File Title
1 Hoodoos may be seismic gurus
2 Neanderthal extinction earlier than thought
3 Couch potatoes have lower sperm counts
4 Last-stand Neanderthals queried
5 Sea urchin nickel 'trick' could be key to capturing carbon
6 Rain tracked with mobile network
7 India and Nepal begin Royal Bengal tiger census
8 Sunshine may 'reduce arthritis risk'
9 Insects groom to improve sense of smell
10 Richard III: Facial reconstruction shows king's features
11 Why air traffic control still needs the human touch
12 Could big waves be big news for the Western Isles?
13 eLimu: 'T' is for tablet computer
14 US drone strikes: Memo reveals case for killing Americans
15 Dell computers to be bought back by founder Michael Dell
16 Hezbollah linked to Burgas bus bombing
17 Japan protest over China ship's radar action
18 Kentucky 'kicks ass': Taking pride in plain speaking
19 Match-fixing: How gambling is destroying sport
20 Reg Presley of The Troggs dies aged 71
21 Six Spanish tourists raped near Mexico's Acapulco resort
22 Dyson launches all-in-one hand-drying Airblade water tap
23 Richard III dig: Grim clues to the death of a king
24 TV's white spaces connecting rural Africa
25 Should you bash a 'bible bump'?
26 Delhi rape case: Defendants face first witness evidence
27 Cheaper Raspberry Pi computer goes on sale
28 Huawei launches Windows phone in Africa
29 Internet safety lessons urged for five-year-olds
30 Virgin Media in talks with John Malone's Liberty Global
31 Safer Internet Day: Louise Minchin Q&A
32 Genetic patch 'stops deafness' in newborn mice
33 Prolonged TV viewing linked to lower sperm count
34 Facebook may launch location-tracking app in March
35 Dognition asks, how smart is your dog?
36 20 hours of television per week may halve men's sperm counts
37 World Cancer Day aims to debunk four "myths" on global killer
38 Buyout firm Silver Lake purchases Dell for $24.4B
39 Turbocharged engines panned by Consumer Reports
40 Earth safe from asteroid flyby next week
41 Supersonic skydiver "Fearless Felix" Baumgartner fell faster than thought
42 Alabama hostage: 5-year-old boy "happy to be home," says family member
43 Alabama hostage taker Jimmy Lee Dykes died at cops' hands
44 Alabama Standoff Update: Boy, 5, safe, kidnapper dead, in raid on Ala. bunker, FBI says
45 Records: Suspect in murder of ex-Navy SEAL Chris Kyle had been in mental hospital
46 Brain infection, not scarlet fever, may have caused Mary Ingalls' blindness
47 Obama: Don't let pro-gun lobby block "common sense" gun laws
48 How did Minn. murderer get permit to buy 15 guns?
49 McCain calls Iran's president a monkey, tells people to "lighten up"
50 Slippers of Napoleon's Sister Found
51 Oldest Known Wild Bird Hatches Healthy Chick
52 Women with No Fear Feel Panic in Experiments
53 Largest Prime Number Discovered
54 3D-Printed Human Embryonic Stem Cells Created for First Time
55 Did Iran Really Launch a Monkey Into Space?
56 Balloon-Borne Telescope Seeks Out Elusive Big Bang Signal
57 Earth Safe from Asteroid's Close Flyby Next Week
58 Rocket Launches By North Korea, Iran Not Immediate US Threat, Experts Say
59 Iran's President Wants to be Country's 1st Astronaut
60 Alien Moons May Be Easier to Photograph Than Planets
61 How 3D Printers Could Build Futuristic Moon Colony
62 NASA Honors Fallen Astronauts in Solemn Ceremony
63 Obama Honors Astronauts Who Gave Their Lives for Space
64 Reference: Muscular System: Facts, Functions & Diseases
65 Too Much TV May Lower Sperm Count
66 Watch a Ping Pong Ball Smash through a Paddle
67 Soldier's Best Friend: Tiny Drones Spot Battlefield Dangers
68 Shame About Past Drinking Problem May Lead to Relapse
69 Potential for 'Superquakes' Underestimated, Recent Earthquakes Show
70 Holograms Preserve Holocaust Survivors' Stories
71 How Smart Is Your Dog? Find Out with 'Dognition'
72 Mathematical Excursions To Architecture
73 Richard III Announcement Spurs Excitement, Skepticism
74 Scientists Offer Wary Support for NASA's New Mars Rover
75 Eerie Rock Towers Are Earthquake Sensors
76 Cockroaches' Weird Grooming Behavior Explained
77 Reports Surface of Monster Lurking in Russian Lake
78 Search for Near-Earth Asteroids Needs a Speed Boost
79 NASA's Curiosity Rover Hammers Into 1st Mars Rock
80 Neanderthals Died Out Earlier Than Thought
81 Fossil of Flying Dino-Age Reptile Found
82 Bland Strawberries Get a Genetic Tweak for Flavor
83 Mystery of 'Little House' Character's Blindness Solved
84 2 Newfound Wasps Parasitize Ant-Eating Spiders
85 Dinosaur Footprints Lifted from NASA's Backyard
86 Increase in Deadly Rains Linked to Climate Change
87 How to Reduce Unnecessary CT Scans in Kids
88 Oldest Spider Crabs Discovered in Fossil Reef
89 Confirmed! Bones of King Richard III Found
90 Battle-Scarred Skull of Suspected King Richard III Revealed
91 Could the humble sea urchin hold the key to carbon capture?
92 Human brain is divided on fear and panic
93 3D printing breakthrough with human embryonic stem cells
94 New kind of extinct flying reptile discovered by scientists
95 1990s drop in NYC crime not due to CompStat, misdemeanor arrests, study finds
96 Little House books' Mary Ingalls probably did not go blind from scarlet fever, U-M study says
97 Shame about past alcoholism predicts relapse and declining health in recovering alcoholics
98 Survival of the fittest: Predator wasps breed at the expense of spider juveniles
99 Paired genes in stem cells shed new light on gene organization and regulation
100 Climate change clues from tiny marine algae--ancient and modern
101 Monogamous birds read partner's food desires
102 New study shows that gases work with particles to promote cloud formation
103 The impressive aerial maneuvers of the pea aphid
104 Study shows Facebook unfriending has real life consequences
105 Research suggests meerkat predator-scanning behaviour is altruistic
106 Does the functionality of your small finger determine your ability to master the violin?
107 Scientists turn toxic by-product into biofuel booster
108 How plants sense gravity--a new look at the roles of genetics and the cytoskeleton
109 DNA reveals mating patterns of critically endangered sea turtle
110 Tropical rainfall patterns varied through time
111 Changes to DNA on-off switches affect cells' ability to repair breaks, respond to chemotherapy
112 Recreating natural complex gene regulation