File Title
1 New drug 'safe and effective' for Parkinson's psychosis
2 Photo therapy may someday cure brain diseases such as Alzheimer's and Parkinson's
3 Assessing the loss of gray matter volume in Parkinson's disease
4 First-ever use of oral cholera vaccine during outbreak in Africa
5 Oral cholera vaccine provides sustained protection for five years against cholera
6 US malaria cases reach highest in 40 years
7 Molecular switch targeted in malaria mosquitoes
8 Jamming to music at the gym helps physiologically
9 New type of antibacterial agent offers new approach to bacterial infection, other diseases
10 Protection against brain abnormalities provided by high serum omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acid content
11 Excessive alcohol consumption increases the progression of atherosclerosis and the risk of stroke
12 Protecting the brain starts at the synapse
13 Flu virus wipes out first wave of immune response
14 New 3D virus model explains lack of common cold cure
15 Gelatin allergies and the flu shot: caution advised
16 Colds and sore throats not helped by ibuprofen
17 Coffee consumption cuts liver cancer risk
18 Red and processed meat 'increases colorectal cancer risk'
19 Study examines various treatments for nose bleeds
20 Scientists hope new soy flour will reduce dementia risk
21 Alzheimer's: resveratrol targets certain protein interactions
22 Scientists hope new soy flour will reduce dementia risk
23 How our brain resists temptation in preference of 'future rewards'
24 High blood sugar levels linked to memory loss
25 Soil-based bacteria discovered in humans 'may trigger MS'
26 Allergy to bee stings could be a protective mechanism
27 Global HIV vaccine that shows promise in monkeys
28 Bacteria-eating viruses found that fight C. diff 'superbugs'
29 Potential rapid bedside blood test for sepsis
30 Drinking and genes may collide during adolescence
31 Almost two-thirds of a college student sample used false iDs to buy alcohol
32 Internet usage linked to cancer prevention behavior
33 Colorectal cancer: current screening guidelines 'may lead to missed diagnoses'
34 Study finds vitamin D does not contribute to kidney stones
35 The world's first CE approved medical device standalone software hearing aid
36 Different patterns of elephant vocal-fold vibrations offer clues to human sound production
37 Strep throat home test 'could save thousands of doctor's visits'
38 Discovery of genetic disease which causes recurrent respiratory infections could lead to new treatments
39 How bacteria can benefit gut health
40 Finding the secret to long-term HIV immunity may lead to new, shorter treatment regimens
41 First child 'cured' of HIV remains in remission for 18 months
42 HIV protective drugs 'do not increase sexual risk-taking'
43 Rapid-results AIDs tests render pre-test counseling redundant
44 Protecting babies from HIV infection through protein in breast milk
45 The latent reservoir barrier in HIV patients could be 60 times larger than previous estimates
46 'Sex drive slows' after stem cell transplantation
47 Cabbage compound protects healthy tissue from radiation damage
48 Heavy air pollution in Canadian areas with excess cancers
49 Researchers maximize broccoli's cancer-fighting potential
50 Melanoma patients may benefit from new biomarker
51 Women with common forms of incontinence harbor varying bladder bacteria
52 Home dialysis improves kidney health, reduces heart disease risk
53 Current screening methods make 'high-risk' organs from deceased donors safe
54 Biological clock: breast tissue ages faster than body
55 Traffic-related air pollution a substantial public health concern
56 Potential new treatment for severe asthma
57 Potential new treatment for colitis discovered
58 In mouse model of inflammatory bowel disease, stem cell transplant repairs damaged gut
59 Contraception needed 3 weeks after giving birth, new mums warned
60 Increasing number of U.S. adolescents lack antibodies to herpes simplex virus type 1
61 Phase 3 trial of 1-year contraceptive vaginal ring shows positive results
62 Older sisters could aid prevention efforts aimed at reducing risky sexual behaviors among teen girls
63 Universal approach could eradicate HIV in South Africa
64 Scientists create self-renewing antioxidant
65 Modeling how low energy electrons damage DNA may improve radiation therapy
66 Oxygen levels in tumors affect response to treatment
67 Spread of deadly new avian flu may be prevented by food additive
68 Biosecurity, sanitation important for prevention of deadly emerging pig virus in the United States
69 Purdue innovation kills waterborne microorganisms, produces safer drinking water
70 Agrobiotechnology and world food security
71 Air pollution still harming health across Europe
72 Weight loss surgery 'more effective than diet and exercise'
73 Exercise can boost teens' academic performance
74 Students may need a break from school after concussion
75 Childhood poverty 'affects brain development'
76 Sleep helps 'detox' your brain
77 How healthy is housework?
78 DIY and gardening may 'reduce risk of heart attack'
79 Prolactin may help in liver regeneration
80 Number of patients declared 'brain dead' decreasing
81 Five years on, first ever tissue-engineered airway transplant remains successful
82 Printing tissue using bio-ink made from living cells
83 Scientists discover 11 new Alzheimer's risk genes
84 Obesity may be caused by 'hunger gene'
85 Microbial 'signature' discovered in oral bacteria that can discriminate between ethnicities
86 Antihistamine compound reduces bad memories
87 Clinical studies published in The Lancet Respiratory Medicine highlight RPL554 as a promising novel potential treatment for asthma and COPD
88 IVF donors increase in US, alongside better birth outcomes
89 Women may be stopping IVF treatment prematurely
90 Over 60% of women aged 35 to 45 in England feel stigmatised for not having had children
91 Sticky spermatozoa could hold fertility key
92 Improved understanding of sperm capacitation may one day improve IVF success, lead to a male contraceptive
93 Mother's ethnicity can significantly influence fertility treatment outcomes
94 Microbial 'signature' discovered in oral bacteria that can discriminate between ethnicities
95 Lack of sleep may increase Alzheimer's risk
96 Learning new skills keeps aging minds sharp
97 Bone cancer pain in dogs relieved by neurotoxin
98 Sleep apnea may hold hidden dangers for women
99 Discovery of new biological links between sleep deprivation and the immune system
100 Recent research on insomnia among military personnel and veterans
101 Treating jet lag using VIP molecule
102 Research into how liver 'talks' to muscle has implications for fatty liver, obesity and diabetes
103 Only 3% of hepatitis C patients in England receive treatment
104 Efficient method demonstrated for converting fat cells to liver cells
105 Molecular switch identified that suppresses development of liver cancer
106 Therapeutic vaccine for hepatitis C enters phase I
107 Blindness 'could be prevented' with new treatment
108 Increased iron in brain 'may be marker for MS'
109 'Anklebot' that measures joint stiffness could help rehab
110 Non-invasive technology may help people with type 1 and type 2 diabetes