File Title
1 Ozone hole changes ocean flow
2 Genome traces pigeons to the Middle East
3 Sports stars have superior visual skills
4 UK moth numbers suffer crash, 40-year study shows
5 Sea Launch Zenit rocket with Intelsat spacecraft fails at launch
6 How owls swivel their heads
7 MPs call for urgent action to reduce flooding
8 3D printed moon building designs revealed
9 Pigeon DNA gives up fancy secrets
10 Bomber attacks US embassy in Ankara, Turkey
11 US economy added 157,000 jobs in January
12 AKB48 pop star shaves head after breaking band rules
13 Egypt protesters clash with police at President Morsi's palace
14 Mexico City blast: Hunt for survivors in Pemex building
15 Hijab for a day: Non-Muslim women who try the headscarf
16 Who, What, Why: Why do some countries regulate baby names?
17 Hillary Clinton: A long journey
18 New York former Mayor Ed Koch dies at 88
19 Missing property tycoon found lost, ragged and scarred
20 Aamir Siddiqi: Hitmen Jason Richards and Ben Hope guilty
21 L.A. Cardinal Mahony 'stripped of duties' over sex abuse
22 Sweden retrial for 'serial killer' Sture Bergwall
23 Police step up presence in Alabama hostage standoff
24 Sony to make last MiniDisc stereo system in March
25 Computer virus accuses victims of viewing child porn
26 Ofcom to open up airwaves for 4G mobile services
27 Details of Google's Project Glass revealed in FCC report
28 Samsung gains tablet market share as Apple lead narrows
29 Why banks are likely to face more software glitches in 2013
30 Viewpoint: The 'invention illusion' means new rarely is new
31 Spread of hepatitis C pinpointed
32 'Induce older mums early to cut stillbirth risk'
33 Twin born with 'orange-sized' tumour
34 Good dancing is 'sign of male strength,' study says
35 Should people be off on Fridays?
36 NASA marks 10th anniversary of Columbia's final flight
37 Sony likely to unveil next PlayStation on Feb. 20
38 Watch: "Brain Tricks--This is How Your Brain Works"
39 Chinese cyberattacks prompt U.S. to beef up Pentagon security, weigh action against Beijing
40 Saturn storm chokes on its tail in stunning photos
41 Cell users complain: Too many Amber Alerts
42 Apple, HBO reportedly in talks to bring HBO Go to Apple TV
43 It broke up! The shuttle broke up!: Remembering Columbia
44 Why do animals love petting?
45 Wall Street Journal: Chinese hacked us, too
46 Experts baffled over mound of human skulls found in Mexico
47 Were 900 dolphins murdered out of spite?
48 U.S. Embassy in Ankara, Turkey hit by suicide blast; 1 dead, U.S. officials say
49 Alaska Airlines plane lands safely after pilot passes out
50 Alabama standoff: Negotiators talking to captor through pipe
51 Police: Teen shot by fellow student at Ga. school
52 U.N. panel provides legal basis for sanctions against Israel over settlement expansion in Palestinian territory
53 WH: Hagel less than perfect but confirmation on track
54 New USDA rules would remove junk food from school vending machines
55 Roger Goodell says he welcomes President Obama's remarks on player safety
56 Mark Hasse, Texas prosecutor, shot dead near courthouse; suspects sought
57 Sarai Sierra Missing: Turkish police detain man over missing NYC woman, official says
58 Arizona Office Shooting Update: Phoenix lawyer Mark Hummels dies from workplace shooting injuries
59 Pocket-dialing does in another unsuspecting suspect
60 Men accused of stealing $65,000 in chicken wings from Ga. storage facility, report says
61 Steven Robbins, Indiana murder convict, mistakenly released from custody in Chicago, police say
62 CDC: Flu kills 8 more children, but overall death rates fall
63 National Wear Red Day spotlights women's number one killer
64 No One Wants a Crazy Person
65 Stigma of mental illness a setback for patients, society
66 Triaminic, Theraflu lots recalled over defective child-resistant caps
67 Marriage may reduce heart attack risk, study suggests
68 Va. woman petitions Victoria's Secret for mastectomy "survivor bras"
69 Hedgehogs behind growing number of salmonella infections, CDC warns
70 What a Reindeer Looks Like Without His Antlers
71 Sun Grows Super-Hot 'Dragon Tail' in Amazing NASA Video
72 Intergalactic Crash Scene Among Universe's Largest Things
73 Reference: Tiwanaku: Pre-Incan Civilization in the Andes
74 Build Your Own Moon: Online Lunar Game Nabs Honors
75 Arctic CSI: Cyclone Absolved in Record Sea Ice Melt
76 Google Offers $3.14159 Million in Hacking Prizes
77 Panda Cub Gets Buff
78 Whale-Poop Find May Fetch Man $180,000
79 Aftershocks May Portend Major Philippine Earthquake
80 Tiny Motor Powered by Single Molecule
81 Ravens vs. 49er Fans: Who is More Likely to Break Phones and Tablets?
82 New Orleans' Cafe Du Monde Brewing Super Bowl Plans
83 Canada Kills the Penny
84 Is Scientific Genius Extinct?
85 Game On: Heroes & Villains Lure in Casual Sports Fans
86 New Antidote for Cyanide Found
87 Single Adults Have Greater Heart Attack Risk
88 New Stroke Guidelines Expand Use of Clot-Busting Drugs
89 Tiny Japanese Satellite Beams Morse Code Messages from Space
90 Short Bouts of Exercise Benefit Health, Too
91 Biological Twist: How Owls Spin Heads Around
92 Faint Radio Signals Reveal Secrets of Failed Stars
93 Liftoff! NASA Launches Next-Generation Relay Satellite into Space
94 Aztec Conquerors Reshaped Genetic Landscape of Mexico
95 Happy Home in Adolescence Tied to Good Marriages Later
96 How Rock Pigeons Got Their Mullets
97 Sea Urchin Teeth & Trippy Clamshell Snag Science Visualization Awards
98 Salmonella Outbreak Linked to Hedgehogs Sickens 20 People
99 Scientists Watch a Fish Think
100 Gorillas to Be Protected with New Congo National Park
101 Ancient Earthen Mound Built with Surprising Speed
102 Does Deer Antler Spray Work?
103 Humans Alone Wiped Out Tasmanian Tiger, Study Says
104 Stand Back: Flu Virus Travels 6 Feet
105 Virtual Superheroes May Change You...for the Better
106 Athletes' Minds Excel at Motion Tracking
107 Future of Canada's Human Spaceflight Program Uncertain
108 South Korea Launches Rocket in 1st Space Success
109 Private Space Plane Poised for Big Test Flight
110 Star Not Too Old to Have Planets After All
111 New Cosmic 'Scale' Could Weigh Distant Black Holes
112 Twitter's Vine Revives 1890s Magic Movies
113 Webcam Spy 'Sextorted' Hundreds of Women, FBI Says
114 Chimps Learn Tool Use by Watching Others
115 Reference: Reproductive System: Facts, Functions and Diseases
116 Mystery of Lost Homing Pigeons Finally Solved
117 Peers, Not TV, Influence Girls' Body Issues: Study
118 Ancient Tapeworm Eggs Found in Fossilized Shark Poop
119 Dominoes: More Powerful Than You Think
120 Is This 1949 Device the World's First E-Reader?
121 Tracking Telomeres to the Edge
122 Pranksters 'Review' North Korea on Google Maps
123 Lightning Flash from Severe Storms Seen from Space
124 How Worms Survived NASA's Columbia Shuttle Disaster
125 Venus Can Have 'Comet-Like' Atmosphere
126 The Brain Retroactively Edits Conscious Experience
127 Military Women at Higher Risk of STIs Than Civilians
128 Buried Antarctic Lake Yields Hints of Life
129 Heads Up! Sinkhole Swallows Building Complex in China
130 Cyclone's 'Overshooting Cloud Tops' Seen from Above
131 13 Pygmy Elephants Found Dead in Malaysia
132 The One Math Skill You Need to Succeed at Work
133 Military to Use Brain Scans in Dog Training
134 Drones to Watch Over U.S. Highways
135 Ancient 'Super-Croc' Fossil Discovered in Museum Drawer
136 13 Tech Terms You Should Never Say Again
137 Super Bowl Monday? Man Petitions to Create Football Holiday
138 Mars Colony Project Inks First Investors
139 Iran's Space Monkey Launch Prompts Missile Technology Concerns
140 For NASA, a Somber Week of Space Disaster Anniversaries
141 Reference: Are Ghosts Real? Science Says No-o-o-o
142 Babies Start 'Mind Reading' Earlier Than Thought
143 Erectile Dysfunction Raises Risk of Hospitalization for Heart Woes
144 Could Barbara Walters' Chicken Pox Have Been Prevented?
145 Vegetative Ariel Sharon Shows 'Significant' Brain Activity
146 New NASA Satellite to Boost Space Communications Network
147 Ancient Caribbean Tsunami Likely Altered Ecosystems
148 How the Columbia Shuttle Disaster Changed Spacecraft Safety Forever
149 Mapping Distant Planet Surfaces Possible
150 Monster Truck Will Shake New Zealand for Safer Buildings
151 Teens More Likely to Drink If Their BFFs Do
152 Getting In Shape at Work Is Easier Than You Think
153 Cannibalism Reported in Famine-Stricken North Korea
154 Tiny Organisms Turn Great Salt Lake Pink