File Title
1 Cold mice may be skewing cancer tests
2 CO2 emission increase driven by China, coal
3 Signs of life preserved in meteor glass
4 Researchers use CT scans, 3D printing to ID dino fossils
5 Roadside wallabies appear to be streetwise
6 Bacteria recycle genes from DNA scrapheap
7 Bouncing drops make for smarter rainwear
8 BMI is 'more nurture than nature'
9 Optical Technique Sorts Grapes for Wine Quality
10 What Is Saxophone Lung?
11 Some Americans Log More than 24 Hours Daily on Devices
12 New Hammerhead Shark Species Found Off South Carolina
13 Giant Moon-Forming Impact On Early Earth May Have Spawned Magma Ocean
14 Best Age for Woman's First Child? 25, Poll Finds
15 3 Tips for Getting into an Exercise Groove
16 New Coiled Fibers Could Heal Damaged Hearts
17 Catholic Education No Better Than Public Schooling, Study Suggests
18 Smuggled Chinese Artifacts Lead to Charges
19 From Toothpaste to Cellphones, Reducing Your Fracking Footprint (Op-Ed)
20 Babies Named After Dads: Which States Have More (And Why)
21 Fluid Dynamics Explains Some Traffic Jams
22 Grit Your Teeth: Toothbrush Holder Yields New Germ (Op-Ed)
23 Mystery of the Coral Castle Explained
24 Spinal Cord Injury: Levels, Symptoms & Treatment
25 Does Your Left Brain Know What Your Right Brain is Thinking? (Op-Ed)
26 Eyewitness: Typhoon Haiyan Strikes the Philippines (Op-Ed)
27 How Do Dogs Learn Words? Just Like Kids (Op-Ed)
28 In Texas, Standing Up for Science (Op-Ed)
29 Changing Careers? 4 Ways to Make Your Resume Stand Out
30 Four Things to Consider Before Changing Careers
31 10 Warning Signs You're Not Cut Out to Be an Entrepreneur
32 How to Be an Entrepreneur: Can It Be Taught?
33 The 7 Deadly Sins of Networking
34 Connections Trump Grades for New Grads
35 Changing the Way You Think About Change
36 Veterans Bring the Whig Party Back
37 Job Interview Advice for Veterans: Practice
38 By the Numbers: 5 Cultural Facts About Veterans
39 Health 'Score' on Food Packages May Help Consumers Make Healthier Choices
40 Can You Give HPV to Yourself?
41 Electron Appears Spherical, Squashing Hopes for New Physics Theories
42 Keep a Lid on It: The Controversy Over Earth's Oldest Rocks (Op-Ed)
43 US to Destroy 6 Tons of Ivory This Week
44 Are Crocodiles Secret Fruit-Lovers? (Op-Ed)
45 Glowing Cells Guide Development of Antifungal Drugs (Op-Ed)
46 New Scorpion Species Discovered in Turkey
47 The Physics of Peeing, and How to Avoid Splash-Back
48 Big Brother: Streetlights That Watch and Listen
49 Bacteria Control Hyena Communication
50 Inside the Most High Tech Cab in New York: Car Force One
51 Brain-stem Abnormalities May Increase Infants' Risk of SIDS
52 Dig for Hominid Bones Begins in Cradle of Humankind
53 4 Secrets of Creativity from Pixar's President
54 Incredible Tech: How to Display a 2-Ton Dinosaur
55 What Is Cellulitis?
56 Effect of Most Vitamins on Cancer Is Inconclusive
57 What Is Naproxen?
58 Ice, Ice, Bacteria (Not Too Cold)
59 Underwater Mission by Jacques Cousteau's Grandson Postponed
60 Mount Vinson: Antarctica's Highest Mountain
61 Should Animals Be Used in Laboratory Testing? (Op-Ed)
62 How Typhoon Haiyan Compares to the 2004 Tsunami
63 Execs Watching Porn a Leading Cause of Computer Viruses
64 People with Depression May Age Faster
65 How the Brain Creates Out-of-Body Experiences
66 Curiosity Rover Suffers Software Glitch On Mars
67 New Type of Quasar Found, Baffling Scientists
68 Missing Piece of Long-Neck Dinosaur Finally Discovered
69 Typhoon Haiyan Was Not the Size of the US
70 11/12/13: What Makes Today So Special?
71 Estrogen May Shield Memories from Stress After Menopause
72 U.N. Corrects Latest Climate Change Report
73 Amazing Image Reveals Micro Slip 'N Slides
74 Five Unexpected Ways Cold May Threaten Your Health
75 Confused in Any Language: "Huh?" is a Universal Word
76 Smile Secrets: 5 Things Your Grin Reveals
77 Smile Secrets: 5 Things Your Grin Reveals About You
78 Syria's Polio Outbreak is a Global Public Health Emergency (Op-Ed)
79 5 Ways Our Cavemen Instincts Get the Best of Us
80 Second-Rate Sex: Women Missing Orgasm in Hookups
81 Touch Screens Help Monkeys Relax (Op-Ed)
82 5 Foods That Face Changes with Trans Fat Ban
83 Home HPV Test May Help Detect Early Cervical Cancer
84 One World Trade Center: A Look at the World's Tallest Things
85 Calvin Klein Cologne Lures Cats to the Camera
86 Underwater Kites To Harness Liquid Breezes For Power
87 Trans-Fat Ban: Would You Even Notice a Difference?
88 Pansexual: A 'New' Sexual Orientation?
89 Too Aware? The Downside of Mindfulness Revealed
90 Oldest Big Cat Fossils Discovered in Tibet
91 Ouch! Hermaphrodite Sea Slug Stabs Mate in Head During Sex
92 Kiss the Pig Contests, Cheap Laughs and Bullying (Op-Ed)
93 Don't Take Federal Science for Granted (Op-Ed)
94 Bullying Does Not End With a High School Diploma (Op-Ed)
95 Volcano Detectives Uncover Monster Ancient Eruption (Op-Ed)
96 Devastation in Philippines Draws Support for People and Pets (Op-Ed)
97 Tramadol: Dosage & Side Effects
98 State 'Green Banks' Helping Fund Clean-Energy Expansion (Op-Ed)
99 Sky-High Microbes: How Far Up Can Life Exist?
100 Crazy Cretaceous Find: Intersex Crabs
101 Outdoor Running: Avoid These Winter Threats
102 Understanding Flu Virus Mutations Is Key to Vaccine Progress
103 Rarely Seen 'Asian Unicorn' Caught on Camera
104 Music Could Track Human Migrations
105 Carl Sagan Archive Opens at U.S. Library of Congress
106 Ancient Atlantic Seawater Twice As Salty As Today's Oceans
107 'Rare' Atom Finding May Advance Quantum Computers
108 Why the US Will Destroy, Not Sell, Its Ivory Stockpile
109 Stunning Microphotograph Shows Ladybug's Prickly Boots
110 What a Dinosaur Brain May Have Looked Like