File Title
1 Japan quake analysis points to larger tsunamis
2 Insect-eater on top rung of our family tree
3 Record asteroid to fly close to Earth
4 DNA crime-fighting in UK 'lagging behind,' experts say
5 UK vets have 'repeatedly raised concerns' over bute in food
6 Earliest placental mammal ancestor pinpointed
7 Dinosaur extinction: Scientists estimate 'most accurate' date
8 Sockeye salmon 'sense magnetic field of home'
9 Lenses found to 'cure color-blindness'
10 Five extended weekends from Europe
11 Will we ever...simulate the human brain?
12 Mali conflict: 'First suicide bombing' in Gao
13 Tunisia mourns murdered politician Chokri Belaid
14 US north-east braces for 'historic' snowstorm
15 Hacker exposes ex-US President George H. W. Bush emails
16 Delacroix Liberty painting defaced in Louvre
17 Artists use data to make political statements
18 Sergei Filin acid attack: Trouble backstage at Bolshoi
19 Findus beef lasagne contained up to 100% horsemeat, FSA says
20 German job centre's brothel offer shocks teenager
21 Nigeria polio vaccinators shot dead in Kano
22 Horsemeat row: Don't dump meat, says food minister
23 Row blows up over ownership of 'space marine' term
24 Skin 'may restore' diseased MS brain
25 Kids 'using coding skills to hack' friends on games, expert says
26 How Wreck-It Ralph recruited Sonic, Pac-Man and Bowser
27 Why online companies are moving into TV
28 Viewpoint: The universal web must be adaptive
29 Dead Space cheat undermines in-game micro-transactions
30 Apple sued by David Einhorn over cash pile
31 LinkedIn quarterly profits send shares up 10%
32 South Korean parody of Les Miserables is a YouTube hit
33 Shot schoolgirl Malala Yousafzai leaves hospital
34 EU leaders agree budget cut deal in Brussels
35 Zinc 'keeps immune system in check'
36 Twitter to enable searches for old tweets
37 Meet your mama: Ancestor of all placental mammals revealed
38 Inside the dangers of online pharmacies
39 Bellevue Hospital resumes full operations for first time since Sandy
40 Dino-killing comet paved the way for the rise of mammals
41 January declared second-warmest in 35 years
42 Ubuntu OS smartphones to hit stores in October
43 Everyone thinks they are above average
44 Northeast braces for massive winter wallop
45 Mountain manhunt for ex-LAPD cop accused of killing 3
46 Ex-LAPD cop Christopher Dorner eludes police on mountain manhunt
47 Ex-LA cop, murder suspect sent parcel to Anderson Cooper
48 Former LAPD Chief Bill Bratton on "chilling" memento ex-LAPD officer Christopher Dorner sent to network
49 Blizzard threatens NYC, New England; 2 feet feared
50 Black parents claim Disneyland character refused to touch their kids
51 Boy Scouts leaders push back decision on lifting gay ban
52 Calif. lawmakers seek toughest gun laws in nation
53 House Democrats suggest 15-point gun safety plan
54 Ashley Judd targeted in Karl Rove Super PAC ad
55 Drones, the next generation: What new tech can do
56 A billion dollars in life insurance benefits go unclaimed a year
57 One out of 12 stroke survivors contemplates suicide
58 FDA warns about fake Avastin again
59 Southern, fried foods raise stroke risk, new study shows
60 CDC: More US mothers are breast-feeding but overall rates still low
61 Older motorcycle drivers three times more likely to be seriously injured in crash
62 Asteroid strike did in the dinosaurs
63 Alzheimer's cases to triple by 2050
64 A new way to feel fear
65 Earth-like planets may be closer than thought
66 Air pollution linked to low birth weight
67 King Richard III's face revealed
68 No meat a day keeps the doctor away
69 Taiwan billionaire launches Asian 'Nobel prize'
70 Space monkey 'big step' for Iran: defence minister
71 X-Factor science to receive two billion euros
72 New mutations may show how cancers grow
73 Japan researchers grow kidney tissue from stem cells
74 Pesticides killing amphibians: study
75 Largest-ever study of mammalian ancestry completed by renowned research team
76 NASA telescopes discover strobe-like flashes in a suspected binary protostar
77 Animal magnetism: First evidence that magnetism helps salmon find home
78 New evidence suggests comet or asteroid impact was last straw for dinosaurs
79 High-energy X-rays shine light on mystery of Picasso's paints
80 Tai Chi exercise may reduce falls in adult stroke survivors
81 Earth-like planets are right next door
82 Using Twitter to predict the influence of lifestyle on health
83 The deep roots of catastrophe
84 ORNL scientists solve mercury mystery, Science reports
85 Social network use reflects East-West disparity
86 Researchers create 'building block' of quanutm networks
87 By their powers combined
88 Smartphones, tablets help scientists improve storm forecasts
89 Despite reported dislike, older readers put in less effort when using e-readers
90 Unique peptide could treat cancers, neurological disorders, and infectious diseases
91 Protein paves the way for correct stem cell differentiation
92 A massive stellar burst, before the supernova
93 Scientists team with business innovators to solve 'big data' bottleneck
94 The amazing amphibians and reptiles of the Philippine island Luzon
95 Boston College researchers' unique nanostructure produces novel 'plasmonic halos'
96 NASA scientists build first-ever wide-field X-ray imager
97 Southern Diet May Increase Stroke Risk
98 Oscar Sci-Tech Awards Honor Ingenious Screen Science And Engineering
99 More U.S. Mothers Breast-Feeding, CDC Says
100 The 9 Craziest Work Late Excuses
101 Christianity May Alter Animal Life in Amazon
102 Happiness Grows with Age, But Depends on Generation
103 Astronaut and Rocker to Premiere Space-Earth Duet Friday
104 4.5 Billion 'Alien Earths' May Populate Milky Way
105 Hope Emerges for Endangered Vultures in India
106 Japan Earthquake Unleashed Surprising Torrent of Energy
107 Asteroid Impact That Killed the Dinosaurs: New Evidence
108 Meet Your Mama: First Ancestor of All Placental Mammals Revealed
109 New Smartphone App Could Help Forecast Storms
110 Computers Cause Stress for Couples
111 Americans Plan to Bank (Not Spend) Tax Refunds
112 Company Secrets Often Depart With Employees
113 Mysterious Brain Clumps Behind Dementia Identified
114 Hungry Black Hole Spawns Bizarre Four-Armed Galaxy
115 Space Race in Asia Heating Up
116 Daily Greenland Ice Website Launched
117 Salty Antarctic Pond May Hold Clues to Water on Mars
118 Good News: Stressful Jobs Not Linked to Cancer Risk
119 Closest 'Alien Earth' May Be 13 Light-Years Away
120 Seagull Nebula Spreads Cosmic Wings in Amazing Photos
121 Chicxulub Asteroid Impact: The Dino-Killer That Scientists Laughed At
122 Rare 'Strobe Light' Star May Actually Be Twins
123 Asteroid Flyby Next Week One for the Record Books, NASA says
124 Reading on Tablets Easier for Older Eyes
125 Did Richard III Really Have a Friendly Face?
126 Obesity Is Linked to Vitamin D Deficiency
127 Air Pollution May Lower Birth Weight
128 The Genes Behind Fido's Facial Features
129 Real-Life Vampire Addicted to Blood, Doctors Claim
130 Picasso's Genius Revealed: He Used Common House Paint
131 Many Americans Believe Recession Is Permanent
132 Marijuana Use May Raise Stroke Risk in Young Adults
133 10 Best Companies to Work For
134 Curiosity Rover Drills Into Mars for 1st Time
135 Tai Chi May Reduce Falls in Stroke Survivors
136 Canada Funds Space Robot Projects Amid Competition
137 Blizzard to Slam Long Island, Windswept Snow NYC
138 Crowdsourcing Workforce Vulnerable to Exploitation
139 Population With Alzheimer's Disease Will Triple by 2050
140 Hurricane Sandy Dealt Blow to Healthy Habits