse health than parents' generation
100 Action to protect polar bears urged
101 Ancient tomb cluster unearthed in China
102 Independent probe set in Superdome outage
103 Asian birds species in need of help
104 Common mole can smell in stereo
105 Africa-only smartphone unveiled
106 Meerkats shows altruism toward group
107 Impact of Fla. marine reserve measured
108 'Smog' forming on Saturn moon studied
109 High-tech pen buzzes to point out mistakes
110 Puppy successfully born from frozen embryo
111 Software hints at Apple Internet radio
112 Cellphone signals can indicate rainfall
113 Largest prime number to date found
114 Apple hints at solar-powered iPhone
115 India, Nepal to conduct Bengal tiger count
116 Video chat site tightens requirements
117 Bloom Energy penalized for low wages
118 Russian rocket launches U.S. satellites
119 2 Great Lakes at record low levels
120 Study: Elephants know where they are safe
121 Minnesota cancels moose season
122 Earth-like planets closer than thought?
123 New date seen for creation of Himalayas
124 First photo of approaching comet snapped
125 Study: Biodiversity protects ecosystems
126 'La Nada' in Pacific vexes climatologists
127 Same-size fish group for protection
128 Smartphones may help forecast weather
129 Poachers slaughtering African elephants
130 Vine video sharing app now 'adult' rated
131 EU considers cybercrime reporting plan
132 Salmon said to navigate by magnetism
133 Antarctic pond may yield Mars water clues
134 Drop in hunting not good news for ducks
135 Americans want climate rules but not taxes
136 Evidence mounts for impact as dinosaur end
137 Phone app 'translates' newspapers for kids
138 Many moving PC tasks to phones, tablets
139 Secret of Picasso's paint revealed
140 BlackBerry won't sell Z10 phone in Japan
141 Seattle ends police drone program
142 French rocket launches two satellites
143 Earliest mammal ancestor described
144 Timber smuggling hits Mozambique
145 N/A
146 New Zealand said at risk from tsunamis
147 Tourist's photos could aid shark research
148 Antarctic ozone hole said shrinking
149 Android overtaking iOS in brand loyalty
150 Bird species at risk in Russia
151 Satellite undergoes extreme testing
152 Paralyzed man moves robot arm by thought
153 Indonesia has conservation success in park
154 Dell deal could be scuttled
155 Google chairman to sell 3.2M shares
156 Scientists hunt for Alfred the Great
157 Academic says gay animals overlooked
158 Drill, baby, drill!
159 John Karlin, keypad designer, dies at 94
160 Feel secure about your phone?