File Title
1 Drug-resistant bacteria destroyed by narrow-spectrum UV light
2 Cognitive behavioral therapy 'effective' for health anxiety
3 The biggest cause of anxiety and depression is traumatic life events
4 Anxiety gene may curb willingness to help others
5 Men walk slower with romantic partners
6 Chronic itching 'may be caused by pain neurons'
7 'Pain genes' identified by DNA sequencing
8 Psychologists report new insights on human brain, consciousness
9 Oreo cookies as addictive as cocaine--to lab rats
10 Iroko Pharmaceuticals Receives FDA Approval for ZORVOLEX
11 Worldwide database of brain images for chronic pain conditions designed to accelerate research, treatments
12 Link between death from drugs like oxycodone and disadvantaged neighborhoods, fragmented families
13 Cataract treatment without surgery may lie in activating protective protein
14 Researchers take first step toward a macular dystrophy gene therapy
15 Software enables yoga for the blind
16 How and when the auditory system registers complex auditory-visual synchrony
17 No evidence to support stem cell therapy for pediatric optic nerve hypoplasia
18 What is contact lens discomfort, why does it occur and how can it be treated?
19 Eye changes in mice after just 2 weeks in orbit
20 Walking speed may indicate severity of MS
21 Neuroimaging study sheds light on mechanisms of cognitive fatigue in multiple sclerosis
22 MS and cognition focus of recent studies
23 New understanding, warning signs, and potential treatments for multiple sclerosis
24 Cardiac rehab programs worth the cost
25 Cardiac rehab program recommended for stroke patients
26 The healthspan of seniors could be extended by controlling the triggers of age-related inflammation
27 Rapid reversal of diabetes after gastric banding surgery
28 How diabetes predisposes individuals to Alzheimer's disease
29 Can vitamin D supplementation reduce diabetes risk in patients with pre-diabetes?
30 Mindfulness training helps lower blood pressure
31 Teacher well-being improved by participation in mindfulness-based program
32 Study finds that ghrelin, produced during stressful situations, primes the brain for post-traumatic stress disorder
33 The role played by estrogen in colon cancer prevention, treatment
34 Supplement cuts muscle loss in knee replacements
35 Don't use biological disease modifying drugs in rheumatoid arthritis, to begin with, doctors urged
36 Worse fibromyalgia symptoms reported by young people
37 Pleasure and pain brain signals disrupted in fibromyalgia patients
38 Drugs for hypertension shown to decrease risk of Alzheimer's disease dementia
39 Brain damage reduced, brain hemorrhaging eliminated in rodents afflicted by stroke
40 Preeclampsia may be predicted by new test
41 For spinal fractures, vertebral augmentation offers greater patient survival and overall cost savings
42 Young athletes at risk for lower back injuries
43 Tumor factors that block muscle repair offer partial explanation for cancer wasting
44 Treating parasitic infections with statin, osteoporosis drug combo
45 Agluna treated devices significantly reduce infection rates
46 Attitudes, perceptions and misconceptions about miscarriage
47 Antidepressants during pregnancy: what's best for mom and baby?
48 Smoking cessation, even during pregnancy, may reduce infant hospitalizations and death
49 Birth 'prepares baby's brain for development'
50 Migraine sufferers more likely to have depression
51 Article sheds light on the link between depression and poor parenting
52 Smoking cessation research employs smartphones, GPS
53 Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in smokeless tobacco products
54 Smoke-free homes may reduce smoking among lower income individuals
55 Reducing tobacco consumption among low-income smokers
56 Twin study 'proves' smoking causes premature aging
57 NYC set to raise tobacco-sale age to 21
58 Exposure to secondhand smoke at work on the decline, but gaps remain
59 A step ahead of influenza; honeybee sex
60 What Are The Top 10 Healthy Foods?
61 Pickled turnip from Japan--new superfood to prevent flu infection?
62 Chill a Drink in 45 Seconds with New Technology That's 80% More Efficient than Existing Coolers
63 Black holes blast out heavy metal
64 Scientists study evolution of 'Little Red Riding Hood'
65 Zinc's secret anti-microbe powers revealed
66 Nickel may hold key to hydrogen future
67 Pet dogs 'descended from European wolves'
68 Atmosphere key to cosmic ray protection
69 Nanowires to rev up computers of tomorrow
70 Could volcanoes be driving Antarctic ice loss?
71 Mars once had oceans of liquid hot magma
72 NASA's Maven Mars mission set for launch
73 China retains supercomputer crown in latest Top500 list
74 Japan's Fukushima nuclear plant begins fuel rod removal
75 Coal fires green anger at UN climate talks
76 Volcanoes remind us of their power
77 Quantum memory 'world record' smashed
78 Stalkers right to shoot orphan deer
79 Poland: Can country shake off 'coal land' label?
80 How close are we to finding dark matter?
81 Clam-gate: The epic saga of Ming
82 Is it right to waste helium on party balloons?
83 Lethal injection: Secretive US states resort to untested drugs
84 Can DR Congo's Inga dam project power Africa?
85 How big data is changing the cost of insurance
86 Aid agencies say typhoon shows need for action on climate change
87 Deadly tornadoes hit US Midwest states
88 Top Syrian rebel commander Abdul Qadir al-Saleh dies
89 Paris gun attacks: Liberation and Societe Generale hit
90 Toronto mayor Rob Ford to lose more powers
91 Readers explain their refugee heirlooms
92 Libyans yearn for order to replace gun
93 Qatar migrant workers 'treated like animals'--Amnesty
94 Calling time on Black Pete fun in the Netherlands
95 Russia crash plane 'fell vertically' at Kazan airport
96 Sony responds to PS4 glitch reports with guide
97 Peterborough ditch deaths: Joanna Dennehy pleads guilty
98 Google and Microsoft agree steps to block abuse images
99 Trending: The ethics of live-tweeting a break-up
100 Bored? Hunt for dark matter in your spare time
101 Inside the International Space Station control room
102 Alan Trefler: The chess master turned global chief executive
103 US shares break ground to reach new record
104 Dangerous liaisons in the workplace
105 Cross-border culture clash
106 A solar panel on every home?
107 Australia 'spied on Indonesia President Yudhoyono'
108 Dick Cheney daughters Liz and Mary in gay marriage spat
109 'A robot is my friend': Can machines care for elderly?
110 A case for reading the small
111 Money-making machine cashes in on currency trades
112 Twitter launches UK alert service for emergencies
113 Censored images on 'China's Twitter' Sina Weibo revealed
114 Police warn of 'ransom' spam targeting UK users
115 Robot used to round up cows is a hit with farmers
116 Progress made on internet filters, says government
117 Road charity Brake in call to ban car hands-free phones
118 3D printing to rebuild patient's face at Morriston Hospital
119 Conservatives purge old speeches from online archives
120 Labour suspends former Co-op bank chief Paul Flowers
121 Co-op probe after drug allegations against ex-boss
122 British woman Donna Bull killed in Russian plane crash
123 M40 Hagley school deaths: 'I had an instinct something was not right'
124 10 things we learned from Mass Observation
125 Antibiotics not for running noses, warn doctors
126 Cancer diversity has 'huge implications'
127 'Kangaroo care' key for premature babies
128 Circumcision doctor in GMC investigation to quit NHS
129 House Democrats help pass Republican-led healthcare bill
130 Philippines typhoon: UK doctors speak from storm-hit country
131 Face Ache: The woman who lost teeth for nothing
132 Climate clues as dengue fever spreads in US
133 'Designer vagina surgery not to be carried out on NHS'
134 NHS-funded surf therapy to boost wellbeing