File Title
1 Extinct 'Megamouth' Shark Species Finally Identified
2 Wearable Robotics: The Incredible Tech of Helping People Walk Again
3 More Than 30,000 Miles of Roads Built in Amazon in 3 Years
4 5 New Species of 'Slavemaker' Ants Discovered
5 Hundreds of Albanians Sickened from Cannabis Biz
6 Google Doodle Honors 'Human Computer' Shakuntala Devi
7 Megalodon Mystery: What Killed Earth's Largest Shark?
8 Bugs in Patagonia Survived Dinosaur-Killing Impact
9 Crashed and Burned: How King Tut Died
10 Orphaned Elephants Face Lifetime of Negative Social Effects
11 Conservation Is About Caring for Nature and People (Op-Ed)
12 Watch a Spider Amputate its Own Leg
13 Man Eats Dog Who Saved Him From Bear Attack
14 Mesmerizing Lava Lake Movement Revealed in Time-Lapse Video
15 China's Forbidden City Built with Giant 'Sliding Stones'
16 Fossil of Largest Platypus Discovered in Australia
17 Habitable Earth-Size Planets Common Across the Universe, Study Suggests
18 Eating Disorders in Boys May Show Up as Muscles
19 New World's Oldest Tomatillo Discovered
20 Spotted: Rare Cat Species Captured on Camera in Borneo
21 Why the Fear of Zombies? Look at the Eyes (Op-Ed)
22 Who's Afraid of a 'Science Laureate'? (Op-Ed)
23 From eBay to Wrangler, Companies Address Climate Change (Op-Ed)
24 To Cut Carbon, a Decade is Too Long to Wait (Op-Ed)
25 Fighting Poverty with Cookstoves and Carbon Markets (Op-Ed)
26 Can New Rules Finally End Pet-Treat Poisonings? (Op-Ed)
27 Hunt Club Auctions Opportunity to Kill Endangered Rhino (Op-Ed)
28 As Myth Marries Science, the Origin Story Matters (Op-Ed)
29 Longboarders at Higher Risk for Injury Than Skateboarders
30 Dinosaur's Klutz Moment Preserved in Time
31 Ancient Baby Shark's Last Meal: Baby Turtle
32 NASA Spacecraft Finds Bounty of Alien Planets, Including 104 Potentially Habitable Worlds
33 Flickr Posts Tracked Hurricane Sandy's Landfall
34 Are Ocean Conditions Ripe for a Jellyfish Takeover?
35 Beagle Sniffs Out Polar Bear Pregnancies
36 Dark-Field Microscopy Illuminates Marine Worm in Stunning Photo
37 Robot Detects Breast Cancer With Space-Grade Tech
38 Mullet Over: How Robotics Can Get a Wriggle on With Fishy Locomotion (Op-Ed)
39 Mummy's Colorful Collar Found in Egyptian Tomb
40 Mini Mammals: Ancient Warming Pared Body Size, Study Suggests
41 Watch Live: Polar Bears Wait for Ice to Form at Hudson Bay
42 Fossil of Giant Platypus Unearthed in Riversleigh (Op-Ed)
43 Denali National Park Gets 'Google Street View' Treatment
44 Drone Wars: Pilots Reveal Debilitating Stress Beyond Virtual Battlefield
45 Montreal Fireball: Spectacular Flash Explained
46 New Hypersonic Spy Plane Being Developed by Lockheed Martin
47 Antarctic Ice Core Could Hold 1.5 Million Years of Climate History
48 Testosterone Treatments Linked with Risk of Heart Problems, Deaths
49 For Parents of Difficult Toddlers, Group Training May Help
50 Fast Food Ads: Kids Seeing Less on TV, More on Social Media
51 Pronghorn Adapt to New Animal Overpasses
52 Feeling Blue: Gender-Bending Lady Lizards Miss Out on Love
53 The Dog's Telltale Tail (Op-Ed)
54 The Parasite a Cricket's Nightmares are Made Of (Op-Ed)
55 Tiny 3D-Printed Liver Slices Pave Way for Growing Organs
56 How Retirement Affects Your Health
57 Dread the Gym? Exercise with Friends Puts People in a Better Mood
58 Strange Lung Ailment Revealed: A Giant Ball of Fungus
59 Maine's Allagash River Serves Up Pancake Ice (Photo)
60 Ice Cream Glows, Lights Up When Licked
61 Haitian Cholera Epidemic Continues to Kill Elsewhere
62 'Gender Panic' Affects Attitudes About Transgender Rights
63 Where Old Buildings Withstand Earthquakes Best
64 Spider Traps Prey Using Amazing Ladder Webs
65 World's 10 Worst Polluted Places Named
66 Epilepsy Drug Shows Promise in Treating Alcohol Dependence
67 Leroy Chiao: 'Ender's Game' Film Review
68 Highly Endangered Right Whale Spotted Off Canada Coast
69 Votes Wanted to Name Baby Panda
70 New 'King of Gore' Dinosaur Reveals T. Rex Lineage
71 Early Earth Had Layered Lava Oceans
72 Contaminated Minds: Why Some People Feel Perpetually Unclean
73 3D-Printed Fossils & Rocks Could Transform Geology
74 Wizards, Take Note: Invisibility Cloaks Make You More Visible
75 Robot Cashier Learns to Handle Knives...Safely
76 New Explosions Spotted at Snowy Russian Volcano
77 100 Years After Death, Evolution's Other Discoverer Gains Recognition
78 Infant Eye-Tracking May Hold Clues to Autism
79 Monkey Avatars: Primates Move Virtual Arms with Their Mind
80 Is Katy Perry's Album a Biohazard?
81 Some Endangered Species Actually at Low Risk
82 Worried About Dementia? Learn a Second Language
83 Yasser Arafat's Death Linked to Radioactive Polonium
84 Tsunami Debris 'Island' Headed for US? NOAA Sets Record Straight
85 Gas Injection Triggered Texas Earthquakes
86 Fossil Captures Ancient Insects Having Sex
87 Bisexuality Seen by Some As Illegitimate, Study Finds
88 Adderall: Uses, Abuses & Side Effects
89 Chelyabinsk Meteor Explosion a 'Wake-up Call,' Scientists Warn (Op-Ed)
90 Metabolomics: Wine and Cheese, Curing Disease...No Doping Please (Op-Ed)
91 HIV 'Invisibility Cloak' Allows Virus to Evade Immune System (Op-Ed)
92 Commercial Drones Could Grow Into $10 Billion Industry, Experts Say
93 7 Allergy Myths (and the Truth Behind Them)
94 New Ligament Found in Human Knee
95 FDA Takes Steps to Ban Trans Fat
96 Earth at Higher Risk of Asteroid Impact, Russian Meteor Explosion Reveals
97 Sen. Elizabeth Warren Wants to Restore Funding for Political Science Studies
98 Culprit in Mysterious Elk Deaths Found
99 Is It OK to Drink While Pregnant? Why Scientists Really Don't Know
100 Got Science? Nebraska Scientists Stand Up Against Political Interference (Op-Ed)
101 How Typhoon Haiyan Became Year's Most Intense Storm
102 Stress Makes Snails Forgetful
103 Does a Snack of Cheese Before Bed Give You Nightmares?
104 Lice Reveal Clues to Human Evolution
105 Low Sexual Desire Plagues Men, Too
106 3D-Printed Reefs Could Rehabilitate Persian Gulf Ecosystem
107 10 Fun Gift Ideas for Kids Who Like Science
108 New Laser Tech Could Detect and Destroy Brain Diseases
109 Antarctic Glacier Flow Controlled by Speed Bumps Below
110 A Weighty Issue: Chris Christie and Obesity in Politics