File Title
1 5 Foods That Face Changes with Trans Fat Ban
2 Bullying Syndrome? How Maltreatment Affects Health
3 Grizzlies Being Overhunted in British Columbia, Study Suggests
4 Pig-Like Beast Leads the Way to Ancient Cave Drawings
5 Nocturnal Animals Take Chances On Moonlit Dinners
6 Indians and Europeans Share 'Light-Skin' Mutation
7 Mystery of Huge Asteroid Vesta's Formation Deepens
8 Snakes Control Blood Flow to Boost Vision
9 Pope Francis Kisses Man Covered in Tumors
10 Homo Erectus: Facts About the 'Upright Man'
11 No Proof That Cosmic Rays Cause Global Warming, Study Says
12 Your Pee Could Power Future Robots
13 How 'Reluctant Innovators' are Transforming the World (Op-Ed)
14 Food-Borne Tropical Disease Outbreak Strikes the US (Op-Ed)
15 Everyone Agreed: Cane Toads Would Be a Winner for Australia (Op-Ed)
16 5 Mysterious Animal Die-Offs
17 Mysterious Disease Turning Sea Stars to Goo May Disrupt Tidal Ecosystems
18 Cold Weather Can Damage, Zap Electronic Devices
19 4 Secrets of Creativity from Pixar's President
20 What Is Cellulitis?
21 Effect of Most Vitamins on Cancer Is Inconclusive
22 Underwater Mission by Jacques Cousteau's Grandson Postponed
23 What Is Naproxen?
24 Ice, Ice, Bacteria (Not Too Cold)
25 Mount Vinson: Antarctica's Highest Mountain
26 Should Animals Be Used in Laboratory Testing? (Op-Ed)
27 How Typhoon Haiyan Compares to the 2004 Tsunami
28 WHO was it that TAMED the WOLF? Heel, Fido! No! Aarrghh
29 Wolf to Dog: Scientists Agree on How, but Not Where
30 When--and where--did dogs first become our pets?
31 World's oldest creature was 507...but scientists killed it
32 Boulder scientists develop new computer model for forecasting wildfire behavior
33 MAVEN: NASA's Orbiter Mission to Mars--Mission Details
34 Quantum memory 'world record' smashed
35 Eruption at Sinabung Intensifies
36 Such deep roots you have: How Little Red Riding Hood's tale evolved
37 New life found in NASA's spacecraft clean rooms
38 'Oldest signs of life on Earth found'
39 Was the Bible right? All life on earth 'may have come from clay'
40 'Reverse microwave' can chill wine bottles and fizzy drink cans in 45 seconds
41 Asteroid could collide with Earth in 2032, say Ukrainian astronomers
42 Delaware Governor: Say Goodbye to Your Beach House
43 Can a Creature Ever be 'Perfect'? Bacteria Mutating Since 1988 Still Improving in Simple Environment (VIDEO)
44 Astronomers reveal contents of mysterious black hole jets
45 New study shows atomic punch from black holes
46 Another black hole in a star cluster
47 Unique Chemical Composition Surrounding Supermassive Black Hole
48 A Glimpse of the Violent Past of Milky Way's Giant Black Hole
49 IUCN Identifies the Most Irreplaceable Environments
50 Brittany Murphy Did Not Die of Natural Causes According to New Lab Report, May Have Been Poisoned (REPORT)
51 Lithium Batteries Could Be Cheaper and Hold More Energy if Created with Viruses
52 FDA Offers Tips on Reducing Acrylamide in Diet
53 Why Jupiter's Great Red Spot Should be Gone But Isn't
54 Herd of Elephants Killed by Speeding Train in India
55 Saola--The Asian Unicorn Caught on Camera [Video]
56 Nano-sized Electron Sponge Uncovered Using X-rays
57 Researchers Decode Stingray Movements to Create Next-Gen. Submarines
58 Pop Music Increase Solar Cell Efficiency, Study Finds
59 USA TODAY investigation finds experts questioning why Houston doctor is allowed to continue to offer his alternative cancer treatment with antineoplastons.
60 Cancer Doctor Under Fire for Unproven Treatment
61 Cancer Doctor Burzynski Under Investigation Again For Alternative Drugs
62 New Guidelines Urge Docs to Focus on Obesity
63 Fewer teens smoke but more use e-cigarettes, hookahs
64 CDC importing meningitis vaccine to N.J.
65 Risk of serious medical complications as Canadians seek weight-loss surgery abroad
66 Utah documentary 'Sugar Babies' shown for World Diabetes Day
67 Premature births rising in India, states lack neonatal care centres, says
68 handling more volume, Zients says
69 Wis. dentist gets to know the drill of fixing dogs' teeth while working at military base
70 Almost 27,000 selected insurance via
71 Inflammatory skin damage in mice blocked by bleach solution, study finds
72 No Connection Seen Between Dementia, Common Eye Disease
73 First Case of New Bird Flu Identified in Human Patient
74 Medicare payments cut for more than 1,400 hospitals under value-based purchasing program
75 What Lululemon Could Learn From Abercrombie About Fat Shaming
76 Study shows being an elite male athlete protects against type 2 diabetes in later life
77 Antibiotic resistance genes found in gut microbes of healthy kids
78 Increased spirituality in teens associated with abstinence, increased positive social behaviors and reduced narcissism
79 Monkey study shows tighter link between impulsivity, rewards and Ritalin
80 New treatment to cure MRSA infection
81 Cognitive function improved by intranasal insulin in patients with type 2 diabetes
82 A protein that keeps people--and their skeletons--organized
83 Dengue fever mystery revealed in 2 US cities both exposed to risk
84 Preterm birth puts baby boys at higher risk of death and disability
85 High pulse pressure linked to increased Alzheimer's risk
86 Surgeons 'emotionally affected' by surgical complications
87 Gut bacteria's fatty acid boosts immune system, reducing inflammation
88 Bariatric surgery in women linked to premature birth
89 Taiwan: first human case of new bird flu virus
90 Cancer, arthritis treatments could target same 'glue' molecule
91 'No link' between AMD and Alzheimer's, study suggests
92 Study: federal nutrition program fails to improve dietary quality
93 Caffeine can disrupt sleep hours later
94 'Antibiotic resistance breaker' set for phase III trials
95 Brain processes visual info not shared with conscious perception
96 Malaria drug as effective in low doses
97 Fungus 'may cause symptoms of Parkinson's disease'
98 Genetic testing for cardiovascular therapy 'underutilized'
99 Nostalgic feelings about the past linked to optimism
100 Study may explain why brain 'perceives limited information'
101 Increasing numbers of younger people suffering strokes
102 Saturated fat's role in heart disease is a myth, says heart specialist
103 Flu vaccination linked to lower heart attack risk
104 Low-fiber diet tied to higher cardiometabolic risk
105 Nanotechnology urine test could detect deadly blood clots
106 Study uncovers link between Alzheimer's and Parkinson's
107 Yeast, human stem cells drive discovery of new Parkinson's disease drug targets
108 Researchers pool global knowledge on Parkinson's disease to create interactive map
109 Sensory Pen marks early diagnosis of Parkinson's
110 Excess protein production in brain cells may hold clues to rare childhood disease, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's