File Title
1 Hibernation may slow aging
2 Richard's fresh face helps rewrite history
3 Euro MPs back large-scale fishing reform to save stocks
4 Comet Ison caught on film by Deep Impact craft
5 African elephants prefer Serengeti National Park
6 Halley Antarctic research station up and running
7 Skydiver Felix Baumgartner fell faster than first thought
8 Richard III dig: Leicester plans to build on king
9 Dark Matter: Experiment to shed light on dark particles
10 Who, What, Why: What is the method for reconstructing Richard III's face?
11 Scientists testing for Northern Ireland 'giant gene'
12 CIA operating drone base in Saudi Arabia, US media reveal
13 France action in Mali is real war, says Le Drian
14 Tunisia: Chokri Belaid assassination prompts protests
15 Libor scandal: RBS fined 390m pounds
16 Quake off Solomon Islands triggers deadly tsunami
17 The Indian women pushed into hysterectomies
18 Airbnb battles: Would you stay with strangers?
19 World's longest cat Stewie dies at eight in Reno, Nevada
20 Paris women finally allowed to wear trousers
21 International credit fraud scheme 'stole $200m'
22 'Stand-alone' Star Wars films planned
23 Kaspersky anti-virus cuts web access of thousands of PCs
24 Sahara: Life giving sands
25 Federal Reserve confirms hack attack led to data leak
26 Twitter's Vine app gets adult rating on Apple store
27 North Korea propaganda taken off YouTube after Activision complaint
28 Zynga brings losses under control
29 What the web is doing to the future of fiction
30 Study finds obesity can 'lead to lack of vitamin D'
31 Traffic fumes linked to lower birth weight
32 Does Probability Come from Quantum Physics?
33 Evidence Moles Can Smell in Stereo
34 New 'Retention Model' Explains Enigmatic Ribbon at Edge of Solar System
35 3-D Printing Breakthrough With Human Embryonic Stem Cells
36 Meerkat Predator-Scanning Behavior Is Altruistic, Research Suggests
37 Experimental Therapy Crosses Blood-Brain Barrier to Treat Neurological Disease
38 Quantum Microscope for Living Biology
39 Gene Variants Found to Affect Human Lifespan
40 Monogamous Birds Read Partner's Food Desires
41 Human Brain Is Divided On Fear and Panic: Different Areas of Brain Responsible for External, Internal Threats
42 Obesity in Dads May Be Associated With Offspring's Increased Risk of Disease
43 Baby Boomers in Worse Health Than Their Parents
44 Water Purification On the Cheap: System Cleans 'Produced Water' from Natural Gas Wells
45 Tendency to Fear Is Strong Political Influence
46 Light-Emitting Nano Triangles May Have Applications in Optical Technology
47 Newly Discovered Plant Structure May Lead to Improved Biofuel Processing
48 A Spiral Galaxy With a Secret
49 Injection-Free Vaccination Technique Could Address Global Vaccine Challenge for HIV, Malaria
50 Klondike, Puppy Born from a Frozen Embryo, Fetches Good News for Endangered Animals
51 Birds in Asia May Need a Hand to Weather Climate Change
52 Could the Humble Sea Urchin Hold the Key to Carbon Capture?
53 Playtime: Affectionate, Less Controlling Mothers Have Strongest Relationships With Their Children
54 Native Americans at Greater Risk of Suicide After Alcohol Intoxication
55 Number of Multiple Births Affected by Congenital Anomalies Has Doubled Since the 1980s
56 Exposure to Pesticides in Food, Air and Water Increases Risk of Type 2 Diabetes, Study Finds
57 Finding--And Fighting--The Fat That Fuels Cancer: Research Examines Role of Certain Fat Cells in Tumorigenesis
58 Growth Arrest in Prostate Cancer
59 Control a Virtual Spacecraft by Thought Alone
60 Cargo Container Research to Improve Buildings' Ability to Withstand Tsunamis
61 NASA's Deep Impact Spacecraft Eyes Comet ISON
62 Popular Drug-Carrying Nanoparticles Get Trapped in Bloodstream
63 Next-Gen. E-Readers: Improved 'Peacock' Technology Could Lock in Color for High-Res Displays
64 Tourists Face Health Risks from Contact With Captive Sea Turtles
65 Hoodoos: Key to Earthquakes?
66 Green Tea and Red Wine Extracts Interrupt Alzheimer's Disease Pathway in Cells
67 Insect Drives Robot to Track Down Smells
68 Caring for Dogs to Reduce Spread of Parasite Eggs Harmful to Humans
69 Mammogram Every Two Years Has Same Benefit as Yearly Mammogram for Older Women, Study Finds
70 Benefits of CT Outweigh Cancer Risks in Young Adults, Study Finds
71 Imaging Biomarker Predicts Response to Rapid Antidepressant
72 Sunlight May Help Ward Off Rheumatoid Arthritis in Women
73 Twenty Hours of TV a Week Linked to Almost Half Sperm Count of Those Who Watch Little TV
74 Study Highlights Important Role That Patients Play in Determining Outcomes
75 Corticosteroid Injection, Physiotherapy Do Not Provide Significant Improvement for 'Tennis Elbow'
76 ACE Inhibitor for PAD May Improve Pain-Free Walking
77 Glucagon-Like Peptide-1 Receptor Agonists Related to Adolescent Weight Loss, Study Suggests
78 Economic Study Finds Mortality and Fertility Factors in Educational Achievement
79 Mutations in ASXL3 Cause Problems Similar to Bohring-Opitz Syndrome
80 'Nudge' Can Be Ethical Choice
81 Around 1 in 10 Young Mentally Ill Teens Drinks, Smokes, and Uses Cannabis, Australian Research Finds
82 One in Three Children With MS Has Cognitive Impairment
83 MicroRNA Molecule May Serve as Biomarker, Target for Brain Metastases in Breast Cancer Patients
84 It Actually Is Better (and Healthier) to Give Than to Receive, Study Finds
85 1990s Drop in New York City Crime Not Due to CompStat, Misdemeanor Arrests, Analysis Finds
86 Drinking Milk Can Prevent Garlic Breath, Study Finds
87 The Armchair as a Fitness Trainer
88 Stress Symptoms in Midlife Predict Old-Age Disability, Study Shows
89 Scientists Design Mouse With More Human-Like Immune Response
90 Paired Genes in Stem Cells Shed New Light On Gene Organization and Regulation
91 Researchers Pioneer Treatment for Viral Infection Common in Children
92 Macromolecular Shredder for RNA: Researchers Unravel the Structure of the Machinery for RNA Disposal
93 New Transmembrane Protein Support Structure Created
94 Blowing Hot and Cold: U.S. Belief in Climate Change Shifts With Weather
95 Mix-And-Match Cover Cropping Can Optimize Organic Production, USDA Scientists Say
96 Tortugas Marine Reserve Yields More, Larger Fish
97 Polar Bear Researchers Urge Governments to Act Now and Save the Species
98 Scientists Turn Toxic By-Product Into Biofuel Booster
99 Last Neanderthals of Southern Iberia May Not Have Coexisted With Modern Humans, New Data Suggest
100 New Kind of Extinct Flying Reptile Discovered
101 Tropical Rainfall Patterns Varied Through Time: Deeper Understanding of Drought Cycles in Central America
102 Discovery of Remains of England's King Richard III Confirmed
103 King Richard III? World's First Image of Grey Friars Skull Unveiled
104 Twenty NASA Balloons Studying the Radiation Belts
105 NASA's Super-TIGER Balloon Breaks Records While Collecting Cosmic Ray Data
106 Cassini Sees Saturn's Moon Titan Cooking Up Smog
107 Weekend Test On Mars Was Preparation to Drill a Rock
108 Small Asteroid to Whiz Past Earth Safely
109 Nanostructures With Living Cells: Laser System Being Developed
110 New Waterjets Could Propel Littoral Combat Ship to Greater Speeds
111 Healthy Seeds--Treated Environmentally Friendly
112 New Findings On the Structure of Graphite Oxides in Alcohols
113 Hydro Beats Nuclear and Coal, Beats Oil and Gas, Review Finds
114 Flexible Classroom Design Saves Money, Improves Flexibility, Accessibility of Instruction
115 Faster Video Streaming in a Mobile Era
116 Pushing Boundaries of Virtual Reality
117 System Uses Video Surveillance Cameras to Alert Security Agents of Dangerous Situations
118 Biodiversity Exploration in the 3-D Era