File Title
1 Cannabis, IQ link more than socioeconomics
2 Facebook envy can make you miserable
3 Dog evolved 'on the waste dump'
4 Farm double payments clear hurdle
5 N/A
6 Controversial bird flu work resumes
7 Massive melting of Andes glaciers
8 Report: Earlier action can cut EU's environmental risks
9 New venture 'to mine asteroids'
10 Chimpanzee co-operation linked to 'social bond' hormone
11 Boulder crashes into Utah home
12 Which countries deserve your money?
13 Himalayas: Water Towers of Asia
14 Hillary Clinton defends handling of Benghazi attack
15 EU leaders warn Cameron over membership referendum
16 US House passes temporary debt ceiling rise
17 Delhi gang rape: Panel backs reforming trials
18 Johnny Cash and his prison reform campaign
19 France in the firing line of 'new jihad'
20 Alcohol-fuelled sleep 'less satisfying'
21 Norway goat cheese fire closes tunnel
22 Kenya begins construction of 'silicon' city Konza
23 Notre Dame star Manti Te'o admits girlfriend hoax lie
24 Florence Cassez to be freed in Mexico
25 Mali conflict: Troops accused of 'summary executions'
26 Apple pulls 500px app due to 'child porn' concerns
27 First Firefox phones revealed by Mozilla and Geeksphone
28 Sky Broadband struggles with demand after adding subscribers
29 Google Transparency Report shows rise in data requests
30 Operators' 4G bidding war begins as Ofcom launches UK auction
31 Kenya begins construction of 'silicon' city Konza
32 EE offers new tariff for 4G and more data
33 Global Game Jam: Belfast to take part for first time
34 Salmon steak from GM fish could soon be on your plate
35 Why are vandalism rates falling?
36 Most parents 'lie to their children'
37 Pentagon to end ban on women in front-line combat
38 Lifetime risk of prostate cancer 'has trebled'
39 Poorer children more likely to be obese, says Anna Soubry
40 Roe v. Wade abortion ruling turns 40 amid demonstrations
41 Yair Lapid 'rules out forming an anti-Netanyahu bloc'
42 Bahraini princess facing multiple torture charges
43 Profile: Yair Lapid, Israel's Yesh Atid party leader
44 Horsemeat in Tesco burgers prompts apology in UK papers
45 The Elder Scrolls Online beta opens, trailer electrifies
46 U.S.: 3 charged over "Gozi" global computer virus
47 Governments fishing for more user data from Google
48 Watch: British scientists developing bomb-proof train
49 Court: Indiana can't ban sex offenders from Facebook
50 Apple pulls 500px app over concerns of "child pornography"
51 Why we go crazy for cute
52 Retro City Rampage Review: A serious 8-bit nostalgia overload!
53 DARPA reveals plan to use robots to recycle satellites
54 Steve Jobs threatened Palm with patents in antitrust case, says court filing
55 NASA's alien planet archive now open to the world
56 NIH lab chimpanzee retirees arrive at "Chimp Haven" in Louisiana
57 Company making plans for asteroid mining
58 Possible Richard III discovery sparks controversy
59 Ralph Nader: Video game makers are "electronic child molesters"
60 They hate me, they really hate me
61 Hillary Clinton on Benghazi: "I do feel responsible"
62 Beyonce lip-sync controversy: Stars weigh in
63 Missing Coast Guardsman reappears after 3 months
64 3 wounded in Houston-area college shooting
65 GOP: Where was Obama's outreach in inaugural speech?
66 States rethink mental health cuts after shootings
67 CTE evidence found in retired NFL players, scientists claim
68 Toxic fog settles over Salt Lake City, doctors warn
69 Booze before bedtime may lead to bad sleep
70 Owners of embattled New England Compounding Center paid $16 million in wages
71 Melamine in soup bowls may seep into our bodies: Is it safe?
72 New fox species unearthed in Africa
73 DNA shows ancestry of present-day Asians and Native Americans
74 Epilepsy drug has long-term effect on child IQ
75 Penguin head-cam captures bird's eye view of hunt
76 Australian hopes for wine with more health benefits
77 'Rock' fix for oceans is badly flawed
78 Obese likelier to die in car accidents
79 Obama in forceful call to address climate change
80 Gamma-ray burst blasted Earth in 8th century
81 Ancient Martian lake fed by groundwater
82 Better outlook for dwindling black macaque population in Indonesia
83 Ice detector warns drivers in advance
84 Space instrument adds big piece to the solar corona puzzle
85 Controlled crumpling of graphene forms artificial muscle
86 Studies provide insights into inherited causes of autism
87 Scientists underestimated potential for Tohoku quake. Now what?
88 Underwater CO2 shows potential as barrier to Asian carp
89 Household chores: Gender equality's final frontier
90 Climate change could cause massive losses in Pyrenees ski resorts
91 Researchers create self-healing, stretchable wires using liquid metal
92 Gun control: Focus on manufacturers, not just buyers, study shows
93 Readmissions frequent in month after hospital discharge
94 Knobbly knees in competition with fingerprints
95 Health and environment: A closer look at plastics
96 USDA studies confirm plant water demands shift with water availability
97 Previous unknown fox species found
98 Self-assembling silica microwires may herald new generation of integrated optical devices
99 Unprecedented glacier melting in the Andes blamed on climate change
100 How the purple and pink sunscreens of reef corals work
101 Residents near Chinese e-waste site face greater cancer risk
102 Paradise found for Latin America's largest land mammal
103 Synchrotron infrared unveils a mysterious microbial community
104 A Molecular Assembly Line Brings Muscles Into Shape
105 Climate Change to Profoundly Affect the Midwest in Coming Decades
106 Breakthrough Research Could Create Sea Change in Global HIV Diagnosis: New Handheld Mobile Device Performs Laboratory-Quality HIV Testing
107 Why Wolves are Forever Wild, But Dogs Can Be Tamed
108 Revolutionizing Military Manufacturing
109 Genes and Their Regulatory 'Tags' Conspire to Promote Rheumatoid Arthritis
110 Martian Underground Could Contain Clues to Life's Origins
111 Institute of Food Technologists Partners with FDA on FSMA Webcast Series Covering Newly Released Proposed Rules
112 Researchers Show How Cells' DNA Repair Machinery Can Destroy Viruses
113 Men More Likely Than Women to Commit Scientific Fraud
114 Globus Online Passes XSEDE Acceptance Test
115 Engineer Gets NSF CAREER Grant to Study Biofuel Process
116 Paradise Found for Latin America's Largest Land Mammal
117 UT Dallas Researchers Awarded $4.3 Million To Create Next-Generation Technologies
118 Rice-Cell Cocktail Tough on Cancer Cells, Nice to Normal Cells
119 NCI Scientists Test 5,000 Drug Combinations
120 First Global Assessment of Land and Water 'Grabbing' Published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences
121 Pavlov's Rats? Rodents Trained to Link Rewards to Visual Cues
122 Just Add Water: Using Silicon to Produce Hydrogen on Demand
123 Astrocytes Identified as Target for New Depression Therapy
124 USDA Grant Advancing Deadly Plant Disease, Insect Research
125 Virginia Tech Computer Scientists Win Award for Their Research on a New Way to Study Molecular Networks
126 Scientists Research New Way to Battle Bacteria
127 Better Outlook for Dwindling Black Macaque Population in Indonesia
128 MHC's Werner: Loss of Arctic Sea Ice Speeds Domino Effect of Warming Temperatures at High Latitudes
129 Motion Control Keeps Electric Car's Four Wheels--and Four Motors--on the Road
130 Warmer Soils Release Additional CO2 Into Atmosphere
131 Research Paves Way for Larger, Safer Lithium Ion Batteries
132 ASU Grad Student to Build Infrared Camera for Nanosatellite Space Mission
133 Astrophysicist Rachel Somerville Wins 2013 Dannie Heineman Prize for Astrophysics