File Title
1 Nanowires to rev up computers of tomorrow
2 Could volcanoes be driving Antarctic ice loss?
3 Mars once had oceans of liquid hot magma
4 Cold mice may be skewing cancer tests
5 CO2 emission increase driven by China, coal
6 Russia starts ambitious super-heavy space rocket project
7 Two killed in Russian space centre accident
8 NASA launches spacecraft to study Mars atmosphere
9 The Overprotection of Mars?
10 Martian chemical complicates hunt for life's clues
11 Martian Life: Good or Bad?
12 Curiosity Rover Detects No Methane On Mars
13 Life on Mars hopes fade after rover findings: study
14 We may all be Martians
15 DNA-sequencing chip could be sent to Mars to search for signs of life
16 NASA Issues 2014 Call for Advanced Technology Concepts
17 A look at recent tech sector IPOs
18 NASA Engages the Public to Discover New Uses for Out-of-this-World Technologies
19 US universities make big bets on startups
20 Paper written as science hoax published by 157 science journals
21 Tokyo gadget show offers glimpse of tomorrow
22 Elite Group of Young Scientists Embark on DARPA Research Efforts
23 Study: Teleportation would have a slight time-to-transmit problem
24 Research program to tackle asteroid and space debris manipulation
25 A New Threat from Space
26 Russian meteor shows 20,000,000 space rocks threaten Earth
27 'Crimean' asteroid not Earth-threatening
28 Association of Space Explorers Calls for Global Cooperation to Confront Asteroid Threats
29 Bees underwent massive extinction when dinosaurs did
30 Asteroid-blast space cannon on track: Japan scientists
31 Roscosmos, Academy of Sciences pool efforts for asteroid defense
32 Quantum state world record smashed
33 High-energy physicists predict new family of four-quark objects
34 Quantum reality more complex than previously thought
35 Saarbrucken physicists aim to make transition to quantum world visible
36 When scaling the quantum slopes, veer for the straight path
37 Numerical validation of quantum magnetic ordering
38 Topological light Living on the edge
39 Quantum particles find safety in numbers
40 Scientists prove Heisenberg's intuition correct
41 Evidence for a new nuclear 'magic number'
42 UNH scientists document, quantify deep-space radiation hazards
43 The Plan for Inspiration Mars
44 Researchers develop algorithm to identify individual grains of Mars soil
45 Planning group calls for National Space Policy in Britain
46 Lockheed Martin Team Tests Orion's Protective Panels
47 NASA's Orion Sees Flawless Fairing Separation in Second Test
48 UCF Lands NASA-Funded Center, Linchpin for Future Space Missions
49 Evidence found for granite on Mars
50 Variation of halogens in martian soil calls for an atmosphere-surface cycle
51 Lockheed Martin Conducts Second Successful LRASM Flight Test
52 Iran starts producing new missile system
53 Lockheed Martin, MDA and Navy Demonstrate Ashore Missile Defense System
54 'No room for error' for US nuclear forces: Hagel
55 Iranian ICBM threat to U.S. a distant prospect, think tank says
56 N. Korea progressing on ICBM to strike US: think-tank
57 N. Korea upgrading main launch site: US think-tank
58 Russia test-fires nuclear-capable missile
59 US nuclear command's deputy chief sacked over probe
60 Trident II D5 Missile Achieves a Total of 148 Successful Test Flights Since 1989
61 First detailed map of dinosaur brains suggests complex behaviors
62 Pilbara home to 3.5 billion-year-old bacterial ecosystems
63 Visualizing the past: Nondestructive imaging of ancient fossils
64 X-rays reveal inner structure of the Earth's ancient magma ocean
65 Global warming led to dwarfism in mammals twice
66 Penguin-inspired propulsion system
67 Robot herder brings the cows in for milking in Australia
68 UC Research Brings a Future of Mind-Reading Robots Ever Closer
69 Artificial heart to pump human waste into future robots
70 An intersection of math and biology: Clams and snails inspire robotic diggers and crawlers
71 Advances promise prosthetic limbs that can emulate healthy ones
72 Robots to help elderly or paint nails at Tokyo expo
73 Gimball: A crash-happy flying robot
74 Virtual Toothpick Helps Technologist 'Bake' the Perfect Thin-Film Confection
75 Next-generation semiconductors synthesis
76 Super-thin membranes clear the way for chip-sized pumps
77 Making electrical contact along 1-D edge of 2-D materials
78 Nanoscale engineering boosts performance of quantum dot light emitting diodes
79 Quantum conductors benefit from growth on smooth foundations
80 Researchers Advance Scheme to Design Seamless Integrated Circuits Etched on Graphene
81 Size matters in the giant magnetoresistance effect in semiconductors
82 CU, MIT breakthrough in photonics could allow for faster and faster electronics
83 Stanford scientists publish theory, formula to improve 'plastic' semiconductors
84 Promising new alloy for resistive switching memory
85 Graphene Photodetector Integrated into Computer Chip
86 On the Road to Fault-Tolerant Quantum Computing
87 The '50-50' chip: Memory device of the future?
88 New magnetic semiconductor material holds promise for 'spintronics'
89 China fire rattles world chip supply chain
90 Novel topological crystalline insulator shows mass appeal
91 How brain microcircuits integrate information from different senses
92 Nano magnets arise at 2-D boundaries
93 Structure of bacterial nanowire protein hints at secrets of conduction
94 Turning nanoparticles into complex nanostructures
95 Nanomaterials database improved to help consumers, scientists track products
96 Defective nanotubes turned into light emitters
97 Nano-Cone Textures Generate Extremely "Robust" Water-Repellent Surfaces
98 Newly discovered mechanism propels micromotors
99 Lockheed Martin-Built MAVEN Launches To Mars
100 LeVar Burton Shares MAVEN's Story in a New NASA PSA
101 Glassy Coating Keeps Viruses Happy In Harsh Environments
102 No peak in sight for evolving bacteria
103 MESSENGER Detects Comets ISON and Encke, Prepares For Closer Encounters
104 Novel LEDs pave the way to cheaper displays
105 US Media Consumption to Rise to 15.5 Hours a Day--Per Person--by 2015
106 Survey finds people prefer wrist or arm as best for wearable tech
107 Microsoft needs to 'start up again': CEO
108 BlackBerry scraps search for buyer, ousts CEO
109 China's Lenovo unveils 'game-changing' tablet in LA
110 Technology to deliver 'virtual' computer keyboard floating in air
111 Microsoft unfazed by 'lightweight' Apple software
112 A natural boost for MRI scans
113 Wireless carriers plot death of cheap, unlimited plans
114 Microsoft releases Windows 8.1, in restart
115 Taiwan's struggling HTC aims latest "phablet" phone at China
116 Movies with a 270-degree view to hit South Korean cinemas
117 Long-lost 'Doctor Who' episodes found in Nigeria
118 Online video use surges: US survey
119 BBC to push computing, coding in British schools, homes, businesses
120 Traditional computer sales eroded by love of tablets
121 UCLA engineers develop a stretchable, foldable transparent electronic display
122 Not just for talking, smartphones are hubs: survey
123 Boeing Partners with US Air Force to Reduce Supply Chain Costs
124 Vets of Doolittle WWII raid hold a final reunion
125 NASA Researchers to Flying Insects: 'Bug Off!'
126 Raytheon's Joint Standoff Weapon C-1 demonstrates networked capability with E-2D aircraft
127 Boeing, Lockheed team up for new US Air Force bomber
128 Wrangling flow to quiet cars and aircraft
129 In Israel, lingering bitterness over a failed fighter project
130 First F-35 For Australia Takes Shape In Fort Worth
131 US F-35 jet plagued by shoddy quality control: audit
132 F-35: Lifting The UK's Economy