File Title
1 Research Team Investigates Demise of Neanderthals in Spain
2 British cannon from Battle of Cape Passaro found off Sicily
3 China conducting closed research into ancient Korean dynasty
4 Archaeologist Ken Feder Blasts "The Fantasy of Ancient Astronauts" at Sunwatch Village Program
5 Poverty Point and the Newark Earthworks
6 Ancient earthworks share similarities
7 Hunley legend altered by new discovery
8 World's oldest portrait reveals the ice-age mind
9 Archaeological dig finds that ancient groups incinerated and buried their departed in pots
10 Pottery grave goods tell us about life
11 Archaeologist Uncovers Clues To Ancient Roman Vineyard
12 Sealing Norse Greenlanders' fate?
13 Petroglyphs on the Ledge of Souls
14 Timbuktu mayor: Mali rebels torched library of historic manuscripts
15 Sicilian Mummies Bring Centuries to Life
16 Roman-era glass workshops found in Pozzuoli
17 Oldest stone hand axes unearthed
18 What Does First-century Roman Graffiti Say?
19 Escrick sapphire ring's mystery history sparks meeting
20 A Feud Between Biblical Archaeologists Goes to Court
21 The Solar Map Project--recording the Ita letra
22 President Assad accuses Israel of destabilising Syria
23 Iraq violence: 'Many dead' in Kirkuk police HQ attack
24 Bolshoi director Sergei Filin 'knows' attacker
25 Iran seeks 'authentic' bilateral US nuclear talks
26 Etch A Sketch inventor Andre Cassagnes dies at 86
27 American Sniper author Chris Kyle shot dead in Texas
28 Car left on island of asphalt by Edinburgh Waverley workers
29 Kathy Etchingham: Life as Jimi Hendrix's 'Foxy Lady'
30 US gun control: Sylvester Stallone joins debate
31 Curiosity Mars rover hammers into rock
32 Google boss Schmidt labels China an 'IT menace'
33 Taser gun used on knifeman outside Buckingham Palace
34 Australia dolphins 'saved' by juvenile's distress call
35 Spanish Archaeologists Find 3,550-Year-Old Sarcophagus in Egypt
36 Study Rebuts Hypothesis That Comet Attacks Ended 9,000-Year-Old Clovis Culture
37 A lost royal city in Nubia
38 More discoveries at Djehuty's tomb in Luxor
39 Archaic Native Americans built massive Louisiana mound in less than 90 days, research confirms
40 Aztec Conquest Altered Genetics among Early Mexico Inhabitants, New DNA Study Shows
41 Ancient Site Restored after Modern Vandalism
42 Timbuktu Update
43 1,300-year-old tomb cluster discovered in China
44 Ice Age Lion Man is world's earliest figurative sculpture
45 Archaeologists unearth deeper Japan-Korea historical ties through weapons
46 Clovis culture comet catastrophe is a myth
47 Modern mummification sheds light on Ramses II
48 Ancient Calif. rock carvings recovered after theft
49 Mexican severed head site revealed
50 ICHHTO to Deliver One Last Blow to the Already Suffered Sasanian City of Gundeshapur
51 Roman settlement uncovered by builders in Flintshire
52 Workmen find Georgian artifacts at old hospital site
53 Malala Yousafzai recovering after operations
54 Brazil: Services for Santa Maria nightclub fire victims
55 White House posts Obama shooting picture on Flickr
56 State Police identify bus driver in crash
57 Reports: Ex-SEAL/author fatally shot on gun range
58 After Harvard visit, dozens injured in bus crash
59 Mass. killer argues against 911 call fingering him
60 School turnarounds prompt community backlash
61 Conn. lawmakers seek consensus on Newtown bills
62 Maine college offers free electric car charge-ups
63 NASA marks 10 years since loss of Columbia, crew
64 If space shuttle is doomed, do you tell the crew?
65 Energy industry develops nontoxic fracking fluids
66 Brain's vision secrets unraveled
67 Plant geneticists demonstrate new means of boosting maize yields
68 Microsoft / Technion effort mines old news for predictions
69 The bug that lays the golden egg
70 Changes to DNA on-off switches affect cells' ability to repair breaks, respond to chemotherapy
71 Study finds mutations linked to relapse of childhood leukemia
72 Bioengineers recreate natural complex gene regulation
73 Epidermal growth factor aids stem cell regeneration after radiation damage
74 Immune cell 'survival' gene key to better myeloma treatments
75 Scientists to reveal result of Richard III hunt
76 US museum unwrapping mummy's story with CT scan
77 Of Einstein and entanglement: Quantum erasure deconstructs wave-particle duality
78 Cats in US kill billions of birds, mammals, study finds
79 Expert psychologist suggests the era of genius scientists is over
80 Greenhouse gases versus solar heating: New research shows complexity of global warming
81 If space shuttle is doomed, do you tell the crew?
82 High-tech cargo airship being built in California (Update)
83 'Up-Goer Five' text editor restricts writers to 1000 most commonly used words
84 Prehistoric humans not wiped out by comet, say researchers
85 Building a lunar base with 3D printing
86 Flat boron by the numbers: Researchers calculate what it would take to make new 2-dimensional material
87 NSAC to recommend closing BNL Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider facility
88 Scientists propose creating Maxwell's demon with two quantum dots
89 Ant executions serve a higher purpose, research shows
90 Study rebuts hypothesis that comet attacks ended 9,000-year-old Clovis culture
91 Routes towards defect-free graphene
92 Warming waters take their toll on Antarctic shellfish
93 Researchers develop model for identifying habitable zones around star
94 Researchers solve biological mystery and boost artificial intelligence
95 Thinnest graphene sheets react strongly with hydrogen atoms; thicker sheets are relatively unaffected
96 Nanoscale MRI being developed
97 Listening to cells: Scientists probe human cells with high-frequency sound
98 Quantum dots deliver vitamin D to tumors for possible inflammatory breast cancer treatment
99 The nanomechanical signature of breast cancer
100 Researchers develop innovative hybrid materials out of plastics and graphene
101 Nanoparticles that look, act like cells
102 A possible answer for protection against chemical/biological agents, fuel leaks, and coffee stains
103 Nanomaterials key to developing stronger artificial hearts
104 Research show mechanism behind wear at the atomic scale
105 Physics researchers join effort to finally complete quantum theory
106 Researchers create metamaterial that looks similar to 3D Minkowski spacetimes
107 Listening to electrons: New method brings scaling-up quantum devices one step closer
108 Synchrotrons explore water's molecular mysteries
109 Researchers build bench size laser-pulsed neutron source
110 Gap geometry grasped: New algorithm could help understand structure of liquids, how they flow through porous media
111 Quantum strategies fail to improve capacity of quantum optical communication channels
112 Researchers build switchable magnetic logic gate
113 Research on lithium coatings unlocks mystery surrounding the harnessing of fusion energy
114 Physicists shine a light on particle assembly (w/ video)
115 Slowing down microwaves in a chip
116 X-rays capture electron 'dance'
117 Magnetic nano-chessboard puts itself together: Researchers switch the quantum properties of magnetic molecules
118 January hottest month on record in Australia
119 Iranian space official: Photo shows wrong monkey
120 Mozambique saved from floods due to early warning
121 Space robots: Coming soon to a planet near you
122 Increases in extreme rainfall linked to global warming
123 First color image of Curiosity's tracks from orbit
124 Solar Dynamics Observatory provides first sightings of how CME forms
125 Russia-launched satellite plunges into Pacific (Update)
126 More extreme weather predicted in national climate report
127 Where are all the dwarfs?
128 Australia failing UNESCO demands on Barrier Reef
129 Peatland forest destruction raises climate concern
130 Ten years on, US recalls Columbia shuttle disaster
131 BlackBerry faces tough battle for business users
132 New BlackBerry scalped online
133 Review: BlackBerry Z10 is good stab at rebirth
134 Global tablet sales surged in past quarter
135 Review: Chromebook improves, but still doesn't beat PC
136 Researchers find accelerometers may pose security risk for smartphones
137 The ecological badminton robot (w/ video)
138 New BlackBerry won't be released in US until March
139 Engineers building hard-working mining robot
140 Apple unveils iPad with doubled memory
141 Crucial, long-overdue BlackBerry makeover arrives
142 Cameras offer advantages even to smartphone owners
143 FDA gives green light to RP-VITA hospital robot
144 Review: Skiing stats before your very eyes with Oakley goggles
145 Amazon speaks for Kindle Fire with Ivona buy
146 Ride-hailing apps offer new way to get around town
147 FTC offers privacy guidelines for mobile industry
148 Twitter, Washington Post targeted by hackers
149 Nuclear safety chief quizzed over Fukushima
150 Apple patent dangles link between cash borrowers and lenders
151 Hacking incidents ignite fears over China
152 Hacking case puts Dutch man in US prison
153 Wickr app aims to safeguard online privacy
154 Twitter says hackers compromise 250K accounts
155 Washington Post joins list of hacked US media
156 Schmidt book labels China online menace
157 Crazy Talk gives voice to pictures
158 Newsweek company renames as 'NewsBeast'
159 Ahmadinejad unveils Iran's newest fighter jet (Update)
160 Young dolphin lures pod to safety in Australia
161 Caught in the act: Researchers capture key moments in cell death
162 Sandy's wake leaves shore birds in dire straits
163 Can plants be altruistic? You bet, study says
164 Researchers crack olfactory code for partner selection, synthesise first biologically effective perfume
165 Mapping the living cell: New technique pinpoints protein locations, helping scientists figure out their functions
166 Cooperators can coexist with cheaters, as long as there is room to grow
167 Imaging unveils temperature distribution inside living cells
168 Programming cells: The importance of the envelope
169 Promiscuous females are trying to avoid selfish genes
170 Even adaptable viruses have trouble surviving erratic temperatures
171 Obama bestows national medals for science, tech
172 Virginia Tech adjunct and colleagues refute a study on 'racial bias' report in NIH awards
173 Disengagement--not disruption--key issue in classrooms, survey reveals
174 'Bolsa Familia' boosts families in Brazil
175 Diversity study finds economic disparities rising in North Carolina schools
176 All play, no work: Policy, enforcement may stop employees from wasting time online at work, researcher finds
177 Working alone won't get you good grades, study finds
178 Sacrificial skull mound in Mexico puzzles experts (Update)
179 When fairness prevails: Research shows how uncertainty affects behavior
180 Survey reveals commercial real estate developers remain optimistic through uncertain times
181 Prescription overdose rate reaches epidemic levels in NYC
182 Scientists link excess sugar to cancer
183 'Moral realism' may lead to better moral behavior
184 Sirtuin protein discovery opens door to potential 'molecular fountain of youth'
185 Jocks beat bookworms on brain test
186 Sex to burn calories? Authors expose obesity myths
187 Previously unknown sleep pattern revealed in new research
188 Epigenetics helps explain early-onset puberty in females
189 In-brain monitoring shows memory network
190 Genome-wide atlas of gene enhancers in the brain online
191 Autism speaks through gene expression
192 If you are impulsive, take modafinil and count to 10
193 Researchers develop automated breast density test linked to cancer risk
194 Sorting out stroking sensations: Biologists find individual neurons in the skin that react to massage
195 Needless abdominal CT scans can be avoided in children, study says
196 Inactive people can achieve major health and fitness gains in a fraction of the time
197 Blood vessel cells coax colorectal cancer cells into more dangerous state
198 Germany clears genetic testing of embryos
199 Taking stairs, raking leaves may equal a trip to the gym, study finds
200 Gut microbes at root of severe malnutrition in kids
201 Tuberculosis may lurk in bone marrow stem cells of infected patients, researchers say
202 Researchers conduct deep brain stimulation in Alzheimer's patient
203 Itching for new help for eczema: Recently identified immune cells possible therapeutic target
204 New stroke gene discovery could lead to tailored treatments
205 Bioelectric signals can be used to detect early cancer
206 Research sheds light on the dangers of positive stereotypes