File Title
1 Quantum physics sheds light on cells
2 Bacterium's gold-making trick revealed
3 Rain tracked with mobile network
4 Concerns raised over 'useless' Arctic oil spill plan
5 Richard III dig: DNA confirms bones are king's
6 Tuberculosis vaccine hopes dashed
7 Sellafield clean-up cost reaches 67.5bn pounds, says report
8 Hawksbill turtles' monogamous sex life revealed
9 Prof. Peter Higgs: Prize honours Large Hadron Collider scientist
10 Testosterone: Can it make you live longer?
11 Chris Kyle murder: Suspect Eddie Ray Routh subdued in jail
12 Standard & Poor's 'to be sued' over 2007 ratings
13 Match-fixing: Champions League tie played in England 'was fixed'
14 Mali campaign: French jets hit rebel bases near Kidal
15 Should buyers of Lance Armstrong's books get a refund?
16 Abdullah Ocalan: A bridge between Kurds and Turks?
17 Richard III dig: Grim clues to the death of a king
18 What happens at an atheist church?
19 Canada stops distribution of penny coin
20 Google searches expose racial bias, says study of names
21 Paul Gascoigne in US treatment centre
22 Roll forward the doomsday train
23 Spain's P. M. Mariano Rajoy pledges to battle on
24 Marc Dutroux case: Belgium child killer asks for release
25 News headlines used to predict future events
26 4G access will not cost more for Three customers
27 Ceop warns over 'alarming new trend' in online sex abuse
28 Somalia's al-Shabab opens new Twitter account
29 Fears that music volume limits 'could be ignored'
30 Panasonic shares surge as it swings back into profit
31 Is piracy a Mega problem for Hollywood?
32 Being rich is weird, says Minecraft creator
33 'Steep decline' in child epilepsy
34 13,000 cancer deaths 'can be prevented'
35 Kidz Breakfast: Giant breakfast boosts cafe's business
36 Richard III dig: Mysteries remain over notorious king
37 Supersonic skydiver "Fearless Felix" Baumgartner fell faster than thought
38 Analyst: BlackBerry Z10 off to "solid start" in U.K., Canada
39 Neanderthals died out earlier than thought
40 U.K. sends hand-held helicopter drones to war zone
41 Dinosaur footprints lifted from NASA's backyard
42 As Superdome lights go out, Twitter entertains with viral tweets
43 Gold-digging bacteria could be high-tech miners
44 Tiny Japanese satellite beams Morse code from space
45 Twitter users spawn 24.1 million Super Bowl game tweets
46 Alien moons may be easier to photograph than planets
47 Britain's lost King Richard III, lost no more
48 Super Bowl power outage: What went wrong?
49 Tour bus crash kills at least 8 in California
50 Super Bowl 2013: Ravens withstand 49ers rally and power outage, surge to championship
51 Malala Yousufzai, teen girl shot by Taliban appears in video, renews call for women's education
52 Robert De Niro on acting, shyness and luck
53 Ex-Navy SEAL Chris Kyle murdered in Texas
54 Obama takes his gun control push on the road
55 NRA CEO: "I don't think you can trust" the White House
56 Obama: "No doubt" more revenue still needed
57 Perry: Boy Scouts shouldn't reverse ban on gay members
58 Tuberculosis vaccine MVA85A fails to protect babies in new study
59 Brain infection, not scarlet fever, may have caused Mary Ingalls' blindness
60 Bullying study suggests it subsides as gay, lesbian, bisexual teens get older
61 The psychology of winning--and losing
62 Experts: Energy drinks, alcohol and teens shouldn't mix
63 Newtown victim's family raises money for autism
64 South Korea launches satellite to join global space club
65 Ion collider flagged for closure
66 RNA fragments may yield rapid, accurate cancer diagnosis
67 Pigeon DNA proves Darwin right
68 Breast cancer caught in the act of spreading
69 Diamond defects shrink MRI to the nanoscale
70 Scientists voice support for student to mark two years of his jailing in Iran
71 Indian biotechologists protest against management practices
72 Gold-digging bacterium makes precious particles
73 Researchers scare 'fearless' patients
74 New initiative throws open access to Arabic science education
75 Students with Autism gravitate toward STEM majors
76 Neanderthal remains point to earlier extinction
77 TB vaccine takes a tumble
78 Archaeologists unearth Richard III
79 HPV vaccination programme aims to prevent cervical cancer in developing countries
80 Study disputes racial bias in NIH grant-making
81 Steven Chu to step down from energy post
82 Twice the price
83 H5N1 virus: Transmission studies resume for avian flu
84 Mice have 'massage neurons'
85 Planetary science: Caught in the act
86 Ocean conservation: A big fight over little fish
87 N/A
88 Skeleton found in parking lot identified as that of England's King Richard III, experts say
89 Richard still the criminal king
90 Fossil of Flying Dino-Age Reptile Found
91 Could 3D printers build a future moon base?
92 3D-printed lunar base may be on the way
93 Gilead profits continue to rise on strength of HIV drugs
94 APNewsBreak: Government says warming climate threatens survival of snow-loving wolverine
95 Once extinct here, wolverines on the rebound
96 Asteroid 2012 DA14 to Fly By Earth in 'Record Setting' Close Shave
97 Double asteroid trouble may have wiped out dinosaurs
98 Close shave for Earth as asteroid is set to whizz by INSIDE orbit of communication satellites
99 Letter: 'Global warming is caused by sun spots' is tired disinformation
100 Sea Launch mission fails; rocket, Intelsat satellite crash in ocean
101 Sea Launch Rocket Fails During Liftoff, Satellite Lost
102 Cockroaches' Weird Grooming Behavior Explained
103 Today On Mars: Curiosity Is Pounding Rocks
104 Report of Iran monkey launch prompts concern over missiles
105 Iran to Unveil New Missiles, Military Achievements in Days
106 To save NASA, does Charles Bolden need to go to China?
107 China entrepreneurs cash in on air pollution
108 China, take EPA, please!
109 Is Xi Jinping a Reformer? Wrong Question.
110 Tuberculosis Vaccine Not Effective For Infants
111 TB vaccine trial in infants yields disappointing results
112 Fitness in 40s, 50s Tied to Later Dementia Risk
113 FDA approves generic version of cancer drug Doxil
114 Cancer as a Death Sentence and Other Myths Dispelled
115 How Did 'Little House' Sister Really Become Blind?
116 How Effective Is the Flu Shot?
117 Flu and Apathy
118 Malala the miracle educates us all
119 Taliban gun victim Malala recovering after 'successful' five-hour operations to fit skull with titanium plate and have an ear implant
120 Vitamin C supplements tied to men's kidney stones
121 Home health aides serve a growing population; here's what you need to know
122 Therapy Plateau No Longer Ends Coverage
123 N. C. Justice Center: Medicaid expansion is 'win-win'
124 Aging Poorly: Another Act Of Baby Boomer Rebellion
125 Boomers' Health Fails to Measure Up to Parents'
126 New York State gets further $185.5 million for health exchange
127 Committee's role unclear in NH health reform plans
128 Proximity To Equator Linked With Allergy, Asthma Risk
129 Reduce, Rethink, Recharge
130 What's In Your Energy Drink?
131 FMLA Anniversary: Celebrating 20 Years of Strengthening Families
132 Researchers Scare The Crap Out Of Patients Who Supposedly Can't Feel Fear
133 Fearless brain-damaged patients are terrified of suffocation
134 Study highlights important role that patients play in determining outcomes
135 Patients rate Hudson Valley hospitals below U.S. average