File Title
1 Apple loses iPhone naming rights in Brazil, report says
2 Apple awarded design patents for slide-to-unlock and original iPhone design
3 New Apple job listings point to iOS Maps improvements
4 Review roundup: Microsoft's Surface Pro is about compromises
5 MacMall kicks off free overnight shipping on lowest priced MacBook Pros & MacBook Airs
6 Amazon says Kindle Fire HD has comparable screen, lower price tag than iPad
7 Vine app gets 17+ age rating with latest update
8 Apple tells reseller new Mac Pro coming in spring 2013
9 ProCutX brings Final Cut Pro X controls to Apple's iPad
10 ITC to give final ruling on Apple's Samsung complaint Aug. 1
11 Apple's iTunes Store sells 25 billionth song
12 Apple & Samsung capture 103% of handset profits as rivals lose money
13 Apple's first beta of iOS 6.1.1 aims to strengthen Maps in Japan
14 Apple and Samsung pull further ahead in U.S. smartphone market, iOS gains on Android
15 Apple grabs more than 20% of global PC market in Q4 2012
16 Australia's Treasury Department switches from BlackBerry to iPhone
17 Sprint sold best-ever 2.2M iPhones in holiday quarter, 38% to new customers
18 Apple investigating new question-based iPhone unlock, hearing aid auto-detection
19 Apple's 'disappointing' quarter still outperforms the most profitable US companies
20 Hedge fund manager David Einhorn sues Apple over $137B cash hoard
21 Wozniak: Apple now 'somewhat behind' in smartphone features
22 Mailbox app reservations go live in App Store
23 1 in 4 employees want Apple iPad for work, 1 in 3 want iPhone, study finds
24 Apple responds to Greenlight lawsuit, says preferred stock won't be barred
25 Apple now nearly as big as Microsoft Windows in personal computing sales
26 Adobe releases Flash update to address new attacks on Mac and Windows
27 EA targets Mac gamers with launch of Origin digital distribution service
28 iPhone 5 helps Apple capture 22% of global smartphone market in Q4 2012
29 Test finds Surface Pro's storage space comparable to MacBook Air
30 Rumor: Apple planning 'iPhone 5S' and new 5-inch 'iPhone 6' for 2013
31 Apple's 'aggressive' approach in India increases sales by 400%
32 Google official calls Apple trustworthy, but jokes iOS Maps users are risking their lives
33 Overseas cash restricts Apple's options for reallocating capital
34 Apple is lone holdout in DOJ e-book pricing case after Macmillan settles
35 Apple courts OLED expert away from LG
36 Mophie juices iPhone 5 batteries as new Belkin keyboard turns iPad mini into notebook
37 Apple's iOS 6.1 reportedly causing 3G and battery issues for some iPhone users
38 New York Mag's BlackBerry 10 demo unit dies after only four days
39 Federal contractor alters 'thousands' of iPads for secure government use
40 Home Depot abandoning BlackBerry platform in favor of Apple's iPhone and iOS
41 Apple files another patent application for solar-paneled iPhones, iPods, and iPads
42 Apple seeds iOS 6.1.1 beta with major Maps enhancements for Japan
43 9 out of 10 businesses support Apple iPhones and iPads
44 Apple stock to go ex-dividend tomorrow
45 ITC judge schedules final ruling on Apple's complaint against Samsung for August 1, 2013
46 Twitter's Vine app receives 17+ rating in Apple's App Store due to pornographic content
47 Replacing your Mac with an iPad: What apps and hardware you'll need
48 Legg Mason's Miller: Apple stock would rise 50% on 'sensible capital allocation' alone
49 Microsoft and the Infinite Monkey Theorem of R&D spending
50 'File:///' bug fixed in Apple's latest OS X developer release
51 comScore: Apple #1 smartphone maker in U.S. with 36.3% market share
52 Sprint reports record wireless service revenues on strong iPhone sales
53 Apple's earnings expectations have no basis in reality
54 Greenlight's Einhorn sues Apple, 'dissatisfied with capital allocation strategy'
55 Greenlight Capital urges Apple shareholders to vote 'No' on proposal 2 that would impede Apple's ability to unlock shareholder value
56 Microsoft's 'Surface Pro' tablet slammed by negative reviews
57 Apple's 'disappointing' quarter the most profitable quarter for a tech company in history
58 Mac OS X Snow Leopard stubbornly rejects retirement
59 'Republican Savior' Marco Rubio upset about Apple chargers, edges closer to Samsung
60 Greenlight's Einhorn sues Apple over plan to eliminate preferred stock, wants more cash distributed
61 Tog: The iWatch will fill a gaping hole in the Apple ecosystem
62 Why Apple needs an 'iPad Pro'
63 George Lucas plans to keep $2.02 billion in Disney stock
64 Woz: Apple 'somewhat behind' on phone features
65 Apple shares surge following company response to Einhorn
66 Jim Cramer: Apple should buy Twitter or Netflix to spur growth
67 Size comparison of 4th-gen. iPad, iPad mini, iPhone 5 and upcoming 5th-gen. iPad
68 The mobile train has left the Windows 8 platform behind
69 Gamco's Haverty: Apple's cash is 'shareholders' cash' (with video)
70 Einhorn's Apple lawsuit marks biggest investor challenge in years
71 iPhone 5S and 5-inch iPhone 6 to launch in 2013, source says
72 EA launches 'Origin' built-for-Mac online game distribution for OS X users
73 Adobe issues emergency Flash update
74 Apple's worldwide market share surged from 15% to 22% on iPhone 5 strength in Q412
75 How will Apple 'iTV' transform the industry?
76 Apple's low-cost iPhone and 'iPhone 6' to pack 5G Wi-Fi chip?
77 Apple could buy Facebook, Groupon, LinkedIn, Netflix, Pandora, BlackBerry, Yahoo, Yelp, Zillow and Zynga--and still have $2 billion left over
78 In e-book case, U.S. DOJ settles with Macmillan; case continues against Apple
79 Apple's iPhone sales in India rise four-fold in 3 months
80 Apple with $137 billion in cash considers preferred stock
81 Apple hires AMOLED TV application expert from LG Display
82 Analysts: Apple may crack open its massive, bulging wallet for shareholders
83 Cramer: By suing Apple, wrong-headed Einhorn has gone too far
84 Why Apple's 'next big thing' might instead be many little ones
85 Nearly 7 million iOS devices jailbroken with Evasi0n in first 4 days
86 CACI neuters Apple iPads for U.S. government in mobile push
87 The colossal gall of bad Apple investors
88 Home Depot dumps beleaguered BlackBerry for Apple iPhone; 10,000 employees to get upgrade
89 Evaluating David Einhorn's proposal to Apple
90 Google's Eric Schmidt to dump 3.2 million shares, roughly 42% of GOOG stake
91 Natural Products Could Be as Effective as Synthetic Drugs, Although the Odds Are Low
92 Chemist Receives NSFoundation Early Career Award for Study of the Interface Between Core and Shell of Quantum Dots
93 Klondike, Puppy Born From a Frozen Embryo, Fetches Good News for Endangered Animals
94 Finding--and Fighting--the Fat That Fuels Cancer
95 Amateur and Professional Astronomers Team Up to Create a Cosmological Masterpiece
96 Achilles Heel: Popular Drug-Carrying Nanoparticles Get Trapped in Bloodstream
97 Evidence That at Least One Mammal Can Smell in Stereo
98 Biologists Map Rare Case of Fitness-Reducing Interaction in Nuclear, Mitochondrial DNA
99 Next-Gen. E-Readers: Improved 'Peacock' Technology Could Lock in Color for High-Res Displays
100 Overall Eating Patterns Are Most Important for Healthful Eating: Updated 'Total Diet' Position of Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics
101 Giving Transplanted Cells A Nanotech Checkup
102 UT Dallas Project Pushes Boundaries of Virtual Reality
103 New Website to Explore Social Networks and Influenza Transmission
104 Virginia Tech Receives Multi-Million Dollar Award to Accelerate Research Using Supercomputers
105 Plants Cut the Mustard for Basic Discoveries in Metabolism
106 Student's Winning Plan Can Simplify Adverse Drug Reporting to FDA
107 New Coal Technology Harnesses Energy Without Burning, Nears Pilot-Scale Development
108 Central Texas Wildfire Recovery Helped by Wildflower Center Raising 700,000 Pine Trees in Two Years
109 Benefits of Bt Corn Go Beyond Rootworm Resistance
110 Second Warmest January in Past 35
111 11,000 Elephants Slaughtered in National Park
112 Smartphones, Tablets Help Researchers Improve Storm Forecasts
113 University of Maryland School of Pharmacy Joins MCART Consortium to Advance Treatments for Radiation Injuries
114 Turning Repulsive Feelings Into Desires
115 The Deep Roots of Catastrophe
116 Book Examines Impact of Climate Change on Midwest
117 Researchers Identify Unique Peptide with Therapeutic Potential Against Cancers, Neurological Disorders, and Infectious Diseases
118 'Zombie' Cells May Outperform Live Ones as Catalysts and Conductors
119 New Look at Human Fossil Suggests Eastern Europe Was an Important Pathway in Evolution
120 CWRU Probing Fundamentals for Heat-Tolerant Electronics
121 Indonesian Fishing Communities Find Balance Between Biodiversity & Development
122 U. Va. Nonprofit Organization, PureMadi, Develops Innovative Water Purification Tablet for Developing World
123 Physicians' Belief About Obesity Causes Impacts Advice and Care
124 Combining Plasma Screening with Genetic Screening Better Identifies Diagnostic and Therapeutic Targets
125 Putting Our Heads Together: Canines May Hold Clues to Human Skull Development
126 South Dakota Scientists Help Retrieve Ice Core From West Antarctica